Mugabe pleads with wayward son Chatunga

HARARE - A seemingly exasperated President Robert Mugabe on Saturday pleaded with his errant and fun-loving last born, Bellarmine Chatunga, imploring him to grow up and take his studies seriously.

Speaking at his wife Grace’s lavish 50th birthday celebrations, that took place on Chatunga’s 18th birthday, the concerned nonagenarian — who spoke from the heart — said he feared that his son could be headed for disaster if he did not improve on his discipline.

It was also revealed at the jamboree, that went into the wee hours of Sunday, that the nonagenarian left it to his wife to discipline the children.

Mugabe told Chatunga to start acting maturely, and implored him to stop his frequent excursions outside the family home.

“I say congratulations to Bellarmine, Bellarmine Bellarmine, and I want to say in this environment perhaps it will give him more encouragement and greater sense of seriousness, that you are now a grown person, mature."

“Not yet eligible to marry, but to certainly devote to your studies with greater seriousness, we want you to go through. You’re ‘‘A’’Level, let us not see you fail.

“The constant retreats to restaurants, refusing to eat at home should stop now,” Mugabe said.

FUN-LOVING...Bellarmine Chatunga (left).

As if to confirm his father’s fears, Chatunga gave the gathered guests at the bash a glimpse of his lack of maturity —while giving a speech at the party.

Rather thoughtlessly, the 18-year-old directed people to give him applause because he was “handsome”.

The problem child was expelled from a top Harare private school, St Georges College, in 2013 — over gross-indiscipline, prompting his parents to resort to home schooling.

During an interview that the First Family had with South African journalist Dali Tambo a few years ago, Grace also revealed that her son preferred spending time playing video games rather than studying.

In 2009, Chatunga reportedly flunked his Grade 7 examinations, managing to score 14 points in the exams at the prestigious Hartmann House — and ranking among the very few students who failed in his class.

While Mugabe was a high flier at school, earning several academic achievements in the process, only his daughter Bona appears to have taken after him.

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ziso rinoona zvekure! this monkey spending a third of its life trying hard to control and kill people instead of disciplining his own kids. uyu ndiwe mwana akatodza vabereki arrogance and indiscipline!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 28 July 2015

Sorry Robert, you can derive solace in learning that you are not alone when it comes to problems with kids. At the same time I would like to point it out to you that when my kids give me headaches I squarely blame YOU because if I were home in Zim I would have better means at my disposal to discipline them.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 28 July 2015

i hear you robert. sometimes children are a reflection of who we are truly in our hearts. some can emphasis our good like bona is doing for mugabe while some are emphasing the the bad like the boy is doing for mugabe. the best is to come to GOD and ask for forgiveness of our bad which has sprang to our children. in truth that boy is a mirror of the hidden you or your wife while bona is a mirror of the exposed you or wife mugabe

s - 28 July 2015

Stop reporting about Mugabe's spoilt children please. I don't see how this can help any of the long suffering, hardworking, dedicated Zimbabweans. This story should be published in a glamour magazine not by the Daily News....if Mugabe cannot discipline his own 18 year old child how then can he tackle the corruption amongst his comrades?

misty - 28 July 2015

mugoni we pwere ndeasinayo. What is special about naught children ? Zvavakazara mu street ndevekwaMugabe here ? We seem to confuse issues. The concern by the President is what any parent will express. We ask God to assist.

Gutu Boy - 28 July 2015

Like father like son. The father has led the country into a Disaster. The mother insults other women in public and at one point the entire western region of the country. The family does not have any good morales. Even myself I will not always eat at home 24/7 after being led a life of being consistently spoilt in the far east restaurants. They made this boy what he is today. The Empire will collapse in the near future leave this boy adye joy. Go to the avenues after hours Chatunga and have great fun. That the recommendations from the country's A.G about teenagers with nothing to do.

