'Mutasa has seen the light'

MAKONI - Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has said were it not for the MDC’s unwavering commitment to democratic change in the country, his party could have in the past taken up arms to liberate long-suffering Zimbabweans — a move that would have plunged the country into unprecedented violence and anarchy.

Addressing thousands of his supporters at Matsika Primary School in Makoni West yesterday, Tsvangirai also lauded former Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, for “having seen the light” and finally realising how “cruel” President Robert Mugabe allegedly was.

He said the MDC remained committed to peaceful change in Zimbabwe despite “the massive rigging at the polls” by Zanu PF, and the ruling party’s “proven” unwillingness to cede power to his party after suffering electoral defeats.

Tsvangirai said this was also the reason why his party was insisting on electoral reforms in the country ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

“Nyaya inonetsa munyika ino ndeyekuti vanoti nekuti takarwa hondo, power haiendi kuMDC neball point (The problem we have in this country is that Zanu PF says because it participated in the liberation struggle, power can not be transferred to the MDC through the ballot box).

“Let me warn you, isu kubva musi wekutanga takataura kuti we don’t want violence. Tingadai takati nekuti matibira 2000 tavakubatawo pfuti. Chinotitadzisa chii? Asi aizo-suffer ndiani? Tisu vana veZimbabwe (We said from the beginning that we don’t want violence. We could have said because you stole the 2000 elections we are taking up arms. What could have stopped us? But who was going to suffer? It’s us Zimbabweans),” the MDC leader said.

He pointed out that there were few countries that had emerged prosperous from a civil war.

“Hakuna nyika inoita progress iinehondo. Zvinoreva kuti isu takagara takacomitter ourselves to democratic change nekuti tinoziva kuti kana pasina hondo tichaita change (There is no country in a war situation which develops. We always committed ourselves to democratic change because we know that we will achieve change without violence),” Tsvangirai said.

He said once democracy was achieved in Zimbabwe, the country would experience real liberation, with people returning to work and the international community’s confidence being regained and allowing for foreign direct investment.

“Kana democracy yauya nerusununguko vanhu vachaenda kumabasa, vekunze vachaita confidence vakaunza mari.(Once we have democracy we will have true liberation. People will go to work and the international community will have enough confidence to invest in the country),” Tsvangirai said.

He said he had become more resolute and clear about the need for change in the country after enduring many hardships in his protracted battle to dethrone Zanu PF and Mugabe from power.

“We have come a long way in our journey. But there are other people who are now battle-weary, while others are told by Zanu PF to ditch me. But I’m happy that people are always there for me. We have seen a lot,” the former premier in the government of national unity said.

He added that he would not give up “the fight” as his supporters had endured untold suffering for the party and nation’s cause.

He also said the government should consider introducing a universal pension for older persons, regardless of whether they were previously employed or not.

“You see these old people jiving and gyrating here, a government of the people must formulate policies that help those who are now incapable of looking after themselves and those who are wallowing in abject poverty,” he said.

Tsvangirai recounted his “recent persecution by Zanu PF in order to divert his attention from his tour of Manicaland” — a reference to the police disruptions of his meetings, as well as failed attempts by the deputy sheriff to attach his personal property over a pay dispute between his party and its former employees.

“We have seen a lot. I was coming from Honde Valley and I heard that my house had been emptied and I said I won’t go back home because what they are doing is childish,” he said to wild applause.

Speaking about Mutasa, Tsvangirai said he welcomed the fact that he had removed “his blinkers about how cruel Mugabe is”, adding that this vindicated what the MDC had been saying all along.

“Didymus today now knows Mugabe is evil. But someone who is repentant is better. I don’t talk about Biti and Mangoma, they are too small and not worth talking about, it’s a waste of time,” Tsvangirai said.

He said people must not be “mesmerised and seduced by little goodies” such as cups of rice which were being donated by Zanu PF, as hunger continues to decimate families throughout the country.

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Mutasa is not necessarily repentant, he was was booted by zanu. Had he weeded himself out then we would be talking about repentance. Simba Makoni is a good example of repentance please baba Tsvangirai. I think people must be careful with these ejected people from zanu. I do not zanu pf....something is cooking, mark my words!!

misty - 27 July 2015

This is a 2018 Zanu Project to split votes. Is this difficult for anyone to see? There will be a few casualties to make the project look genuine. There are no 2 camps in Zanu PF.

Dingaan Pheku - 27 July 2015

Next time please Morgan when you go to reserves tell people there not to be intimidated easily as this has been zanu strategy of stealing votes , Tell them not to be scared of zanu thugs and not to vote for zanu and if zanu loses they will be know war at all .

