I'm prepared to work with Mujuru: Tsvangirai

HARARE - A buyount opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, yesterday promised his supporters “better” times ahead, while coming out clearly for the first time that he was prepared to work with the Zanu PF formation linked to former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Speaking to his supporters after touring an exhibition of MDC victims of political terror in Harare yesterday, ahead of his “state of the nation address” that he delivered later, Tsvangirai said he was ready to work with former liberation stalwarts who had previous links to President Robert Mugabe.

“I as Morgan Tsvangirai and the party I lead are prepared to work with Zimbabweans of all shades and political colours to bring back the country to sanity,” he said emphatically.

The former prime minister in the Government of National Unity said this in response to sentiments by some of the gathered MDC victims of violence and torture at the hands of Zanu PF, who said that they were against their party engaging with the likes of Mujuru and former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa whom they accused of having been part and parcel of Zanu PF’s terror campaigns.

Tsvangirai’s comments also followed growing calls for the country’s opposition to work together for Zimbabwe’s sake, as well as recent pronouncements by the likes of Mutasa who has openly admitted that the opposition leader and the MDC won the 2008 polls hands down although Zanu PF later used violent methods to deny them power.

Tsvangirai also said it was now apparent that the majority of Zimbabweans shared the MDC’s view that the electoral playing field was undemocratically skewed in Zanu PF’s favour, which meant that it could not deliver a free and fair election.

“That convergence means that for once, the majority of Zimbabweans are united on the one key issue which is to ensure that the next election is not only truly free and fair, but credible as well.

“We must begin to address, once and for all, the contentious issue of a disputed legitimacy which is the root cause of our current national crisis,” he said.

The MDC president said his party was always “motivated by the needs of everyone” whenever it took important decisions, adding that although a few people had not wanted the opposition to enter into a government of national unity with Zanu PF the majority of Zimbabweans appreciated “the respite that we provided in that process”.

“But you cannot stop people from being emotional, and you cannot blame them for being emotional because they know the characters who victimised them in their constituencies,” Tsvangirai said.

The opposition leader said although Zimbabweans were currently experiencing “untold suffering” owing to Zanu PF’s misrule, brighter times were “beckoning on the horizon”, particularly given that a grand coalition of opposition forces was taking shape.

“I see the true grand coalition not as the unity of individuals or leaders of political parties, but as a unity of Zimbabweans who possess shared values and convergence on the patriotic goal to take our country forward,” he said.

The spokesperson of the “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan People First, Rugare Gumbo, as well as former war veterans’ leader, Jabulani Sibanda, and the former Zanu PF chairperson for Mashonaland West, Temba Mliswa, have been championing a grand coalition with all parties in the country to end Mugabe’s controversial three and half decades in power.

“Today, I promise Zimbabweans that we are on the brink of an exciting political moment and they will see us as political leaders converging on those issues that matter most to us all.

“It is on this score that I can tell you here that on the 11th of July in Harare, I will be joining other Zimbabweans from various political backgrounds at a prayer meeting for Itai Dzamara, that is being organised by the church,” Tsvangirai said as he remembered his supporters who were tortured and killed ahead of the sham 2008 presidential elections run-off that had a beaten Mugabe contesting against himself.

Abandoning his recent cautious approach, the veteran opposition leader also warned Mugabe and the government that he was ready to act “to rescue Zimbabwe from the brink of total economic collapse”.

“We in the MDC committed ourselves in 1999 to changing our government democratically, within the law and without violence. We have stuck to those principles and we have neither beaten one policeman nor broken a single window in the past 16 years while we ourselves have been beaten, abducted and killed.”

“I am not sure whether we can maintain that stance into the future. One thing is for sure, the present situation is untenable and unacceptable and perhaps the time has come for us to take matters into our own hands and force the changes that are needed,” Tsvangirai said.

Piling up pressure on the regional and continental bodies Sadc and the African Union -- which are both ironically chaired by Mugabe -- Tsvangirai said Africa was “duty bound to insist on the implementation of both the Constitution and the reforms agreed,” for free and fair elections to take place in Zimbabwe.

“Twice in the past 10 months I have written to heads of states of Sadc and Africa on these issues and I will be directly engaging them in due course. The people’s victory has been stolen from us for far too long and it is time to draw a line in the sand and be the captains of our destiny.

“The people’s sweet victory and the realisation of the national dream can only be postponed or delayed but never abandoned,” he said.

In his state of the nation address later, the former prime minister reiterated that although the MDC had over the past decade borne “the full brunt of Zanu PF and state-sponsored violence”, its patience was “fast wearing thin”.

