2018 polls defining for Tsvangirai

HARARE - Political analysts believe the 2018 general elections will test Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s resolve to break President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF’s stranglehold on power since 1980.

While some are of the belief that the 2018 elections would mark the end of Tsvangirai’s political career if he loses to Mugabe again, some are of the opinion that his best shot can actually come in the polls.

Political analyst Mcdonald Lewanika says in African politics some opposition leaders have spent 15 to 20 years in opposition before winning.

“So while it might be bad and may seem like doom for Tsvangirai the reality is that in Africa people can get nostalgic and give leadership opportunities to candidates who would have failed in the past,” said Lewanika.

He however, adds that “this is not an excuse for him to loose, Zimbabwe has often bucked the African trend. Morgan’s threats are more from an emergent generation that is also hungry for opportunities to lead and maybe tired of continuously waiting in the wings.”

Media activist Takura Zhangazha believes Tsvangirai is definitely running for office in 2018 in the hope that he can win it this time in the aftermath of Zanu PF’s reconfiguration and possible placement of someone who is not Mugabe as a rival candidate.

“I don’t think that in his mind he is considering defeat in the context of such a scenario. I am certain possible defeat is not on his mind at the moment but then again he is not demonstrating that he is planning for a victory given his own internal party challenges among them a lack of unity and resources. It is too early to tell if he will eventually be a candidate again in 2023.”

Playwright Silvanos Bhanditi Mudzvova says 2018 is a final push for Tsvangirai.

“This might be his last chance of making it to the State House. It means he has to leave his smart game and use the same dirty tricks being employed by Zanu PF.

“The 2018 elections are his grand finale and if he loses that will be the end of his political career because he cannot lose an election to a 94-year-old.”

Media activist Tabani Moyo says the major challenge that Zimbabwe faces at the moment is that we have become prisoners of hope.

“We hold a never ending myth that things will change themselves along the way. Gone are the days when the opposition used to beg votes out of protest.

“The opposition in total remains irrelevant if it is not united to unseat Zanu PF and proposes a genuine alternative and path for the peoples of Zimbabwe.

“If we approach the next election in this current hopeless state, be assured that there will be literally no contest and a sad write off. Zimbabwe is no-longer interested in electoral processes for the sack of it.”

Moyo says the opposition should redefine a new narrative on how best to heal Zimbabwe and start the job of reconstruction.

“The ‘Mugabe must go’ mantra or the show of bravery no longer means much in politics. We want a political construct which mobilises the country around a big idea.

“This process of relying too much on a people who have played a part in their generation does not work until and unless they are willing to re-invent, breath meaning in the peoples of Zimbabwe and provide leadership thrust which returns Zimbabwe to a responsive country to its peoples’ needs.”

Journalist Njabulo Ncube says if Tsvangirai does not win in 2018, these elections will be his Waterloo.

“So he needs to work hard, engage all the major opposition players and other democratic forces so as to agree and create a formidable opposition.

“He will never beat Mugabe as long as the opposition remains fractured as it is. He should have learnt from his past mistakes of being stampeded into an election without the requisite electoral reforms like media reforms.”

He adds that the public media, for instance, “still remains partisan in favour of Mugabe and Zanu PF yet it is supposed to serve the general public, including the opposition. We still have public media personnel going to work wearing Zanu PF campaign regalia. The voters roll remains in shambles as it still has dead people on it.”

Political commentator Blessing Ivan Vava believes it is a make or break for Tsvangirai, “but seemingly his chances of winning those election are slim.

“Tsvangirai is at his weakest, but well after losing I doubt that he will step down — they have already said Tsvangirai will continue as MDC president until they have removed Zanu PF.”

Vava says worse still is that the party has been named after Tsvangirai, hence without him the MDC cannot survive.

“Tsvangirai has failed to demonstrate what he preaches that leaders must come and go, and good leaders are seen by that ability of grooming successors and respecting their constitutions — something he himself has failed to do.”

Comments (11)

I don't see the excitement of any polls in the country. Zanu pf is in possession of 2018 election results under the current conditions. Its a matter of announcing them. I don't know why MDC T will participate and legitimise a pure fraudulent flawed process.

