People say I'm mad: Grace Mugabe

HARARE - Controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe is at again, admitting openly yesterday that many Zimbabweans thought that she was mentally unstable because of her erratic behaviour.

At the same time, she once again put down President Robert Mugabe’s warring deputies Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko.

Speaking in Binga where she launched an irrigation scheme in the presence of fawning Cabinet ministers and other Zanu PF bigwigs that included Transport minister Obert Mpofu, Water minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, Labour minister Prisca Mupfumira and Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda, Grace also lamented the ruling party’s continuing factional and succession wars.

Not surprisingly, the speech was carried live by ZBC, even as the cash-strapped State broadcaster is retrenching about 400 staff all in all to stay afloat — notwithstanding that live broadcasts are expensive and the fact that the increasingly influential Grace holds no formal executive position in government.

“Factionalism yakuda kudzoka but tinoti pasi nayo (factionalism is back in Zanu PF and we say to hell with it). Do not lie to us about what you are capable of. We know you all and what you are capable of. Just ask yourself why God continues giving a 91-year-old (Mugabe) the strength to lead the country. Where have you seen a 91-year-old who can stand for 2 hours?” she said.

She went on to savage ruling party bigwigs who were angling to succeed her husband, warning that the nonagenarian’s embattled deputies, who often acted in his place when he was away, were not guaranteed to succeed him.

“Acting as president ... does not mean one is an heir apparent. This is what destroyed Mai Mujuru. Do not be caught offside. Tamba nevamwe zvakanaka (interact well with each other),” she thundered.

Speaking about herself, she said many people believed that she was a mental case because of her actions, but she said pointedly that all her warnings had come to pass.

“Kana zvanetsa, ndipeyi pembe, ndinoiridza ini. Kana zvaipa hunza pembe. Ndine Energy ini and ndirikushanda nemadzimai akasimba (When the tough gets going I’m the go-to person. I’ve energy and I’m working with powerful women),” she said, adding that, “People think I am playing but I am not”.

Gloating over the frontline role that she played in ousting former Vice President Joice Mujuru from power, Mugabe’s quarrelsome wife said many people had also misjudged her when she had mauled Mujuru.

“People were laughing saying Mugabe’s wife has been given a whistle. The whistle has been given to a mad person. But in football, you know, there is a referee who blows the whistle when things go wrong, when you are offside or when you have made a foul.

“But (eventually) people saw that I was right and the decision I had made was right and they gave her a red card. When it goes wrong in your camp, come with a whistle I will blow it. I blew it and Mujuru was given the red card,” she boasted.

Grace led the assault on Mujuru and her allies late last year, in her divisive “Meet the People” rallies, making some shocking allegations about the former VP which many observers said were uncouth and most unfitting for a president’s wife.

In the end, Mujuru — for long the leading candidate to succeed Mugabe — lost her VP posts both in Zanu PF and government, amid untested claims that she had plotted to oust and kill the frail nonagenarian.

Describing her husband’s leadership as “miraculous and God-given”, the increasingly powerful Grace warned Mnangagwa and Mphoko not to get carried away by the trappings of power.

“You should reflect on what happened to Mai Mujuru. She thought she had it, acting as president when the president was away. But God said no! You see, she didn’t get to rule.

“She was misled even by traditional healers. They even had their side cabinet, but zvakaramba (it failed to materialise).  She had gone mad because she wanted it so much. We wanted to forgive her, but she didn’t give us time to forgive her,” Grace said.

In the rambling two-hour long speech, Grace also said, to the surprise of many, that Mujuru was not entitled to any government support because of the factionalism that she allegedly fuelled in Zanu PF.

“You know you civil servants that if you get fired, you get nothing. You will have been fired, that’s it. It’s not similar to resigning. If you have been fired, you have been fired. You know what it means, you know the regulations.

“She (Mujuru) was expelled. It had been seen that she had failed to do her job. Those who can’t do their jobs must be expelled. Those who want confusion in Zanu PF won’t be protected,” she said.

Ironically, Grace — who herself donated food parcels to poverty-stricken Binga villagers — said they should not accept aid from non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

“I know NGOs have turned Binga into their playground. It should stop forthwith. There is nothing useful they have done for you. They only come during election time and give you food handouts.

“Don’t be fooled by NGOs, they come from the whites. They want the people of Binga to remain living in poverty so that they bring hand-outs to you. If you see a person knocking on your door bringing food hand-outs, that person doesn’t love you. So sometimes because of hunger we say ‘yes lord’, we are being cheated,” Grace said.

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The people are right Grace - you have some mental issues and you need ongoing treatment.

Inyika - 14 August 2015

The people are right Grace - you have some mental issues and you need ongoing treatment.

Inyika - 14 August 2015

hahaha.....this is crazy!! Drama raana mai sorobi chairo. Why does this woman keep on talking about mai mujuru, isn't it she is no more VP neither is she still in govt. That's why "Inyika" said she needs ongoing treatment, maybe the people are right about her mental status.

misty - 14 August 2015

On Mugabe's time here on earth, the hands of time are showing the short one on 23 and the longer one on 59 (i.e 2359hrs), meaning its only less than 60 seconds before its a new dawn to Zim. Who will protect Jezebel and her ill gotten wealth? I can see dogs licking her blood for the sake of Naboth's blood .

