Minister gets bullet parcel

HARARE - The deadly fights within President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF took an ominous turn yesterday after Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha, received an AK47 bullet and a threatening message telling him to step down or risk suffering the same fatal fate that befell the late Zanu PF political commissar, Elliot Manyika, who died in a suspicious car accident in 2008.

Although efforts to talk to Dinha last night were not successful, well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News that ‘the parcel’ with the bullet and threatening message was delivered to the minister’s office just after midnight yesterday morning — amid “clear indications” that this was the work of hardliners angling to succeed Mugabe in the nonagenarian’s fast-imploding party.

The lawyer-turned-politician, a lightweight in Zanu PF, was said to be “very shaken and in hiding”.

Although once linked to ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru, Dinha is now said to be very close to the First Family — which has apparently displeased some hawks among Zanu PF’s ambitious young Turks, who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) camp.

The bullet and threatening message.

It is claimed that the G40 is not only impatient to take over from Mugabe and other ageing party bigwigs such as Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, but also that they “desire sole and unfettered influence” over the nonagenarian’s influential wife, Grace — who insiders say will have a major say over who succeeds her husband.

It was Dinha who recently had the nasty job of chasing away poor villagers from Manzou Farm in Mazowe, allegedly to pave way for a game sanctuary for Grace — who already owns vast tracts of land in the area.

One of the sources who spoke to the Daily News last night, and who is close to Dinha — who has survived several attempts to oust him from his ministerial post over the past few months — said the AK47 bullet and the threatening message had been delivered to his offices in the wee hours of Monday morning by an identified man.

“Someone went to the minister’s office and left an envelope with the security guards. As is the norm, when Dinha’s secretary arrived in the morning, the envelope was handed to her and she duly opened it and discovered the disturbing contents.

“She immediately phoned her boss, who was shaken by this development. As we speak, he has gone into hiding. For your own information, Manyika was given a death threat before he was eliminated. So the minister is taking the threats seriously,” the source said.

A menacing message accompanied the AK47 bullet and read, “Game over Dinha, resign now or else we get you. Dinha your time is up and you messed with the wrong guys”.

But police in Bindura professed ignorance regarding the matter, with the force’s Mashonaland Central head, Munorwei Shava Matutu, saying he had not been informed about the matter.

“I am hearing this for the first time from you. I am not aware, maybe you can phone the minister’s office,” he said.

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" Bhora resimbi ! "

X-MAN IV - 21 July 2015

comrade minister and homeboy, i think just comply and leave. You are a respected advocate saka handikutyirei bambo.

Comrade Gabarinocheka - 21 July 2015

Career or

lovemore - 21 July 2015

There is a miss conception in the belief that Grace will choose a successor to her husband. Generals are the ones who sway the decision, they have said so before and they will say it again...they want Mnangagwa, the beloved son of the soil to take over. Leave this poor woman alone, she is nothing without her husband.

Azog - 21 July 2015

Remember that Martin Dinha is a notorious land thief, corruption specialist and a brown nosed bootlicker. He is actively sponsored and encouraged by none other than Philippe Van Damme (the EU's moral and financial abettor of Zanu PF). Remember how he “bought a municipal” house in Bindura for 19 cents. Many will perhaps hope that this scumbag gets his dues sooner rather than later. . . . .

Lameck Mtetwa - 21 July 2015

Forewarned is foretold just comply cde Dinha. Quit politics altogether and practice law . You have something to lean on . You are innocent as a puppy.

roddy - 21 July 2015

yava kunzi Cde eat Cde

makwavarara - 21 July 2015

Comrade Dinha is now in hiding....why can't he go report to the police so that they investigate and catch vanhu ivavo rather than to hide, remember we have a very professional police force in Zim kkkkk.....

misty - 21 July 2015

what a coward .is he a true war veteran .a bullet without a rifle is just like a pen kkkkk donkey

chinos - 21 July 2015

what a coward .is he a true war veteran .a bullet without a rifle is just like a pen kkkkk donkey

chinos - 21 July 2015

And before you go anywhere repatriate all the stolen land you seized for the Crazy while you have been in office.

Emperor - 22 July 2015

The growing divisions, the threats and disappearances, strange and inexplicable deaths all designed to achieve one objective: keep Mugabe in power? I would hope that the current Chairperson of the AU, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, is paying serious attention to the trail of Hissene Habre, the former leader of Chad? People are tired of living in dire poverty and being subjected to such hardships and human abuse.

Fortune Gumbo - 22 July 2015

the whites were better than zanu pf

sanchez - 22 July 2015

Bhasikiti on the run, newewo Dinha on the run. Inga zanu yakaoma.

jah t - 22 July 2015

ndezveikoko izvo, its now time for payback

cheq cheq - 22 July 2015

CCTVs are everywhere. The messenger should be in the records as I am sure that these offices are well protected and secure. Security guard should have seen the face of the messenger as well.

Shocked Everyday - 22 July 2015

muchapera mese hamadzangu

zano - 22 July 2015

Nhai misty, dinha akanganoreporter kune wanhu wari kuda kumuuraya ere. Police newanhu wakadeliver tsamba are the same munin'ina. Its the same system and dinha knows that. Rega imbwa dzidyanane. Iwe ibva kumhepo unganhuhwirwe kana kuti mira kure unozazwa ropa!

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 July 2015

police ka ndoo ine ma AK. sakazviri pachena kuti tsamba yakabva kupi. Iwe ukawonekwa uneAK usiri police inga nyaya yachounoiziwa wani. Kana usingaiziwi bvunza Temba kana Bernnet.

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 July 2015

"......the AK47 bullet and the threatening message had been delivered to his offices in the wee hours of Monday morning by an identified man." If the man who delivered the envelope was identified as reported in the story then investigations will be easier done unless the reporters made a mistake by saying "an identified" instead of "an unidentified" man!

Hey - 22 July 2015

You deserve it dai vakubata waizviita the untouchable. Kufurira vana vadiki nanamai kusupporter zvisirizvo.Mashonaland its not for sale.



Harare - 22 July 2015

until our leadership acknowledge the greatness of the Almighty wise LORD as other rulers did such as king XERXES, DARIUS, CYRUS, DAVID , SOLOMON etc and rule according to the fear of GOD and respect for human rights ,will we continue to have this chaos in our economy and society.

ARTA XERXES - 22 July 2015

What a lier. Where dd u get the letter and the bullet the media pple. Akomana nyaya dzekunyepera vanhu idzi. haaa mari munoida zvesure

J J - 22 July 2015

Chete ibasa mungadii

J J - 22 July 2015

Iwe munhu anonzi @J J kwana mhani. Did you not see Dinha himself confirming that he was sent the bullet and threatening message in today's Daily News?

Miriro - 22 July 2015

it look like a ghost story because normaly zpf killers do not threaten,they kill without signs/warning,its a serviceman who is being silly,otherwise the likes of .E.c chininga,E.manyika,Z.duri,General S.T.Mujuru,etc cld be alive coz they wld have gone into hiding,Crds D.Mtasa and group are very well and happy,yet those cunning german sherperds are eager to for thought.

mauite - 22 July 2015

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Food for thought indeed muite! I salute you.

Mr Dete - 17 August 2015

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