With Zanu PF deep in the throes of debilitating and seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars that have resulted in the expulsion of some of its leading lights such as Mujuru and Mutasa, Tsvangirai said Mugabe had now “clearly forgotten about real issues” afflicting long-suffering Zimbabweans.

He also stuck to his guns about his “no elections no reforms” stand, emphasising that the prospects of finding “a convergence” with the former Zanu PF stalwarts and other opposition parties were high.

“There has been convergence around the issue of non-participation from most players in the opposition party circles, including even those who only a few months ago were in the top echelons of Zanu PF.

“They have come out in the open to laud our decision not to legitimise this charade masquerading as legitimate elections,” Tsvangirai said.

Mutasa, the former State Security minister and close Mugabe confidante, recently slammed the June 10 by-elections as dubious in a rare admission where he also conceded that Tsvangirai was right in boycotting elections at the moment as they were characterised by gross irregularities.


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Mujuru is corrupt to the core.Zanu Pf can not have people like her in their ranks.She must go where she belongs.It was clearly stated that MDC was formed in her house and she never denounced it in public one day.If you like,take her and fail together

mike - 28 June 2015

most of these people are corrupt anyway.

taurai - 28 June 2015

Tsvangson, by wanting to work with Joyce, you are betraying Zimbabweans for the second time.When you joined the Government of National unity, you ended up dining & sleeping with the enemy,& look where we are now? Back to square one.If MDC's cause is genuine, it will appeal to the masses & there is no need to invite the corrupt, ruthless & heartless former zanu pf thiefs.

Billy - 28 June 2015

@billy you may have learnt by now that tsvangirai is unpredictable. he does what suits him first and last. by the constitution of the mdc t, tsvangirai was supposed to stop serving as president at the expiry of the third and final term last year. for his personal gain he doctored the constitution so he can overstay. the best and wise thing to do is simply to retire the guy and look for someone else within the mdc t. otherwise kuchema everyday machinja. chinjai mtungamiri uyu.

zvirozviyedzwa - 28 June 2015

In politics my billy and crew countrymen there is no permanent friendship or pacts but just allies.Hence,there is nothing politically amiss about what Tsvangirai is looking forward to doing with his erstwhile political rivals provided that gives them the desired results at the end of the day.nodody can go it alone for survival.The issue is about Zimbabweans and tsvangirai as as well as mai Mujuru,Cde Gumbo,Mutasa,Kaukonde,Muchena,Mliswa and all others victimized because they had a different opinion are Zimbaweans fairly concerned about the change

carson macate - 28 June 2015

Action is long overdue tsvangirai.lets take the fight to zanu pf.

bambo bambo - 28 June 2015

Who asked you to work with Mujuru. If she has not asked what are you hoping to gain by stating that you are willing to work with her. She might not be interested in your not so very sharp mind.

never - 28 June 2015

Mike - who's is not corrupt in Zimbabwe.? Corruption is not only about stealing money. Even Tsvangirayi is not clean . Why do you think all those break ways from hm? No one is perfect.MT and Mujuru will need each other to form a winning formula. It is very clear that despite all the numbers MT has failed to grab the throne from ZANU pf and this is his last chance . I think is a very good move by MDC T and other parties should join in. ZANU pf is a very powerful party that cannot be removed by one single opposition party . Mujuru will add more value to MDC t because she is coming in with inside information and tactics that MDC T do not have.

Dzasukwa - 28 June 2015

There goes tsvangirai again. mujuru no more important than my rural mother lanquishing in real povert. mugabe built her political carier and she squandered it , now tsvangirai wants to build it again. pathetic

cmoyo - 28 June 2015

Working together for the good of the nation is what Zimbabweans want. I hope that is what Tsvangirai has in mind. I hope he is not simply exploiting an opportunity to elevate himself. On a different note, what does the Daily News mean by "...touring an exhibition of MDC victims of political terror...?" This is an inappropriate way to report an event of this nature. Why make it sound like these victims were on display like merchandise at an Agricultural Show? Come on Daily, you are better than this.

Tom Berrenger - 29 June 2015

This is the way to go .MDC T is like a church were sinners are not chased away provided they are repent . I remember how Paul who used to kill christians before ended up a corner stone of that religion . Morgan has this country at hart bcoz he is a zimbabwean his father we all know him . He is not greed what he wants to see this country out of the jaws of zanu . So zanu supporters who are commenting here do are so scared of Mujuru working with Morgan . Morgan never said Mujuru will lead the mdc no . United we stand divided we fall . cheeeeeesa mpaaama .

