Time to retire, Mugabe urged

HARARE - As President Robert Mugabe prepares to give his State of the Nation address in Parliament tomorrow, analysts say only an unlikely announcement by the embattled nonagenarian that he will retire with immediate effect will help Zimbabwe and save the country’s dying economy.

Mugabe’s address will be made against the backdrop of rising poverty and unemployment levels in the country, with economic analysts saying Zimbabwe has now plumbed  the depths and soci-economic horrors of 2008 when Harare’s perennial political crisis spawned a ginormous economic and humanitarian crisis that resulted in the death of the Zimbabwe dollar.

Zimbabwe Democracy Institute director, Pedzisai Ruhanya, told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe needed to reflect deeply about his continued stay in office and what this meant for the country before he worried about making states of the nation addresses like tomorrow’s.

“The only state of the nation worth looking at, at this time, is the state of the president. His state is affecting the political economy of the State. The shifting political economy requires that we have a shifting political culture that addresses this shift which has resulted in a huge informalisation of the economy.

“The economy is now hugely informalised. In a normal state, 90 percent of the economy should be formal, while the remaining 10 percent is informal. But in our situation, it’s the other way round. The state requires that government needs to shift as well. But this can only happen when the political status is addressed,” he said.

Ruhanya added that Mugabe had failed dismally to manage the country and save its economy, despite having inherited a fully-functional and self-sustaining country in April 1980.

“There is decomposition and corruption on the political side and the president is not able to steer the country towards recovery. He is assisted by the opposition in this as it cannot challenge the government and put them to task over the ongoing misrule.

“The economy needs a positive communication of reform. It also requires a change in the political leadership. The old ways of doing things will neither change nor revive the economy. We need new thinking which will encourage domestic savings and investments, thereby attracting investments,” he said.

Ruhanya noted “the fact” that Mugabe was no longer “a spring chicken” and that he was “way past his prime to be leading any country”.

“The president is 91 years old. Surely it is not permissible that he can lead a 21st century economy. There is a time in an individual’s life when one has to say I have run my race and it is now time to allow fresh blood to take over.

“By fresh blood we are not talking about regime change, but a successor even from within the ruling party or his family for that matter.

“Mugabe is still trapped in the 1960s and we are in the 21st century where there is massive competition for resources. His ideas were competitive and sharp in the 1960s but that has changed. We are all born of women and we tire and must give way to new ideas,” Ruhanya said.

Academic and Sapes Trust director, Ibbo Mandaza, also said nothing much should be expected from Mugabe’s state of the nation address.

“The whole thing has been turned into a public relations gimmick where Mugabe will paint a rosy picture of what is happening,” he said.

University of Zimbabwe political scientist, Eldred Masunungure, said if the president’s address was going to be meaningful, he should address bread and butter issues.

“What the people want to hear is the president talking about things they feel are important, especially the current job losses and what his government is going to do about all that? It affected everyone from Zanu PF to MDC supporters, as well as all age groups.

“People would also want to know what he is going to do about corruption which is a national cancer. Corruption is a problem that is so chronic and that has been left to go on for years.

“People don’t want to hear about sanctions that do not affect their basic needs. People want to hear about the bread and butter issues that are directly affecting them,” Masunungure said.

Economist Moses Chundu said the topical issues in Zimbabwe are maternity leave, termination of employment and the approval of the Labour Bill by Senate.

He said what was happening in the labour sector was a symptom of “something that is not right and in dire need of being fixed”. To that extent, what was expected from Mugabe was for the nonagenarian to address the core issues which could be the root causes of hardships in the country.

Chundu said there were two major policies that were hindering development and investment in Zimbabwe — the country’s land and indigenisation policies. Unless these were addressed and finalised, investors would continue to shun Zimbabwe.

“In the absence of closure on both policies, no investor will come. They are scared of investing in the country because of that. The land reform issue is so fresh that it is like a never-ending funeral where the deceased is not buried.

“Many countries have indigenisation policies but theirs are clear, which makes investors confident. Our policies are just hanging in limbo and anything can change at any time. If he addresses those issues, the difference will be noticed almost instantly,” Chundu said.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015. Mugabe in SOTN Shocker. “Time for someone else to take charge” In an unexpected and unprecedented move, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe used his state-of-the-nation address to announce his immediate resignation from politics. 'It's time we all sat down and faced reality as it is, our country needs all of us to come together and rebuild it up from the foundation ,' president Mugabe, in an uncharacteristically sober tone, 'that is what the people who shed their blood for this country would have wanted. I apologize for having taken so long to recognize this.' While the country's constitution has provisions for what happens in such a case, President Mugabe used his presidential powers, as a last act, to necessitate a national convergence agenda. The country will now be managed by a transitional authority as the liberation leader retires to his home village of Kutama to finish up his memoirs. Congratulatory messages recognizing the veteran leader's contribution have already begun pouring in from across the continent, with newly instated SADC chairman Ian Khama sending the shortest message, which read: 'Phew!' Reuters

Doppelganger - 24 August 2015

Robert Mugabe's GOODBYE is toooo loooong. Sekuru Mugabe cannot do anything for the good of the economy now. Sekuru you are mortal too. Even Popes come and go. Do Zimbabweans a big favour by resigning. Your pension will look after you for the next few years, even if you decide to go to Singapore for good.

