Go now, Bhasikiti advises Mugabe

HARARE - Former Masvingo resident minister, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, says the time has come for him and other Zimbabweans to work in earnest to turf President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party out of power because the former liberation movement is now “a wicked regime” that is sucking the blood of ordinary people dry.

Speaking in a frank interview with the Daily News yesterday, in the wake of his weekend claim that “evil forces within the system” were plotting to abduct him the way they had allegedly done to journalist-turned-democracy activist Itai Dzamara, the former Zanu PF politburo member said there was no better time than now to oust Zanu PF from power through legal means.

He also said that he would not be “cowed into submission by a callous and insensitive Zanu PF government”, in this new mission — vowing to work with other like-minded Zimbabweans to form another party that would spearhead Mugabe’s and Zanu PFfrom power.

Still evidently miffed by the Saturday drama in which he ended up “arresting” a suspected State agent who had allegedly been part of a group of shadowy people who had been trailing him over the past week, with the supposed aim of abducting him, Bhasikiti described Zanu PF as “increasingly paranoid and wicked” — further accusing the party of employing dirty tactics to drum fear into those it disagreed with.

He said the more he had reflected on his “near-abduction” at the weekend, the more convinced he was becoming that Zanu PF and State apparatchiks were behind Dzamara’s disappearance — as “this evil system” was desperate to silence all dissenting voices.

Bhasikiti also said he had taken Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku’s advice to him last week to heart — for him and other disaffected Zanu PF stalwarts who have repeatedly dragged the ruling party to court contesting their expulsion from within its ranks, to form their own party.

“I will be working to comply with what the chief justice advised me, that is forming a party to remove Zanu PF from power, as it has subjected the whole nation to untold suffering and we must fight that system.

“I will not be cowed down by corrupt people bent on destroying our country. Zimbabwe is not Zanu PF but people who want to see their lives move forward and their rights respected,” the evidently resolute Bhasikiti said.

Joining the growing bandwagon of critical politicians who were once leading lights in the warring ruling party, he said far from being cowed by the “hordes of State agents” who were trailing him everywhere, these acts of harassment were in fact emboldening him.

“They have baptised me to put all my energy to work for a national cause. This wicked regime will definitely fall. If we could defeat colonialism we will definitely defeat the current regime,” the former liberation war collaborator said.

Bhasikiti said on Friday that he had foiled an abduction attempt against him by turning the tables against a group of people, suspected to be State agents, who had been trailing him for more than a week. He apprehended one of the people, a young woman who police said was from “the system” — code for the country’s dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

The weekend saga, which was “most traumatising” for him, as it came at a time when the nation was still trying to come to grips with the disappearance of Dzamara who was abducted while he was having a haircut in the high density suburb of Glen View in March, had prompted Bhasikiti to up his security.

Responding to last Friday’s move by the police to offer a $10 000 reward for anyone with information that could lead to the location of Dzamara, Bhasikiti said the government was “clearly” not sincere in finding the missing democracy activist.

“It is deception of  the highest order to offer a $10 000 reward to a person taken by government  agents. They would be offering $1 million to find Bhasikiti if their agents had taken me yesterday. What folly. We are our own liberators.

“Ian Smith had everything at his command — police, army and CIO, but we defeated him. No one can stop a just cause whose time has come. It is God’s time to restore true unity and prosperity to our country,” Bhasikiti said.

With Zimbabwe hanging precariously on the edge of total economic collapse, analysts caution that the country risks being engulfed by demonstrations similar to the Arab Spring wave that swept the Middle East nations in 2011 and resulted in the fall of brutal African dictators like the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

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I now understand how dull and foolish politicians can be. Bhasikiti cant see how he is being used by this regime change mouth piece? They have abandoned that fool called Mtasa now they have you as a new kid on the block and you think you are being heroic, nxa Mai vangu vaChinjanja......

ba rue - 21 July 2015

The mad rantings by this twerp @ba rue are so typical of deranged Zanoids. Dude, wake up - Bhasikiti even apprehended one of the spooks who were following him and took her to Borrowdale police. That is a fact. Now, the question is: Why would state agents follow him around as if he is a criminal? Bloody fool.

Moses - 21 July 2015

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In this era of technology we should make life difficult for these CIOs. Lets use our smartphones to record anything odd that we see.if we see a person being arrested record it, anything that looks suspicious record. if we can start living this way these CIOs will soon be exposed. How I wish someone had recorded Itayi Dzamara being kidnapped. If Bhasikiti had taken photos of the lady and upload them on social platforms we would all know who this person is . Lets expose this Organisation

Heart Bleeds for Mother Land - 21 July 2015

why dont you simply join hands with us in the MDC. when Bob appointed you minister, all was well. you didnt see anything wrong with congress, with Grace, wth Bob's age. You needed an operative like chidyausiku to open your eyes. You are a real donkey sir

zeroic - 21 July 2015

I thought Mugabe was wrong but I now think otherwise. in one meeting he told Bhasikiti that he was in the wrong basket, i thought those were all cooked up stories but the true colours of the man are now clear to me. I now believe that bhasikiti and companies were up to something before being sniffed out by the old man.

reat - 21 July 2015

Bhasikiti, about 6 months ago you were telling Bob that you are so consistenet that you even wrote your Masters desertation on ZANU PF, but now that you have been chucked out, you suddenly realize how bad ZANU is? Welcome to the club, you shall SUFFER!

chaitmura - 21 July 2015

Muchadura henyu!

SaManyika Chaiye - 21 July 2015

Bhasikiti is a product of the "system" and is very much behind time-table. Its like he has just fallen from the sky and landed in zimbabwe. Its 15 years straight the country's problems are well documented and are known.

X-MAN IV - 21 July 2015

Our Journalism is now questionable. How is it that this Interview ended with no question to Bhasikiti about his participation in the Mwenezi By Election? We should have known his reasons for non-participation!

Masambara - 21 July 2015

(... former Zanu PF politburo member (Bhasikiti) said there was no better time than now to oust Zanu PF from power ...). Hoo nhai; becoz its his turn yekuchekereswa nevamwe vake veZANU PF he now wants majority of long suffering people remove ZANU PF iye asati achekereswa nhai? Stupid! uri nyama imbodyiwa sekuuraya kwawakaita vamwe vasina mhosva tigozobvisa ZANU PF yako.

mapingu - 21 July 2015

mai muuru , mutasa , bhasikiti , themba mliswa etc forget politics go back to BOOT LICKING KIKIKIKIKIkikikikikikikiki ndokwenyu

Harare - 22 July 2015

mai muuru , mutasa , bhasikiti , themba mliswa etc forget politics go back to BOOT LICKING KIKIKIKIKIkikikikikikikiki ndokwenyu

Harare - 22 July 2015

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