It's Grace vs Mnangagwa

HARARE - Zanu PF insiders say President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly influential wife, Grace, is dreaming anew about succeeding her nonagenarian husband, with the ruling party’s ambitious Young Turks, the Generation 40 (G40) group, apparently continuing to play a “sneaky role” as they plot to thwart Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential aspirations.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday said “the ever-scheming G40 are encouraging Dr Amai (Grace) to continue dreaming big”, and her recent rants against unnamed party bigwigs, who she accuses of fanning factionalism in the warring post-congress Zanu PF, indicated that she was “being seduced by the Weevils (ruling party Johnny-come-latelies)” in the alleged plot against Mnangagwa.

“You will have noticed that Dr Amai has recently upped her public profile again, which many people say betrays her ambitions for the highest office in the land. Only last week she was in Binga as you know, doing the kind of work that is ordinarily done by either the president himself or members of his Cabinet.

“You will also have noted that State media have started following her everywhere again, after a period where she was in some political hibernation of some sort. It is also not a coincidence that even the broke ZBC is covering her programmes and business activities live.

“Of course, the G40 is actively encouraging her to continue dreaming big for their own personal ambitions and to thwart Ngwena (Mnangagwa). It is known that they (G40) think that if they thwart Ngwena they will then easily coast to power as they are of the view that Dr Amai is only powerful as long as President Mugabe is in the picture,” one of the sources said.

And while both Grace and Mugabe have denied on several occasions that she has designs on succeeding her husband, another senior Zanu PF official said she was “definitely exhibiting her hunger for the country’s top post”, adding as well that the G40, who are said to be fronted by the ruling party’s secretary for the commissariat, Saviour Kasukuwere, are part of the plot.

“Grace is clearly in the game, no matter how much she denies it. In any case, it will not be tactful for her to reveal her ambitions now because she is aware of Mnangagwa’s strength. What has also been missed by many is that President Mugabe is supporting his wife.

“How for example does a mere First Lady commandeer State television to broadcast her activities live without the husband stopping her? To achieve what?

“One can only assume that part of the motivation (for her ambitions) is to protect her and her family interests once the old man is gone. She clearly does not trust other people, especially Mnangagwa.

And she is getting massive political and financial support from the G40 in this project, which is why the new slogan in Zanu PF is ‘Munhu wese kuna Amai’ (which means let’s all support the First Lady,” the politburo member said.

Another senior Zanu PF official said Grace and Mugabe’s plan allegedly involved using the likes of Kasukuwere and party secretary for administration, Ignatious Chombo to push through the First Family succession agenda.

He said while Chombo was viewed as a Mnangagwa protégé in the current factional and succession wars, he was nevertheless “very loyal” to Mugabe, which meant that he would take instructions from Mugabe if he had to choose.

“The party’s structures are clearly meant to prop up the First Lady. In the presidium there is Mugabe himself, Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko. Then there is Chombo and Kasukuwere who both hold key positions.

“Mphoko has openly clashed with Mnangagwa over who is senior, so naturally and strategically, he is on Mugabe’s corner while Mnangagwa is now isolated. This is why provincial chairpersons are being booted out systematically to accommodate people not on Mnangagwa’s side and who are sympathetic to Grace,” the source said.

However, another source said Mnangagwa was “very strong in the politburo”, where he supposedly commanded majority support, and which his camp could use to also remove chairpersons that were not sympathetic to him when the “appropriate time” came. Analysts who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday also said Grace was making it clear that she had presidential ambitions.

“She has inadvertently betrayed her ambitions. If there was any doubt previously, now it is clear she has bigger ambitions. She has elevated herself to the level of even the president and you must notice she doesn’t say only Mugabe was chosen by God, she also says she is God sent,” academic and political commentator Ibbo Mandaza said.

Mandaza added that all the other party bigwigs who had the same ambitions as Grace were “too weak and powerless to call Grace to order”.

“She will not be stopped by the current Zanu PF leadership. They are a bunch of poodles surrounding the old man and none of them would dare challenge Grace. They tremble in their shoes when she speaks,” he said.

But Mandaza was quick to point out that Grace’s current ambitions depended entirely on Mugabe’s continued presence in high office.

“The political dynamics won’t allow for dynastic politics. She is campaigning against time because the dynamics are too profound. It is noteworthy though that none of the other bigwigs are happy about what she is doing and they are quietly hoping that the end is nigh for Mugabe because when he goes that will be the end of Grace and her ambitions.

“And she must know that because if she didn’t, she would be living on another planet,” Mandaza said.

Speaking in Binga where she launched an irrigation scheme on Thursday, Grace savaged ruling party bigwigs who were angling to succeed her husband, warning that the nonagenarian’s embattled deputies, who often acted in his place when he was away, were not guaranteed to succeed him.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure weighed in, saying Grace clearly wanted to succeed her husband.“She may deny it in public but as they say, actions speak louder than words. Her pronouncements tend to contradict her claims that she is not a contestant for State House. She is testing the waters,” Masunungure said.

“Its unnatural for politicians to just want to become Women’s League boss and end there. She would want to go all the way. She clearly has bigger ambitions, only that the time for declaring them may not be ripe because doing so when Mugabe is still there will only make her as guilty as Mujuru.

