G40 wants First Lady to take over

HARARE - First Lady Grace Mugabe has apparently been given “a blank cheque” by Zanu PF’s ambitious young Turks, the Generation 40 (G40) group, who are now said to be actively lobbying her to succeed her ailing nonagenarian husband, President Robert Mugabe.

If this were to come to pass, it would effectively torpedo Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s chances of ever landing the top post, a move that many of the VP’s supporters are zealously working towards.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News yesterday that with a berth in the party’s all-powerful politburo, courtesy of her position as women’s league boss, as well as “her close proximity to the ultimate authority in Zanu PF and the government (Mugabe)”, it is no wonder that she is “increasingly enjoying as much bootlicking and sycophancy” as Mugabe — with G40 allegedly and expedient at the heart of all this.

One insider claimed that the G40 camp, which comprises relatively young ruling party politicians and some of Mugabe’s relatives, was “so anti-Mnangagwa” that they were now “furiously” pushing for Mugabe’s wife to be Zanu PF’s next leader.

“The young Turks don’t trust Mnangagwa and they feel that if he was ever to be the president their hopes of ever succeeding him will be blown away.

“They would rather have Grace with whom they can determine the future together than Mnangagwa who has already demonstrated that the Karangas will be in charge once he is in power. There are lots of tribal and regional dynamics at play,” the insider said.

And apparently seduced “by the promise and fruits of unfettered power”, Grace is warming to the idea and is thus allegedly turning on the Mnangagwa faction with whom she had had an alliance since last year when she fronted the political decapitation of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies.

“Among many other reasons, including their over-weening ambition, the G40 also feels that Mnangagwa will be a hard sell to the electorate come 2018, for many reasons including allegations pertaining to his perceived ruthlessness and alleged role in the infamous Gukurahundi atrocities of the 1980s — hence their (G40) rallying behind Grace,” another source said.

Mugabe’s often loose-tongued nephew, Patrick Zhuwao — an alleged key G40 member — recently wrote that “it would be foolish” for the two VPs, Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, not to listen to Grace’s advice, after stunning revelations by the controversial first lady last month that the two bigwigs regularly take instructions from her.

Another source intimately familiar with Zanu PF politics also said there was “a disturbing trend” as the party’s deadly factional and succession wars deepened, whereby “tribalism and regionalism are coming to the fore in a bad way”.

In this “madness”, Mnangagwa and his allies were now being accused of setting up structures that were sympathetic “to the Karanga dream of leading the country”.

Addressing party youths last month, Mugabe panned Zanu PF factionalism in remarks that many insiders said were allegedly directed at Mnangagwa, further warning party youths against coalescing around individuals.

“If you are choosing between my two vice-presidents, you are beginning your own Gamatox. They (the VPs) occupy equal sphere. If you say you want this one to succeed, you are already bringing division within the people and this so soon after our election.

“The people will choose when the time comes, and you will be part of that process, but don’t get divided by that question now,” Mugabe said in a rare admission that factionalism continues to be a big problem in his warring party.

Another source said Grace had played a key role in Mugabe’s latest Cabinet reshuffle, claiming further that the two VPs had only been “advised later”.

“That (new Cabinet appointees) is a line-up from Amai. Mnangagwa wanted his wife to be the Women’s Affairs minister but Amai chose her long-time friend Nyasha Chikwinya who was plucked from nowhere although she is connected to the Mujuru faction.

“Years back, she (Chikwinya) was also linked to a corruption scandal but because of her friendship with Amai she is back. And former Mashonaland East minister of State Biggie Matiza lost his post because he was a Mnangagwa ally in the province,” the source said.

Giving examples of how much the Mnangagwa faction was under the cosh, another senior party official told the Daily News on Monday that in the past fortnight alone, a number of alleged key allies of the VP had either been suspended from the smouldering ruling party ship or had been publicly humiliated, with Grace again said to be at the centre of all of this.

“It’s not a coincidence that (Zanu PF) Mashonaland West (province) kicked out interim chairman Ziyambi Ziyambi this week and replaced him with Keith Guzah. Ziyambi is in the VP’s faction and you will remember that Dr Amai dressed him down in public when she officiated at the ground-breaking ceremony of housing stands in Kadoma recently,” he added.

The Daily News also reported yesterday that the uneasy alliance of the past year between Grace and Mnangagwa was unravelling, as Mugabe’s increasingly influential wife was now said to be working again with the G40 camp.

Insiders told the daily that a number of developments over the past few weeks suggested that the pact between Grace and Mnangagwa, which had been witnessed when they worked together to annihilate Mujuru and her allies, “is now on shaky grounds”.

“I think you guys in the media are missing a trick here. It’s not the G40 that is reeling under pressure, no. It is the Mnangagwa camp that is taking a massive beating at the hands of people who are hobnobbing with Dr Amai as comrades and their factions fight to the bitter end to succeed President Mugabe,” one of the sources claimed.

Another well-placed source corroborated the claims that the G40 — which allegedly includes self-proclaimed “political thug” and Zanu PF’s national commissar and minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere — had “floored” many of Mnangagwa’s supporters in the party’s ongoing restructuring programme.

“Surprisingly, where you would have expected Tyson (Kasukuwere) and the G40 to be punished by the party for doing this, President Mugabe has actually moved to reward the group with important Cabinet positions,” the central committee member said.