Diibulaanyika - 27 July 2015

Morgan is not the answer to our problems. rather, i think he is the problem as well. he will not allow another person to lead the mdc on the premise he has not finished the struggle. the struggle should not be for or about one man. no no no. by now he should have already groomed another person to carry the fight on. otherwise, makudo ndemamwe. its same fanana with zanu pf.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 July 2015

Mu politics makaoma umu. Its real, its true whether we like it or not. In Zimbabwe there are only 2 political heavy weights. Mudara Bob ku Zanupf then Mogiza ku Mdc. Zvekuti amweni apiwe chance anani acho. hezvo ana Dydmus akaita party yawo kwakauyei, ana simba Makoni? Ana Biti, ko ngaaitewoma rallies ndimboite see following yawo ka. Not kungoite noise mumapepa. Or Kungoite address anhu muma hall. We want man who can pull crowds and convience them not vanongotsoropodza amweni. Its the same for now, the battle remains between the 2 political heavi weights. Whether tikapa amweni awa chance awana zvawonomboita. Anongobvirochema kupera. Anditi wakaite split here. Ko ngaa mbounganidze ma crowd awo ana Renewal nana People First acho tione akazvikwanisaka. ko pane aarambidza here?

enerst chamboko - 27 July 2015

MORGAN TSVANGIRAI is our own TRIED ,TESTED AND TRUSTED LEADER of this struggle against heartless ZANU PF PARTY everyone everywhere you go knows that morgen is the man who has balls enough not the corrupt likes of biti,mtambara ,mangoma ,welshman who becouse of a few pieces of silver derailed the trust wich the povo had entrusted in them. foolish people no foresight

Mogiza NDIZVO - 27 July 2015

Every including zanu knows Morgan is the only answer anyone failing to know that irema or izanga so it is natural that we can have amazanga here and there in any country you see. If Morgan was not the answer like Mangoma zanu would not waste its time harassing him simple as that .Zanu will never waste time following Mangoma bcoz he is harmless and useless if ever anyone does not know that their heard is full of sewage stuff and need not to be listened to .

Diibulaanyika - 27 July 2015

WITH COMRADE MORGAN TSVANGIRAI ZIMBABWE IS GURANTEED FOR THE BEST FOR ITS CITIZENS these words can be suported by looking back at the time of the inclusive government .Morgan and his team managed to transform what was almost 110% dead economy to an almost 80 % smooth flowing economy although they where in a situation where they where busy building and zanu pf was busy destroying and undermining their efforts of building a betr zimbabwe for the people .zanu pf made sure that they do anything to make MDC look bad in the face of the public but luckily zimbabweans are not all blind and crazy to see and understand the tacktics of this evil zanu pf party of thugs and thieves

mofire - 27 July 2015

Baba TSVANGIRAI please dont engange these zanu rejects at all let them fight their own battles we dont need them in MDC there are there to couse confusion ,come election time they show their true colours dont eat with them they will give you their gamatocs at a time we needyou most VIVA TSVANGIRAI

dont be fooled - 27 July 2015

Tsvangirai you are a pathological liar . You wanted war because at one time you said ^Please Mugabe go peacefully or we will remove violently>. What you lack is courageous people who are willing to face head_- on this regime, which is armed to teeth. You once tried FINAL PUSH but you failed. MuZimbabwe vanhu havadi hondo even iwe ukati unoida asi anokubatsira ndiani: Musanyepere vanhu mumusha umu,only prepare for 2018 elections now pane kutaura nezvabvana Mutasa the angel of Satan who caused untold suffering to innocent Zimbabweans. The only official residence for this man is the HELL huni dzacho tingatobatsira kudzitsvaga.

Josiah Nyamunda-Dube - 27 July 2015

Save Ngwarirai vavhu veZanu ava.

hove - 28 July 2015

"Nyaya inonetsa munyika ino ndeyekuti vanoti nekuti takarwa hondo, power haiendi kuMDC neball point ...." Mr Tsvangirai ndipo pamunoirasa ipapo. You sound like conceeding to Zanu-PF swines who sit in positions of power and looting the country`s riches using liberation war cards. Who in Zimbabwe did not fight the war of liberation ? Who does not carry a liberation war card ? Why can`t you remind them of the truth that MDC was born out of people who had realised that what they had fought and died for is not what the swines in power are up to -.enriching themselves at the expense of us Zimbabweans. Why can`t you tell them like what Edgar Tekere did: that they have forsaken the ideals of the revolution and therefore no longer suitable to lead the nation ? This is the issue in our Zimbabwe politics - politics of power and self-serving, politics of unaccountability and don`t care, the Zanu-PF politics. The war of liberation was not fought by the name Zanu-PF, it was fought by all the people of Zimbabwe who are today languishing in abject poverty because of a few greedy swines we entrusted to lead the nation. Now that we tell them makoniwa,chimbosudurukai tiyedze vamwe vavakuti aiwa tine mabadge eZanu-PF stuck on our foreheads and they are the passports to bleeding the country to death. They say they are first and last borns of Zimbabwe and they make sure when they die nothing is left of a once prosperous country. By saying such remarks Mr Tsvangirai you automatically give them credibility and eligibility to further ruin our country as this is tantamount to disqualifying all Zimbabweans behind you on your quest to dislodge them and usher in the dream country sons and daughters of Zimbabwe have died for in liberating the country from a supremist white colonial regime.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 28 July 2015

But at least he Morgan has not lied to the point of killing this country like your granny has done for 35 years . To me its clear that you Dubeyou are a cio who is benefiting from Mugabe shiit and you want to tell us that Morgan lies leaving out the biggest liar and murderer Mugabe do you think we were born last week like you or you mistake us to your Border Gezi class mates . All sane citizens in this country want Mugabe to go whether violently or peacefully like yesterday .

