'Grace will not rule Zim'

HARARE - Detractors of President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly influential wife, Grace — who is openly flaunting her higher ambitions and political power more and more — say she has little chance of ever leading Zimbabwe and winning free and fair elections in the country.

These sentiments come in the wake of the latest boast by the controversial First Lady that no one could stop her from aiming for the leadership of Zanu PF, and that even her nonagenarian husband, Mugabe, had failed to silence her and stop her from decapitating former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

But insiders and former ruling party stalwarts told the Daily News yesterday that the more the gaffe-prone Grace moved to amass power, the more unpopular and the more resistance she was getting both from within and outside the post-congress Zanu PF.

“Let us be honest, without the president, Dr Amai (Grace) is nothing. She can never win free and fair elections both within Zanu PF and nationally as she has zero political capital,” a central committee member said.

Two of the leading lights of the  “original” Zanu PF formation, which is locked in mortal combat with Mugabe’s post-congress faction, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Rugare Gumbo, also say it is “impossible” that Grace — a former typist and switchboard operator in Mugabe’s office before she married the nonagenarian — could become the country’s next leader.

“It now seems as though Mugabe nemudzimai wake ndivo vava kutonga chete nyika vari vaviri (Mugabe and his wife appear to be ruling the country on their own at the moment). Is this democracy?

“However, they are wasting their time if they think Grace can win anything or rule this country after Mugabe,” Gumbo said emphatically.

On his part, the outspoken former minister of State for Masvingo, Bhasikiti, went further saying he was now convinced more than ever before that “no one in Zanu PF, including Mugabe, his wife (Grace) and (Vice President Emmerson) Mnangagwa can take the country to the promised land”.

“The only leader left in our country is the true leader with a genuine motherly heart, Dr Mujuru, who will put people first and is corruption-free both in her public and private lives. She is the only one who can take Zimbabwe to a prosperous destination and who has experience in dealing with everyone, from youths to war veterans, detainees, war collaborators and the poor.

“Zimbabweans no longer wish to be led by anyone above 70 years, for those people have reached the exit point even according to God’s divine plan of human existence,” Bhasikiti said.

Asked if Grace, who is just 50, could therefore lead the country, the former Mwenezi East legislator said sarcastically, “not in a thousand years” — even as he claimed that Zimbabweans were ready to see a female president.

“We recently saw Dr Joice Mujuru apologising to the entire nation for having been part of the misrule and socio-economic decline experienced by all Zimbabweans. Dr Mujuru acknowledged that it was time for contrition, reflection and correction of all the mistakes that had been made.

“These are important qualities of good leadership. On the other hand, Grace has demonstrated that she is a divisive leader, which leaves one with no doubt that our future lies with Mujuru,” Bhasikiti said.

He added that Zanu PF was now allegedly at “its wits’ end and no amount of law amendments will be able to address issues of economic decay and political misrule” in the country.

“The only solution is a new leadership which puts people first, not mere sloganeering and expedient old narratives of the liberation struggle. We are tired of talkers, we now want actors who can solve the country’s many problems,” Bhasikiti said.

Amid all this, both Grace and Mnangagwa spoke as if Mugabe was about to leave

office last week, fuelling speculation that the country’s sole leader since Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain in April 1980, may not be well.

Speaking at Murombedzi Growth Point, Grace said, “Don’t criticise me because you hate my husband. Time will come when president Mugabe is gone, (and at that point) you will regret and wish that the president was around” — in remarks that some in Zanu PF interpreted as meaning that all was not well with Mugabe.

On his part, Mnangagwa — answering a seemingly innocuous New African magazine question on the post-Mugabe scenario — said, “We shall miss him (Mugabe) dearly (when he leaves). He is an outstanding leader and human being” — in comments that placed him in the eye of a humongous storm in the ruling party which is wracked by deadly factional and succession wars.

Zanu PF insiders who spoke to the Daily News at the weekend said the hullabaloo about the well-being of Mugabe reflected the ugly divisions that continued to devour the ruling party, and how many ambitious bigwigs were already thinking about life after the nonagenarian who is increasingly showing his advanced age and declining health.

