Not even jail can stop me: Jabulani

HARARE - Fearless former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda said yesterday that he is not afraid of going to prison to defend his beliefs and constitutional rights against President Robert Mugabe’s government.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Sibanda said Zimbabweans owed it to themselves to remove Mugabe and Zanu PF from power as life was getting harder and rougher for ordinary citizens.

He also reiterated the clarion call that he made at Itai Dzamara’s prayer meeting at the weekend where he encouraged long-suffering Zimbabweans to launch what he called “Operation Kubvisa zvisina basa (Shona for getting rid of rubbish)”.

The outspoken Sibanda, who was arrested last November after opposing what he described as a “bedroom coup” as Mugabe’s wife Grace became increasingly more influential in Zanu PF, said at the Dzamara rally on Saturday that opposition leaders needed to work together to remove the nonagenarian and Zanu PF from power.

Sibanda was last year charged under Section 33 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act which criminalises undermining the authority of the president — in connection with his bedroom coup jibe against Grace and Mugabe.

He was also one of the first high-profile casualties of the vicious purge of top officials in Zanu PF who were deemed to be too close to former Vice President Joice Mujuru. Mugabe also personally attacked him during a rally at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare late last year saying, “Jabulani speaks like he is possessed by the devil ... I heard he wants to go to war against me. So with his war veterans he wants to fight me with my soldiers? I will have to see when he is planning it”.

Apart from being expelled from Zanu PF, Sibanda was also deposed as war veterans leader — decisions that were taken unilaterally without him facing disciplinary processes.

In his interview with the Daily News yesterday, he was emphatic that real democracy in Zimbabwe would have to come from the people themselves, which was why citizens needed to act against Zanu PF’s misrule.

“I am saying yes, sometimes there is a lot to be afraid of but sometimes it is better to take the risk now than to compel the next generation to move in the same problem. Yes, we can be arrested, but in our country you don’t need to be arrested because already circumstances are torturous to the people.

“If in your own party that was founded on the principles of democracy, principles of fighting for freedom, principles of armed struggle, you cannot be listened to, you are not even afforded a hearing at your own party, then that means you are not free to express your views in that party.

“And the same party is in government, the same people in your disciplinary committee are the same people running the judiciary in your own country, then don’t ask me whether I am afraid,” Sibanda charged, adding that people could remove Mugabe and Zanu PF from power constitutionally if they tried hard enough.

“We want kubvisa zvisina basa, to remove them constitutionally through elections. I was arrested before you were born. Mugabe was arrested but he kept on fighting for the liberation of Zimbabweans and I am sure he will protect those who are fighting for what he fought for.

“The system existing in our country does not represent the will of the people. The will of the people is very simple, give us the right to vote. You don’t find it in Zanu PF. Give us the right to debate, you don’t find it in Zanu PF.

“Give us the fruits of liberation and they are not there. The fruit of the liberation struggle is to be able to choose our leaders and it has been eaten by zvipfukuto (Weevils) in our party,” Sibanda said.

The tough-talking war veteran added, “As I know him, Mugabe will protect the rights of the people but if he prefers to listen to people that did not sacrifice for the generation to come and work with them against those who sacrificed for the country, that one we leave it to God”.

Turning to the ongoing war against vendors, Sibanda said the government should first provide employment for Zimbabweans before removing the traders from the streets.

He also bemoaned the fact that Zimbabwe had in its 35 years of self rule failed to advance itself technologically.

“I was in Harare and I saw a peanut butter-making machine that was created at the University of Zimbabwe. I don’t know how many professors we have got there but this is the age of technology. There are cars that automatically park themselves today. We have drones, pilot-less planes. This is the age of technology.

“But now what I saw from the UZ is equivalent to a shaduf (irrigation tool) which existed almost 4 000 years ago not in Europe or Asia but in North Africa — Egypt to be precise. So we are 3 000 years behind Egypt,” he said.

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makanonoka kutaura whn we where tokng maiti hee nyika yakanaka nhasi ndopamaona kuipa kwacho

kuda - 13 July 2015

I find Jabu and his former ZANU (PF) colleagues quite a dishonest bunch of people. Between himself and Mugabe, who personally have blood of poor villagers on his hands!?

Mhofu Chaiyo - 13 July 2015

Uyahlanya Jabulani. Can you just shut up. You were part of the system and you benefited from the system. Idiot.

chido - 13 July 2015

So you think the people of Masvingo will forget your forays and dine with you comrade ?

Meso meso - 13 July 2015

Personally i will never take this human rights abuser seriously.Has he forgotten the terror that he unleashed in Masvingo?If i had my way i would effect a civilian arrest on him.Shame on this son of a pig who is now mourning more than the bereaved.

juks - 13 July 2015

Jabulani - firstly I doubt if, given your age, you are a war vet. Secondly - you went around Zimbabwe preaching the Zanu PF gospel but now you want Zanu PF out of power where do you stand or maybe I should ask "what's your problem?". Either you are simply abandoning a sinking ship or its a can of grapes are sour. We are not as stupid as you think and I hope the MDC is not stupid as well.

Open Eye - 13 July 2015

Jabu go to MASVINGO talk to your victims tell them that you are sorry for what you did to them and you are now a good man who can see evil which in this case is Mugabe . Tell them that if zanu loses they will be no war at all instead Mugabe will run away . Do that now to cleanse your self so that you can come in the big tent .Tell them that you no longer smoke what you used to smoke when you inflicted pain into them and forced them to vote for shiit zanu . But what i know for sure about you you are not a coward and you will seek for forgiveness from Mavitoli you were very very bad to them and next time never come near zanu again uyezwa .