Diibulaanyika - 28 July 2015

Mr Tsvangirai I see you falling into the Zanu-PF trap. Why do you ever talk of people such as Mutasa and Mujuru who are said to have been booted out of Zanu-PF ? These people are the corrupt Zanu-PF to the core. There is nothing they do not know or which they could not see about Zanu-PF evils when they were part and parcel of it. They is no new light you can claim to be seen now by Mutasa. We expect you to be more intelligent than ordinary party members because you are leading. Do not waste time insinuating that people like Mutasa may ever see the light. They are meer hyenas crying for their lost meals. They are making lots of noises hoping Mugabe will eventually succumb to the noises and throw some bornes at them , i.e. if they were really fired. Otherwise if they were really fired they would not be allowed to scream as they are doing now - not by Mugabe we know. I applauded you last time when you said of Moses the tame Raven (Simba Makoni): " What about tomorrow he says I am going back to my Zanu-PF." That was when you turned down some people`s suggestion that you team-up with him to dislodge Zanu-PF from power.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 28 July 2015

There goes the reckless, VaTsvangirai!

Lance - 28 July 2015

my argument is that mdc is purported to be a democratic party. in a democracy, leadership take turns. tsvangirai promised in 1999 that he would only serve three terms and that he would not be like zanu where only one person is allowed to lead unchecked. but now he is doing exactly what he promised not to do. what mdc people do not know is that they are nursing a monster. the party should be bigger than individuals. that morgan is the only capable challenger of mugabe demonstrate how weak we are as a people. zimbabwe politics is such a sorry phenomenon.

zvirozviyedzwa - 28 July 2015

@Zviro zviyedzwa I have no doubt that you know nothing about african struggles you never change guards during struggle for no reason as such you are busy repeating and repeating same Mangoma song which at the end of the day you are now hallucinating and it is better for you to go and skin a goat bcoz you can not produce your facts but only Mangoma 's so go and skin a goat and leave those who are not confused and where they are coming fro and going to carry on discussing here . If you have no goat hamba funa magundwane baba..

Diibulaanyika - 28 July 2015

Clearly Mutasa has seen vision and that we all know by now including Morgan and the good thing about it is Morgan has not offered him a post or has said Mutasa was now a top Member of MDC T remember anyone can join mdc as ordinary members is there any thing wrong about that? So why people just panic like nkuku yena bonile the shadow of eagle . If Mutasa has not seen light what has he seen then ? when Biti left MDC T Mugabe was bragging saying Biti had seen light so whats wrong if Morgan can say the same as long Mutasa is not a member of MDC T .But what we know for sure is Mutasa has seen light bcoz he is now suffering like all of us hence revealing how bad zanu is, the thing he had not done before he saw light.

Diibulaanyika - 28 July 2015

the problem is that those who know nothing think that they know everything. the fact that you do not see any potential in any other person and let alone your own self speaks volumes. a promise from a man should be kept no matter what. this man tasted power and doesn't want to let go now. that is the fact. all the gymnastics he is doing are just intended to hogwash people so that he can go on and on. he will soon clock is own 35yrs panyanga.

zvirozviyedzwa - 28 July 2015

I hope you found a gundwane mention those you want to take over from Morgan not just wara wara mention the person how many times you have said you have people who can take over from Morgan without mentioning those you dim fit to lead the movement ? now that shows everyone you are just empty my boy and you always talk nothing even the little ones at a kinder garden can reason better than you .

Diibulaanyika - 28 July 2015

so you mean to say that as long as no one appears worthy taking over in the mdc morgan will remain its leader even way into his 100. i told you that the fact that he didn't groom someone implies failure on his part. we don't want undemocratic leaders like morgan. in the end they become dictators and hound us. better to rid ourselves of him. as a matter of fact, chamisa is a capable candidate, so is biti, makoni, mai mujuru, mnangagwa, masiiwa, chanakira and many other people. we should never think that one person is the only capable leader in a country of 17 million. that is suicidal. thats why politicians take us for granted. grow up @diibula. you yourself can be a good leader of the mdc if you choose to - unless you were born a follower.

zvirozviyedzwa - 29 July 2015

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