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 14 August 2015

Who is it that comes knocking at election time with food?? You are right Madam, you don't love the people of Binga.

Jannie - 14 August 2015

Haiwawo urwu wo urwu.

Takaz - 14 August 2015

Uku ndokufarisa manje. Zvino kana isu takarwa hondo toitwa zvituta then this is the time to take up arms again.

Zvakaomachose - 14 August 2015

Grace you are confirming what we have always known about your mental state. Is Engutsheni Hospital still open?

MAHLAHLA - 14 August 2015

Right you are Disgrace you should be in the loony bin

Q - 14 August 2015

When are Zimbos going to stop the abuse of the title Phd. Why are some of the so-called Phd Holders never invited to defend their Thesis. N-wy I feel sorry for local Phd Holders. Angove Mazitye. Phd ine chimiro chainoisa mumunhu. Uye pese panovhura muromo chiremba wefundo vanhu vanovhura zheve and start taking notes. Phd inopa a level of Dignity inoshaikwa mune vamwe vanhu.

PHDs - 14 August 2015

Dr Mujuru vauya hot very hot indeed. Bhinga ndinoti wese auya nepasuru tambirai muidye kwete zvishoma imari yedu iyoyo. musanyperwe kuti tiri kukubatsirai. Tinosangana pakuvota muna2018. Mirai muone

DR Mururu - 14 August 2015

If you stand infront of more than 200 people who do not speak or understand your language and start waffling in Shona instead of trying the dominate Tonga language then if that is not sasikam what is it ? How is she going to improve and bring development to Binga when she can not improve water woos in Tafara in Harare about 15km from home ? She can not even help fix broken toilets at zanu pf HQ and bcoz she is menally impaired she thinks can wood wink people of Binga Clearly the picture shows she is not well bcoz she suffers from madness .

Diibulaanyika - 14 August 2015

Thank you Mrs Mugabe for your practical and no nonsense, no vhundu,way of tackling Joyce head-on. She had overstayed in government to the extent of even shitting on us by publicly condoning corruption. She had grown even too big for her stillettos forgetting that it was not that she is intelligent that she is VP but was hand-picked by Bob for the position. To all those who shout at the top of their voices here I say I know not of any ministry which was being headed by Grace when the country sunk in shit. But I know Joyce (and even her late husband Mujuru THE KING MAKER) was allways heading a ministry , even the position of second to the president. Kunemwi matiro ari kuhukura pano ndinoti pfungwa dzenyu dzakavharwa nenamo yecorruption yaJoyce. Makatofa pfungwa. Muri zwitunha and hamufi makamuka futi. Chidyayi ma spin-offs amakawana ne corruption yapeswedzerwa na Joyce makanyarara.

Masamba Akareyo -Tanganda - 14 August 2015

Grace will never head any ministry bcoz she is lunatic . Her husband is a moving grave and economy vandalist who destroyed the bread basket of Africa .Any one who listens and take her serious must be SASIKAM or benefit from a heap of rubbish which her husband created while dismantling out once strong economy .

Diibulaanyika - 14 August 2015

The head of Grace appears to be invalid. Driven by malice and spite.

Dhunyas - 14 August 2015

Don't you dare use God as a reason as to why your incompetent husband is still in power!! If God was in control of your country and my birthplace, it would be a thriving country with nobody starving. All would have jobs and there would be great harmony. I do not serve a God of destruction but a God of grace and favour. You have destroyed the bread basket of Africa. Do you have no care or love for your people? Do the right thing and take yourself and your incompetent husband away somewhere and let someone who loves the people and the country take it over before it is too late!!!!!"

Ken Van Staden - 15 August 2015

Pfungwa zvadziri shoma mbuya woye. We expect much better from a First Lady, much better from a PhD, and surely a lot better from a First Lady who is also a PhD. Grace should try a little harder to apply some logic into the things she says. She is overmilking her dumbness.

Tom Berrenger - 15 August 2015

The Empress MUST BE MAD to co-habit with a LUNATIC for so long.

Aguy Clement Georgias - 15 August 2015

Mukadzi uyu l suspect kut is lacking happiness in bed, that alone groom aggressiveness in unsatisfied women.

Chitovapanyoro - 15 August 2015

In many ways I feel so sorry for Grace simply because she is clinging to an ailing husband and now lives in constant fear after creating so many enemies. Clearly lacking in political maturity and the charisma her husband possesses, every time she opens her mouth she is inclined to create further animosity and divisions something she appears to be unconscious about or the damage she is doing to the party? Bob made a serious blunder by influencing and organizing her PhD a qualification that is millions if not billions of miles above her very elementary capacity making her now the laughing stock of everyone, even those still loyal to the family.