X-MAN IV - 24 August 2015

tsvangirai is the only opposition leader who has the people at heart if you take a closer glance...bt the only democracy he knows are elections of which he do have the strategies to unlock the rigging skills

t muzhinji - 24 August 2015

The problem with Tsvangison is that he doesn't have a message. Its not about Mugabe's age for crying out loud. Its about what he will do to make my life better as a voter. I remember his last message to the electorate in the last election was Mugabe is old...And now his surrogate Bhanditi is singing the same tune “The 2018 elections are his grand finale and if he loses that will be the end of his political career because he cannot lose an election to a 94-year-old.” oBhanditi bakiti... vuka. Tell us how Tsvangison will tackle the economy. What he will do differently from Mugabe. That's what we the people want to hear.

Qiniso - 24 August 2015

Everyone including those in zanu know that Tsvangs will win. Infact he has never lost. But being a presdent in zim is not decided by winning elections. We all know this and let us not fool ourselves. If Mogern can go in those elections thinking that he will win by ballot let him forget. He will cry after elections and Mugabe wilk tell telk him to go and hang himself. I don't know exactly what needs to be done but something must be done and not only by Tsvangirai but by everyone. Chematama tinomuda chose uye tinomuvhotera asi zvido zvedu zvinobva zvachinjwa. Many people are tired of zanu and this is not a secret but why is zanu still in power? Please people let us help Mogern to come up with a plan to unseat Mugabe who is causing the nation to live a poor life. Yes Tsvangirai will win cos we will voten for him.

dembo - 25 August 2015

the problem that we are facing is keeping our hopes on dead wood and dead donkeys. we are always trying to pin our hopes on useless people who have let us down countless time. mugabe, dongo, mujuru, mutasa, tsvangirai, etc. Zimbabwe, our lives have been at stake for a long time. lets wake up and do away with all this rubbish. we need a new leader with our visions and aspirations. not trying to raise dead donkeys. ndatenda.

alia - 25 August 2015

tsvangirai is not any better. he is also a dictator and a handiende type. he was supposed to give way to another person in 2014 but instead he doctored the mdc constitution to legitimize his overstay just like any other dictator. he sloganeers change that he is not a part to. mdc t should change him if they are dreaming of any success in the 2018 elections. otherwise the chance should be given to 'people first'

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 August 2015

comments form people like@zvirozviyedzwa are from zanu people. zanu has made us believe that morgan is like them and have even conviced wonderful people like biti that morgan is like zanu. morgan might have had his weaknesses like all of us have, but he is not like mugabe and zanu. far from it. very very very very far. zimbabweans will continue to suffer as long as they continue to believe the zanu lie that morgan is useless. he is not the best because at present we dont have that in zimbabwe and we wont have because of the political model zanu and mugabe has presented us with, but he is better than mugabe and most of the up coming politicians. so if we want to suffer for another 8 years lets continue believing the zanu lie.

see - 25 August 2015

true morgan is different h believes in making a better economy thats for status......zanu pf seems not to realise that in business they are no friends jus business partners...CHINA knows that so creatig enemies like what zanu did wont solve a thing...juss go in any other country and see what other nations think of us

jimmy - 25 August 2015

as long as we allow politicians to overstay beyond their mandate then we would be inflicting suffering on ourselves. the way forward after mugabe should be to ensure that politicians are accountable and that they stick to term limits. morgan promised that he would only serve three terms. if he was a gentleman, he would have owned up to that promise. now that he has tasted power he comes up with all sorts of excuses - the same way dictators argue 'that my party needs me'. why not groom someone such that when one's term limit expires then they would take over? he failed to do that noble thing and must therefore be retired. that is the argument of his peers (ncube, biti) to name a few. there is therefore a genuine concern that this man is a dictator in the making. if we allow him to roam uncontrolled, he will turn back to hound us in the future just like we have suffered an the hands of zanu.

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 August 2015

Thank you Editor,I note with great concern that people think Tsvangirai is the problem yet we all realised his impact in 2009 to 2013,The moment he got into government everything changed for the better.When he left we started to see the rot again.Lets rally behind him and our party untill we achieve what we want.Please remember to pray for our Nation because its the only thing left for us,Serious prayer meetings will get us out of this mess. Name to use The Believer

Fearless Mutendi - 26 August 2015


cmantswe - 26 August 2015

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