X-MAN IV - 28 July 2015

so these peoples's children live lavishley always eating at restaurants while most go without food on the table

- - 28 July 2015

This is the son that said his father is a God and hence he was expelled

Bouganvillia - 28 July 2015

Not sure why he would plead with his dunderhead son. He can just direct one of the universities to award him a PHD in Astrophysics - just like he did for the First Bimbo

Themba W - 28 July 2015

i feel for His Excellence. He is a concerned parent. i also have got problem kids who seek to do the opposite of what i expect of them. Keep praying for him so that he changes his ways. Kids are the reason why we suffer from BP and other stress related ilnesses. Ngatirege kusekana veduwe. tenda Mwari kana wakapiwa vana vasingakutemese musoro.

same boat - 28 July 2015

Since he was born he was never sjamboked that is why edelela so he needs thorough drubbing and can be straight like selborne street and be a very good boy .But I feel sorry for the spoiled moron bcoz the days of his father .s kingdom are nearing the end very soon he will be in exile just like many zimbabweans displaced by his cruel frail 91yr old father does not want to retire despite that he is semi blind , the day is looming and they shall be great joy in this land ,

Diibulaanyika - 28 July 2015

Busy addressing AU and SADC issues, forgetting that you have your own country and family. Hope he won't take a cue from Joseph Kabila who decided his father's fate. Pliz don't continue embarrassing him in public, he's now a mature person.

Mutundo - 28 July 2015

Mwana uyu Chatunga Mugabe akangofanana ne wadictator the late Saddam Hussein UDAY,some1 explain hunhu hwa Uday,kutangira pana baba vake,matongero avaita nehunhu hwekuponda maKurds.

gatare - 28 July 2015

yes u are right Gatare,vana vemadictators havana hunhu,like the sons of Gadaffi

mbiri - 28 July 2015

The President must be applauded for coming out in the open about his family challenges. Those with kids actually feel for the President, who is a very normal parent wishing that his kids behave. Some parents with the power wields would be shy and seek to hid these issues. Being frank with people including your own kids actually makes a parent a better parent/leader.

Chovaka - 28 July 2015

Hw many birthdays, does a first family had per year

bhorosi - 28 July 2015

But chatungaka he...........

nbvg - 28 July 2015

I doubt very much about the academic progression of Mugabe's family the issue of Grace could be a tip of the big iceberg of their family performance. If Chatunga failed grade 7 so badly why is he now doing A Level, Bona is claimed to be having masters, why did she not do it in reputable Universities like Harvard and similar instead of Hong Kong where English is not even the first language. Grace failed English and now she is a Dr, they just buy their qualification or have them done by others. Mugabe is alleged to have 7 academic degrees, but check his performance as a president, if knowledge can not be transformed into practical solutions then what is the use. ZIMBABWE is the current number 2 poorest country in SADC but used to be one of the richest in the same block. WHY, it Mugabe's governance. SA with perhaps the least educated president in the block but its a shining example of good governance economic progression and yet Mugabe with all what is claimed, in my opinion those degrees were either copied or awarded out of sympathy.

namina - 29 July 2015

Countrymen lets not be negative for nothing or take hostage the article to settle our scores as regards our feelings about the President.He is a normal human being, a normal father as other fathers who should be equally worried about the welfare of their children and the son of the President is not an inborn hero or something else supernatural he is indeed a normal child like other children so he is bound to do anything that other normal children do.Hence,lets not take this issue as an opportunity to settle scores because that clearly shows immaturity and crude mischief

carson macate - 29 July 2015

someone else doesn't want to retire also despite his mandate running out in 2014. morgan promised that he will not be like mugabe but would only serve three constitutionally stipulated terms. he doctored the constitution and allowed himself to serve beyond the agreed mandate. he is now another handiende type. mugabe is not alone. morgan is just like him as well.

zvirozviyedzwa - 29 July 2015

See, you are already out of topic already repeating Mangoma rubbish again despite that we are talking about a spoiled boy and his very very every very old father. please once more I urge you to try skinning a goat baba may be it can work for you .

