No one can stop me: Grace Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly influential, but gaffe-prone wife, Grace, is flaunting her ambitions and political power more and more, boasting yet again yesterday that no one could stop her from aiming for the leadership of Zanu PF, and that even her husband had failed to silence her from publicly shellacking former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Speaking at yet another rally of hers at Murombedzi Growth Point, in Mashonaland West — with dozens of fawning Cabinet ministers, Zanu PF legislators and other party bigwigs in tow — Grace also called on supporters of the warring ruling party to report to her any misdemeanours by senior party and government officials, promising that she would ensure that they were dealt with severely.

And taking her familiar pot-shots at the vanquished Mujuru, she accused the widow of the late liberation struggle icon, General Solomon Mujuru, of allegedly paying a whopping $2 million to “a certain newspaper” to write negative stories about her.

“A certain newspaper was paid two million by Mujuru to write bad about me. I accept criticism but it must be constructive criticism. Don’t criticise me because you hate my husband. Time will come when president Mugabe is gone, (and at that point) you will regret and wish that the president was around,” Grace said ominously.

The controversial First Lady claimed falsely late last year that Mujuru had bought a 10 percent shareholding in the country’s leading newspaper, the Daily News — lies that later led police to apply for a court order authorising them to raid the paper, to scrutinise its ownership structure, and all to no avail.

With her nonagenarian husband, Mugabe, now looking decidedly tired and frail — and even cutting down substantially on his usually long public speeches — insiders within the divided post-congress Zanu PF say Grace is dreaming anew about succeeding Zimbabwe’s long-ruling leader.

While Grace has in the past masked and even denied harbouring any presidential ambitions, she has over the past few weeks increasingly shown her hand — with her army of vociferous supporters chanting very clear slogans to this effect yesterday, saying “Pasi nevanhu vanoti Eve haatongi (Down with those who say Grace can’t rule Zimbabwe”.

“When I went to Mashonaland East (during her so-called Meet the People rallies last year), that is when I made it public that the demon I had earlier referred to in Mashonaland Central was Joice Mujuru.

“She thought that the president was going to stop me, saying I was washing our dirty linen in the public, but was surprised when he kept quiet. I am an adult and besides, I have my own weight as a member of Zanu PF and can participate in party activities freely. Nobody can stop me,” Grace said, once again exposing her increasingly lame-duck husband.

And in yet another stark warning to ambitious bigwigs angling to succeed Mugabe, Grace warned them that she would not hesitate to decapitate them in the manner that she has done to many over the past year.

“When I blew the whistle (last year), the referee (Mugabe) gave her (Mujuru) a red card. So, hokoyo (beware) if I blow the whistle. Handizezi because ndiri mukadzi akashinga (I do not hesitate because I’m a strong woman).

“In Marondera I asked (former Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray) Kaukonde to have a unity pact with me, but he turned it down. I warned him that I was going to finish him off because he was the chief culprit being used by Mujuru because of his money,” she added chillingly.

Grace also denounced Mujuru for allegedly taking advantage of her being a liberation war veteran, adding that being such a war veteran did not give her the right to do as she pleased.

She also appeared to rub it in on millions of economically-marginalised Zimbabweans who survive on street vending, saying second-hand clothing imports, which the government recently banned, were allegedly spreading diseases.

“Those second-hand clothes you see have bacteria. So, tikachinjana hembe, we pass on diseases that we don’t know, nyuwani tashaya here? I don’t think we should buy second-hand clothes, sevanhu vasina basa (if people buy and exchange second hand clothes, they will pass diseases to each other, as if they can’t get new clothes and don’t have jobs).

Ironically, many hard-pressed Zimbabweans are having to rely on second-hand clothes as they can’t afford new ones — wracked by rising poverty levels in the country and escalating joblessness.

Comments (35)

Nyaya yovatanga kubata yokutuka mawar veteran dai vamborega. I know some / the majority of them have joined in the destruction of the country but Grace is not qualified to talk ill of us, particularly Mujuru. I am one those who participated in the liberation of this country who left ZanuPF long back but cannot keep quiet when a lunatic defecates on my head.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 28 August 2015

Gire mwanangu chibereko!

SaManyika Chaiye - 28 August 2015

ZANU PF Private Ltd

Ziziharinanyanga - 28 August 2015

Benzi ranonga pito.

Samaz - 28 August 2015

The late inteligence laden Zvobgo once warnes Border Gezi, not to behave like a fool that has picked a lost whistle in a train. Do not behave like a kid that has been given a whistle" it was not long before we had the last from Gezi. This whistle issue!!!!!. Grace shows in all systems that she does not have an above average inteligence quotient. Her speechs betrays her lack of intelectual conception. It would be wise if he can request the likes of (now incomucado) Jonathan Moyo. Because of her rather logic bangrupt speeches, she has no command of followship, except a few that hope to gain something from patronage. Yes she thinks she is riding on the back of Mugabe who is feared (and not respected), but Grace's chances of being president is next to zero, even if she competes alone.

