Mujuru turns down Mugabe, Zanu PF

HARARE - It has now been confirmed that former Vice President Joice Mujuru and other liberation struggle stalwarts who were brutally purged from the post-congress Zanu PF will not be returning to President Robert Mugabe’s warring ruling party.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, former Masvingo minister of State, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti — who is one of three bigwigs who now speak officially for the “original” Zanu PF formation that uses the slogan People First — said Mujuru would not be lured back to the crisis-torn post-congress Zanu PF.

He said this was primarily so as the ruling party had been turned into Mugabe’s private property and was inflicting “untold misery” on Zimbabweans.

Making it clear that he had the authority to speak on behalf of Mujuru, who was ruthlessly kicked out of the post-congress Zanu PF formation last year — over murky allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe — Bhasikiti said it had been agreed, after a meeting with the former VP, that he, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa and liberation struggle stalwart Rugare Gumbo would speak on behalf of the People First movement.

He said emphatically, that none of the people linked to Mujuru, who were referred to as Gamatox, would “ever join the privatised post-congress Zanu PF”.

Mujuru, Mutasa and other former liberation struggle stalwarts have since apologised to the nation for having been part of “the brutal system that has misruled this nation” — amid indications that even opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is warming up to the group.

“Gamatox will never be Zanu PF again. The post-congress Zanu PF translated itself into a private company which is now owned and privatised by a single family. We cannot be part of someone’s company.

“We are in the stages of forming a people party, and we will launch it to the people soon. The nation has been waiting for that party and the movement will be led by none other than Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru,” a buoyant Bhasikiti said.

His assertions yesterday come amid claims that Mugabe no longer believed that Mujuru and other casualties of the brutal purges that occurred ahead of and after Zanu PF’s sham congress last year had plotted to oust and assassinate him.

There has also been rising talk over the past few weeks that some post-congress Zanu PF bigwigs were actively working to lure her back to the warring party.

“There are only three people who can authoritatively speak on behalf of Mai Mujuru and that is myself, Comrade Rugare Gumbo and Comrade Mutasa.

“For her and for those who would want her to say something now, we say she will not speak and she will only speak on the day of the launch. We don’t have a leader of the party who can just be saying anything, anywhere and anyhow. It’s a people’s party. The people will be speaking.

“The leader will launch it and those who are dreaming of Gamatox going back to Zanu PF may as well know that they are doing just that — day dreaming,” Bhasikiti said.

Mutasa and Gumbo have also indicated previously, but not as authoritatively, that Mujuru would never rejoin Zanu PF, amid rising suggestions that the People First movement, which includes many senior officials who are still ensconced in the ruling party, will be launched next month.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News last week, Mutasa dismissed claims that Mujuru was undecided about her political future, as well as “the loose talk” that she would rejoin Zanu PF if she got the chance.

“There is no question about her, we recently met her and endorsed her as our leader, for quite a number of reasons. All of us in People First must apologise not only to the people we have misruled but to the entire world.

“You don’t run a government like we did up to 2014. I mean, you break your own constitution into pieces, good heavens. We can’t repeat that. Mai Mujuru would never do that. Wait until September and you will see,” Mutasa said.

Responding yesterday to fears that the People’s First movement would suffer a stillbirth amid claims that it had been infiltrated by intelligence agents, Bhasikti said this was unfounded as the movement had “covered much ground”, to the extent that it was only a matter of time before it took the post-congress Zanu PF head-on.

“We are going to be recruiting, and we will be free to receive those who come out from that private company, the post congress Zanu PF, which is a private property of its leader.

“All people are free to come to People First and be led by an elected president. Vice President Mujuru was elected by the entire 10 provinces of this country, so she still receives that support,” he said.

Hinting that an alliance with the MDC formations was being mooted, Bhasikiti said People First was prepared to work with all political parties that were keen on “dismantling the misrule of Zanu PF”.

“We are cognisant of the fact that there are those leading other formations and are willing to work with us. We don’t look at any other political grouping as an enemy, but we consider them core workers of Zimbabwe’s development,” he said.

Asked if he gets regular briefings from Mujuru, Bhasikiti said, “Obviously, you cannot speak on behalf of someone when you are not in touch with them. I know what she stands for and what she says”.