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CDE TYSON..[SK] Sorry fo connecting u from the wrong platifom cde,bt what i know pretty sure is that u are anti corruption unlike your booted out predecessor [IG].It goes ;in banket all new res stand owners are made to pay some substantial amounts of money to qualify for permission to move to their new stands for building structures,permanent or temporary.The inhibitive charges cover among other things riversand, pit sand, bricks hanzi itax. shouldnt that be levied on the sellers?Handizvo zvoga cde. huyai mungoti tione pamakasvika naachombo mucouncil ino muonerere.varombo hatichavaki despite kuwana kwatakaita mastands totofa tiri malodger... TYSON WOOOYEEE

anticorruption - 15 July 2015

Zezurus trying to protect their hegemony. A Zezuru leadership has had its time and made a dogs dinner of it, South African Grace is not the answer either.

Galore 123 - 15 July 2015

This is the problem when you commit adultery. The woman will destroy you. A nation or a people can enter into unresolved problems because of sin. This is an ugly site indeed. How can a nation like ours with able men be ruled by Mai Mugabe. Zimbabwe will never be under pitcoat government again!!

Ugly G40 - 15 July 2015

What credentials has Grace to be allowed to be heir apparent? after all this throne is not hereditary neither is Zimbabwe a monarch to be handed a leader not of their choice. Of course with zanu anything is possible because they do what they feel is good not what the electorate wants. The G40 and Grace's dream for the throne is far fetched and let it just end in dreaming. Not any wise thinking zimbabwean will support this.

pride - 15 July 2015

It's not about Zezuru or what .Zimbabwe needs a visionary leadership . I do not like ED at all but after watching his interview CCTV ,I think a lot of people will agree with me that he is a better devil than Grace. ED must show that he capable of reforming and stop attacking the West . Proper FDI comes from the West . If China was so good why is the economy collapsing with such a powerful country backing you. We are aware from British intelligence circles that they also prefer Mnagagwa despite his well documented ugly history.

dzasukwa - 15 July 2015

viva GAMATOX viva

chokuwapadare wemasvingo - 15 July 2015

what credentials does grace one would ask. she sleeps with mugabe. if only you know what these women can do when they are next to you in bed. especially when they are younger than you and they are fresh. you will do anything for them. grace for me sold her soul for money and now she is ready to die in the devils' camp than give up the good that came to her through being the president's girlfriend. She will rule this country because she is slicky and zanu people are sleepy. why not take an opportunity to if the zimbabwe especially the sleepy zanu mugabes wifes are around you. grace can easliy say, in 2008 we let you zanu guys campaign and you lost and in 2013 me and my husband campaigned and we won. in 2014 i was able to get mujuru out of the way and silenced everyone. all of you are not as powerful as i am. so let me rule and i tell you not even one zanu person will say anything. grace is able to say these things. in mugabe's bedroom grace has asked the man 'dad what will be wrong with me ruling this country.' and i believe dad and her have had a long chat of a lovers and dad has said i will help you. one thing which he will not even tell his vp. he has even said i will give you helicopters to go around the country cio, solders etc which the vps dont have. so lets look at it mugabes would have like to have one of his children take over this country but they are too young so he would rather have his wife become a gap until they are old enough. mark my words mugabe is secretly campaigning for that, that is why he said at the right time people will decide and he will only allow that time when his wife is ready to stand her ground and win. he is the power in everything and knows when to do it. he only call for a contest when he knows he has power and strategy win like he did under the gnu. our next president is grace until we turn to GOD.

see - 15 July 2015

politics hadzina formula. whoever wants to take over has to position them-self not just commenting. the one with the best strategy will walk away with power. thats how the game goes. we zimbos are good at managing from the terraces. this lady is serious. who knows, she might end-up in the state house.

taurai - 15 July 2015

Hahahaha Grace will never be president in Zim, if that's what she's dreaming she must wake up real fast because that's not gonna happen. This so called G40 is using her and she'll only realise when Mugabe either retires or passes away. Wake up Grace!!

misty - 15 July 2015

Words are powerful, they either describe reality or create it. There is virtually nothing impossible under the sun. All is a question of chance. The dynamics in ZPF will continue to keep people alive and engaged until the storm can not be contained. As long as the security sector is still is as quiet as it is, it means all is well.

mlovshto - 15 July 2015

in this kind of situation security ndiyo inenge ichidya heavy mamwe madepartments haana kana basa

zuze - 15 July 2015

@misty mugabe is not dying or retiring until he makes sure grace takes over power. mark my words. the zimbabwe situation needs God.

s - 16 July 2015

Finally Zimbabwe has been dezezurunised, ichoooooooooooooo

Gonakudzingwa - 16 July 2015

ZANU PF is now disintegrating. First lady and president are two different things. Grace is causing mayhem in the part .The stability of the ruling party is one aspect important for the progress of the nation. Please cdes spare us this nuisance and do state business. Karangas area Zimbabweans too. If they lead no problem. Zimbabwe is for everyone don't start tribalism. Kana congress yasvika just bid to succeed and see what people would say through the ballot language fullstop.

Roddy - 16 July 2015

In my opinion, these so called young Turks who are reputed to be brilliant, academically endowed future leaders are nothing but elements on the payroll of the CIA aiming to cause major strife in the country. Amai Grace will be taught a lesson in leadership skills if she aligns herself with them and ignores other genuine party loyalists.

Woodington Shoko - 16 July 2015

He Tsvangirai has no war credentials thus will never rule Zimbabwe some one who was 15 years in 1980 now eying to be president.kkkkkkkkkk war vets have have balls ??????????????????????????????????????

WAR CREDENTIALS - 16 July 2015

Her majesty's favorite is her garden boy Joseph Mtakwese Made. He grows wholesome cucumbers for her ultimate culinary and bodily satisfaction.

Chengeta Chinamasa - 16 July 2015

Grace uyu musamusvore. nokuti nsPHD. uye anogona kutonga

munyadzi shoko - 16 July 2015

if ths woman becomes president, i will renounce my citizenship flee to mozambique and apply for refugee status

Jekerere - 16 July 2015

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