Danai Pazvagozha - 28 August 2015

gore rino haaaa mirai tione

sunungurai - 28 August 2015

Grace's chances of being president is next to zero even if she competes alone...DANAI PAZVAGOZHA zvakakugozhera uri dzimati chairo...slow learner

changara - 28 August 2015

Smith did so,that there is no black person who could rule Zim,but what happened,kana munhu avakutuurisa wedenga anoziva kwazvichaguma.Nyarai zvenhu madzimbawe Zimbabwe would heaven very soon

tindo - 28 August 2015

Where was she during liberation struggle if she is brave. I remember a story under the column Shooting from the hip in one of the recent dailynews on Sunday. It is comming up in my sences that Grace needs immidiate attention,she is suffering from mental baipola or mental illness. Better life lies aheard of Zimbabweans even if her husband leaves office through democratic way or by nature. The next generation is always better than the previous one. Zimbabwe have young and others are yet to to be borne good leaders. Prof McNike

Pardon Makunike - 28 August 2015

No sane person will ever remember Mugabe when he goes bcoz of what he has done to us . Actually Grace must tell him that he must go now . He has no good reason to remain in govt .But we all know a gomwa is always hart less and enjoys inflicting pain into other people .But as of this umfazi more pain is seriously awaiting for her .

Diibulaanyika - 28 August 2015

Maiwe kupenga ndinokuziva. Keep dreaming Gire. Nyika ino haife yakatongwa namboyi.

v - 28 August 2015

Grace is just but a typist....Zim can never be led by someone of your calibre grace, if that's what you are dreaming. I listened to part of your speech at Murombedzi Growth Point and you sounded like vakadzi vepamusika, i'm not looking down on vakadzi vepamusika but only they know where their business is, that is pamusika.....they will never dream of being president, I think you are just publishing your desperation and anxiety, i'm sure deep down inside you know you are just a simple typist. Those people are just using you, you will only realise soon when Mugabe is no more. Ask Bona she will give you an honest opinion.

misty - 28 August 2015

mapenzi emuzimbabwe, nyika ikatongwa nevatoirwa ndizvozvinoitika wanoita zvese zvese vabvakurere vanoita zvemari chete kkkk. protect the victim.jail all the land barons ko kunyatsime housing project kuchitungwiza mosvika rini. grece anopinda nemakwara newabvakure vemuzimbambwe so long ndarama kambili kambili ...zikomo kambili ... mamakafa focus nekudama mari kudarika zimbabwe dai musikakari mari dai tisina kusvitsa zim kumavere kwese uku nemari hapana chinoramba kusvika all ethics are in place, all values are in place dai pasina mari mari morgan angadai ari panyanga zvinhu zvichifaya kkk rambai mari pasina kufanira zvose zvinonaka kana mwari anopindira otungamirira zimbabwe.

dofo - 28 August 2015

Mugabe is now like a wound that is full of puss and if the puss is not removed pain becomes unstoppable puss causes damage to the affected place . To remove puss from the wound people will have to pin down the affected person as he can not volunteer to do so bcoz of pain and forcibly squiz out the trouble some puss and once that is done the wound heals fast bcoz the poison is gone . If we can come together and squiz out puss once and fore ever yes its very painful to takeout puss but once its gone the affected person sleeps well forever in this case once Mugabe is removed zimbabwe will recover from serious pains and start rebuilding out country once more .Anembo akujataana .

Diibulaanyika - 28 August 2015

Kaakubvaruka kangoma kaye. Isidabuka ingungu leyana. We are now getting to the end. Inyika yedu iyi, takairwira tese. Kuzotuka nekudadira mawar vet, mmmm mamhanya achihera mamhanyisa. On your way up do not shit on those on the ground coz they are the ones who put you there vanokuturura. Do lie to yourself, the Mujuru family liberation history is well known. Thanks for some of us who are still alive, we were not told about it or read about. Robert was right when he said "Pasi neZANU PF" kkkkkkk. Ndikafunga paNyadzonya, paMboroma, paTembwe, Xai xai mwoyo wangu unorwadza

dollarman - 28 August 2015

Grace remember you went into the Office of the First Lady through the back door.Now you you don't have to forget that all these people who are quiet are not fools. Try to read your History Books about Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein,Muammar Gaddafi,Nicholau Causescu and many more who behaved the same way you are doing but don't forget to read how they were pushed out of Office. Getting rid of the late Solomon Mujuru and her wife from Government does not mean that you have silenced Democracy one day you will be shouting Noone can Stop Me when you will be in Hiding in Singapore. By that time it will now be too late to say I am Sorry to Mai Mujuru maybe your husband wiil be behind Bars at the International Court Of Justice. This is Politics my dear dont play with Politics the way you are now doing. Akuruma Nzewe Ndewako. Remember this advise

Karigamombe - 28 August 2015

'No one can stop you'?? So you wrongly think. BUT ONE DAY NATURE ITSELF WILL. Mark my words. #Reviseyourmanners!

