'Mugabe no longer believes Mujuru plotted against him'

HARARE - Zanu PF insiders claim that President Robert Mugabe no longer buys into the “contrived narrative” that former Vice President Joice Mujuru had plotted to oust and assassinate him — as it apparently becomes increasingly clear to the First Family that some ambitious ruling party bigwigs expediently “manufactured” the fib for their political benefit.

The sources who spoke to the Daily News yesterday claimed that events of the past few months had “clearly shown” Mugabe that some “hyenas”, and not Mujuru, were behind the seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars that continue to devour Zanu PF.

“All indications are that both the president and Dr Amai (First Lady Grace Mugabe) are now aware that the allegations against Mai Mujuru were a contrived narrative by some ambitious hyenas who manufactured the plots for their personal benefit.

“This is why the president has not acted further against Mai Mujuru, even as these hyenas have continued to push for her to be incarcerated on account of the false claims of treason that she and others allegedly committed.

“Most people also noted at the weekend that Dr Amai made it very clear that she felt used by these over-ambitious hyenas who, after manufacturing the false claims against Mai Mujuru, were now pushing the equally false claims that she wanted to succeed President Mugabe,” one of the sources said.

At the same time, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa yesterday dismissed weekend claims by Grace that Mujuru was dismissed from both the warring post-congress Zanu PF and the government because she was arrogant and had surrounded herself with the “wrong advisors”.

State media quoted Mugabe’s controversial wife on Sunday saying that Mujuru had jumped the gun, become too arrogant and surrounded herself with wrong people in the run-up to Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress last year.

Grace, who was nicknamed “monya for hire” in that chaotic period, tried to cut a motherly figure in her weekend interview — a sharp contrast to the belligerent and uncaring persona that she appeared to actively cultivate at the height of the ruling party’s internal ructions.

Mutasa, who has stood by Mujuru throughout the ongoing succession storm, said yesterday that while Grace was entitled to her opinions, she was “dead wrong” about the claims that Mujuru had fallen because she had become arrogant and had surrounded herself with the wrong people.

“They, (the First Family) are realising that they made mistakes. And she (Grace) is entitled to her views, but one day the truth will come out. We all know the truth,” Mutasa said.

Asked if he was prepared to reconcile with his erstwhile comrades in the troubled post-congress Zanu PF, Mutasa said flatly: “I will not go back”.

“The question is to reconcile with who? If we are reconciling to build Zanu PF, then we are not going back there. If it is Zanu PF, we are not going back there, but we are prepared to reconcile with anyone to build the nation,” Mutasa said.

The former close ally of Mugabe also traced the country’s political woes to Mugabe getting all executive powers from 1987 — adding that he yearned for a return to the days when the late Canaan Banana was the president and Mugabe the prime minister.

“When you look back at the period when we had Banana as president, you should consider that kind of constitution. Presently, we have chiefs but now they are being abused by Zanu PF, they have sold their souls. And yet that institution should be independent.

“Let us go along with that kind of constitution where the chiefs choose their president and we choose our own prime minister,” Mutasa said.

But Mutasa treaded a fine line between condemning Mugabe and reaching out to him, saying that it was not entirely the veteran leader’s fault that he was making many political errors — blaming Zanu PF “mafikizolos (Johnny-come-latelies” for lying to the nonagenarian about many things.

“I am glad that there has been this vindication of what we have already said in the past. I have always said that Baba, President Mugabe, was misled and is still being misinformed by unprincipled people who haven’t got the interest of the people at heart. And that is the unfortunate thing about the Zanu PF leadership,” he said.

