Jonathan Moyo, the only 'true prophet'

HARARE - Zimbabwe is touted as having the most educated people in sub-Saharan Africa yet the country is so poor and lacks basic amenities that other countries enjoy, even those with more goats than people as Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo derisively described Botswana.

If those degrees, professorships and other academic certificates that the likes of Moyo flaunt as evidence of wisdom were helpful to move the country forward, we would never have problems in a country with vast mineral resources, the best climate, soils and peace-loving citizens, all the necessary ingredients for development, yet the country remains poor and underdeveloped.

The problem is that Zimbabweans have for long trusted these so-called educated novices, the likes of Moyo, with the running of the country.

The nature of academic education means PhD holders and professors are experts only in very limited areas within a particular discipline yet they behave as if their PhDs are in every discipline to an extent they now claim to know the truth in its ontological state as if they are God or his prophets.

I interacted closely with Jonathan Moyo for more than three years and discovered that there are areas he is knowledgeable in, especially in the academic field of politics but our association also made me aware that he had limitations in several other disciplines, especially the media.

Moyo is driven by a warped professional provincialism whereof he thinks the media have solutions to every problem that people could encounter.

He overvalues the potential that the media plays in solving problems that whenever he stumbles upon any piece of information, he thinks the best place it should be is in the media.

With the advent of social media, Moyo has increasingly exhibited his naivety and childish fascination with foisting his thoughts on people to an extent even his boss, President Robert Mugabe, complained.

On his twitter handle, Moyo has castigated political figures like South African President Jacob Zuma, Tito Mboweni and lately Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He has now extended his attacks to include religious leaders like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

The problem with Moyo and many other so-called educated PhD holders and dubious professors that litter our streets today is that they naively believe, because they have academic qualifications in a particular area, they now know everything in every discipline of life.

I thought being educated entailed appreciating that one knows a lot in a very small field which means they are more uneducated than educated.

I have a friend who has a PhD in entomology, the study of insects, yet the insect he specialised in is a bee, thus he doesn’t have a lot of information on locusts, ants, praying mantis etcetera.

But the likes of Moyo think that since they have PhDs, they are now gurus in politics, geology, economics, media, prophecy, religion, HIV and Aids, human sexuality, homosexuality, medicine, physics and every other discipline.

Moyo’s latest verbal incontinence, through his twitter handle, targeted a very complex religious field that Moyo, as educated as he claims to be, should have been better positioned to know that he was not qualified to comment on, at least before scientific research.

I thought those who have done school to the level of Moyo knew something to do with empiricism — the need to put anything to test to ascertain its veracity using scientific research methods.

Makandiwa prophesied that Zimbabwe has oil deposits and challenged that in case people think he was guessing “I will tell you the place no one knows about so you know that in this nation there is a prophet from God.”

I thought any wise person and in the position of government minister like Moyo, should have approached him that he is taken to the place where the oil is with a group of geologists to verify.

If Moyo’s boss, president Mugabe, could send a Cabinet task force to verify reports of pure diesel oozing out of a rock, why did Moyo not challenge Makandiwa to take him where the oil deposits are for verification before calling people names?

The problem with Moyo is that he thinks he is the be-all of wisdom yet he is part of a coterie of fly by night PhD holders who have presided over the demise of this economy.

Apart from writing a political manifesto and thoughtlessly calling its philosophies an economic blue-print, Moyo has shown his lack of wisdom by claiming that the country’s economy could be turned around through a fetish exercise of bringing into the country some skulls of long forgotten individuals from some museum in the United Kingdom.

Surely, if Moyo can believe in that, he should have no problems in believing that a prophet can be shown oil deposits by God unless he harbours intrinsic hatred for the prophet and the kingdom he represents.

Moyo is not a nihilist, he strongly believes in ancestral worship and he also believes spirit mediums played a part in liberating this country, which belief is religious and very debatable, yet when it comes to other religions, in this case, Christianity, and its prophets; he jumps to label those that believe in such as “fools”.

Surely, each religion has its own prophets, African religion has Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi and Muslim has Prophet Mohammed, and why is it so-called educated people like Moyo want to lampoon Christians for believing in their prophets when he is part of a government where n’angas (sangomas) are part of the political and electoral paraphernalia that everyone, from top to bottom holds so dearly?

If Moyo believes in Nehanda and Kaguvi and several n’angas, he should certainly leave some of us to believe in Makandiwa and his prophesies.