During the burial of High Court judge Andrew Mutema at the Heroes Acre at the weekend, Mugabe moved around with the assistance of Grace, taking several brief rests in the process.

And during the official opening of the Harare Agricultural Show, Mugabe moved around with the assistance of Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi.

In addition, the nonagenarian has also lately cut down on his typically long speeches as the calls for his retirement or resignation grow.

The analysts who spoke to the Daily News said Grace and Mnangagwa were “merely stating what Zimbabweans already know” about Mugabe’s age and state of health, noting further that the utterances were “shock absorbers for the nation to warm up to the reality”.

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"The only leader left in our country is the true leader with a genuine motherly heart, Dr Mujuru, who will put people first and is corruption-free both in her public and private lives. She is the only one who can take Zimbabwe to a prosperous destination and who has experience in dealing with everyone, from youths to war veterans, detainees, war collaborators and the poor." this guy is on cloud cuckoo land. Joyce Mujuru, Grace and Robert Mugabe and the entire leadership of zanu and those sympathetic to their cause of pillage, corruption and murder are all the same. If she had a genuine motherly heart for the nation & not only for her cabal she would not have been part of the rot for all these years. She also needs to give account of all the assets and money that she and her late husband accumulated over the years. There is an inverse relationship between the demise of the country and her prosperity.

Lt General - 2 September 2015

How did Bob and Grace meet? Could their courtship not have been arranged by someone else (without Bob's knowledge) as a long term project to eventually culminate in what we are seeing now?

machakachaka - 2 September 2015

Oh!! Its so painful, asi regai nditi kuruzhinji rweZimbabwe, these are signs of the times. Jesu akataura zvekuguma kwenyika akataura zviratidzo zvacho. 1Timotio 3v1-5. Bhaibheri rinoti namazuva okupedzisira nguva dzokutambudzika dzichasvika, ko tinogotarisira rugare seiko? Mateo 24v1-13, Jesu akataurazve zviratidzo zvekuguma kwenyika. Umambo hwaMwari chete ndihwo huchagona kutonga nokubvisa maumanbo ose anetsa aya. Daniel 2v44. Munhu haana pachagona kuunza mufaro munyika ino yadai kuparara iyi. Vatongi venyika ino vangatotivimbisa kutivakira mamochari, kureva kuti tichafa, kana kutivimbisa zvipatara kureva kuti tichatorwarisisa. Asi Mwari wedu anotivimbisa Nyika isina rufu kana kurwara, Zvakazarurwa 21v1-4. Nyika iri kubva pakuipa kuenda pakuipisisa. Chenjerai kuvimba nemachinda avanhu anofa, isai tariro yenyu panaMwari.

Jupito - 2 September 2015

If Zim dreams of a leader who can take Zim forward; that leader has to be from the minorities and certainly not from the majority Shona. It has been proven all over the world, that leaders from majority communities can not be good for the country because they are always arrogant. Its people from the minorities who are most likely to be humble, accommodating that make good leaders.

Phunyukabemphethe - 2 September 2015

There is no way Reserve-born Joice will rule this country. She is not presidential material.

Era - 2 September 2015

I hate this word "Rule" with a passion. It shows up the very primitive mindset of Zimbabweans. In a Civilised country, a leader Leads. Who could imagine saying Obama "ruled" the US? Or that Hollande "ruled" France? It just doesn't work, does it?

Charles Frizell - 2 September 2015

@Charles Frizell. Look here my friend. Democracy is not part of African culture or language. Africans come from backgrounds of Chiefs and Kings; that is why they talking about "ruling" and not "governing" or "leading". This further explains why politics is such a highly emotional subject among Africans. Because when you rule, you don't give up power until you die!

Phunyukabemphethe - 2 September 2015

Joyce Mujuru can apologise all she wants, using any words or language but that doesn't qualify her to be a Saint she is one of the architect of Zimbabwe's problems. This liberation credentials that they think it absolve them from their criminal acts is nonsense. What freedom did they bring? Are Zimbabweans free? Joyce was there when people were being tortured, raped, murdered and displaced, what did she do? What exactly did she apologise for? Zimbabweans needs to stop idolising people and see them as they are, killers and that includes Joyce Mujuru. Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe don't owe Zanu PF, Mugabes, Mujurus and their followers anything. They have been paying themselves since 1980 to date at the expense of the current and future generations. To hell with Zanu PF. The Zanu PF party should be banned from politics for the same duration it has abused power and destroyed the country.

