Nkomo turning in his grave: Jabulani

HARARE - Former war veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda — also a former aide to the late “Father Zimbabwe”, Joshua Nkomo — says the respected nationalist is “probably turning in his grave” as President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF presides over “debilitating divisions in the country and a collapsing economy”.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday as the country remembers Nkomo, Sibanda said the revered leader of Zapu before its merger with Mugabe’s party in 1987 would “definitely be disappointed” by Zimbabwe’s demise under Zanu PF if he was alive.

“Nkomo would not be happy if he was alive because the current leadership is actually presiding over the liquidation of the party and country. It is presiding over the liquidation of the State. I tell you, if Nkomo was alive he would be greatly disappointed,” he said.

Nkomo died on July 1, 1999 following a long illness, and after spending his entire adult life fighting for an equal and prosperous Zimbabwe.

Sibanda said Nkomo would be disappointed with Zanu PF and the state of the country because his vision for Zimbabwe was one of freedom, progress and development.

“Nkomo is the only leader in the world who went on to negotiate (with Mugabe’s Zanu) walking on top of graves in the interest of peace and unity in the country, as well as future generations. He stood for peace, tranquility and prosperity, and sadly all these values have since been destroyed by Zanu PF led by Mugabe.

“Nkomo was selfless but now we see that President Mugabe and his party are presiding over the destruction of all the values that Nkomo stood for. They are de-commissioning the party, they are de-revolutionising the party and as a result there is unprecedented disintegration of the party and government.

“But at the same time, he (Nkomo) would also be happy because he believed in the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. So, if he was here he would give people hope, unite them and tell them to find one another.

“He would give people hope because to him the people always came first, and thus he would have given the people hope and courage to regroup for the survival of the country, the revival of the economy and re-establishment of our image among other African nations.

“Yes, Nkomo would have been disappointed, but on the other hand he would have been happy,” Sibanda said.

Political analyst Dumisani Nkomo, said Father Zimbabwe had “prophesied all the troubles” that the country wa facing.

“He foresaw this when he made a speech at Lookout Masuku’s funeral. I believe that to address the challenges we are facing, we should allow more debate about Nkomo’s values and the resuscitation of his projects,” he said.

“There is something radically wrong with our country today and we are moving fast towards destruction,” the late vice president was quoted saying during the burial of Masuku on April 12, 1986.

The Bulawayo-based analyst said there was current “confusion and corruption” which were taking place “under the false mirror of correcting imbalances of the past”.

“Many young men and women are eking out a difficult life on the streets of our cities as there is terrible unemployment. Life has become harsher than ever before. People are referred to as squatters,” he said.

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True . Read a letter Nkomo wrote to Mugabe I think in 1983 . Everything he warned Mugabe about Zimbabwe is happening now. We need visionary leaders like him and Nelson Mandela .Mandela once said Zimbabwe was suffering from lack of leadership. With this kind of leaders who lines up to take notes from a dull woman like Grace , then we are doomed.

dzasukwa - 4 July 2015

Something is totally wrong from the onset of the liberation struggle , the peace accord and the distribution of land l still wonder why we have insulting names like KARIGAMOMBE in a united Zimbabwe while people celebrate the Unity accord at the expense of others

Everton Dzingai Mutsinze - 4 July 2015

Something is totally wrong from the onset of the liberation struggle , the peace accord and the distribution of land l still wonder why we have insulting names like KARIGAMOMBE in a united Zimbabwe while people celebrate the Unity accord at the expense of others

Everton Dzingai Mutsinze - 4 July 2015

JB please leave Umdala Nkomo to rest in peace. It is you JB who have caused untold suffering and mayhem. Its game over JB.

X-MAN IV - 5 July 2015

Jabulani, reflect on the possibility that Joshua Nkomo started to "turn in his grave" when you became exterminator no. one for ZANU Pf.May be you should then be persuaded to make amends and seek forgiveness.

Abri - 5 July 2015


Referee - 6 July 2015

Khijana now knows to refer to Nkomo all these past years?

bakwena - 6 July 2015

Jabu ngavhare muromo wake

gidza - 6 July 2015

This was a return match for maDzviti time and umdala Nkomo was very much aware of that to enter into unit accord

msvina - 6 July 2015

Main cause of collapsing economy and current dire straits is idolatry. Idolatry ritual sacrifice has been an ongoing thing its no secret and now the chickens have come to roast. Dating back to liberation struggle Chimirenga songs epitomized spirit mediums and the likes of Nehanda, Parerenyatwa, Chitepo forgetting God is the creator of the universe. Foolish politicians depict the Bible as a tool used by the missionary to get the country which is quite absurd because the Bible is your instruction manual for a glorious life. The Church is the pillar of truth but in Zimbabwe you have your own traditional church doctrines not Bible doctrines. Only in Christianity is there fellowship with the Heavenly Father but there are lots of cult churches in Zimbabwe. God wants people to worship Him in spirit and truth but you think its a democracy lets pray through our ancestor. God is against mediums because they are familiar spirits, your ancestor can never talk through any of your family members thus satanic. You consult mediums for rain which is against God and its drought year in year out. God is love and the country is being chastised therefore repent and follow Godly principles. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord of your life and be born again according to Bible, be filled with the Holy Spirit who created you so he can teach and guide you. Promotion and riches comes from God not from (kuchekeresa) rituals. Nkomo is died and has no touch with the living therefore can't be turning is his grave he is awaiting judgement for either eternal life or hell if he wasn't born again at the time of his death. You don't need a political solution the only solution is repentance and worship God according to the tenants of the Bible, its your life Sibanda. There is nothing Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mujuru or whoever can do to stop collapsing economy or bring good governance.

Dee - 6 July 2015

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