If Moyo’s government does not believe there is oil in the country, I don’t think it will be long before another government, which listens to all people, whether they are prophets or not, acts on Makandiwa’s lead and do explorations for the oil.

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Countryman our respect for our ancestors as people,as one people proud of their identity makes a distinction.The way you talk of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi looks like you are more of a mercenary and have no idea of who you are and where you came from.i doubt even if you respect or know your grandfathers or any within you family tree.People without identity are just clueless on anything and are bounceless and void as the wind.They have no sense of possession and are top elements in treachery acts as they are just shadows of other peoples making.Be careful countrymen about some religious ministers as they are not true men of God.If we recall back to the days of colonialism we shall see also that the same religion was guilty as missionary was used to be an instrument to colonize us and up to now we do have a lot of such dirty activities going on.However,they are not all as some are genuine people of God ,his servants so lets be alert not to fall in the precipice of trickery

carson macate - 4 September 2015

Mr Mawarire is on point. This is a Prophecy which need to be followed not to just discredit it before testing. As for ancestors , they help us with nothing. Its just history and their contribution was valid their days. Nowadays Zimbabweans know God more than ancestors and God anoints people like prophets whom he speaks through. Academics should not comment on spiritual matters or take their personal opinion to public.

Doctor - 4 September 2015


dr sta - 4 September 2015

This Jealous Mawarire is a typical idiot . Why does he criticize Moyo and his malfunctioning government now when he (Mawarire) actually helped Zanu PF with Jonathan Moyo included to go for elections in 2013 without a clear road map to those elections as was required by SADC and the AU the then custodians of the GNU. Mawarire's criticism of Jonso is a manifestation of Fuctional fights in Zanu PF where Jealous is member. Infact his meaningless rants against Moyo is a pointer that he (Mawarire) is shooting from Munangagwa's weevils corner directed to another weevils fuction the G40 where Moyo belongs.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 4 September 2015

Mati odiiwo iye akaurairwa baba vake neZANU paGukurahundi. He simply wants to destroy it from within.

Katsihombe - 4 September 2015

What l really know and see is that Jonathan Moyo carries no intelligence at all and will never contribute anything to this country until he dies. Professorship for him is just an imagination, tozivei kana wakafojera semamwe maprofessor.

Sultan - 4 September 2015

Professor Moyo, Mugabe with his seven degrees and all these other degreed leaders are not expert in anything my friend that is exactly why the country is in such a mess!

Wilbert Mukori - 4 September 2015

Mawarire you are injecting your emotions in your writing. Your criticism on Moyo is partially okay, but it also sounds you are for Makandiwa and that you are at pains to face what Moyo said against Makandiwa. You are talking of the 'Kingdom' that Makandiwa represents, do you know it or you think you know it? You began by attacking Moyo's use of the media, but what wrong with that? Infact, what is the role of the media in a democratic society, Mawarire? The journalist in you should be doing more good than harm to yourself and others around you

Hotshot - 4 September 2015

How about the Prophet just telling us where the oil is? Or did he say that, that will be known by the next generation or something like that?

Muntu - 4 September 2015

This writer @ Mawarire must have some beef with the notorious professor and on Payroll at Makandiwa. The issue of oil deposits being present in the country was spoken,circulated and have been in the public domain way before Makandiwa became to be known or called a prophet. I personally became aware of it in the mid 90s. Where is Itai Dzamara?. Zim lies on great dyke and for any Phrophet to say it will rain gold its a mischief or an insult to country population. Prof Moyo is an Evil politcal Genius.

X-MAN IV - 4 September 2015

the offer of mercy has been extended to ALL, therefore every believer is a priest, PROPHET and king unto God and is more than capable of discerning right and wrong, true and false prophecies. It takes the receptive touch of a PROPHET to understand the utterances of one with a GIFT of prophecy. Moyo's jugdement on this is SOUND and correct. IF MAKANDIWA wants to be seen as one who makes correct predictions he must assume the title of a Soothsayer or FORTUNE TELLER. DONT USE MOYO'S SINS TO ADVANCE THE CAUSE OF A FALSE PROPHET.