Hotshot - 28 August 2015

Power corrupts absolutely! So Grace thinks people are buying used clothes for the sake of what? She does n't know that people are surviving on Rand3.oo per day and cannot afford to buy new clothes. Let alone buying luxury products like Gushungo Dairy Ice creams. Grace's husband said Zimbabweans are not suffering becoz he gave them land. Both Grace and her husband are out of touch with reality. They do not know that vendors,pensioners,workers, retrenchees etc are suffering in this collapsed economy. They are in denial and cant see beyond their noses that people are suffering.

Puzzled - 28 August 2015

Gire, like the fake doctor that she is, is failing to realize that she is living on borrowed time. Once Bob is gone, then that will also mark the eclipse of all her dreams, Armageddon style.

Chinja Ndizvo - 28 August 2015

Grace when Mugabe goes you will have no power at all. Don't threaten people to say you are being nice because Mugabe is around. Your current power if that's what you call it is derived from the hapless Mugabe. Also who knows, you Grace may go first. With the way you are going its a strong possibility.

Inyika - 28 August 2015

Grace your ailing very very very old limping semi blind husband can not stop you but we zimbabweans will stop you and youwill flee this country to some foreign countries . You can bully around your moving grave husband but not us zimbabweans we will block you and dump you like shiit .It seems whenever you stand infront of the crowd forced to attend your rallies you easily get carried out and start talking nonsense .Do you think we were born last week ?Every one knows that your husband has no chance and he is under your peticoat but that does not translate to the whole nation of which you are nothing. Misery is fast approaching you blood sckeberichi. .

Diibulaanyika - 29 August 2015

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha ma1

LOL - 29 August 2015

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Carol - 29 August 2015

Dear carol: I know you are not carol and you are not writing from Canada but a brutal stinking conman, probably residing in some third rate city apartment, where you lie in wait for your first victim after making this hideous posting. You are out to rob the few hapless gullible daughters and sons of people of their hard earned little. And just who in their good senses would rejoice in the recovery of a forced union like the yarn you unwound above? What joy comes from cohabiting with a man who has no love for you. Instead of dealing with the stench that is offending the man, you choose to magically bring him back and keep the dirt! That is sick. I am appealing to the few who were about to give the above illegitimate advertisement a second thought to regard these postings with contempt, always.

Mr Dete - 29 August 2015

She is reported to have said: "Time will come when president Mugabe is gone, (and at that point) you will regret and wish that the president was around,” Grace said ominously." Really???? Who told you Bob will kick the bucket before you nhai Amai? What makes you sure he will die first? You are not God

boutros - 30 August 2015

Grace imbwa inongohukura patina chiripo. Hure zvaro rakazvariswa wana nevarume four. Hapanakana mwana waMugabe apa. Hausi kuzotonga Zimbabwe nyangwe zvodii. Hure.

Tina - 30 August 2015

varume musanetseke this time if grace goes ahead nekupenga kwake kuda ita president i will personally take arms on my own and fight her enough is enough fuck maan

dhindindi - 31 August 2015

Time will come when president Mugabe is gone, (and at that point) you will regret and wish that the president was around,” . I am sure she is speaking to herself.

Tahir Iqbal - 31 August 2015

Rega kutsvakira vana vako nhamo nekutaurisa people will make you very poor if your husband passes on.Time will tell what zimbabwe wish now is forget about the comrades era and deal with the misters people who think not war mongers and murders.

mukomana - 1 September 2015

If only we could find a way of cutting down the number of Shonas in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe would come right. Zimbabwe needs a balance in numbers across communities. Over representation always leads to arrogance; a lack of checks and balances and excessiveness in everything!

Phunyukabemphethe - 1 September 2015

phunyukabemphethe.u shit but anyway thank u very much for showing your true coloures

dhindindi - 1 September 2015

Kkkkkkk. Nyika yedu yazogwadama. Zvava kutoda uchenjeri hunobva kunamwari.

Kisti Yatota - 1 September 2015

Our problem is not about the typist, it is about the people of Zim. Us. We need to put things in their perspective from the beginning. A country cannot be run by gold diggers, people who are looking to fatten their bank accounts, and it cannot be run by the proffesories who have learnt absolutely nothing. Being a proffesor, or a typist means nothing, its what we think about Zim as a country. We need leaders. Mugabe did not, cannot, will NOT give us land. It is not his, will never be his to give. Its ours. He never did us a favour. The land is ours by birth and right. Like Obama, I do not undestand why we have let one man ruin our country to the point that even the "typist" thinks nothing can stop her. Really. Good lucky.

Manheru - 1 September 2015

god will do!!!!!

fury - 1 September 2015

Zvazoinda nekupi????

Prof McNike - 14 April 2016

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