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The first lady is not any politicam material to write home about and worse off the kleptomaniac G 40.When the time comes we shall see all those would be drown to garbage pots

carson macate - 16 August 2015

Well done Bridget and Mugove. Ndiko kunonzi kutsetsemura sezwazwiri. You did not get your jobs through the back door. KEEP IT UP !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 16 August 2015

Grace is making all he noise because she is insured. She is likely to produce a will by R.G that Zanu pf and the country has been left to her. She does not have political muscle to fight with E.D. As soon as R.G kicks the bucket she is dead meat. Zanu pf hawks are just waiting for R.G to die and Grace is making a fool out of herself. Reality will catch up with her,

X-MAN IV - 16 August 2015

Whether you are a fan of ZANU PF or not, this bitter rivalry and infighting is dividing this nation and causing so much instability and insecurity. It has to stop otherwise this country will disintegrate and end up being like Somalia with war lords controlling regions and civil war. Behind much of this turmoil are foreign powers with greedy ambitions, they lurk in the background promoting this form of behaviour hoping their candidate emerges on top. It is happening all over this continent and it is us, not them, who suffer.

Fadzai - 17 August 2015

Fadzai, You are right, the Chinese are right behind Mnangagwa.

mukwerekwere - 17 August 2015

Bob's strategy of not nominating a successor is a well calculated strategy where at the end the successor will be his wife. The Mnangagwa are appointees not elected people hence they will live at the mercy of Bob and his wife. Bob is recruiting his wife for the position in order to sefeguard his wealth.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 17 August 2015

rightly said, zanu pf bigwigs are a bunch of coward monkies ready to leek R.G's mucus. they dont have the muscles to call grace to order.... just for now. so long as bob is still around, they will all dance to the 1st family's tunes. maybe until then , we'l have to watch from the terraces

francis muzex - 17 August 2015

ED wechiiko? what has the guy done since 1980 apart from gukurahundi? what is so special about a murderer emma and prostitute grace? hapana hapana. baba vachine zanu mumoyo Havana urozvi. why should someone envy a party responsible for the collective exodus and misery of the whole nation?

jospaht mugadzaweta - 17 August 2015

amai vanoitonga vamurume vakatarisa. remember what counts are votes

budya 365 - 17 August 2015

Zim will never be led by a typist....NEVER!! I don't care what anyone says, grace is just a desperate woman panicking because of her husband's age, she knows once Mugabe is no more she's in big trouble. Grace will never lead Zim she is just but a typist and a home wrecker!! Not even president material, not at all !!!!!!!! Panick and desperation is what's hitting her.

misty - 17 August 2015

Where are the Zimbomen abangafunukubuswa nga ba fazi babo? Yisikathi sake u Grace.Hatidi ku tongwa ne mnhu asina kurwahondowhere are these people today.Inguba yake Grace

mariyeti mpala - 17 August 2015

The first lady's ambitions are as a result of desperation.She knows pretty well that when the old man is gone that would be the end of her as well.She might do whatever she wants and talk the way she likes but the truth is she never succeed the old ma.l see the G40 taking over.

Chokwadi - 17 August 2015

How many times does she 'increasingly' become influential. I have lost count of how many times I have heard this from this publication.

Ndugu - 17 August 2015

Good journalism

Colombo - 17 August 2015

What ever is happening in Zanu Pf will never affect the radius of my anus. Pondanai nxa

piaget - 17 August 2015

if mrs mugabe is strong enough to challenge ed why not. these guys have no muscle. for that reason, dr amai panyanga until men become men.

taurai - 17 August 2015

that is wishful thinking on her part,so goes for kasukuwere and company

Dube 1 - 18 August 2015

Mazimba hapana chamunofa makaita nyika yenyu yakanyanya chiziwano necorruption hapana development yamunofa makaita how come munoda mari kudarikidza ,mazimba ese mukazi endai munonyenga mai mopiwa 1000 000 USA DOLLARS chero usingaoneki mese munoenda... guys be earthical panezvinhu zvose zvamunoita ,be it on leadership position or what musaite zvese Gedion Gono was very un -earthical ......nevamwe hatichakutaurei munozotiwenga...musatinyadzisa warume .....nyika ngaiwe nyika mazvake mazvake enyu aya senyika hapana kwamunoenda

dofo - 18 August 2015

Does Zimbabwe need anything ZPF? May God have mercy on our shattered nation!

TruthBTold - 18 August 2015

vunhu waishanda ku ( harvest house mdc HQ ) kwanai mazwa we deployed you imimi isu vanhu weku ma branches,wades,districts even provinces kuti munobatsira almost voluntary asi part yakupai mari ,do you think you were so special, makasvika ikoko mukakanya kanya zvinhu isusu hatizvitarise zvose zvamakuita ,takabirwa makatarisa nesuwo takashandira musangano hapana chatakapiwa imi maitaowana mari what more nyika yese varume hamusipachokwadi mavekuda mari kudarika nyika be earthical...talking rubish again musangano,SAVE-.NENYIKA YESE HAMUNYARI Vange vari mu GVT YES THEY ARE intitled for teminal benefits ko imimi makapinzwa basa naani macontracts enyu uyai nawo kuma branches,kumawards,etc kwamakapinda basa tiaone....

dofo - 18 August 2015

Grace is pushing Ngwenya into the loving arms of Joyce. I have known she is not blessed with brains but this strategy ine gomba hombe iro. Manyura amai!

Jojo - 18 August 2015

Its amazing that Grace is now seeming shameless accepting to be referred dr, when she is not even deservedly title for her to be even amongst the "O" Level grandaunts. The dream of first citizen is not even a talk but due to corrupt CIO, ZDF and ZRP she may even get it because the same institutions have allowed Mugabe to shameless hold on to the post despite loosing it from far back as 1995, 2002, 2008 and 2013. These G40 are doing so that they will take it from her, Mnangagwa would be old and the war credentials tattered.

Amin - 19 August 2015


JIGA - 19 August 2015


JIGA - 19 August 2015

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