Christ In Me - 2 September 2015

Bhasikiti shut up you are an idiot. We are not fools. When you were fired from ZANU you fought so hard to be reinstated. Because you lost the bid you now want us to believe you. NONSENSE

Chido - 2 September 2015

@ Machakachaka, Grace was introduced to Bob naRay Kaukonde. As is known, the two are actually related. Vanoziva Gire chaizvo vanoti paget down yeRhumba mai vanozvonyongoka ivavo.

Samaita - 2 September 2015

if she decides to contest then it is for Zimbabwe to decide

kutaura munonyanya - 2 September 2015

Surely we will not be led by a harlot. Even those in the much despised ZANU PF will not allow this. This woman is a witch.

mukwerekwere - 2 September 2015

Jupito my friend, do you realise that you conveniently skip some verses of your divine book? I believe it says, somewhere, that a leader is given to a particular people by God. Shouldn't you be questioning God's rationality in placing the monstrous Mugabe in the ruling seat to torment the innocent people of this mighty nation? What sense does it make for the so called creator to let Mugabe brutalise God's people for such a long tenure? Let me remind you that that divisive, discriminatory and dangerous book extols the murderer and rapist David. From this terrible book, you select parts suitable for the advancement of a particular argument and hope that we understand. The solution to Zimbabwe's emancipation lies with a courageous, honest, focussed and determined team of women and men who are prepared to die for others. Patriotic people at heart who will seek nothing but a pathway to everlasting democracy and prosperity for all the citizens, not for their families and kin alone. Reliance on the bible is a waste of time and that may be part of the reason why Mugabe and Zanu PF have managed to thrive parasitically at the helm the political scene in this country. Jesus was a man, just like Magaya, Joshua and the rest that you know. Every century begets these men who purport to be God's select few. While he was being tortured, there was a multitude to watch and non of them attempted to save him, despite that the "son of God" had brought back to life their relatives who had died, they had been healed and fed by the man who was now suffering on the cross, and mind you, the beneficiaries of his goodness were in the majority. It makes no sense at all. They let him suffer. It just does not begin to make sense. It makes the whole story a fable that it is, not one to draw any helpful reference from.

Mr Dete - 2 September 2015

She will rule if we Zimbabweans don't stop her.

david taylor - 2 September 2015

Joyce Mujuru is equally culpable because she remained quiet when innocent Zimbabweans were killed in cold blood during the 2008 Elections and now the likes of Bhasikiti and Gumbo want us to believe she is the only hope for Zimbabwe. If the truth be told Zimbabwe needs a new crop of leadership, the likes of Strive Masiyiwa, Ian Makone, Nkosana Moyo & others. Why should we stoop so low as to embrace leaders tainted with the blood of the toiling masses?

Chief Charumbira - 2 September 2015

Mr Dete, I am impressed by your contribution. With so many guys like you in this world, the world will never see peace-never at all

Referee - 3 September 2015

Mr Dete, I am impressed by your contribution. With so many guys like you in this world, the world will never see peace-never at all

Referee - 3 September 2015

the guy who said the best leader can only come from the minority groups is saying the truth becoz by doing so we would have us overcome the sin of tribalism which zanu and mugabe have benefited from and used very well and even kicking aside one very good leader joshua nkomo. what a truth. GOD help us.

see - 3 September 2015

I could have scrolled down the comments and leave the page without placing a comment but Mr Dete, you have burned my heart to say the least. I cannot place my all my arguments here otherwise my post will be too long. The bible doesn.t exalt a rapist and murderous David as u claim, it exalts a repentant and forgiven saint of God. Just like Saul, later becoming Paul.. just like evry sinner who comes to God willing to repent and follow His ways...even you if you choose to. Jesus wasn,t and isn't an ordinary, He is the Son of God. The fact that people didn't stop His crucifixion it only shows the extent sin can harden a man's heart, it doesn't reap Him off of His Divinity, cz if He wasn't Divine he wld be still in that grave. In any case let's not mix religion with politics!!