Diibulaanyika - 29 June 2015

Changing circumstances demand changing approaches. I believe Tsvangirai has it right in joining forces with all parties and which are for wrestling power from the current regime. Rigidity and inability to respond to changed circumstances have cost us dearly in this country.

Mutanha Moyo - 29 June 2015

Changing circumstances demand changing approaches. I believe Tsvangirai has it right in joining forces with all parties and which are for wrestling power from the current regime. Rigidity and inability to respond to changed circumstances have cost us dearly in this country.

Mutanha Moyo - 29 June 2015

so this confirms the truth of Dr Gace s atterences that MDC was formed in Mujuru s house.e thank her for telling the truth.those who have been vilifying her owe her an apology

chikwaturr - 29 June 2015

so this confirms the truth of Dr Gace s atterences that MDC was formed in Mujuru s house.e thank her for telling the truth.those who have been vilifying her owe her an apology

chikwaturr - 29 June 2015

Well its up to you to believe that rubbish from Grace its your right to believe in what ever you want . .But all zimbabweans know zanu was formed in Nkala s house .

Diibulaanyika - 29 June 2015

@chikwaturr .wr iz the link ? tsvangirai`s utterances that he is prepared to work with mujuru and dat the mdc was formed in her house.....these are two diffrent events and sentiments which no reasonable person can unite..zvako nagrace ndezvekumama izvo.united we stand.....viva grand coalition viva

wezhira - 29 June 2015

pliz tell mai mujuru kuti zveuwori vombosiya hatidi misodzi yegarwe.mwana wegokwe.

skulu ncube - 29 June 2015

Totenda dzadzoka dzichariswa namapenzi maviri aya. Morgen na Joice...the Moved and Rejected ONES.

nnnggg - 29 June 2015

Ignore Malawian Herbs advert by 0737286007(BORNFREE GWAZE),may be duped by VICTIM

madziro hapias - 29 June 2015

Chirwira ngwe ndicho chete chingabvise ZPF. We welcome all who need change to put heads together and overwelm zim # one enermy ZANU PF.

El-Dodo - 29 June 2015

chapererwa chematama chakuda rubatsiro rwana MUJURU, ITS A shame

paidamoyo - 29 June 2015

Very soon Jonathan

Diibulaanyika - 29 June 2015

lets be careful president morgan, not to be too excited about the infighting in zanu its not that true. it is as good as what baba jukwa did to us when we got excited about his information which was a zanu ploy. most of the fired zanu guys are not fired after all. they have been sent to find out if we can like their stories and then sleep. please lets not trust any of them until they truly show repentance which they have not done. if one of them comes out and repent that they stole and killed and tell us most of their sins then will we believe them not this crap they keep telling us.. i see my president getting excited about them. they are snakes president dont trust them please.

see - 29 June 2015

MT and Mujuru quickly join hands now. we knw you wont go anywhere. very soon towards 2018 elections you will break away, who doesnt knw that a marriage with MT doesnt go anywhere. Joining wth Mujuru i knw weakens the MDC come 2018 election. The first point of argument is WHO WILL BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED PARTY. some will say Mujuru but MT will refuse since he has greater support. Mujuru will not agree working under someone thats why she was booted out of ZPF she wanted to be the president. Batanai tione isu takamirira kuseka hedu zvatosvorana

wind - 29 June 2015

very soon you will see Mutasa and Mujuru back in ZPF who doesnt knw that. MT ngwara wena. ZPF they are very clever and they knw how to destroy other parties by lending them their personal. Remember Minister Prof Moyo is now back full tym

wind - 29 June 2015

the country is in good hands

george chirwa - 29 June 2015

One wonders why people can not understand simple and plain english working together and joining are 2 very different things . eg during war were had 2 parties fighting whites zapu and zanu but being not joined so some people already are put the words in Morgan 's mouth and try to twist everything he said . Mutasa now thinks like mdc t and that he is now a comrade in arms against Mugabe and his zanu very simple like that nothing else .

Diibulaanyika - 29 June 2015

My advice is for Tsvangirai to be careful with Zanu PF. The going ons in Zanu PF are just smoke screens to wood wink people and especially the press but deep down these people are still together so Morgan Tambira kure and do not attempt to work with Mujuru for it will be do your own detrimental.