George Manginde - 24 August 2015

Actually, his retirement is long overdue. If it wasn't for the fear of the skeletons in his cupboard, he would have called it a day years ago.

Jackson Magaya - 24 August 2015

Mugabe has passed the retirement age. At +90years the man is in terminal zone.

X-MAN IV - 24 August 2015

Whether Mugabe will talk about bread full of rama ,tea hovhu roasted chickens and roasted ribs of ngulube that will not turn around our completely ruined economy and as zimbabweans we like to hear one thing from him and that is he is packing his Shanga bags and heading to Zvimba for good .Any other talk other than that will be a heap of rubbish that will not be even worth to be published by any normal news paper . I would like to differ with Pedzisayi that Mugabe is being aided by opposition to destroy the country nada mhani we all know when the opposition was in power the economy improved but Mugabe was always complaining that the opposition was disturbing he wanted to run the country alone so let him run the country undisturbed and we see where he will get . No one is able to rig economy even zanu has failed to that .

Diibulaanyika - 24 August 2015

If this man could do us favour mhepo inotonhorera yainzwika chero nani zvake around the country. Pls God help us by taking this man away from the front seat of our country. Tanzwa nenhamo mwari waIziraere. Taneta kunhuwa ziya vamw vachinhuwira pefuyumu. Kunga tichiri kurarama munguva yakare kudai. Moto wehuni here vamwe vaine zvitofu. Tibvisireiwo chimudhara ichi nezvimbwasungata zvacho.

dembo - 24 August 2015

those that think that rwavhi will retire are living in cold cuckooland. because of the gukurahundi genocide, the monkey only death will do him apart with the state house.

josphat mugadzaweta - 25 August 2015

i think people are missing the point here its not TIME FOR MUGABE TO RETIRE BUT FOR HIM TO DIE FUCK MAAN

dhindindi - 25 August 2015

There is no bread and butter issues which Mugabe and his this can offer after 35 years of corruption and misrule , you can not teach the old dog some new tricks , Mugabe should just disolve government and resign . All Zanu PF policies will not work , we need a new government with investor friendly policies , and the auditing of the land reform and start redistribution on one man one farm chete . Arrest all corrupt officials including his right hand man . otherwise its a matter of wasting time and resources . I can't wait the her that he has resigned .

Mudhara - 25 August 2015

People have to realize that even if Mugabe retired today absolutely nothing would change for the better simply because the ZANU PF culture is now so deeply entrenched in Government and society and they will continue to call the shots for decades to come. Nothing short of divine intervention can now help Zimbabwe? The rivalry and bitterness is everywhere because people have become so suspicious of one another....a once happy and productive country now lies in ruins with little or no hope of recovery. I am gapping it as well.

Gondo Moya - 25 August 2015

How can a crisis offer a solution to a crisis.Mudhara is the crisis.

juks - 25 August 2015

All Mugabe has to state is his retirement and dissolution of his dysfunctional government.

mallo - 25 August 2015

if Mugabe retires it will be a BIG gesture

Harare - 25 August 2015

This is not about Mugabe . If you have anything to offer just tell us . Investors are not coming simply because of the US dollar that we are using . They need a country with a currency they can devalue . Look at the SA currency which has gone to 14 rands to 1 US$ . Look at what has happened to Zambia . The currency has been devalued to an extend that Zambia has removed 3 zeros from their currency . You go about asking analysts who have no idea of what is happening . Our economy is slowly coming up and no-one will bring it down . If we wholly depend on the investors we will be brought down any time like what is happening in Zambia . Lets work harder and we will make it .

Hayibo ! - 25 August 2015

Surely, the only issue we would want to hear is "when are the Chinese Mega Deals coming? Its now a government of press conferences without action. We love our country, we love our leaders. They must give up and see if new ideas can help. Would America have allowed an Afroamerican to lead them. Sometimes history does not shape the future if not used well. Your excellency, ZimAsset has not started paying dividends. Where are the jobs, the land, etc. where is the constitution? we are being fired from work, chased from vending sites, cheated by land barons, arrested for protesting social ills, We run to SA for cover, we get killed. Whereto now?

Zvakaoma - 25 August 2015

hoping he will hear your sincere wishes. both GOD and President Mugabe.

hrea - 26 August 2015


tich - 26 August 2015

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Becky Miller - 29 August 2015

hey tell cremora gushungo mugabe that it is not time to retire but to die ngaachisiyirawo vamwe mukana wekufema he has breathed enough

dhindindi - 31 August 2015

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Am Karen Ben - 26 November 2015

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