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hezvo hezvo. gore rino tinoonerera. nhamo yanga yati kuvadza pamwe ndiko kuvamba kwe zvitsva.

mabasa - 4 August 2015

So does it mean we now going to have ZANU PF-T(eurai)?

machakachaka - 4 August 2015

Haasiri munhu akabva ku court marimwezuro akaruza case yekudzingwa mumusangano waanodai kutaura nezvawo?So why was he going to court if he knew the evils of the same party? Chegore rino...kkk

Tahir Iqbal - 4 August 2015

Brave men and women decide and act on their conviction Genuine confession and appology cleanse.Better late than never;the axe has fallen.Bravo to those are wielding it.

abri - 4 August 2015

If you want a good laugh read the horse-crap that IAN SCOONES writes about the amazing success of Mugabe's LAND GRAB looting program. Thjs IDIOT claims to be a Professor ! - - - - - - - One wonders how big a back-hand he gets from Zanu PF for his fiction. - - - -

IAN SCOONES - 4 August 2015

We all know the fate of Bhasikiti et al. they will fail dismally at the polls!

godfrey gudo - 4 August 2015

A word of caution: Vana veZimbabwe ngatisakangamwa chezuro nehope. Simba-Dumiso's Mavambo/Kusile mislead a good number of us in 2008 by claiming to be true opposition. Only for Dumiso to gleefully declare on air, just a few days after elections, that their sole purpose was 'to serve Mugabe & zanu pf from outright defeat by Tsvangirai & MDC, respectively). And, of course if they later left zanu pf for really, it could only mostly likely that the duo didn't get as much reward as they had anticipated for serving the master & the party. We all know how these zanu pf mercenaries operate - they can do anything for payment & if the payment is not to their expectation, like any other money-monger they may rebel against the master. Check, the obtaining Opah Muchinguri-Kashiri debacle - the lunatic fuming becoz she was not rewarded enough her key role in subduing Gamatox. In short, that's be wary of these Gamatox people - it is most likely just another decoy by zanu pf. Vasiyeyi vakadaro vavumbe party yavo voga zvirinani. Kubata nevanhu ava kupinda mubedroom nevaroyi nemhondi uchiziva chaiko.

mapingu - 4 August 2015

hahaha.....who do you think you are fooling? Damn politicians, you think you are smarter than everyone else?

misty - 4 August 2015

@mapingu.......I totally agree with you mate, these people are together let's not get excited's zanu that we are dealing with!! I don't buy into all this crap, this is a planned thing.

misty - 4 August 2015

Bhasiket you are waffling on behalf of mai Mujuru or Rugare? Yes maybe your mental illness is now relapsing full throtle

Reader - 4 August 2015

Anything led by Shonas is a waste of time - had it been led by, say a Tonga or a White or a Venda or anyone from the minorities, I would believe in their mission, trust and join; now another Shona? Everything about Shonas is mwanawekumusha; isu, isu, nyika yedhu; we are the majority; idya nehama; and all that junk. Shonas are mentaly all ZANU PF in their outlook and politics - they love exclusionary politics of tribe. It doesn't matter that they may be in opposition. And the corruption and stealing; its in the blood!

Phunyukabemphethe - 4 August 2015

Shut up Bhasikiti,u are now an "empty basket signifying nothing"

Nico - 4 August 2015


Johns Nyasha - 4 August 2015

godfry gudo,johns nyasha,nico and others,as for me,leave basket and them to try their good ideas ,incase they will win and better the country.Zimbabwe fail because of the way you guys think,maybe all is well with you,but for millions of zimbos,life is a misery,Chinamasa upped duty and totaly banned importation of 2nd hand clothing (bales),think about those zimbas selling those wares.zviri kuoma hama dzangu.

gami - 4 August 2015

godfry gudo,johns nyasha,nico and others,as for me,leave basket and them to try their good ideas ,incase they will win and better the country.Zimbabwe fail because of the way you guys think,maybe all is well with you,but for millions of zimbos,life is a misery,Chinamasa upped duty and totaly banned importation of 2nd hand clothing (bales),think about those zimbas selling those wares.zviri kuoma hama dzangu.

gami - 4 August 2015

tsvangirai is not the solution to the zim problem. those who blocked him from taking power were right. the guy is just as good a dictator. look how ruthless he is in his party. 1) he is a handiende and 2) anyone who opposes him he purges. same fanana. let the gamatoxs try their luck. regai vazame noto and forget morgan and his mdc t.

zvirozviyedzwa - 4 August 2015


JOHNS NYASHA - 5 August 2015

z virozviedzwa you are sick,unofanira kunge uri muc10 wanyora.Siyana na Tsvangirai haasati atonga.

chitsiga - 5 August 2015

@zvirozviyedzwa, why bring tsvangirai here . i think you are zanu and now see a number of people agreeing that he was right after all and you are scared. in fact morgan does not really say he has the answer. he says give me a chance to let the people of zimbabwe solve their problems freely. for he is cool headed at present. made his mistakes is learning his politics well and will do well soon for us.

see - 5 August 2015

Brethren, how are we to believe anything said by any of these former ZANU PF members when all of them were part of a system that has repeatedly denied the people their true wishes at elections - not once or twice but repeatedly. Promises of better living standards were nothing but cheap lies. Instead of creating better opportunities they evicted people from their homes and destroyed vendors and small businesses making life for the poor even more unbearable. No, this has to stop and all of us must stop believing any of them otherwise we are all going to sink even lower and our pain and suffering will become even worse than what it is now. See the is time for big changes. Only we can do it, nobody else.