Diibulaanyika - 13 July 2015

Now you are a real war veteran, fight for the benefit of many even if it means death thus real manhood.

ananian - 13 July 2015

Jabulani is an idiot full of shit.

musa dhenyula - 13 July 2015

Again Javurani can you tell us your war history starting from your date of birth, area you trained, the instructors, area you operated and then remind your idiocy about Hondo yema Dzviti (maNdevere). Uyagula !

FOKORO - 13 July 2015

Again Javurani can you tell us your war history starting from your date of birth, area you trained, the instructors, area you operated and then remind your idiocy about Hondo yema Dzviti (maNdevere). Uyagula !

FOKORO - 13 July 2015

kwava kuenda nyaya ye nyika yedu kwavakutyisa. too many disgruntled people. i am not sure whether the revolutionary party will be able to contain these threats. its now war people against war people. hameno kuno wira tsimbo ne dohwe.

taurai - 13 July 2015

@fokoro I think you are going out of topic . Jabu has nothing to do with Maswina and Mazviti war he was not even a zeagote during that time but you sound like a foolish tribalist down with you . What all as zimbabweans know is Jabu forced voters in Masvingo to vote for zanu and he must eat his pride and say sorry finish and klaa and he can join the big tent as long he is willing to work hard to remove zanu from power ,

Diibulaanyika - 13 July 2015

Maybe you missed the speech by this Jabu you Dibula-nyini because its him who mentioned it. If you are part of Jabu's notion then tough lucky that I accidentally touched your Mudhosvo faculty trying to thrive on the Gukurahundi issue he mentioned during the so-called Dzamara prayer. Ask your level of foolishness before ignorantly pointing to me.

FOKORO - 13 July 2015

@fokoro i have no doubt that your mother is a porn star blood idiot .

Diibulaanyika - 14 July 2015

hamunyari here kutirana zvinhu zvisina basa. read the comment from the editor:Readers are kindly requested to refrain from using using abusive, vulgar, racist, tribalistic, sexist, discriminatory and hurtful language when posting their comments on the Daily News website. Those who transgress this civilised etiquette will be barred from contributing to our online discussions.

zvirozviyedzwa - 14 July 2015

How can any of us ever trust any of these former Mugabe sycophants again most of whom are still on the CIO books. All of his have to start afresh and select new, bright and innovative leaders who have never had any connection with this evil regime?

Langton Phiri - 14 July 2015


JOHNS NYASHA - 14 July 2015

Kuvada kana kusavada madzimambo akafanira kuremekedzwa. Madzimambo anogadzwa naMwari saka ndivo vanogona kuvabi sazwe

tichaona chikomba - 14 July 2015

Mambos are not democratically elected so they rule until they dies but any one elected by people must be removed by people Mugabe included .If some one still thinking that politicians are put by god then that person belongs to the stone age times and they is no day that god will come to say i have come to remove so and so never forget baba . If you fold your hands and say god will remove the dictator for you then you must be a coward not to hide behind god .remember even satan was created by god but god will never come to you and say to you do not be a friend of satan he will only help you to move away from diabolos once you start the movement .

Diibulaanyika - 14 July 2015

jabulani you are the most idiot in zanupf. you have blood in your hands. iwe na diesel diidymus go and get cleansed first.

chinja - 14 July 2015

jabulani you are the most idiot in zanupf. you have blood in your hands. iwe na diesel diidymus go and get cleansed first.

chinja - 14 July 2015

there is nothing wrong about jubu having his eyes opened now after he terrorized pple, Apostile paul was one such a person who tormented the church bt in the fullness of time when his eyes were opened, he became the greatest of all apostles, a bond servant of Christ who held more crusades preaching about the same Christ he once persecuted. jabulani can be reminiscent of the same case, who knows

taga - 14 July 2015

If Jabu is ready to work for a change it is his democratic right to do so and only cio can pretend to be against him . Its like a footballer who used to score to much against your team and when he wants to join you do you chase him away ? bcoz of his previous record of scoring against you . CIO we were not born yesterday nor so cheap that we can not see your dirty works . Let Jabu decide what he wants and if his decision now is to work with his former victims to remove Mugabe that is ok for those who are hungry for change . We are not type of people who can be lied to that if zanu loses they will be war or that a cell phone will watch you voting no please your tricks are so cheap and out dated .

Diibulaanyika - 14 July 2015

Jabu, if you could only swallow your pride and apologize to the Masvingo people and Zimbabweans at large for your wrong doings during your tenure as War Veterans Leader, while hooked to the evil ZANU PF party, I am sure some of the Zimbabweans would take your message here seriously. A bigger, number of Zimbos will eventually take you even more seriously, kutoti zvaa zvinhu, if you start walking your hard talk here. I advise you not to just apologize apologize and disappear into oblivion like what the ex-Vice President did, but to ask for mercy, and start using much energy in doing the right thing than you did when you terrorised the Masvingo people under ZPF's cover.

VendorizedZimNation - 14 July 2015

Rigging elections made easier to detect, Polling station voter registration, thank you zec. Munenge muripi maelections achirhigwa?I is the mass in zimbabwe that will get zanupf from power, not a thousand people.

fungaivatema - 16 July 2015

grapes are sour

Jekerere - 16 July 2015

jabu you went for the million match to get robert into office ii) you terrorized people in masvingo so that they vote for robert. WHO ARE YOU FOOLING?

hooter - 17 July 2015

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