Gwenaz - 29 June 2015

those who are confident and know how to play their game are not afraid of their shadows . Mujuru is the leader of zanu people first and mdct is under Morgan both have one enemy and it is zanu . They is no joining here . Working to gether in killing zanu is encouraged a lot for the sake of this nation 's future ,

Diibulaanyika - 29 June 2015

people of zimbabwe had hope on Tsvangstone and are now tired of him. he is saying he will work with Dr Mujuru and Mutasa ,that thing will never happen in zimbabwe. ZANU PF will recall these people towards election like what they did to Professor Moyo. Dont play with Mugabe. he is reserving that vice president's post for his wife

nelly - 29 June 2015

If one thinks Morgan is doing the wrong thing, let him suggest the right thing and if he thinks Morgan is not leading well, let him demonstrate how to lead well kwete kungohukura please.

kenso - 29 June 2015

Handisati ndamboona kuperegwakwakadai. Zwechokwadi ndivo vanhu vanganzi vangatungamirira nyika here ? Ndosaka Mugabe achiita zwaanoda neopposition: akareader akaona kuti hapana nezwiripo, ibhora reZifa rakazadzwa mhepo chete. Tswangirai wazondipedza manje - kuchembera here ? Wava kutakura MDC navana vayo kukanda mumukanwa wengwena - rakachekanyika. Teurai unomuziva here ? Raarikutamba naMugabe unoriziva here ? Kana waneta nebasa rekutungamirira bvuma, hinga vanokwanisa kutungamirira vakawanda wani. Kudyiwa pamaelections kweMDC zwimwe ndiwe waivotera Zanu-PF - ndabvuma ini. Dai Grace aneparty yake isiri Zanu-PF uyezwe asiri mudzimai waGushungo uyo akaparadzaZimbabwe ndaimuvhotera ini nokuti ishasha pakutora action. Ndasvoda ini - Tsvangirai kutimbavha yakaita saJoyce vuya tishande tose kuchinja zwinhu muZimbabwe!

Masamba aqkareyo - Tanganda - 29 June 2015

Ndipo pari kurasika Morgan zvakare. Thise people vakaita saana Mujuru and Mutasa believe they should always be in positions of leadership, wherever they go. Ava vanhu are fooling Tsvangison who will so live to rue his mistakes. PaGNU he was fooled into an unholy alliance. MDC can do very well without these erstwhile ZANU PF looters and apologists. He knows that these people have refused to leave ZANU PF- they were actually fired_ and wants to give them a political asylum. Anopenga here Tsvangirai uyu? This is how to divide mavotes which you were guaranteed of. I know there are many woh think like I do regardibg ZANU PF. Ngaasiye vanaMujuru vakadara- they are never apologetic nor remorseful for their part in destroying this country- they are looking for other fools to reign over.

Duzvi - 30 June 2015

@Kenso well observed this thing of howoo howoo howoo by CIOs who do not want mushandira pamwe by concerned zimbabweans will never fool us .

Diibulaanyika - 30 June 2015

Tsvangison ndiye second in command after Cde Bonyongo. Beware he is the senior CIO. Look how he always shift the goalposts. Mazimbo hatione Tsvangirai ndiro crook guru ,he is PURE znpf and is buying time for Mugabe. Why is he still at that govt mansion??? Pafunge


Where does Tsvangson say he is prepared to work with Mujuru? Why should 'Zimbabweans of all shades and political colours to bring back the country to sanity' mean Mujuru? Why not the title, 'I'm prepared to work with Ncube and Biti: Tsvangirai'? Crap journalism

TinTin - 30 June 2015

Chematam arikufunga zvkuda kukwira chete, hapana kana deal apa. Chirikufunga nemu underwear.

chipenzi - 1 July 2015

Politics is not a church, munhu asina vanhu unomudii the decision by Tsvangiriai is good what is neededis to remove this blazo ashupa uyu

fireman - 1 July 2015

I enjoyed reading these comments. Ndiyo inonzi democracy iyi vana vababa. Musatukaneee. Ma facts enyu chete. Thank you.

Chokwadi - 1 July 2015

ummm nyangwe mukatukana nezve politics .vanhu ava vari pabasa

boko - 1 July 2015

They is no peace and tranquillity when people are hungry.

MIGHTY - 2 July 2015

united we stand divided fall

Mighto - 2 July 2015

it is political harakiri to team up with Mujuru and company.

Henry Masawi - 5 July 2015

The opposition should not even think of working with Mujuru and company. Those people have ZANU PF DNA in their blood and cannot and should not be trusted. If the ruling party were to reinstate them today which one of them would turn down that offer? Can a leopard ever change its spots? NEVER!

Henry Masawi - 5 July 2015

takuda chikafu patable

melo - 25 September 2015

It is true that we need a leadership renewal in MDC. He syas he wants to join Mujuru without consulting the masses. He now treats the party as his private business. Tsvangirai is another dictator. He is no different from Mugabe.

Bigman - 25 September 2015

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