Makandiwa prophesied China blast

HARARE - United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied the China explosion as early as January this year, it has been revealed.

During the prophesy revelation on January 11, Makandiwa stressed to his Harare congregation that they needed to pray for China, as a catastrophic blast was going to rock China with deadly consequences.

As of yesterday, at least 112 people had died in the blasts, and more than 700 hospitalised, after an explosion at a warehouse in the Chinese port city of Tianjin.

Though Makandiwa said it was going to be at a place where “nuclear like chemicals were being made,” as it turned out, hundreds of tons of highly-toxic sodium cyanide had been found at the site of the blast.

“Don’t compare it to anything if that is to happen my question is who will be safe. These things will continue happening over and over. This time there is a place somewhere where these guys are working on like a nuclear.

“The way it’s going to work, it’s not only going to be about an explosion but also contamination of the atmosphere.

“We really need to pray, it’s really catastrophic and chaotic. It will take you time and days to gather the bodies together,” Makandiwa said in a video which is being aired on his Christ TV channel and shared on YouTube.

Explosions continued in the disaster zone over the weekend as authorities struggled to retrieve more bodies from the wreckage.

Makandiwa added: “The problem with our people now is that when you prophesy and tell them to pray, against that prophesy they will still wait for it to happen.

“It’s difficult now to give a prophecy on a nation.

“We need to pray, for the nation, this I think might stand to be common but it has never happened before. We need to pray for China. I know we have a lot of people there and even the Chinese, we need to pray,” the flamboyant preacher said in January.

Makandiwa attributed the blast to demonic spirit.

“It’s a demonic spirit that has gone on a rampage and will stop at nothing. Only prayer can save now. If I had seen the place, I would have told you. Find yourself in a boat where there is Jesus,” he said.

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too bad there are no christians in china who could have prayed this off

matt kovacic - 17 August 2015

Haiwa, nhema dzega dzega idzo. The video is played now and claimed a prophecy was made in January, why wasn't it played before the blast?

Ziziharinanyanga - 17 August 2015

If the people had prayed well enough to stop the incident from happening then the prophecy would not have been fulfilled would it?......then who would be sure about the prophecy? So is the question of praying to stop the disaster relevant? Would he have come back and say, well people you prayed and your prayers were answered and there won't be any blast of that sort in China......would people believe him?

misty - 17 August 2015

Ziziharinyanga uri benzi romunhu

Chiremba - 17 August 2015


misty - 17 August 2015

so is this great , in our church if the prophet procieses something bad it wont happen there will be something similar but very small , just to remind the people of the power of god not men

Harare - 17 August 2015

we need prophesy about the country (zw).The chines do not believe in god and they dont just take need a healing as its no longer a secrete ,people are suffering.all these prophets know the truth and are just scared of ZPF.

hope - 17 August 2015

makandiwa since the day he talked the obvious about a surge in crime due to unemployment and he then pass that as a prophesy, akabva andibuda. He should tell us the more pressing issues like that of Dzamara whereabouts

mafikizolo - 17 August 2015

China has the worst safety records at work places, Every year there is a blast in that country. Where is Itai Dzamara please!

X-MAN IV - 17 August 2015

Nowadays these prophets are jst sprouting, and doing their gimmicks they try to snatch people's attention with obvious things. Prophesisy about Zim's economic situayion and give a solution to thousands' suffering and those thousands will know that you are a prophet. There are too many things lcally that need more than peophecy, so where are the prophets to provide the spiritual answers?? They are busy with China and other things???

Hotshot - 17 August 2015

Iwe shut up, baba baba kuti chii?, tibvire kumhepo tinodya China here isu, iwe Makandiwa uite mushe.

Colombo - 17 August 2015

WOW God allowed Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to See beyond our Seas. It means definitely he can see everything in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans just need to accept the man of God and submit and inquire of him on pressing matters.