Diibulaanyika - 29 July 2015

@carson macate Wana sibawu; when he was Gukurahunding our poor villagers, did he ever have regard to the fact that we are also normal human beings? When he constantly insults the Khalanga; in fact the whole Mthwakazi region, does he believe we also have feelings? He obviously thinks we are not human; we are dogs to him to be insulted and kicked around and have his Shona language imposed on us; whether we like it or not. I have no sympathy whatsoever - let the who clan suffer. I will be waiting my turn to revenge Gukurahundi on those three little Gukurahundis, when he is long gone, dead and buried; and I make no apologies for that. My people have been made to pay for tribal wars they were never involved in; why should these little things be allowed to go scot free. The time is coming; even if it will be in 20 years time - I will do it. Whether I bump into hem in the US, UK, SA, Europe, Malaysia or wherever. There is no place to hide - lets see whether in 20 years time that Gukurahundi father of theirs will be in a position to give them 24 hour security from the grave!

Phunyukabemphethe - 29 July 2015

I am from Masvingo and if you ask my 10 year old child what a Ndebele is you will be surprised to be told in clear historical phrases that they are amaDzviti who attacked and killed Shana people in 1896. So you Punyuka the gukurahundi you are rhetorically repainting was just an eye for eye action.

Chatsva - 29 July 2015

Well @Catsva you obviously told your child half baked information . Never told it that your forefathers were cowards who were killed helplessly by someone carrying a spear which they also had ,as compared to gukurahundi which used machine guns on people who had no guns at all . Tell you child really history

Diibulaanyika - 29 July 2015

i fully agree with Phunyuka spirit of revenge for the suffering of gukurahundi to the recent killings of opposition people is high . Do you image how Itai 's kids are feeling right now when their father had being gu kurahunded for nothing and Mugabe thinks these kids are like animals only the spoiled moron who need sjambok is important .Let his father dies then we see what happens to him .

Diibulaanyika - 29 July 2015

"While Mugabe was a high flier at school, earning several academic ...," Was he a high flier? Vanomuziva vanoti raivadofo rangarakazara nehungu bedzi. Hamuvonivo here kuti may be ndosaka airamba achingodzokorora ma 1st degrees asingadivo kupfuvurira kuita maPhD. Inga panguva iyoy vamwe vaiita maPhD maviri matatu wani? Why did this so-called high flier fail to get even 1?? High flier, no. no, no. Could have been just average or just below (yes just below) average but extremely hardworking. That's what most hv acknowledge about Bob.

mapingu - 29 July 2015

@Chatsva Yes indeed I know it was an eye for an eye. That is exactly why I am saying; we will also get our pound of flesh from the little Mugabe Gukurahundis, from wherever they would be in this world, come what may. It doesn't matter how long this will take; we shall revenge. Let the eye for an eye continue until the end of this world. Its all fine by me!

Phunyukabemphethe - 30 July 2015

@Chattsva As for you Karangas; you still have to fight your own wars with your Zezuru bosses from the North. So stop obsessing with us in Mthwakazi. You have a long way to go in blood letting!

Phunyukabemphethe - 30 July 2015

imi makafunda manhingi tirikuzviona nemabasa amurikukiya haasi Chatunga ega Nyika yese nepasi rose even former settlers since Independence. Kana maitiro ema PHD tirikuzviona kubva kuna amai. Chatunga haana mhosva Give the Little Nigga a break afare zvake. A time will come when you will need to give him a blunt. When paps is Gone - what kind of Life do you think the Kid will Live? Then would you want to be Mugabes Son? exiled from your own country and the pressure having seen what happens to Dictators Sons ( Hanging and decapitations). Let him enjoy he did not choose his parents.

ntoko - 30 July 2015

Please do not let people abuse this forum by advertising here

Spammed - 3 August 2015


becky - 18 February 2016

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