Kasukuwere, Wadyajena clash in parly

HARARE - The ugly factional and succession fights raging within President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF exploded into open warfare in Parliament yesterday when newly-appointed Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Gokwe-Nembudziya Zanu PF legislator Justice Wadyajena crossed swords sharply.

The combative Kasukuwere, who has boasted of being one of Zimbabwe’s “biggest political thugs”, had been summoned to appear before the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Indigenisation chaired by Wadyajena, to clarify how he handled the controversial $50 million Marange Community Share Ownership Scheme when he was Indigenisation minister.

It did not take long before the discourse between the two men — who do not appear to like each other much — erupted into a titanic brawl, with Kasukuwere accusing the youthful Wadyajena of seeking to settle political scores using his position as chairman of the committee.

But Wadyajena, who is closely-linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, stood his ground and retorted in kind — asking sarcastically whether Kasukuwere was “an animal that can be hunted”.

The Daily News has previously accurately reported that Mnangagwa’s supporters are locked in a vicious power struggle with Kasukuwere and other ambitious Zanu PF Young Turks who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) faction.

Mnangagwa’s supporters have variously accused Kasukuwere and the G40 of working to block the VP from succeeding Mugabe, while those close to Kasukuwere allege that the Mnangagwa camp is using Wadyajena’s committee to undermine and knock down the new Local Government minister.

And yesterday, Kasukuwere himself came out in the open about these conspiracies, tearing the quarrelsome would-be Mnangagwa protégé.

“I think this is a big witch-hunt. I don’t think it’s the committee, but I must say it’s yourself (Wadyajena) and at a personal level… Mr Chairman you have been very careless. I have recordings of your own discussions with journalists. I have recordings of your own self speaking on television and trying to impute that there has been corruption.

“We respect this committee, we respect Parliament, but this institution must not be used for political grandstanding. We must take each other seriously,” the emotional Kasukuwere charged.

On his part, Wadyajena — who has vowed to expose any malpractices involving the country’s indigenisation programme and its community share ownership trusts — was adamant that he was just doing his job and that he would not be intimidated to stop the investigations into the matters.

“We just want to bring closure to this issue,” he said without budging.

Kasukuwere, who presided over the establishment of the contested community share ownership trusts between 2009 and 2013 when he was minister of Youth and Indigenisation, insisted that Wadyajena was out to get him.

Despite Kasukuwere indicating then that five diamond mining companies in Chiadzwa had pledged $10 million each towards the community trusts, the same companies later appeared before Parliament and categorically denied that they had pledged such monies.

Francis Nhema, who took over the Indigenisation portfolio from Kasukuwere, also told the same Parliamentary committee last year that as far as his ministry was concerned, there had been no such agreement between the government and the mining firms.

Kasukuwere later produced letters that he said constituted documentary evidence that proved the existence of the agreements, in an attempt to clear his name from allegations that he had misled Mugabe about the existence of the trusts.

But Nhema said bluntly that the letters were fake, adding that he had searched for them at the ministry but could not locate them.

“I still strongly believe witch-hunts are part and parcel of what you are doing. That, in a way, exposes youthful exuberance,” the minister, who is also Zanu PF’s national political commissar said yesterday.

“Honourable, are you an animal that can be hunted? I am just doing my job. Please let me do my job,” Wadyajena shot back.

“This animal is too big for you to hunt. It might turn back and hunt you. In a small way, Mr chairman, you have been using rekeni (Shona for catapult),” Kasukuwere cut in.

Refusing to back down, Wadyajena went religious and reminded the minister about how “Goliath was killed by David”.

In a surprising turn of events as the two men continued to brawl yesterday, Kasukuwere said there had been no formal agreements that had been signed between the diamond-mining companies and the government due to the mining firms’ complex shareholding structures.

“We understood the ownership of the diamond-mining companies and we talked to principal shareholders to contribute towards the welfare of the Marange people.

“It would have been a misnomer to treat government-owned entities in the same way with private companies like Zimplats and Mimosa where we signed agreements,” Kasukuwere said — in comments that appeared to contradict his assertions when he was Indigenisation minister.

After failing to get a satisfactory answer from the burly minister — known in political circles as Tyson — Wadyajena said openly that Kasukuwere had wasted the committee’s time.

“I don’t think we made any headway in this meeting,” Wadyajena said.

Kasukuwere shot back, arguing he had not appeared before the committee to make any headway, but to clarify the share ownership trust issues.

“I don’t think your conduct as chairman is good,” an irritated Kasukuwere said. “You must take this House very seriously.”

After the meeting, Kasukuwere hugged Wadyajena and said, “kiss of death”. The youthful MP shot back: “Kiss of death from you to me or from me to you?”

The government, through the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), owns 50 percent shareholding in all but one of the diamond firms operating in Marange.

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Zvamutsana tsuro nembwa.... In all fairness I think this Wadyajena guy is too ambitious and over zealous. To attack your seniors like this just because he has the vice president`s (Mnangagwa) backing is uncalled for. You can see everywhere he (Mayor Wadyajena), the guy does not have respect for other people. Anozvidhonza too much. Even Chiyangwa ari nani. What happened yesterday has nothing to do with what is good for the nation but it was jus Wadyajena trying to show the world that he is connected to Mnangagwa, so that he scares every zimbabwean.