Rev. Clemence Dolo - 5 August 2015

true resemblance of the dictators tricks to destruct our attention to main issues hurting the country [ ZANU PF project ]

dee - 5 August 2015

Reminds me of fake Prophets forming their own churches after being kicked from mainstream churches. Why not new faces to lead your. I smell a rat, as in swapping one rot for another

Charles Vasco - 5 August 2015

No wonder the bible tells us that man who trusts in man is cursed and man you trusts in God is blessed. I agree with those on this forum who express extreme suspicion over this whole ZPF split thing. I most certainly do not trust a politician. I hope with all my heart Mujuru, Mutasa etc have truly repented but the fruit of that repentance needs to be evident. ZPf have broken our trust so many times that it has now gone completely. And for the guy who says that the people who stopped MT from becoming president were right: well wake up! The majority of the electorate voted for him whether you like it or not. and look where we are now! we got the worse deal ever

TruthBTold - 5 August 2015

lies,shame,disgrace,unbelievable .kunyarara kunokunda zvose ,c u @ the end of the tunnel in 2018 after election ,than we ask and answer mibvunzo

game changer - 5 August 2015

this looks like a game changer for sure. whoever wins from the two zanus will lead the country not morgan. morgan is just as bad as the others if not worse. he promised not to lead the party beyond three terms but now he is in his forth term. he purges dissenters just like it is in zanu. he surrounds himself with weak people just like it is in zanu. he is a dictator in the making and should be booted out before it is too late. maitiro! chinjaaaa! time to change morgan is now.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 August 2015

A violent storm does not end abruptly,its gradually subsides until there will be no storm at all.So this is the case with the so called Gamatox thing it will eventually come to extinction.I don't think a fair minded Zimbabwean who has seen it all with the Zanu-Pf evils deeds will be convinced to the extend of expecting miracles to happen with Joice,Mutasa,Basikiti in power.It is just as good as weeping a dead donkey to pull a cart.Pasi ne Zanu Pf kana ipi zvayo.

musa dhenyula - 5 August 2015


ZIMBO - 5 August 2015

kkkk Gore rino tichadzidza ,hameno vanoramba ari maZero Grade .

Dzidzai Ngwarai - 5 August 2015

Haaa vana Bhasikiti hapana zvamunotaura. Bhasikiti denied Tsvangirayi access to Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims. He played politics with people's lives. Tsvangirayi wanted to donate foodstuffs but was denied access to the Chingwizi camp by Bhasikiti. Just because Mugade is uncaring, Bhasikiti felt that Tsvangirayi would gain political mileage. Now that you have been dumped by the same Mugabe you were protecting, you sing about "People First". Which people? Stick to your "Mugabe First" slogan. Usanyepe Bhasikiti. We are not fools

Tozvireva - 5 August 2015

Muchadhota chete

piaget - 6 August 2015

Matanda akaoma mazungunuswa unogonakusangana nerakaora. Zizi raiti rinenyanga izvo manhenga chete. Zanu yaora baba.

Chitototo Chipashumaranga - 6 August 2015

Tozvireva hauzivi here kuti vanhu vose varikutinetsa vimbova Huruyadzo Dzakutsaku Pfumorevanhu KwaMuzorewa iwe. Uchadzidza riniko? Ingamadofo akawanda chaizvo.

Chitototo Chipashumaranga - 6 August 2015

Zimbabweans are just too impotent to act against what is happening to them. Personally no country would allow such things happening to them not even Syria or Ethiopia. Yall should support Tsvangirai and Kill that corruption machine Mugabe before he smuggles all the diamonds and valuable items out of Zimbabwe. My comment maybe harsh but come on face the truth

LRPL - 8 August 2015

@Phunyukabemphethe you sound very tribalistic to say the least. Is there anyone who ever forbids Tongas, Vendas and Ndebeles to form political parties? And you think Dabengwa and Welshman Ncube they are shonas? Wake up from your slumber boy, you will die with that rotten mind. This is not a correct fora to publicise your tribal tracks. Your comment was just disgusting.

zett - 10 August 2015

haa ini hangu handifungi kuti Mugabe angadzinge Mai Mujuru.vanhu musa tambwe nepfungwa dzenyu.Zanu PF ????Munoiziwa mushe mushe kkkkkk

jaji murewa - 11 August 2015

led by Mujuru, comrade mujuru..LOL. this is just a ploy at a 'new' ZANU PF formulation claiming contrition for past misdeeds to pool wool over the people. to hell!

raf - 6 September 2015

ONLY until when ZANU PF is destroyed will zimbabwe return to normality. ZANU PF is an apartheid system in which those inside can do as they please while the rest of us scrap at the fringes. it cannot be reformed ms mujuru, it can only be destroyed.

raf - 6 September 2015

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