'Kasukuwere cannot fire Harare mayor'

HARARE - The ruling Zanu PF party has absolutely no lawful authority to dethrone any urban council mayor or councillor, Morgan Tsvangirai’s opposition MDC has said.

This comes as new Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has threatened to fire the MDC Mayor of Harare Bernard Manyenyeni and his MDC councillors from office and instead allow the government to appoint commissions headed by chief executive officers to run the city.

Kasukuwere said the MDC-run council has failed to deal with a growing vendor menace.

“If Manyenyeni and others are not up to the task, we will find a way to ensure that we have a city that runs and don’t blame it on President Mugabe when that happens,” Kasukuwere was quoted recently.

“Councils must shape up or ship out. If the council does not clean the town, I will clean the Town House.”

The ruling Zanu PF party, which has absolute control of Parliament and can pass any laws it so wishes, has repeatedly lost all elections in major cities to the opposition MDC party since the opposition party was formed 15 years ago.

The MDC said Kasukuwere’s Zanu PF was seeking to regain control in the capital Harare by dismissing the elected councils and appointing pro-Zanu PF commissioners to run the city.

“The long and short of it is that Saviour Kasukuwere has absolutely no lawful authority to dismiss any mayor and councillor simply because they have refused to obey Zanu PF’s unlawful orders to forcibly remove vendors from the streets,” Obert Gutu, the MDC spokesperson said yesterday.

“Indeed, Section 278 of the Constitution clearly sets out the procedure that has to be followed before any mayor or councillor is removed from office. Put simply, an independent tribunal must be established to exercise the function of removing from office mayors, chairpersons and councillors, but such removal must only be on the grounds of inability to perform the functions of their office due to mental or physical incapacity, gross incompetence, gross misconduct, conviction of an offence involving dishonesty, corruption or abuse of office or wilful violation of the law.”

Gutu said the scourge of vending was a direct creation of the Zanu PF regime.

“Because of its ruinous, corrupt and irresponsible system of governance, this regime has run down the Zimbabwean economy over the years and in the process, thousands of workers have been thrown onto the streets as factories and industries continue to close on a daily basis,” Gutu said.

“The MDC calls upon the Zanu PF regime to immediately desist from adopting heavy — handed and unlawful methods of dealing with the vending crisis in Harare as well as in all the other cities, towns and growth points in the country. We shall not accept a situation whereby the Zanu PF regime unleashes its security operatives to ruthlessly clamp down on vendors; beating them up, arresting them and also destroying their merchandise.”

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It seems we Zimbabweans never learn. I want to claim that the influx of vendors on the streets was partly caused by irresponsible statements from above. Today there are efforts to remove vendors from the streets and we continue to get very irresponsible statements from above. Such statements are not helpful amid efforts to bring sanity into our streets. I know for sure, if authorities do nothing about the situation they get the blame. When they make effort to bring sanity we get irresponsible statements from above. This issue should be viewed with a very balanced mind. Already some people are threatening to vote otherwise in 2018. Some would also vote otherwise if this disorder is not removed from our streets. Has anybody ever imagined what the situation would be today if operation Clean up had not been done years back? It needed a bold decision to do it. This I think is what the new minister is trying to do. Irresponsible statements coming from high up will not help us as a nation move forward. It is now immaterial how and why people came to vend in First Street. The task ahead now is to assist the new minister achieve his objectives. At such crucial times it is very important we speak with one voice. We resort to politicking at our own peril.

D. N. Munonyara. - 11 July 2015

The more these MDC-T people open their mouths to say something the more they reveal their stupidity!!!! I cant believe they could be so stupid as to condone the mess that has been caused by vendors in the city centers. For once, cant they not make these stupid comments and decissions tantamount to cutting their noses to spite their faces. That is if they have any faces at all!!! No one in his right senses can condone the mess in the city centers caused by vendors. True, its the role of the local authorities to clean up the mess, as they are equipped by the laws to do so. And quite rightly Kasukuwere says if the local authorities cannot clean up the towns, then he will have to clean up the town houses. Well said Tyson, even though I never agree with you in most of your rants. Here you have said the right thing. The MDC-T must understand that the chaos in the cities caused by vendors affects everyone regardless of their political affiliation. For them to advocate for chaos just because Zanu PF is in power creates a precedence which will make it difficult for them to control the masses if they manage to get into power. What reasons will they give for wanting the people off the streets then if they consider it noble for them to remain there now??? Can some sanity please prevail for a change in the MDC -T camp???

SHIBOBO - 12 July 2015

Victimising vendors is not the answer. Using councils to fight desperate citizens is even worse. The whole ZANU nonsense has to stop. The lot have presided over the demise of a once vibrant economy. Why do they not resign and accept failure if success guarantees a stay in power? Double standards. They are out begging and wasting money when they know they have killed the economy. The truth is that councils cannot create jobs and did not cause the vending problems we face. Central government is not there for the people at all.

moyo - 13 July 2015

Guys dont be blind wen commenting on this platform, its not kungonakirwa nekukomenda i think pple of Zimbabwe really aware and no the trouble maker, zuro ndizuro they where promising 2m jobs wer are there? Vakabva mavendors voendepi vorarama nei guys lets think dont just support bad things coz unenge uchibawo no no no no.

fireman - 13 July 2015

Fireman is right.Please preach for them to understand.Zanu PF had failed on every step.They are moving 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards.The country is sinking like the way they are moving

Deva - 13 July 2015

zanu yakaponda hupfumi hwe nyika kare,kubvisa mayor kana kurega hazvivake nyika .Howori hugadzirisei kutangira pamuri ana saviour .

chitsig - 13 July 2015

zanu yakaponda hupfumi hwe nyika kare,kubvisa mayor kana kurega hazvivake nyika .Howori hugadzirisei kutangira pamuri ana saviour .

chitsig - 13 July 2015

Lies. Without reading the garbage, I know that they found way to fire Mutare Mayor, Brian James and that is the last time we saw excellence in Mutare.

mkwesha - 13 July 2015

zanu pf must accept failure first.they are in this government through dubious means.next time i read the next article i want to hear that Robert had retired or has been forced to retire

pays - 13 July 2015

Governmet using Councils to fight desperate citizens does not work. Everybody knows the cause why these people are in the streets. During better days people used to sell in the streets but not in such numbers. Why not solve the problem causing this first and see what happens. They will disappear on their own. And Cde Minister I think you dont know your constitution or laws. We the people are the only ones who can fire the Mayor and Councillors. We love our Mayor and Councillors an we have no intention of removing them. We know very well why they cant do their jobs at times. It is the Council workers we hate... especially the Municipal police who defy the Council and listen to ....you know who?

REPENT - 14 July 2015

Saviour Kasukuwere aspires to be more corrupt than his predecessor Ignatius Morgan Chombo the prime looter. Kasukuwere is presently a Mugabe favorite because of his arrogance and brown-nosing ass-kissing skills. Chombo is now out of favor because he has got too rich and powerful and has not shared his ill-gotten plunder with the hierarchy Kasukuwere plans to reinstate the most evil of the Harare City Council the corrupt ex-town clerk Tendai Mahachi

Ngoni Masoka - 15 July 2015

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