Retread Palo - 15 August 2015

Hohohohohoh nyika iya yotongwa naJezebel... hameno whotoenda but what I know is that Mugabe will not die until he sees the fruit of his actions... In life you reap what you sow.

G wa N - 15 August 2015

The ghost of Mai Mujuru haunts this woman.Whya keep talking about a person who has been expelled?It means those that remained are not worth a pinch of salt.Pamberi na Mai Mujuru kusvika madhongi ataura.kkkk

Tahir Iqbal - 15 August 2015

grace you are a disgrace to your husband whom you are not telling the truth,the rotting zanu pf and the people of Zimbabwe whom you are undermining..i feel sorry for you sis coz what goes around comes around..shame the disgracing grace.

nasty o - 15 August 2015

grace you are a disgrace to your husband whom you are not telling the truth,the rotting zanu pf and the people of Zimbabwe whom you are undermining..i feel sorry for you sis coz what goes around comes around..shame the disgracing grace.

nasty o - 15 August 2015

Lo mfazi uyahlanya sibili recently we remember how she was sent to some trauma center in Harare bcoz ingutsheni is far . Some signs of insane are loss of weight , quaralsome , short tempered ,hallucination ,lack of respect and thinking other people are useless and that she knows too much which we all know and seen her displaying those signs .It is not a secret that she knows nothing only typing which she has forgotten as well .If she was clever she should have told her moving grave husband to get away from govt go to Zvimba and wait for death which is by the corner but bcoz she is mad she can not see that Mugabe is too old and uselees to be in power .I wish god had not taken Sally away from us mama Sally siyakumbula lapho okhona we are suffering . mama why did you leave us .

Diibulaanyika - 15 August 2015

Mama Sally this mainini who took over from you is Lunatic so has neglected us by not bringing ikhehla to order by not asking him to retire and our country is now a heap of rubbish.

Diibulaanyika - 15 August 2015

Nyika haisa yako Gire. Benzi

Gary Munyoro - 15 August 2015

i think somebody whom she understand bettter has to tell the first lady that she is not political material.Really she just says things that are just not constructive and lacks sense i.e she is politically too damaging to be associated with.Resultantly,she becomes a bad influence to her husband.she is proud to have a 91 year old husband who doesnt want to leave power retarding our glorious Zanu pf,creating false alarms of factionalism so that he diverts peoples attention from the succession issue and he consolidates power at the expense of an ailing party and economy.That is how bad all has become all because of their love of power

carson macate - 15 August 2015

Why continue to talk of somesone you have long discarded , if that person is no longer of any substance or no longer a threat. The mere fact that Mai Mujuru has kept her cool and refrains from commenting on these idiotic utterances inspires into the bedroom coup leader.

Hondoma Joshua - 15 August 2015

read the history of Marie Antoinette, EMPRESS during the French Revolution to understand Grace and her subsequent fate.

sikhanda - 15 August 2015

She is right people should not live on hand outs. vanhu ngava zvishandire. Amai munogona

budya 365 - 15 August 2015

No she is not mad just arrogant greedy and devoid of integrity.

Citizen - 15 August 2015

Grace is not mad but crazy and politically stupid. She is committing political suicide at the 11th hour. Zanu pf big wigs have given her a rope to hang herself and she is doing just that. Zanu pf hardliners are just waiting for 1924 model 's burial. 91 is 91 and will never be 19. The fact that no one in Zanu pf is advising Grace on her political blunders shows that she is not liked at all. Zanu pf is dying a spectacular death..

X-MAN IV - 15 August 2015

Yes indeed you are right Grace. Look at your track record and there is no doubt you are a mental case. To begin with, how can a normal person publicly accept a PhD they know is fake? Is it really true that you have a degree in mandarin when you scored 7% in an English degree programme?

Ichokwadi Makwinjo - 15 August 2015

Yes indeed you are right Grace. Look at your track record and there is no doubt you are a mental case. To begin with, how can a normal person publicly accept a PhD they know is fake? Is it really true that you have a degree in mandarin when you scored 7% in an English degree programme?

Ichokwadi Makwinjo - 15 August 2015

We do not think you are mad Gire. We know that you are insane. Dhunyazi. Kindly leave that innocent widow alone. Keep on phraising that old man of yours. You are really mad. It all started when you left yr hubby for your sekuru. Thats pure madness. Tichaona kwazvinowira.

piaget - 16 August 2015

Vana masamba mazvionaka takambokuyambirai.u were the first to run around saying zvamauya zvanaka amai nhasi vavakuchema kapfupi akati urikuchemei varohwa nani masamba

dhindindi - 17 August 2015


SHIBOBO - 17 August 2015

If anyone had doubts, its confirmed that Gire is insane. Personally my doubts were confirmed nekungosekenyeka kwaaiita during her birthday bash. One moment pensive, the very next wide eyed and ear to ear laugh achirova the unresponsive Bob ruwoko. To me that stole the cake. Furthermore, we know it runs in the family nekuti Gire's mother is not only wheelchair bound muState house asi tinonzwa kuti murwere wepfungwa.

Samaita - 18 August 2015

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