Mugabe under fire over Dzamara rant

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe found himself in deep water yesterday after his spokesperson said that the nonagenarian will not pronounce himself on missing activist Itai Dzamara because the case is “pre-eminently political and thus not worthy of his attention.”

Opposition parties and rights groups called the remarks “crass and insensitive.”

Dzamara has not been seen since he was abducted by five men in the capital, Harare, on March 9. Officials have denied any State agents were involved in his abduction.

Prior to his abduction, Dzamara was a vocal opponent of Mugabe, and staged sit-ins demanding his resignation.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba told State media that Dzamara was “never an opponent, let alone an enemy, of the government much as he and his associates, obviously to give profile and consequence to themselves, may have had that as a wish-image” and was not deserving of Mugabe’s attention.

“People go missing here and elsewhere in the world,” he said.

“I dismiss calls for the president to pronounce himself on the matter as pre-eminently political and thus not worthy of his attention.

“In our case, some skip the borders to go to foreign lands, others get caught up in mishaps and still others might just change location and withdraw from contacts. The fact of the missing persons need not indict sitting governments the way it is playing out here.”

Senior researcher on Zimbabwe with Human Rights Watch, Dewa Mavhinga, said Charamba’s  insensitive comments show that there is more to the Dzamara case than meets the eye and also shows the government does not care about its people.

“Mugabe’s took an oath of office as president which obligates him to uphold the Constitution and uphold the rights of all citizens in Zimbabwe including Itai Dzamara,” Mavhinga said.

“This comment goes against the letter and spirit of the Constitution and fundamental values contained therein.”

ZimRights national director Okay Machisa said: “Government must investigate this issue. We have certain people in certain political parties that were born murderers. It is in their DNA, they don’t want to hear different opinions. We know why Dzamara was abducted, we are not going to assume, we know. This is an irresponsible statement.”

MDC spokesman Obert Gutu slammed Charamba’s remarks, calling it “offensive and shocking”.

“George Charamba’s remarks on Itai Dzamara are ridiculous, odious, utterly insensitive, arrogant and repugnant,” Gutu said.

“Those rabid and cruel comments offend public morality and common decency. It doesn’t need rocket science for any one to know that Dzamara was abducted by State security agents.

“Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF regime that he leads control the State security apparatus in Zimbabwe. They have a constitutional and moral obligation to tell the nation what exactly happened to Itai Dzamara.

“It is shocking that a whole head of State can abdicate one of his core constitutional responsibilities of ensuring that all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation,are safe and protected from any form of harm (including abduction),in their own country.’’

MDC Renewal Team spokesman Jacob Mafume said the president is the chief executive of the government and the buck stops with him.

“The president has obligations under the Constitution and international treaties to ensure that people do not disappear in the country without trace,” Mafume said.

“He is used with just enjoying the privileges of office without wanting to assume responsibilities of the office.

“That is why he is staying so long without wanting to leave because he does not assume responsibility for anything, be it job loses, health sector collapse, the list is endless.”

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If wish this moron George 's wife can just disappear and

Diibulaanyika - 16 July 2015

I wish this moron ;s wife can disappear so that i can say zimbabweans will not lose sleep over her . Demety.

Diibulaanyika - 16 July 2015

Liars need good memories. When people go missing in other lands, no-one says it is pre-eminently political. But this was known all along.

John Banda - 16 July 2015

Someone help me. If Dr Edison Sithole disappeared under similar circumstances to Itai Dzamara's, why demand Smith to explain the disappearance. Anyway there is God in heaven who is just and will judge zpf and its leadership harshly. I rest my case.

Watanga - 16 July 2015

well seems like history always repeats itself.send wolves to look for a sheep or sheep to look for a wolf either way something stinks

thiyaz - 16 July 2015

How heartless and insensitive can a man be unless off course he hasn't suffer the same fate. Some people skip the border and are caught up in mishaps and still others change location and withdraw from contacts. But this is different with Itai Dzamara who was abducted in broad day light by 5 men and bundled in a car without number plates. There is more to Itai's Dzamara's disappearance than meets the eye. There is certainly something you are not telling the nation. You say it is political because he was known to be a critic of Mugabe's misrule. A lot of us even others within his part knows that Mugabe's misrule has become grossly conspicuous it doesn't need a rocket scientist to tell you that. It is only that most people are out spoken like the Dzamaras and Dongos.

pride - 16 July 2015

The last line should read, It is only that most people are not out spoken like the Dzamaras and Dongos

pride - 16 July 2015

Well when Sithole and many disappeared it was war and the govt that was doing that was not democratically elected and was a white govt which never made whites disappear .We must all know that one of the reasons people fought and removed that govt was that it was killing and abducting people at will and now we have the present so called govt repeating what Smith did so history will repeat itself and this govt will be booted out for the reasons of abducting people just watch this space.

Diibulaanyika - 16 July 2015

Daily News plse help,My Uncle Tarirai Chikomo also went missing last two months. Please we want him back. Vakuru ngavataure kuti aripi,

changara - 17 July 2015

That guy called John Banda, doesnt have hart, in his mind it shows blankless mind. We want Dzamara back and meet his family like what you are right now

fireman - 17 July 2015

mugabe knows were dzamara is and please act as a real president why are you killing as if you not going to die one day becareful mugabe GOD gave you many years to live but you have not done anything good yet you are just killing stop it when you meet GOD youl regret

michael - 17 July 2015

in 2008 pipol died and dissapeared just for u to rule ruthlessly why being like dat your wife grace took pipol from their land putting animals cum on killing wont solve anything just bring bec dzamara even dead its better one day you will die and GOD will be waiting in hell they are no C.I.O'S remember that please be a good president and teach your wife to love humans shes like she not from this world zim is collapsing

james - 17 July 2015

Its very painful to live our lives this way. In fear of the people we put in positions of power by merely voting. Now they act as if they didn't need the votes people generously gave them. It hurts a son of this country can disappear and have some of the citizens shout support for such despicable acts. This is why we are where we are because morons who live on the innocent souls continue to give each other false moral support for evil deeds. I pray that the Lord give them the punishment they deserve.

Dembetembe - 17 July 2015

Anyone in his normal senses would understand that its only homosexuals who make noise about their lover, Dzamama, the rest of the population do not even know who the idiot is.

Woman - 17 July 2015

Thanks Charamba. Now we know and you are going to pay for it. Remember Ali of Oraq?

Okech - 17 July 2015

These are stupid accusations coming from failures...His excellence has better things to attend to , ....its an in house MDC T thing ... NO WONDER Y they are always on each other's throat

isaac - 18 July 2015

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