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if you are a leader who can be mislead then get out of that position. in this case for me my president is embarrsing himself by staying in that position

s - 28 July 2015

Your Excellency, President, CDE Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the great leader of Zimbabwe. Africa has never seen such a great leader like you; and SADC and the AU will never be the same under your principled unwavering leadership. You led a revolution and you have led a country-through thick and thin. Your opponents have been malicious, including international powers such as the US and UK-but through your wisdom and conviction as a pan Africanist, they fell by the side. They also tried to fight you from within, but they fell aside. You have remained a bastion of hope for the African continent. Zimbabwe has been blessed to have such an intelligent leader like you. Things may be tough right now but Zimbabwe will rise and become a shining star in the world and the African continent. May you have many more years, even 30 more, being strong and active as you are. May you feel at 100 like you felt when you were 75! I have benefitted from your leadership-I have land; am educated; am rich through a meteoric rise and hard work. Today I can go to any part of the world and be counted. Long live CDE Robert Gabriel Mugabe, together with your great wife who stands by you always, Amai Grace Mugabe, PhD.

Denhe Reruzivo - 28 July 2015

@Denhe Reruzivo. Haurambidzwe kuimba kambo kako aka. Asi ziva kuti musiyano wegudo nemhunu uripakuti munhu anepfungwa nemaziso ekuona zwakamutenderedza. Matiro chete ndiwo asingaoni.Ndiwo ane Slogan inoti INI CHETE. How can you sing a song of praise for a leader who brought misery to a once happy and proud nation ?

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 28 July 2015

Demhe Rekusaziva, I think I read well your name

nelson ndlovu - 28 July 2015

He is singing for his survival . He got. A farm with no title deeds . He got education with no jobs . His leader managed to destroy every sector within just 10 years. His leader has a record inflation in the world history. At one time every Zimbabwean was a billionaire. To this moron it's a sign of good leadership .

Dzasukwa - 28 July 2015

Cde Bob has done his bit. Its up to you to think of what and how to do stuff than mourn day and night. Do you expect him kubata gejo achikurimirai minda yamakapihwa. Do you expect him to invent new technologies for you? While you cry, others are doing something, yet we are in the same Zimbabwe. http://www.techzim.co.zw/2015/07/sangulani-maxwell-chikumbutso-the-zimbabwean-inventor-tells-his-story/. NdiMugabe akabata pfungwa dzenyu? https://www.newsday.co.zw/2015/07/22/pictures-saith-unveils-a-helicopter/ http://www.techzim.co.zw/2015/07/saith-technology-open-day-exhibit-zimbabwes-locally-produced-drone/. Did he prevent you from inventing WhatsApp which you could have sold for US$20billion. Blame yourself mate!

Denhe Reruzivo - 28 July 2015

Denhe reruzivo the idiot singing for his supper just like every idiot in ZANU who is benefiting from the chaotic rule of the chief idiot his leader. By the way this praise singing sounds like that of a one ngochani I know, psychology maziwisa. It must be him.

maiwe zimbabwe yacho - 28 July 2015

The sudden U-Turn by Mugabe and his wife has given Gamatox a lifeline to prove either they are stupid or people First. Its an Acid test ahead of 2018. Its a counter of Gamtox's earlier statement that their full blown formation was imminent and Mujuru was its leader. It has shaken the 1st family.

X-MAN IV - 28 July 2015

demhe rekusaziva akuchinjisai nyaya. in a way he is a genius. the sad thing though is that mai mujuru was castigated because of other people's ambitions. it was clear from the start of the fracas that she was innocent of what these individuals were accusing her of. in my view chief among these people is the former information minister. this is very unfortunate given the role mai mujuru played during the struggle for freedom. the best thing to do in my view is for the party to rid itself of these characters. they will always try again and again to castigate the innocent in order to achieve their selfish ambitions. lets purge them out of the revolutionary party and reinstate these loyal sons and daughters of the party.

taurai - 28 July 2015

that is why I call him rwavhi. where have the nyungururwi claims gone to now? if they were only allegations, why not investigate before chasing her away? you have been doing it since gukurahundi. basically you are a monkey that is why you cannot run a country. want her back and dispose of emma? tribalist !!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 28 July 2015

It's really sad we have people with a mentality like Denhe reruzivo. People like that are worse than Mugabe himself. Praising evil? So so sad!!!

