'Opposition coalition now unthinkable'

BULAWAYO - The Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu yesterday accused Zimbabwe’s opposition political parties of lack of commitment in working together to challenge President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF and solve some of the country’s biggest problems.

Zapu said it was dismissing the possibility of a grand coalition given the ambivalence shown by their colleagues.

“The party has noted with concern the unfaithfulness and untrustworthy behaviour that is usually shown by those parties and organisations we have sought to work with in the past,” Iphithule Maphosa, Zapu acting spokesperson said in a statement released soon after the just-ended two-day National Peoples Council in the city.

He lashed out at the Welshman Ncube-led party for behaving in the same manner as Zanu PF. Zapu pulled out of the 1987 Unity Accord between Mugabe’s Zanu PF and Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu that followed the deployment of North-Korean-trained Fifth Brigade to crush rebellion by ex-Zapu guerrillas. Government forces are accused of killing thousands of civilians in the crackdown, but deny the death toll, estimated at 20 000 by rights groups.

“The latest point in reference was the currently parked Code (Coalition of Democrats) attempt where the (Ncube) MDC, while we were waiting for feedback from our structures as Zapu, we were surprised to see them uniting with the Renewal Team, a move that stalled our almost finished negotiations,” Maphosa said.

Ncube MDC’s spokesperson Josh Mhambi dismissed the allegations as misguided and lacking depth.

“It will be recalled that the MDC, MDC Renewal, Mavambo/ Kusile/Dawn, Zapu and the NCA negotiated and came to an agreement captured in a draft document to create a coalition dubbed CODE.

“It will also be recalled that after the document had been finalised and was ready for signing, the leadership of Zapu and Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn requested for time to engage in consultative processes with their grassroots structures and membership for discussion and debate before they could affix their signatures to the document.”

Mhambi added the reunification agreement of the two MDC formations has nothing to do with the coalition of democratic parties as all the opposition parties received advance notice of it and the purposes behind it.

He, however, said his party was still committed to the coalition.

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'Opposition coalition now unthinkable'. Why ? Because the leaders of all the splinter parties (Davengwa included) want nothing other than one position: that of president. Zimbabwe is a country with an electorate which is not yet mature. Majority of people cannot wisely decide and worse so easily buckle at phantomous intimidation to vote for a right candidate. Therefore the need to have a party with strong leadership for them to follow. By strong leadership I mean upright and principled, and, examplary. Unfortunately all those making noise for this position are keen on self-serving first. That is why Mugabe always have a field day , backed ofcourse by his repressive machine the army and the police. Tsvangirai destroyed himself when he started chasing women . Same thing like Tiger Woods who said he thought he was entitled to enjoy the fruits of his success. To make matters worse he was supposed to be examplary by letting go his post after after self-inflicting damage to his image. He didn`t. Thereby taking the party down with him. Its not right for a democracy which he purports to be fighting for. "Loosing elections" to Mugabe is no problem at all for the electrate because they know the the devil he was fighting against. But his personal/private self is a big concern to many.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 6 August 2015

Moreover no normal thinking Zimbabwean would dare waste time voting into power a clear tribalistic band like this new Zapu.We want our people together united as one as we have only one Zimbabwe

carson macate - 6 August 2015

ALL these small parties making noise they are wasting their time .THE REAL GAME IS ALWAYS WITH BOB AND TSVANGSON FULLSTOP.

DHARA - 6 August 2015

I have always been amazed by the ZAPU mentality. He Dabengwa connived with mavambo to defeat majority will in the 2008 election. It is Dabengwa and ZAPU's right to form any part with one tribe dominating, but it is stupidity to expect the majority of Zimbabweans to vote for such a party. Dabengwa just like Joshua Nkomo still fails to realse that Ndebeles cannot win you the presidency.

Chep - 7 August 2015

Zapu would do better.they just have to stop being racist and stick to father Zimbabwe's vision

RoyalPriest - 7 August 2015

Well zanu is also tribalistic party whose support is only in Mashonaland and it pulled out of zapu bcoz it wanted to carry out its tribal agendas which we have all seen when it started maginalising all tribal groups in the country but only those from Mashonaland .

Diibulaanyika - 7 August 2015

They is nothing to show in Mashcentral despite it being the hot bed of chimurenga 2. So Diibula, this tribal card is tied. He only improved Mashwest, help me, what is it?

EL-DODO - 7 August 2015

You see this tribal tendencies of zanu sucked in such that even Makaranga ,Samayikas all are affected by this policy and according to it only zezurus are the people and when were fighting the white govt we were doing so ,so that zezurus can lead us for ever and can own this country . But as far as i know bcoz i was there during the war the whole country was a hot bed .

Diibulaanyika - 7 August 2015

The only thing zanu pf has done is to divide people by playing the tribal card. They did that to outdo Joshua Nkomo and they have kept zimbabweans focused on the trivial things like being shona or ndebele. By so doing they have kept themselves in power. You have retained them for being shona...come on guys ...any zimbabwean whether ndebele, kalanga, karanga, zezuru , indian, coloured or white can be a president ,,, we have been so naive to always think that only the majority shona should lead,,, yes we need leaders but lets focus on merit other stupid retrogressive tribal politics,,, we have used that a d where has it taken us to,,, today we are one of the poorest c ountries in the world simply because of cheap politics that does not focus on economic issues but trivial issues like who wants to assassinate who, shona/ndebele etc,,, tjooo ,,,, poverty of the mind

zwane - 7 August 2015

take it or leave it, its either you want Mugabe or you want Tsvangirai, that is the zimbabwean politics. all these young boys who think they are clever and intelligent are wasting their time. Zimbabweans dont care whether Tsvangson has a million women, or whether Mugabe has a million crimes.

gaga - 7 August 2015

You have just but hit the nail on the head .As Zimbabweans we need to discuss extensively on this tribal issue. Unfortunately our leader who should assist us in this regard is himself the worst tribalism.

Hokoti - 3 September 2015

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