Zanu PF must admit failure - Biti

HARARE - Reversing the tide of Zimbabwe’s rapid de-industrialisation is now an urgent imperative demanding that President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF accepts failure and allow the set up of a National Technical Transitional Council (NTTC) to staunch the economic haemorrhage, former Finance minister Tendai Biti has said.

“We are now making vending a virtue which it is not,” Biti said.

“What we need is an entire new matrix of the economic direction and vision in this country.

“How do we re-industrialise, how do we give people formal jobs; because a vendor does not want to sell tomatoes. Zimbabweans are now scattered all over the world because of rapid de-industrialisation that has caused unprecedented job losses,” Biti said.

The MDC Renewal Team secretary-general told a district structures meeting in Mbizo, Kwekwe last weekend that five million Zimbabweans have left the country to look for jobs elsewhere. He blasted Zanu PF’s “ignorant celebration of the informalisation of the economy.”

He said Kwekwe was formerly the industrial hub of the nation but was now a wasteland.

Accompanied by the renewal team leaders Lucia Matibenga and Settlement Chikwinya, Biti told the meeting that the whole package of Zanu PF policies, including the ZimAsset blueprint, have failed dismally, causing untold suffering to Zimbabweans.

Speaking on the Mugabe administration’s drive to remove 4 000 white farmers off their land without compensation that has spawned a growing humanitarian crisis, Biti said the land reform was supposed to emphasise productivity.

“The idea must be about productivity that is why you need to ensure the number of hectares for a family is around 20,” he said.

“The world over, the whole idea of an individual occupying a thousand hectares only serves to create idle land unless if the estate is under a large-scale corporation like Delta.”

He said title deeds were key in ensuring that individuals have the capacity to borrow money from banks and capitalise their farming operation.

He said agriculture is key to resuscitating the agro-based industry.

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Biti is a confused , of late he was saying Zanu pf won because of ZimAsset today he has changed the tune , what type of a lawyer is this young man made of . He can't stick to his guns , these are the signs of bad leadership , he just opens his mouth and say whatever he thinks like Jonso , thats why MDC failed to implement the reforms coz these youngsters shift goal post every minute to suit them .

Mudhara - 30 June 2015

mudhara. when has biti ever said that though. he has never said that dont lie. macio makawandisa on these websites why dont you guys go to the herald and use those internet sites. mugabe has killed the country. he does not care about us . all he cares about is enjoying power like a king. he stood in 1980 and people sacrificed but for what so zanu can enjoy.

petros - 30 June 2015

Biti himself is not bright. His greatest presonality undoing is his cunning behaviour, followed by his self-overating. If he stands up, you would think he is someone who is worth his salt. But he qucikly chickens out if the going gets tough. He mistakenly believes that Zimbabweans think Biti is the greatest think that has ever been created in Zimbabwe. And when people supported MDC-T, he thought it was him who was the centre of attraction. He uses a disabled man Mangoma to secede from mainstream MDC, leading quite a number of people to joblessness. He knew he had a law firm to work for. And now he is out of parliament, his renewal team further fragmenting, he just rants for nothing - knowing too well that hw has no follower. If only he knew that he wll never ever be trusted, he concentrate on law and not leadership i any sphere.

Danai Pazvagozha - 30 June 2015

Biti go to hell

chibaba - 30 June 2015

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biti challenged the handiende type called morgan and that is fine. no one should be allowed to impose them-self on people and pretend to be indispensable. morgan can and should be replaced. he has gone past he three term anyway.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 June 2015

Career or

lovemore - 30 June 2015

Petros you might have missed it, Mudhara is correct, Biti said Zanu Pf won because of its Zimasset Blueprint. He really said so when he was castigating Tsvangirai.

Tozvireva - 30 June 2015

Petros you might have missed it, Mudhara is correct, Biti said Zanu Pf won because of its Zimasset Blueprint. He really said so when he was castigating Tsvangirai.

Tozvireva - 30 June 2015

Biti according to me is the man and i like the way he knows what the country needs , i think tese takamuona paaive mu government, he knows his game like or don't

Lloyd - 30 June 2015

Re industrialization is imperative because our country is consuming more than it is producing. There are lots of imports than exports and this from a nation which used to feed that SADC region and still had more than enough to feed its own. Perhaps zanu needs to go back to the drawing board and find out what it is doing wrong and do something about it.

pride - 30 June 2015

You may not like Biti, and even call him names, but he is one of the few who understand what is happenning in Zimbabwe and knows how how to tackle the thieving Zanupf. Zanupf MUST be taken out of power and Morgan cannot do it. He is now a Zanupf hostage. Let us give Biti a chance. He will take the country to "Canaan"!

Kondo - 30 June 2015

you are right @kondo biti has been in the politics game for a long. remember he was involved in ZUM with tekere. he appear very balanced in his utterances unlike mt. sure, lets give him a chance kwete kusiya save vari president forever. mdc is a party that talks change and that change must be effected in their system if anyone is to take them seriously.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 June 2015

Biti just lacks consistency for my liking.

Inyika - 1 July 2015

During zumu Biti was just a pikinini who was just following Tekere . He is a sellout and in mature as all can see how he is already fighting with Mangoma shows that he is not a leader at all but a talkative lawyer which is not zimbabweans need at present .Meanwhile he can continue swallowing a handful of pills a day to keep the deadly sickness in him under control.

Diibulaanyika - 1 July 2015

Biti is confused period!!! I agree with Mudhara!!!

wake - 1 July 2015

Biti is a better nyasarandi, a better full than Tsvangirai. MT chakamunyiwa matama nemujuru. Kuita se katsoko kakafunda mashuku

n.g - 1 July 2015

Biti is the last person to be a good leader , I think Petros you need to follow closely with politics Biti said it many times when he split from the Big Tent , MDC is the part of the people like it or not believe it or not Morgan defeated Mugabe hands down in 2008 and Mugabe rigged the election in 2013 , that shows that Save is a threat , ON Biti during Two Boy's days he was just a young boy and he was reading abut him in books and newspapers , so can you you do more research on that one . To tell you the truth guys i hate Zanu Pf till death , its evil , they are killers , abductors , rapists , corrupt and thieves , I am not one of them and i will never be one , icho , charira , kupiko .ikoko

Mudhara - 1 July 2015

Biti is confused... he is so Power hungry. Its unfortunate that most of our politicians are now driven by self interests.... mostly the idea of getting rich quick quick. Biti never had people`s interests at heart, He is looking for personal glory, thats all.. Biti is a dictator in the making.... Unfortunately for him we now see what he really is

Yago - 1 July 2015

most of these guys appear to be sick as well @diibu. with the way they change wives, one may expect the majority of them to be suffering perhaps the same way you seem to imply on biti. that doesn't mean that one has to retire from politics and work in general. you seem to be vindictive when you comment on biti. thats your view mumwe wangu. as for me, biti is miles better than save.

zvirozviyedzwa - 1 July 2015

Ever since Luxton was alloted a stand in the wetlands of Umwinsdale, he became a zanu in masquarade!

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 July 2015

@Zvirozviyedzwa, do you have another comment apart from always saying Morgan is a handiende? i think yu were fired by Morgan or u were part of the renewals that were kicked out of parly and now u are jobless. Why cant fold yo tail like Job Sikhala and rejoin the party that hasnt lost supporters to Renewals and Zanu.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 1 July 2015

Biti you are a lawyer, i thot as a lawyer you should be able to read between lines. The illegal sanctions that you and your brother Tsvangirai are now making you suffer as well. Kunonzi kurumwa nechekuchera ka uku.

paidamoyo - 2 July 2015

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