SOMAK - 18 August 2015

People Note the prophecy had mentioned that it is nothing like 9/11 it would have been Bigger but because saints prayed. Thank God thousands of people did not die. imagine if the blast had happened During the Day? How many people would have died? the prophecy is very accurate. SOme people talking here its not like you have ever seen anything even a little Bit.

eLias - 18 August 2015

Zimbabwe is blessed to have this True Prophet. What nations are looking for We have. Let us value our own. Let us honor our own.

OKO - 18 August 2015

Thank you, prophet. You are the banner raised above and you are indeed the watchman who always sound the trumpet. People were asking me what has your Papa prophesied that came to pass and this saves me the agony of answering them.

Max - 18 August 2015

wll only believe u when u prophesy abt wen are going to be free from the hands of pharoah

mk4lyfe - 18 August 2015

The true prophet has spoken. How God anointed Emmanuel Makandiwa of Muzarabani with power and he went about doing good

son - 18 August 2015

False Prophet...... time will tell

Deliverance - 18 August 2015

Zimbabweans are so easy to fool with. This video was clearly made a few days ago when this event had just happened. Makandiwa latched onto the news in a flash, covered it in his very next sermon, told his tech boys to wait a few days before releasing it with a fake date of 11 Jan. Wake up Zimbabwe

MartinGee - 18 August 2015

thank you great prophet of the most high God, my father for the prophecy to for-warn and prayer. may the almighty God continue to to speak through you.

Rhinos - 18 August 2015

We thank the Almighty God for giving us a true Prophet.....The solution to this country has already been given to those that believe in the word of God. God speaks at His own time...

Tonderai - 18 August 2015

If you are normal human being who is capable of making his or her own decision without any demonic influence, you could actually need to take a bit of time before you start blasting other people ...lest you offend God in attacking the people that he has sent. Its one thing to hate Prophet Makandiwa, but its another thing to then even hate the truth that is laid bare before you. UFIC is a very big church which uses modern means of storing information. If you go to the sales desk right now you will see hundreds of DVDs which actually have dates on them and prophecies are also contained therein. For your own information the number of prophecies which the media choses to publicise are only 0.01% of the number of prophecies actually made..and if it makes you feel better other prophecies made have not YET been fulfilled why dont you do your investigations keep record of those prophecies...see if they will be fulfilled...or better still come and receive a prophecy but after receiving pliz go back to your church coz takawandisa....But let me guess..... you are not interested !!!!! because Makandiwa is a fake prophet right? Shame! You have a controlling spirit inside of are also not in control of your life...Prophecies about Zimbabwe are many just dont know..If we decide to comment pliz lets have facts ...If people respected God and his servants ZImbabwe would be somewhere better right now..

mombe - 18 August 2015

surely wise wise you do not need to post the same message 10 times to drive your point home. such an act only serves to make your effort suspicious.

nelson - 18 August 2015

Is he(Makandiwa) now playing the Nigerian trick of making videos after events have taken place which are purported to have been made before the event. We are still waiting for the gold to rain, and for the nation to be rick as PROPHELIED by Makandiwa.

Olie - 18 August 2015

The seer should have forewarned the Chinese not his lame followers. These money mongers will do anything for authenticity to catch more fools who will part with hard earned nuts.

EL-DODO - 18 August 2015

People must learn not to rush to comment on issues without proper research for facts. Your hate of the man of God is not for national consumption. Murikutadzira Mwari by continuously attacking his messengers and one day you will reap what you sow. Silence is golden

WChirare - 18 August 2015

i really dont know why people are offended by this it just goes to show that nomatter what GOD does in our midst there will be people to criticise it.Even Jesus came and some didnt accept Him as God really even our Lord the Saviour was not accepted so these people will always be there.The least we can do is to just pray for them thats all.

maggie - 18 August 2015

a prophet is a prophet even when he doesnt speak its an office .

son - 18 August 2015

'Now tell us where is Itai Dzamara?

Ringo - 18 August 2015

This prophesy was spot on! I like it people of God! Whoever has not seen it pliz look for it so that u wil comment from an informed platform. God is still speaking just open your eyes & ears!