cbrian - 3 September 2015

true that .l once witnessed a mai mujuru rally at mataga in mberengwa . this woman truly has other pple at heart. to her we say keep yo head up behind every mushika-mushika is a good thing

Saidi ...Saidi - 3 September 2015

eish mmm editor i think mamwe ma views ema atheist ayo like vana dete munaita muchibvisa.

mmm - 3 September 2015

Mr Dete Repent and live. Fortunately for you, God is not like man and will forgive you for this blasphemy if you repent.

JB - 3 September 2015

This Daily Newspaper is now idolising and campaigning for corrupt,incompetent,ruthless and murderous ZANU pf officials who where expelled from the main ZANU PF party. All these expelled officials are now criticising the ZANU pf gvt because they are jobless.If they where genuine in wanting a better Zimbabwe,why did they not resign from ZANU PF during Gukurahundi,Murambatsvina,and violent election campaigns?The truth is they did not resign because they condoned it and enjoyed all the benefits of being in the evil ZANU pf. So Joyce Mujuru,Rugare Gumbo ,wrong Basikhiti ,Mutasa or Munangwagwa,Grave and Bob are all in the evil basket of ZANU Pf.Nothing will ever make them clean.

Billy - 3 September 2015

Joyce Mujuru is the mother of all corruption. The fact that she was expelled from ZANU (PF) does not make her a better person. Zimbabwean will not vote for her as president though she might be a darling of the private media who are misleading her and making her really unpopular with the masses. The same story of how the MDCT relied heavily on babaJukwa who mislead them into believing that they are loved by Zimbabweans and will win the elections. Mujuru must also learn that most people on facebook are not registered voters and those who read on internet are not registered voters as their job is to salivat and speculate things.. Grace Mugabe will not get a single vote either. The fact that she was a secretary is not important but she is just as shallow and as dull as Morgan Tsvangirai and all are in the same band wagon of the most hated people in Zimbabwe, people who are cursed and will never win any election as they are seen as jokes of the century. These people must look for other things to do and leave politics alone as they are failures

Tichatonga - 3 September 2015

Bhasiketi shut up

gaga - 3 September 2015

The expulsion of Mai Mujuru was full of drama and a lot of acrimony. A lot of accusations were leveled against her to the extent that nearly every Zimbabwean following that drama rightly believed she would end up in prison and or hanged for treason as alleged by non other than Robert Mugabe .. I am not saying she dis not commit crimes at all , but if at all these has the blessings of the dear leader, such that Mugabe and Grace are finding it embarrassing to have her prosecuted and the dirty linen likely to be displayed in court. Her vrecent refusal to take the Mugabe gazetted package should not be taken lightly. It is a fact that most of us were at one time Zanu and can equally share the blame on the Gukurahundi massacres as most of never voiced concern. We are therefore all capable, but what counts now is repentance and apologies. If Mai Mujuru apologies to the world and the Zimbabwean people in particular, who is this individual to refuse this apology. Hasha hadzivake musha. Its not everything that requires a fist, this is why Zimbabwe is were it is today, inyaya yeCHIBHAKERA brothers and sisters, comrades and friends. There are some challenges that do not necessarily require the services of a hammer, but rather the brain, manje sekuru varikungorova zvese nesando.

joshua hondoma - 3 September 2015

our leader is coming from a minority as of now. guys remember that majority of zimbos argue that the president is from malawi.

tula - 3 September 2015

its time zimbabweans we look back to the time of louis 16 and his politically influenciall wife madam deficit, who actually help the downfall of louwi. i can dearly relate our case to that, zimbabweans lets wait and see

zimbabwean - 4 September 2015

if mai mujuru is going to stand for the 2018 elections i will vote for her without any mistake

zimbabwean - 4 September 2015

Unite Now! Fight later, once these ZanuPf demons are out.

Nooshie - 19 October 2015

Unite Now! Fight later, once these ZanuPf demons are out.

Nooshie - 19 October 2015

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