Stop it: Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe once again openly admitted at Zanu PF’s politburo meeting in Harare yesterday that his party was wracked by debilitating factional and succession wars, imploring his ambitious underlings to focus more on fixing the country’s comatose economy, which observers say is a result of his government’s misrule and ineptitude.

Addressing the media last night during the course of the long politburo meeting, Zanu PF secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, also sought to lump part of the blame for the ruling party’s vicious infighting on the media, which he accused of fanning the tumultuous wars in the former liberation movement.

“He (Mugabe) emphasised the need for unity, harmony, loyalty and ideological clarity on the part of the senior leadership of the party. Leaders were encouraged to ensure that the party was structurally strong and vibrant, and that effective mobilisation strategies were put in place,” Chombo said.

Yesteday’s politburo meeting took place as Zanu PF’s structures continue to wallow in a shambolic state, with ongoing efforts to turn the situation around by the party’s self-styled “political thug”, its commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, seemingly worsening matters -- amid accusations that the party’s Young Turks, the Generation 40 camp, is abusing the process to weaken Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s camp.

Mugabe recently told his party’s Youth League what the Daily News has consistently and accurately written about over the past six months, that vicious infighting continues to disembowel Zanu PF and that vice presidents Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko are locked in a nasty succession struggle.

In that rare candid address, the nonagenarian said openly that he had received intelligence to the effect that the party was polarising around Mnangagwa and Mphoko, adding ominously that people who were pushing for either of the two men to succeed him needed to stop doing so forthwith.

But with age no longer on his side, Zanu PF hardliners continue to position themselves to succeed him and are locked in a bitter battle for ascendancy that is getting increasingly nastier and more chaotic -- and in the process exacerbating the country’s economic woes that are characterised by deflation, high unemployment and industrial contraction.

So bad has the situation become that Zimbabwe has effectively become a vendor nation, with the country recently being certified officially as the second worst performing economy in the world.

But although “everything that can go wrong has since gone wrong”, as critics say, Chombo said yesterday that Mugabe had surprisingly given his ministers -- collectively derided by the opposition as a deadwood Cabinet -- a vote of confidence.

“The president and first secretary Cde Robert Mugabe gave a synopsis on the state of the party in the political context, as well as from a government perspective. In this regard he expressed his confidence in the leadership team and its capacity to deliver the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe.

“Concerns were raised and strategies discussed with regard to improve service delivery across all sectors of our economy.

“Members of the politburo and those in government were exalted to be vigilant to realise aspirations of the people, including the creation of clean and organised environment in cities, good housing and the creation of employment opportunities for the youths,” Chombo said.

The newly-appointed Home Affairs minister, could however not elaborate whether the issue of vendors was discussed, choosing to say instead that the politburo only “discusses policy issues”.

Other issues that were discussed in the lengthy politburo meeting included the party’s recent pyrrhic victory in the June 10 by-elections that were boycotted by major political players citing an uneven playing field.

Interestingly for political observers, Kasukuwere -- who is reportedly locked in mortal combat with the Mnangagwa camp and appears to be working closely with controversial but influential First Lady Grace Mugabe -- received kudos from Mugabe for taking the party to an emphatic victory in the by-elections.

Meanwhile, Charles Tawengwa -- who was previously linked to ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru -- was appointed the acting chairperson for Harare province, as more allies of the widowed ex-VP bounce back into the political limelight.

A fortnight ago, Mugabe appointed Nyasha Chikwinya and Ambrose Mutinhiri to the positions of ministers of Women Affairs and Mashonaland East province respectively, in a move that observers said was an indication of a major paradigm shift as the ever wily strongman craftily keeps his ambitious would-be successors at bay.

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    The speech of the "president" ZANU PF leader and first secretary, "commander in chief" and "chancellor of all state university" and "husband to Grace Marufu" father to Bona, Robert and Chatunga is nothing but empty. The country is burning from his mis rule, but he is busy asking people to unite around him. He should ask what should the government do to reverse the economic fortunes of the country to positiveness.

    ananian - 16 July 2015

    Chombo is either lying or delusional or both. Alternatively, if what he said were true, Mugabe's dementia is far worse than the country already suspects. No sane leader can say from whatever perspative that the country is going in the right direction and as chombo put it "the current leadership will deliver the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe". This is the same team that's failed us for 35 years, RGM at the helm. What aspirations are they talking about? Its an insult to our intelligence to say that we aspire to be a nation of vendors, the poorest country in the world, a country whose citizens choose to be torched by xenophobic neighbor than to die of hunger and poverty at home. Spare us the nonsense and please do not interview these ZANU-PFs. The country is at the brink of collapse and all Mugabe cares about it the ability to mobilize zanu pf structures. How about governing the country, how about the economy and jobs, infrastructure development etc.

    tino16 - 16 July 2015

    is the economy on the bring of colapse or it has collapsed already? what should happen for an economy to be said to have collapsed can someone tell us please? if it has not yet collapsed are we waiting for the total collapse to act?