Mwana weMuProfita - 18 August 2015

Wise Wise, what was the point of Makandiwa prophesying about the explosion and not inform the Chinese. Why didn't he pray or initiate prayer sessions for China to avert the disaster? Why is prophesying of Zim prophets always of far away countries and countries obvious of disasters because of industrialisation and expansion? We need prophesying relevant to our areas..relevant to Zimbabwe. Jesus prophesying was local based except where it was to be an international occurence.. Please also tell me the technical difference between prophesying and what we call in shona 'kuuka'. Why is it that Prophets in Zimbabwe outnumber prophets of the Whole SADC region if not Prophets of Africa as a whole... Each time I read of prophest and prophesying in the bible...there was always a way out provided. God does not reveal and fail to present an alternate route.. If Prophesying is so relevant to Christianity... Why is it that the bible in the book of Corinthians say if it is prophesying it shall be done away with...because it says when that which is perfect arrives the imperfect will be removed. Please don't fool us..anylonger... tell us when Zim dollar will return etc. etc.

ten tonnes - 18 August 2015

Those who say Makandiwa is a prophet tell me about the gold prophecy? We still waiting for the gold Seeing the video wont make it authentic because people can play around with technology. The question is if it(purported prophecy) was not newsworthy when it was made, then it is not newsworthy now. period. This business of publishing recordings after events have taken place is the skill of a Nigerian trickster who once said the Malaysian plane would be fond in two weeks time.

Olie - 18 August 2015

What about the gold falling from the sky and Zimbos becoming filthy rich. Something not quite right here. prophets of old were 100% correct and they were only concerned about God's heart and God's glory and repentance! And the truth!

TruthBTold - 18 August 2015

Haaaaaa pfutseki maaaan these prophecies always comes a few days later.

Zvakare - 18 August 2015

China pays scant attention to health and safety, hardly a year goes by where people die in work related catastrophes.

mukwerekwere - 18 August 2015

We thank the Lord for giving us a Seer in our nation, no disaster will come upon us without being warned. As the Man of God rightly said " only prayer can save us", its now up to us people to pray to be aligned to the will of God

milca dhesiki - 18 August 2015

People need to pray more and talk less - ndangoti ndipfurewo nepo

milcah Dhesiki - 18 August 2015

Prophet E.Makandiwa is a voice for nations, not just for zimbabwe alone. Remember when the Man of God encouraged us to pray for China it looks like prayer was not anwered but time that the explosion took place tells you that much disaster was averted if this was to take place during the day. im not surprised by those that are commenting negatively coz even the bible says varombo muchagara munawo.

nyahumira t - 18 August 2015

....haaaa zvakaoma these are the end of days zveshuwa....the bible says beware of false prophets maporofita enhema akanzi achauya so these so called prophesies and prophets leave a lot to be desired one wonders why they just suddenly sprouted after the introduction of the multiple currency system.....they are making money....why the focus on prosperity instead of the second coming of christ???? the bible Jesus himself spent nine months in a womb but u hear of the so-called " miracle baby " being born in 3 days really.....THE REAL JUDGEMENT DAY WILL COME .....

Romeokay - 18 August 2015

we are tired of illussions! why is it they just talk vanodii kuzvimisa kana vapihwa naMwari? Dont be deceived ,what gain does it give except self exhortation.

Prophet - 18 August 2015

zvema church ma1

gebe - 18 August 2015

For record's sake, this prophesy was covered in news as soon as he prophesied. Check on google, there is an online with the article of 16 January 2015. The full sermon DVD is there as well for all to verify. Love him or hate him Prophet Makandiwa is used of God and he is THE Prophet of our time. This prophecy was very accurate n spot on. For those who are asking the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara, while you are free to ask remember if you need Prophet Makandiwa to prophesy that then visit him at City Sports Centre and show him you need his prophecy about that. You cant get a prophesy from a man you do not recognize but maybe a curse. Hama dzaDzamara hadzina kumboti dzinoda the services of prophet Makandiwa to find or hear their brother's whereabouts, if they do then they should not invite him through the media because that is an act of stupidity and pride. A prophet is not a politician who does something because its popular but he does things out of Agape. More learning this year.

