Tsvangirai to lead prayers for Dzamara

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai will today address a “Bring Back Itai Dzamara” campaign in the Midlands town of Zvishavane, as he continues to pile pressure on the State to find the missing political activist.

Dzamara, a pro-democracy activist, was abducted near his Glen View home on March 9 while he was having a haircut.

While Dzamara was allegedly arrested for cattle rustling by four plain-clothed men who bundled him in an unmarked Isuzu vehicle, police claim they have no idea where he could be.

And over the past weeks Tsvangirai, along with other opposition leaders, has led a “bring back Dzamara” crusade which includes national prayers.

In a statement Tsvangirai’s  spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the Midlands province has seen a lot of harassment of opposition leaders by well-known Zanu PF activists and it is only fitting that they hold a “Bring Back Dzamara” campaign in Zvishavane.

“Many MDC activists have been abducted and others killed while the State has always shown heavy-handedness on innocent citizens, starting with the Gukurahundi massacres in the early 80s,” said Tamborinyoka.

An estimated 20 000 civilians were allegedly butchered by the North Korea-trained 5th Brigade during the infamous Gukurahundi era as Mugabe crashed dissent in the Matabeleland and Midlands regions.

“The abduction of Itai shows that the safety and security of the citizen remains under serious threat even though it is guaranteed in the new Constitution, which the Zanu PF government is refusing to implement,” Tamborinyoka said.

The prayer meeting comes in the wake of a resolution by civic groups at the just-ended Sadc summit demanding that the Zanu PF government should be forced to do everything in its power to ascertain the whereabouts of Dzamara.

Civic organisations and the MDC accuse government of being insincere in locating the missing activist despite the existence of a court order which compels police to find the father of two.

Catholic bishops say Dzamara’s disappearance could be seen in a broader context of sustaining fear as a strategy of restraining freedom of expression, participation, association and democracy against the values and aims of the liberation struggle.

Although Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa once described Dzamara’s abduction as “barbaric” he could not admit that Dzamara was arrested or was in police custody.

In a HARDtalk interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, former Information minister Jonathan Moyo claimed there was nothing unusual about Dzamara’s disappearance, suggesting that even in the UK, people disappear without a trace.


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You see one stupid word can spoil what may be a fair report . Why do you say Mugabe crashed dissidents .Did he do that ? a very big no , Mugabe crashed unarmed civilians while trying to get rid of 115 disgruntled armed men who were supporters of zapu and that they never spoke same language as him . He invested millions of dollars to create and train a tribal army whose task was to eliminate every one from Matebeleland for not voting for a male nkuku ,So it is very unfortunate for daily news to say the limping donkey crashed dissidents that is false or may be you also believe that nonsense.

Diibulaanyika - 22 August 2015

Read again! Its 'dissent' and not dissidents!

prof - 22 August 2015

kkkkk Dibulaa bro you are reading toofat and cldnt notice the diff btn dissidents and dissent.nway i like yr contributions and objectivity bro

freedom - 22 August 2015

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jean yu - 22 August 2015

THe key word is CRASH whether is dissent or dissidents wind up your mind and you will easily grab the sense . It sounds as if Mugabe had some victory by killing unarmed people using machine guns but unfortunate some people like you Freedom have challenges

Diibulaanyika - 22 August 2015

Do not worry mfana wami Freedom you see english is my second language so i can not be always spot on but what matters is some sense

Diibulaanyika - 22 August 2015

'Mine eyes are made fool of other sences' . Sometimes eyes, or even ears see or hear what they want!

jojo - 22 August 2015

Diibulaanyika, after your erroneous analysis, you concluded, very wrongly, that a word was used stupidly, then, like Mugabe, you go on to unashamedly censure Freedom for pointing out your error, instead of apologising to the columnist.

Mr Dete - 22 August 2015

@Stupid Mr Dete they was no error at all .any one who caused dissent during gukurahundi was called a dissident simply as that so when one says Mugabe crashed dissent it means he crashed the dissidents who caused dissent so where is my mistake wena dekeleke Dete . next time if you have nothing to say shut your beak otherwise you will end up a fool.

Diibulaanyika - 23 August 2015

@Dibulaa u must just acknowledge that u misinterpreted the paragraph- Dissent means holding a different opinion from that which is official; Crashed means moving in with force and speed; Civilians means unarmed general members of the public; Butchered means slaughtering. Simply said: the journalist is simply saying Mugabe applied maximum force in Matabeleland and slaughtered unarmed people at his own will(this action was not official). Remember some officials were not consultant or involved as it was Mugabe who directly sent the 5th Brigade. Crash is not the only key word but CIVILIAN, CRASH, DISSENT & BUTCHERED. The paragraph shows that Mugabe was merciless when he was killing innocent people.

Mentalist - 23 August 2015

@Metalist you said nothing at all but tried to say what i said above I will repeat again During GUKURAHUNDI all people of Matabeleland were viewed as dissidents who brought dissent to the new govt of Mugabe he refered to them as dissidents ,I remember one radio show Jazzin pick your box where one Shona woman was asked chi chinodzi dissident the woman confidently and firm dissident muNdebele . All this i am saying here trying to knock some sense in the dull heads who think like you . So for the reporter to say Mugabe crashed dissent means he crashed the dissidents who were causing dissent which is totally rubbish bcoz he killed 20 000 civilians who never caused dissent and failed to flush out 113 dissent causers and if anyone does not know that like Metalist and gang then they must have come out from their mothers wombs after 1980 suwa nyanisi

Diibulaanyika - 23 August 2015

Dissident muNdewere during those days was strong in the minds of the some Shona just as it is in some Ndebele people that swina is A Shona KKKKKKKKKKKK eaiissssh no man a Shona person is not swina .Swina means rubbish .That is what we know kubu Tonga .kwakwakwa kwaaaaa.

Diibulaanyika - 23 August 2015

What a piece of Shona Gukurahudi shit. For 35 years he has never led even one prayer gathering on Gukurahundi in Mthwakazi, now he is all noise about prayers for Dzamara? What a fcukked up country!

Phunyukabemphethe - 24 August 2015

Now I see why Zimbabwe is struggling to turn around its fortunes, with a bunch of stupid people trying so hard to out do each other instead of focusing on real bread and butter issues then surely we shall remain doomed. It is a fact that gukurahundi was an injustice which should not ever happened whether to the Ndebeles or any other tribe. Let us show empathy because we are one whether you like it or not. This is not a fora for shall minded people to belittle others. Actionp

Actionp - 24 August 2015

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