misty - 28 July 2015

Beware of zanu pf, I said it before....this whole thing is staged these people are together, we are in 2015 and everyone's mind is all occupied by the factionalism, new zanu bla bla bla, this is meant to buy time. MDC be careful of these so called repentant zanu people....they are buying time we now only have 2 years or so until the next election and what has happened in terms of a free and fair election? Nothing, we are all talking about the first family, gamatox, weevils and so on. Let's wake up brothers & sisters!!! Zanu will do anything to stay in power!!

misty - 28 July 2015

This is all BS. One day we read that Grace the Wench is doubling down against Mujuru. Then we read that the Mugabes think they were misled about Mujuru. Two contradictory reports in as many days. The Daily News should be doing a little bit more fact-checking before rushing these stories out. Come on...

Tom Berrenger - 28 July 2015

Vana vembwa havasvinure muse mumwe, haisi mhosva yake muchinda uyo but he need to go and ask Gomwe about how bad is that mudhala waari kupembedza uyo hazvisati zvakuwana thus wy uchidaro. But remember pple of Zimbabwe most of them are crying mabasa arikupera u worked for decades of years wonzi you wont get anything blaz muchena waiva nane aikupa twako okuwedzerazve twake iye kosekuru vako vaurikuti a very good leader? Unoita munyama sahwi

fireman - 29 July 2015

Now i dont need to blame Mugabe i blame the supporters because if they fail to see what is really happening in the country and failing to see where the problem is then who is the problem maker ndivo

fireman - 29 July 2015

whether zanu pf or its aging leader, that institution is full of rotten and careless minds. vanhu ava vari self centered n they dont give a damn kut zimbabwe ichazovei. wake up mazimbabwe n work yourselves.Vana bob vachangopfuurawo nenguva yaMwari

franco - 29 July 2015

VaMugabe vari correct,lets unite and rebuild our country.Nyika ndeyedu.

john weku mabvuku - 29 July 2015

What Denhe is doing is what is known as iron for those who did English Litereature. He is actuall showering ridicule to Mugabe.

Danai Pazvagozha - 29 July 2015

In reality Joice Mujuru is a real lying and thieving witch. (i.e. a typical Zanu pf liar and looter). Only the likes of Ambassadors Lisa Stadelbauer, Singe Winding and Giles Enticknap think that she is a leader with no defects.

Sten Rylander - 29 July 2015

The man has lost his legacy because he refused to concede defeat . He manufactured results to cook a rerun. He is a terrorist who should be tried on treason charges

Nhamburiko - 29 July 2015

The nation is in a fix here, it is good that this defunct party concedes failure and rope in other parties to build the nation. We need policies that; attract investment, reinstate and drive productivity, create jobs and accommodation, re-develop the dilapidated infrastructure e.t.c. We are tired of these greedy goons!!

Talk Sense - 29 July 2015

Misty is right in her assertion that this whole Gamatox drama is nothing but a show put on by none other than Mugabe himself and designed specifically to test the true allegiance of individuals. So beware of those posing as pro Mujuru campaigners for they might not be what you think they are. Whatever Mugabe may think he might have gained out of this exercise, he must also surely recognize that such behaviour does not resonate well with the public at large. It only creates further uncertainties and a deeper loathing of the system and all those behind it.

Wilson Badza - 29 July 2015

Zvakutemesa musoro,

Driato da Miritz - 29 July 2015

Thing is there are many silent witnesses including the writer who overheard conversatioions that she did plan a mercenary attaxk on the president along with Tsvangerai. Her husband Soloman went to see hrer the day he was murdered and asked to desist. He told me she said she was divorced from him and didn't have to listen to him. and he threatened to report her and was cross that she still used his surname which reflected on him. That night he was murdered who do you think killed him? the idiots who invent theses stories

john - 3 August 2015


proudly zimbo - 4 August 2015

I am aitness who is prepared to stand in any court and give evidence that Tsvangerai with Muguru planned a coup and to murder the president. Dream on reporter

john - 4 August 2015

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