Munhu waMwari - 18 August 2015

without the prophetic more lives would have been lost.indeed a prophet has no honour in his country, that what Jesus said. i dont understand how people tend to reason so low, Emmanuel makandiwa, a prophet by the will of God, whether you like it or not, whether you are believe him or not, it wont change anything, whats the point of faking such things? if its that simple as you claim, try it, and we see if you dont get beaten by people, if God favours ( he gave gifts to men some to be prophets,some pastors Eph 4v 11) someone you cant do anything abt it except to support God and believe the favoured people .The problem with zimbabweans you want him to prosphesy abt zimbabwe, you want to benefit from the prophetic but yet you dont believe him, why ? in biblical times, they was famine in samaria and prophet Elisha was there, people were eating donkeys and dove droppings despite that the prophet was there, but when the king realised that why are we suffering when we have a Prophet amongst us, thats when Elisha made the prophecy that tommorow about this time fine fine flour and barlery shall be sold at the gates (2king 7v1), people tend to talk or write sily things without even taking time to reason, that video we have the notes from the service, the video clip you can get the unedited version, which is on the tape, but still what the point, your hearts are hardened, unfotunatley this generation of unbelievers you cant convince them, Jesus Christ was accused of healing using the power of beelzebub (chief demon), so if LORD JESUS Himself was critised and persecuted, what more his disciples.instead of critisizing rather BE IN THE BOAT WHERE THERE IS you at Judgement Night 3 at national sports stadium..28 Aug 2015....Free !!! mari yako siya kumba, we want you only ....huya uzvinzwire usazoita zvekuverenga pano panews paper

brian munanga - 18 August 2015

So what did he do if he foresaw the disaster? Magicians? That video was recorded after the incident. These contemporary prophets vamwe vavo vava kutokunda Mwari wacho. God said a woman should carry pregnancy for 9 solid months, asi unoona mumwe anozviti muporofita oti 3 days. Kwanai vanhu wee

piaget - 18 August 2015

This video was recorded after the incident period. Tine zvirema hobho munyika. Famba uchizviporesa mhani. Zvenyu zvekunyepa nevanhu vamunenge makaronga navo kuita zvirema pasi nazvo. Mukubira vanhu. Nemiwo vatendi makanyanyovatirei kudaro. Kana muchida kunamata kwechokwadi, zvipindirei mumba menyu, mopfiga mukova wenyu mopfugama. Mwari anodavira ipapo. Baba muporofita nhasi, mangawana mai zvimwezvo. Ini ndiri mupurisa asi mukadzi wangu haasi. Kwanai imi

piaget - 18 August 2015

This is just nonsense. china is know to have disasters every year, some natural disasters. its amazing the extend to which can go to be relevant. So did he go to China like Jona and tell the people to repent or face disaster. Why did he have to prophesize about china when we want someone to tell us where Dzamara is. this fake guys.nxaa

prof - 18 August 2015

Why didn't he warn the Chinese if his claim is correct?

Chokwadi Chiripi - 18 August 2015

Extract of the Book of Prophet Kacou Philippe hmtl midnight cry 121:20 .At the time of Noah ,it was first because of the man god that God destroyed the earth.

lovemore - 18 August 2015

What are the 7 traits of a false prophet? (You won't get extra marks for naming 8) limit your answers to 7 please.

On Prophets - 19 August 2015

The devil, like criminals plan ahead. If they anounce their schemes and come to pass, is that prophesy? Fake prophets can outdo the real son of god Jesus. ZvekwaMakandiwa kwaMakandiwa, zvekwaMwari kwaMwari chete.

EL-DODO - 19 August 2015

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