Dzamara's family needs help

HARARE - Journalist-turned-democracy activist Itai Dzamara was abducted four months ago, but no one in authority wants to offer any clue to his whereabouts or fate.

Since March 9, when the Occupy Africa Unity Square leader went missing, his wife Sheffra has spent most of her time campaigning and working to ensure his safe return. It’s a daily struggle that so far has reaped no reward.

Dzamara was last seen in Glen View getting a haircut, where he was allegedly abducted and then driven away in a pickup truck by five unidentified men.

Members of Dzamara’s family, including his mother Benhilda are, of course, desperately concerned about his fate.

It is difficult to explain why Dzamara was abducted, and why those in power are reluctant to help find him or offer any theories on his disappearance.

Dzamara could have chosen a life of comfort, but he chose a different path — to work to highlight the failures and excesses of President Robert Mugabe’s regime. He campaigned tirelessly, staging sit-ins, demanding the resignation of Mugabe.

Many people believe Dzamara was abducted by State agents because of his campaign against Mugabe’s regime, but authorities say they have nothing to do with the abduction.

His family expects to obtain sufficient assistance from the authorities in the search for Dzamara. However, people who are in positions to help find him have so far done nothing. Regime authorities pretentiously express their concern and sympathy but prefer to distance themselves from the issue.

None of the authorities have lent a hand to help Sheffra and her two kids. The “Bring Back Itai Dzamara campaign” has had international support from most Western embassies but muted response from African envoys.

Many people turn their back on her in public, as if they fear she will ask them to help find her husband.

Zimbabweans are renowned for their gentle nature and kindness, so it is a shame that Sheffra and the rest of her family have not received maximum support on the search especially from government.

If more people showed the courage to become involved in the case, including former vice president Joice Mujuru, it would put greater pressure on the authorities to help find answers on the true circumstances of his disappearance, his whereabouts and, hopefully, his safe return.

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If they need help, it should be spiritually to exorcise the demon in their evil ways of seeking cheap publicity. Dzamara is a nonentity, period. He is just one of those idiotic puppets.

Smart - 15 July 2015

Smart I guess you are a fellow African, I presume. You know about the sanctity of human life, I presume. It's not about "political" or whatever kind of publicity as you would like to put it. Here we are discussing an issue that should not be politically but spiritually and morally sensitive. Remember, when the Almighty God created man he created him in his own image. God breathed life into man. Therefore all human life should not only be viewed but treated with SACRALITY it deserves. We are all human beings, bearing the likeness of God. We are all Zimbabweans, Africans even though we might differ on political views. To say Dzamara is a nonentity at this point is not only emotionally cruel but spiritually demonic if not Satanic or morally deficient. For your own information, even the VP of this country CDE Mnangagwa in his own words expressed sympathy at such an act describing it as barbaric. It is only people obsessed with vampiric demons, sadists, who rejoice when helpless children and wife of the"missing" Dzamara are grieving over his whereabouts. Once again you should learn about the SACRALITY of human life. Human life has value in itself, whether one is Zanu PF, MDC, Mavambo, NCA Black or White, African, Asian or European. We Zimbabweans value human life and when people like you comment on Dzamara as nonentity or an idiotic puppet, I am not sure if your brains have the same reasoning capacity with that of a baby chimpanzee. Put all differences aside and put yourself in the shoes of Dzamara's children. Think like an African, think like a Zimbabwean. Think like a mature person. Dont think like a baby Chimpanzee. Sorry for emotionally charged comments. its only because I am failing to find the actual size and chemical as well as physiological composition of your unthinking , blunt and seemingly dead or rotten brain.

professor jonathan - 15 July 2015

Smart you are far from being a normal human being , describing Dzamara as a nonentity is genuinely uncalled for and very very unfortunate on your part . I am actually puzzled by your way of thinking if you ever think . Still on the same token I really do not know whether you are a family man yourself or someone is taking care of you which is very likely anywhere because a person of your type does not have substance in him let alone any ray of brain . What really do take a human being for , a packet of madison , everest or something else , my dear you are worse than a dog to say the least . I am devoid of the superlatives to describe a person like you , I really do not know whether I should call you a person or a thing or a piece of tissue with saliva on it . SHAME ON YOU MR SMART .

Mannotes - 15 July 2015

It is very unfortunate that we are not able to see Smart's face .I think his face will sum it all. God is watching.Mabasa ako achakutevera.

shura - 15 July 2015

Ana Smart ndimwi munoziva kwamwakawiga Dzamara. God will one day unleash his judgement upon ruthless people like you. Are you not ashamed of yourself. You rejoice when small children left by Dzamara are crying. Where is your conscience? Usadaro iwe. Tikwanire. Stupid Idiot. Zidofo risina hanya nehupenyu we amwe.

DZIDZAI - 16 July 2015

@Smart I thing you need deliverance you were not suppose to speak like that though uchiziva hako kut kuti waka maka family yekwa DZAMARA

Poison tester - 18 July 2015

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