Yabo - 10 July 2015

True dat...... Mayor Wadyajena thinks he owns every zimbabwean. You can see by the way he behaves in public. Showing everyone kuti he is the man of the moment. The day Mnangagwa falls,, hehehe be careful young man.

Aniko - 10 July 2015

In politics mira ne vabiyako kwete zva Saviour zveku nyangadza vekwake please answere Wadyagena period -mushoriwa

David Mabuwa - 10 July 2015

kkkk So Ministers also talk in public like that. What is going on in Zim. Gadzirisai hunu please!!!

mabori - 10 July 2015

Editor please use mukorekore please don't share my name

mukorekore - 10 July 2015

Brilliant! Such confrontation shows how Zimbabwean Parly is made up of.It shows how serious the country is about mismanagement and malpractices amongst us.Truly if this happens in evry session in the Parly we will get there.Keep up the good work guys.Continue probing!

nkululeko - 10 July 2015

I think Wadya is doing is job. The youngster still has his moral & professional princeples intact because he does not have a corrupt record like most of you and the whole other lot in zanu. As a result he is being fair in his approach to this enquiry; when the directors of mines stood in front of the committe why was there no confrontational speeches? Now its one saviour whose wedding was even sponsored by zanu the approach must change; thats being partial and Wadya doesn't want to do that! Wadya wants to a straight record so that he can come up with a seemless and fair report for his enquiry. The more they belong to factions the better because chokwadi chinobuda. Why must saviour think that he must not be asked certain questions? Thats were the asnwers lie and saviour must respond. For once I have agreed nemunhu wezanu(Wadya) because they think they own everything including manyepo. roast that maggot until it burst toona kuti zvii zvaraidya riri kuministry. This must also send a message to other Corruption Practitioners. Whether its witch-hunting or not 6 out of ten Wadya!

SaManyika Chaiye - 10 July 2015

The whole share ownership and indigenisation plan is suspect and that is what Mayor is looking to unearth whether he has ED's support or not. Savior K should answer clearly if he has nothing to hide? Mayor 0, Savior -10 is the score from me.

Heeeeei - 10 July 2015

Kasukuwere should just answer the questions - period. The young chairperson, despite his flawed character, was asking relevant questions. Kasukuwere was contradicting himself and threatening the young man instead of answering questions. Kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge uine katurikwa.

Muoni Muongorori - 10 July 2015

Leave youngman Wadyajena to do his job as Kasukuwere claims he did his.Those of us who think the youngman is this or that its not an issue at all because everyone is this or that also but that shouldnt be a yardstick to evaluate his work.Keep it up youngman Wadyajena and help the nation flush out the killers of our economy.You are one of the real ZANUPF where i belong and not those who just support garbage because its done by big fish.to hell with bootlicking

carson macate - 10 July 2015

Kasukukuvire`stance reveals what is going on at the top levels of Zanu-PF. Wacho wamunoti Tyson airasa - ateura gure rese. He is simply saying: "Young man,don`t point your finger at me, I am not the first and only thief in Zanu-PF who is pilfering the country`s resources. After all what I got from looting is nothing compared to what other shefs got and I cannot be prosecuted for that if the worse thieves are not even touched." Pasi ramuka. Upfumi hwenyika hwamakaromba hwapfuka. It may take decades but definitely the moment of truth will dawn on a nation. Hakuna chokuba chinodyiwa nemunhu chisingafi chakapfuka. In the same way we fought to the bitter end injustices in our mnotherland we (or our kids) will root-out the culture of theft imported and rooted in our country by Zanu-PF. This is the beginning. Wait till the architecture of this rotten culture of theft is gone then you will see that Zimbabweans aren`t your people as you always claim. Do not mistake our love for peace for stupidity.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 10 July 2015

This is a good lesson for politicians - if you do your job (and don't line your pockets), then you should have no fear appearing before a subcommittee such as this.

david taylor - 10 July 2015

A headway was made. Savior revealed it all. He reached an agreement with the shareholders, not the management, which is a mere front. The shareholders are fearsome politicians and securocrats who actually lied to that young man that they would pay 50million dollars. Even Chidhakwa knows that the system is impenatrable, dzungu raakatanga naro rapera. Let him dare try to merge Anjin with other companies aone.

jairosi - 10 July 2015

mbavha vanakasukuwere .munotyei kana pasina zvamakaita.mabasa ako anokuteverera

chinos - 12 July 2015

There is no witch hunt apa Tyson. Just answer the questions. period. You served that ministry first so explain how you handled those funds. But iwe wadyajena unemuvhamu...dzungu chairo. ziva kuti vakuru vanoti nhasi ndiwe, mangwana ndini. Kana dindingwe rozozvuzvurudzwa risazoti mavara aro azara mavhu.

Batai munhu - 13 July 2015

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