Moses Yemarara - 5 September 2015


THE ININI - 5 September 2015


THE ININI - 5 September 2015

May the heavens forgive the writer who has allowed himself to be used as an agent of the DRAGON to support not only makandiwa but a host of many other soothsayers and fortune tellers in the country masquerading as prophets, pastors and bishops who share with makandiwa in a shallow and foolish definition of the gift of prophecy. SEE the folly of the devil in trying to make Moyo a scapegoat whilst they(moyo and makandiwa) are partners in fooling the nation. The worst moyo can be called is an evil political genius but the best makandiwa can labelled is a FORTUNE TELLER. If makandiwa is atrue prophet why has he never corrected moyo over all the evils mentioned against his name.

Michael The Great Prince - 5 September 2015

The kingdom of soothsayers is DARKNESS. Truly this guy is a TRUE-false prophet.

kingdom Come. - 5 September 2015

such prophecies scare away investors.

The Economist - 5 September 2015

after everything has been said and done, Prophet Makandiwa is a prophet by the will of God, if i may ask those who speak ill of the prophet, when people are being prayed and for and recover, why would you hate such a person...unless you are of the devil ? when people are gathering for the name of Jesus, why would someone be angry ? unless you are of the devil ..where is this hatred for Makandiwa is coming from, dont take yo failures and economic hardships and attack the prophet, has he ever asked anything from ? akambokudyira sadza rako here ? why would you be against someone preaching hope to the nation ??? zimbabwe mwari ngaakubatsire

engineer - 5 September 2015

@MichaelReynolds please dont try to bullshit us with your manipulative & fraudulent scames. We are well aware of these internet schemes. Fellow Zimbabweans do not visit the site. Besides you are off topic, this is a forum to put across your thoughts about what Pro J Moyo is being accused off

Mentalist - 6 September 2015

makandiwa is a TRUE prophet of dagon and Baal. the problem comes when you try to link his TRUE prophecies with the name of JESUS, you invite the wrath of the LAMB. There must be Territorial integrity and sovereignty. MWANA WASHE MURANDA KUMWE. THUS SAITH THE LORD TO THE PROPHETS THAT MAKEMY PEOPLE ERR, THAT BITE WITH THEIR TEETH AND CRY PEACE(hope): AND HE THAT PUTTETH NOT IN THEIR MOUTH, THEY EVEN PREPARE WAR AGAINST HIM.

Hiram Kumbokwangura - 6 September 2015

the people who have failed and under economic hardships are the ones mentioned in Revelation 3:17; buy gold TRIED in the fire to show that you are rich. those who HATE makandiwa support all the ills he is doing to the body of Christ but those who TRUELY LOVE him, rebuke him sharply: THE REBUKE OF A WISE-MAN IS BETTER THAN THE PRAISES OF A FOOL. the wise wash one another's feet. Teaching error is robbing the widows and orphans of their food---kudyira varombo sadza rawo. treading presumptuously is asking something from the WATCHMAN at the gate. every perfect gift is seasoned with charity, your rants are a testimony that he is a FAKE. DON'T TRY TO DO GOD A SERVICE WITHOUT HIS WILL. You are now in the judgement hall saying," he did miracles and healed the sick in your name,, we were gathered at judgement night 3 in your name", but the heavens are saying ye are workers of inequity..., mend your ways. "THE HEADS THEREOF JUDGE FOR REWARD, AND THE PRIEST THEREOF TEACH FOR HIRE AND THE PROPHETS THEREOF DIVINE FOR MONEY. YET WILL THEY LEAN UPON THE LORD AND SAY IS NOT THE LORD AMONG US? NO EVIL IS COME UPON US. THEREFORE ZION FOR YOUR SAKE HAS BEEN PLOUGHED AS A FIELD AND JERUSALEM HAS BECOME AS HEAPS AND THE MOUNTAIN OF THE HOUSE AS A HIGH PLACE OF THE FOREST (MICAH 3)

Isaiah Kitsi Yatota - 6 September 2015

divining LIES, threatening and CURSING Israel is not a message of hope. Lets see the oil of gladness that ordains the realm of Joseph the governor of Egypt. jesus did not go to the well to be given water by the woman of Samaria but to give her the water of life... a true prophet comes under the power and anointing of the OIL.

Hiram The Engineer - 6 September 2015

I beheld till thrones were cast down and The Ancient Of Days did sit.

Daniel The Prophet - 6 September 2015

Amen, It is done.

