'Malema's praise for Mugabe disgusting'

HARARE - Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (Zef) yesterday angrily slammed gushing praises for President Robert Mugabe by Julius Malema, South Africa’s Economic Freedom Front (EFF) opposition leader that the problems in Zimbabwe were not caused by the nonagenarian but by “capital”.

Zef chairperson and human rights lawyer Gabriel Shumba said that his organisation was “outraged and disgusted that the EFF president, who a few weeks ago was condemning xenophobic violence in South Africa, was now apparently in condonation of Mugabe’s atrocities that have forced millions into exile.”

Malema told journalists at a press conference in Johannesburg last week: “How do you say a man who has won elections is a tyrant? He has never preceded over any massacre of our people; he continues to lead a party that advocates for very radical economic policies in Zimbabwe.”

Zef said the statements by Malema are at odds with the realities that have forced close to a quarter of Zimbabwe’s population into foreign lands.

Shumba said Mugabe has never won any free and fair election in Zimbabwe, hence the country’s international isolation.

“If Mugabe was a darling of the Zimbabwean people, there would not be any need to silence dissent, abduct and torture human rights activists and opponents,” he said.

“If he had been an economic champion, we would not have a situation where over 85 percent of our people are unemployed and the social infrastructure has been devastated. Evidently, we would not now be dependent on food handouts from the United Nations, which are distributed along party lines.”

Shumba called on the EFF president to make time to meet him so that he would explain the situation in Zimbabwe “with the needed clarity, otherwise Malema’s statement has the dangerous potential of fuelling more hate and xenophobia against Zimbabweans in the Republic of South Africa.”

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Its really in bad taste for one who thinks he represent the economically marginalised.

forbeska - 10 July 2015

Juju was offside. He is so desperate to attack Zuma and will use anything including stopping the truth from getting in the way. Mugabe's record is there for all to see, and to say its not great is being overly polite. Mugabe's record is dreadful and no amount of sanitisation will help even his legacy.

Black Diamond - 10 July 2015

taurai zvenyu Mukoma Gabhu. Malema is just an attention seeker. haaziwe zvaanodaba uyu. he forgets kuti zvaanoti ANC is bad and treating him is the same with what our President Tsvangirai is facing.

Takaz - 10 July 2015

Julius is pushing for a noble cause if we are to look at the standard of living of the avarage man but more often than not, his utterences are misplaced and therefore an undoing of the very cause that he is pushing for. I think he need to drop the militant approach to his intended political solution. maybe take a militant approach as plan B if a diplomatic offensive fail to yield!These whites are so settled here in Africa and we can't flash them out in a genocide style but the transition must be civilised & gradual. We can not, at the same time, expect them to give in just like that but there can be some some resistancewhich need to be managed with maturity and some element of decency. Not to go on TV and rant like an overfed street kid shouting obcenities every time a juno seek your opinion of vomiting foul language at international fora like what mugabe is renowned for; its disgracefull to the peoples of Africa. Julius & Mugabe must hold themselves lest SA will be hit with sanctions just like zim and look where we are now!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 10 July 2015

Let the South Africans vote Malema as president and then he can look after Mugabe. To imagine the guy was supposed to be a guest speaker in Harare?

Heeeeei - 10 July 2015

i think its just good to comment issues with a little knowledge historically,politically ans economically to say sensible things on this platform.Malema maybe wrong in some instances but the fact that we are suffering more because of capital that is true.we may have our problems of adminstration like any other country but that only constitute an imperfection and not a crisis.Since when did Zim under the Presidency of Cde Mugabe became a flop in economy,politics?When did the western world disapproved Zanu pf leadership and what motivated that?Was it the first disaster or crisis to happen in Zim to merit that disapproval by the West?I need to remind my countrymen that we had our internal strife in the early 1980s but the west even sponsored it "the atrocities" on behalf of the government of the day.But when in 1997 when the president sent a special delegation to meet the John Bulls to remind them of the commitment to the Lancaster house settlement .If my memory still serve me well the late V.P J.Msika was the head.and the Tony Blairs refused to accept thereby creating a conducive environment to a disorderly programme and not envisaged.Surely because one can not beg what righfully belongs to him.Now the whole trouble came from there as Cde Mugabe fell out of favour with the John Bulls and their allies.That is what we are facing now and that is what Malema is saying.However, yes the President should accept to handover to other cadres to takeover the revolution

carson macate - 10 July 2015

If the current Zimbabwe is the model nation that Julius is advocating for, then I feel sorry for South Africans.

Juliusi - 10 July 2015

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