    Tanzwa - 16 July 2015

    What RGM doesn't know is that his underlings have no iota for serving and fixing the economy for they are busy with who takes over the throne. The comatose economy is not a factor for them, and RGM should know that. For how long have these guys been in cabinet and working their various portifolios and what good came out of them? 35yrs of mass destruction and what hopes and aspirations can these ministers bring to the nation and people over zimbabwe which they have proved beyond doubt that they are unable to do so. It is about time RGM and his entire team admitted that they have failed.

    pride - 16 July 2015

    If they is any one still listening to this frail and stupid granny that person mighty be either is a lunatic , zanga lema corrupt , thug and totally insane . How can mentally sound zimbabweans listen to some one who has led this country to second last poorest country in the world ? The old guy has no slightest idea as what are his duties and he thinks that he personally owns this country . To those in reserves if this man loses he will run away so do not be fooled that if he loses they will be war just do not vote for him never be threatened like pikininis even he threatens you never listen never vote for him and this is the only way we can rebuild our country . Never vote for zanu if you do not want to eat shiit and drink sewage water .

    Diibulaanyika - 16 July 2015

    This story is so boring

    Mentalist - 16 July 2015

    shame shame on all zanu leadership they are sinking their ship but still want to pretend as if all is well

    vapererwa - 16 July 2015

    vai wondonga zimbabwe iya rangova gwenga .they forget that zim is for allbody not for onebody.Remember payback tyme is around the corner

    mkanya - 17 July 2015

    never vote mdc t as well. makudo ndemamwe. tsvangis is also a handiende type and once given power, will find all sorts of excuses to overstay. never vote him as well. he should chinja as much as he expects others to chinja.

    zvirozviyedzwa - 17 July 2015

    Thousands upon thousands of refugees and asylum seekers and from all over this sub Saharan continent are landing on European turf desperate for a bit of security and food. Yet governed properly this continent has, in terms of mineral wealth and agricultural potential of being the wealthiest in the world. Basic infrastructures such as schools, hospitals, roads and communication all not just essential but absolutely vital for any progressive and developing country, all deteriorating and sinking to new lows? Blaming the colonials and Western imperialism no longer resonates with anyone other than the few hoping to cling on to power. Regardless of where you look in Africa these days the same sad statistics are evident. Isn't it about time that all of us faced the brutal truth and came to terms with actual reality before this whole continent is in ruins? We have only our selves to blame for the situation we find ourselves in.

    Felicity Banda - 17 July 2015

    mugabe vazotimamisa vakoma

    chidhumo - 17 July 2015

    The internal politics of ZANU PF is not only intriguing but laughitious to say the least as it is a case of Huku iri kudya maziai ayo. All the off loaded erstwhile COMRADES have paid the prize of intolerance of one man who cannot visualise a scenario where he cannot be challenged by anybody else in the party. Pasina iye hapana party, in other words the party ZANU PF is synonymous with Mugabe and nop one can dispute that.Ukada kungoratidza interest in the position of party President unenge watodya izvozvo and look at the ruthlessness by which he crushes dissenting voices? Ndiyani aimbofungira kuti Joice angatambwe yakapenga yaava kuona iyi? Wasnt it the same man who encouraged her to "aim higher" when she gopt promoted to Second Secretary of the party? What did he mean by aim higher if not "aspire for the highest office" since organisational succession demands that one should aspire for a higher position ,and not a lower or lateral position, this is only natural, so Sisi vangu VaChihoro went for the bait vakanyudzwa. Having siad this, i would also like to state that those vakasvipwa mu ZANU should not try to look like Saints because they were ill treating the oposition supporters as well, even to the extent of killing them so they should not be sympathized wit because they are still ZANU at heart saka havafaniri kusuppportewa at all. Anonzi masour grapes... period!

    Tafirei Mpambadzire - 17 July 2015

    VAMUgabe be gentle man enough t gve the stick t energetic fresh blood.uare now an old man sir.

    Bravely - 17 July 2015

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    mama mather - 21 July 2015

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