The Ancient Of Days - 6 September 2015

I am sure Moyo knows better than to listen to n'angas prophets etc. Why would millions of dollars be spent on exploration if free prophesy can do the trick. Why doesnt Makandiwa just proffer the information if indeed he has it . Or maybe he needs a SEED before he can do that .

Brian - 7 September 2015

a prophet teaches SOUND doctrine and avoids disputations about SCIENCE (and endless genealogies). we must be practical and within the limits of Bible Doctrine. if we are to lay off the geologist from his office must we do the same in all fields of industry and commerce. why have auditors , accountants, guards when a Soothsayer can offer a cheaper option. do we need herbicides when a wizard can speak against weeds? this is an insult to the doctrine of Christ,,,they have not made their investments neither have they acquired houses and cars with MIRACLE money but want us to believe in it. they refused to create money for the government treasury. the journalist is an educated man, therefore he must desist from chiding low income earning people to trust anointing oil to get a house but they a functional housing office. the scope of the church and its anointing oil is limited to its members which gives the government a better platform than the church oil to alleviate poverty from the citizens of the WHOLE nation,, therefore advise the government on this.anointing oil does not make land barons sell their land cheaply. every effort by the government to arrest them must be applauded and supported to be executed properly without fear or favor to the effect that the nation will move towards housing for ALL not anointing oil believers only. the daily news is known all over for teaching this, have they now changed to advise the government to listen to a SOOTHSAYER above principles of good governance. what the government needs is a Prophet or a good adviser not a SOOTHSAYER. A good Government is from God, and is not a terror unto good works.

ndiTengende chete - 7 September 2015

Salvation is so EXPENSIVE that God gave it FREELY. ALL have sinned, and none has SEEN the Father, the only begotten has declared HIM. Baptize in the name of the FATHER( not a west African), and of the son and the holy spirit. Development must not be seen in materials only but in the WORD as well. Anything opposed to superstition must be supported,,,,

Pakuyambuka Nyazvidzi - 7 September 2015

Engineer, nurse teacher, mechanic eke a living from choosen profession, so does the prophets ordained in west africa, their Jerusalem. Prophet multimillionaire, followers extremely poor but still cut a pound of their fresh to feed the prophet.

EL-DODO - 7 September 2015

Anyone who supports Jonathan Moyo is gay a homosexual. This guy hates Prophet Makandiwa becoz he has come out in the open denouncing gays. Gays are worst than pigs.

son of a SEER - 7 September 2015

People of God on Judgement Night 3 Prophet Makandiwa clearly mentioned the name of the place where Zimbabwe can find oil. You have to be wise to have heard him & you are busy attacking when you were not even there. What is the problem with Zimbos? Why don't you judge the Prophet after you have explored the place. Inga diesel n'anga makamhanya wani? This is authentic. Jonathan Moyo has brain washed you such that you have lost understanding. Why doesnt the govnt openly come to him & he will show them where the Oil is?

Son of a SEER - 7 September 2015

I believe its wrong to assume that you know everything just by being possessed by PHD. moyo is wrong. Divinity is a superior force to ur PHD in fictitious political theories.

mzet - 7 September 2015

God hates homosexuality as much as he hates DIVINATION. Makandiwa is a soothsayer by his own actions NOT because Moyo said so. Breaking one commandment is the same as breaking ALL. Any one who hates homosexuality must be seen as obeying God not supporting Makandiwa, he is not the author of that commandment the same goes for moyo on divination.

Moses The SEER - 8 September 2015

There is no difference in makandiwa's "divinity" and moyo"s fictitious political theories. he has failed to present the oil of gladness instead he favors science ahead of the doctrine of Christ.

Moses The SEER - 8 September 2015

On this one Pr Moyo is RIGHT.

aMwoyo - 8 September 2015

Paul the Apostle told Greek pagan philosophers that he does not want to hear anything from them EXCEPT Jesus and him crucified. he showed the people of Athens the god they were worshiping in ignorance, in like manner show we the grandchildren of boateng the oil they are craving for.

HUCHUMBWI-CHUMBWI - 8 September 2015

iron sharpeneth iron. let these two correct one another. "lets not replace MWARI with MARI", one politician once remarked: The OIL of gladness with CRUDE oil.

neHudongo-dongo - 8 September 2015

Dangote is setting up his cement plant with a geologist in the presence of a prophet in his home town. surely he has no honor.

ECONOMIST - 8 September 2015

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