Mugabe tops salaries charts

HARARE - Despite his assertions to the contrary, it has been revealed that President Robert Mugabe is in fact among the highest paid African leaders, coming in at a tidy number 11 on the continent in terms of his remuneration — and not withstanding the fact that a recent survey deemed Zimbabwe to be the second poorest country in the world.

In March this year, Mugabe said that he earned $12 000 a month, complaining publicly that his salary was not as much as other presidents earned.

But Africa Review, a member of the influential Daily Nation media group of Kenya, says in a recent ranking of the salaries of African presidents’ that Mugabe earned at least 69 times more than what the average Zimbabwean earned a month.

“Overall, it appears that leaders of poor countries tend to pay themselves more than those in higher-income countries.

“But salaries, of course, do not tell the whole story and some of the presidents believed to have the highest personal wealth, do not even feature in the top 10.

“The Africa Review has compiled and analysed salaries of African leaders to try and see what they tell about the relationship between those in power and the governed,” it said in its report.

This comes as the United States State Department has called for Zimbabwe to make public Mugabe’s office budget, as a step towards improving fiscal transparency.

Paul Biya of Cameroon was ranked by the report as Africa’s top earner, with an annual salary of $601 000, while King Mohammed VI of Morocco was second with $480 000.

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma was ranked third on a $272 000 annual salary, and Tanzania’s Jakaya Kikwete sat on fourth position with $192 000.

Occupying position five was Abdel Aziz Bouteflika of Algeria, who earns $168 000 per year, while just below him was Theodore Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, whose salary was estimated to be around $150 000.

Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta was seventh on a $132 000 annual salary, while Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud of Somalia was eighth with $120 000.

Anchoring the top 10 list was Ikililou Dhoinine of Comoros on ninth, earning $115 000, and 10th being Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Republic with $110 000 per year.

Interestingly, the report stated Mugabe’s salary at $108 000, well below what the nonagenarian himself says he earns — which suggests that he could have been placed higher on the salary rankings had Africa Review been privy to his current remuneration.

Biya was said to earn an obscene 229 times more than what an average Cameroonian earned, followed by Liberia where President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf earned 113 times what her average citizen does.

Mugabe’s salary revelation earlier this year suggested that he had awarded himself a whopping 300 percent increase over the past year, from $4 000 a month.

“You won’t believe, we pay them (doctors) now perhaps $3 000 and we pay the President about $10 000, a few allowances will make it $12 000 and we were looking at the salaries of other presidents the other day but we know that is a hardship that we go through,” Mugabe said then.

“We say as long as we have sadza nenyama (thick porridge and beef) and takatora nyika (we liberated this country) and we have cattle and goats, so we get our meat and chickens, we say we are alright, we keep alive. The good days will come and the good days are coming.”

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It is trivial to accept this facade from dictators who has all their filthy fingers in the peoples' coffers. Many of these dictators and autocrats are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so accepting that they make such peanuts annually is to legitimize their thievery.

Augustine - 25 July 2015

It is trivial to accept this facade from dictators who has all their filthy fingers in the peoples' coffers. Many of these dictators and autocrats are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so accepting that they make such peanuts annually is to legitimize their thievery.

Augustine - 25 July 2015

Indeed good times are coming Mr President. The minute you die, good times will flood in!!!

Mangurenje - 25 July 2015

The son to the president of Equatorial Guinea lives in a $35m Malibu estate in LA, USA with 3 Bugatti Veyrons parked in the garage. By the way a Bugatti costs $1.7m! This is extravagance and profligacy of the highest order but then the question is how and where did he get this kind of money? Makes one wonder!

Mutongi Gava - 25 July 2015

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Business Online Classifieds - 25 July 2015

Bridget, headline to your story would have had some bearing if all other businesses presided over by Mugabe and his government were clean. Washayei kutandanisa tsuro idzo nhoro dzine nyama dzakati bayai vanhu ? If you were a soldier and I was your boss I would fire you for wasting amunition.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 July 2015

Zimbawe is the second poorest country in the world ?????? Daily news ka imika imika imi. Musarote nhaika

changara - 27 July 2015

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Several times, the man has challenged whoever has evidence that he has funds starched somewhere out there, to show the world. If it were all true by now CIA would have splashed the news and helped to freeze the accounts. People, let us be careful, sometimes giving unduly bad and unproven bad propaganda about someone might actually achieve the opposite. The man has his faults but some of the negative publicity about him is unjustified.

D. N. Munonyara. - 27 July 2015

$12 k is $144 000 per annum.Them $108 k is what.Daily reporters stop day dreaming.Taurai nezve ZIFA yauraya bhora.tipei ma serious.

nyasha - 27 July 2015

Haaaa iwe poorest country Zimbabwe manje kikiki where dd you get that

Darren - 27 July 2015

Rubbish, that is why you are retrenching each other, because nobody buys this nonsense.

TRUTH - 27 July 2015

true Zimbabwe is the 2nd poorest country amongst the 20 countries in Africa. Mugabe soon and very soon you will be off the hook.

citizen of zion - 28 July 2015

The minute you will die the flood will flow in, its time only Mr president you must enjoy whilist we eat sadza ne Nyama,

mbuya nehanda - 28 July 2015

@chiren Can you help me I am the reverse of what you say. I have prolonged ejaculation, my wife complains about the fountain.

liondzezimbabwe - 30 July 2015

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