Mugabe 'manhandling' of Moyo alarms ministers

HARARE - There were strong suggestions yesterday that Tuesday’s surprising freezing of voluble Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo from Cabinet could be a precursor to the long-mooted major executive reshuffle — a prospect that has put many ministers on tenterhooks.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that the “speed and stealth” with which Mugabe had dealt with Moyo not only suggested that “there is one centre of power in Zanu PF” but also that a major Cabinet reshuffle was in the offing, “which spells danger for many complacent bigwigs”.

“It is squeaky bum time at the top in Zanu PF and government, to borrow football lexicon. By freezing Moyo, even if this is temporary, Gushungo (Mugabe) is showing all and sundry that he is in charge and the sole centre of power in the party. It’s as simple as that for me.

“But others also say, and with good reason too, Fear as Cabinet reshuffle looms that a comprehensive and long-rumoured Cabinet reshuffle that should have happened after the ouster from power of Mai Mujuru and her allies last year is finally here, which spells danger for many complacent bigwigs who have until now thought that they are safe,” a senior Zanu PF official said yesterday.

Another insider said what had alarmed many ministers was the fact that Moyo’s removal from Cabinet had come “like a bolt from the blue” and at a time that the new Tsholotsho North legislator looked “very secure” both at party and government level, despite Zanu PF’s worsening factional and succession wars.

“Of all the comrades in the party, he was one of the few that behaved and moved around with a swagger, which is why we were all shocked when the president chased him away from the Cabinet meeting without notice,” a minister said.

Talk within Zanu PF has for the past few months been about looming Cabinet changes, with many insiders pointing to the need for Mugabe to not only rejuvenate his under-performing Cabinet, but also replace all the people he had fired as part of the ruling party’s ruthless purges of the past seven months.

Another source said yesterday that there was “an understanding” in Zanu PF that the ejection of Moyo from Cabinet was “part one of the equation” and that the political future of other bigwigs such as Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, Tourism minister Walter Mzembi and Energy minister Samuel Undenge were also on the line.

“It’s not so much that the expectation is that any or all of these gentlemen will necessarily be fired, the emerging view is that they will more likely be re-assigned to other posts which may not sit well with some of them.

“It will also not be surprising if the president announces this long-awaited Cabinet reshuffle within the next two weeks, an opportunity that he may use to energise Cabinet and replace under-performing ministers in a continuing revamp that he started spearheading late last year,” a politburo member said.

Mugabe himself has recently expressed dissatisfaction with the performances of some of his Cabinet ministers, amidst a worsening economic crisis in the country that has seen Zimbabwe move from once being regarded as a regional bread basket to a much derided basket case.

Speaking in an interview with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation current affairs to mark his 91st birthday in February, the only leader that Zimbabweans have known since the country’s independence from Britain in April 1980, said pointedly that some of his ministers were not delivering.

In the meantime, and as part of the toxic mix pulling Zimbabwe backwards, Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars continue to cast a long shadow over the country and Mugabe’s own political life, with many of his trusted lieutenants divided on the basis of their factional orientations that saw former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies being purged from the post-congress party.

Among other party stalwarts who have been sacrificed in the mindless bloodletting since then include former Cabinet ministers Didymus Mutasa, Nicholas Goche, Francis Nhema, Olivia Muchena, Webster Shamu and Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Worryingly for many, there is no indication that the era of the brutal purges is now behind and that the party and country can now focus on critical governance and service delivery issues.

If anything, more senior officials are said to be facing the sack under the continuing party expulsions, with several ministers linked to Mujuru — among them Education minister Lazarus Dokora and Sports minister Andrew Langa — top of the guillotine list.

Mugabe’s freezing of Moyo out of Cabinet on Tuesday took many people by surprise, with no clarity up to today whether this is a permanent move or temporary one.

Moyo, who was appointed Information minister as a non-constituency Member of Parliament after the disputed 2013 harmonised elections, successfully contested for the Tsholotsho North constituency in the June 10 by-elections.

It was not clear whether his going for the seat allegedly without Mugabe’s blessing infuriated the nonagenarian or whether the president was merely throwing his weight around or just being a stickler to constitutionalism as Moyo’s legislative status had changed — which meant that he would need to be re-appointed as minister.

But the Daily News was told that the stunning drama that saw the loquacious politburo member being chased away from Cabinet began as soon as the Cabinet meeting started on the day when Mugabe allegedly summoned Moyo and told him to get out of the meeting.

A well-placed source claimed that a supposedly surprised Moyo had then approached Mugabe to ask for forgiveness, but that the nonagenarian would have none of it.

If Moyo’s banishment from Cabinet is not temporary, this would not be the first time that the Zanu PF secretary for science and technology has been shown the door by Mugabe — as he was booted out in 2005 after he allegedly refused to obey Mugabe’s orders not to stand as a candidate in the same constituency.

Moyo took part in the 2013 national elections but lost the Tsholotsho seat to a newcomer, Roselyne Nkomo.

A year ago, Mugabe savaged Moyo while speaking at the National Heroes Acre in Harare, at the burial of former Cabinet minister Nathan Shamuyarira, saying Zanu PF had been infested by weevils which needed to be taken care of.

This came in the wake of another brutal assault on the beleaguered Moyo a few days before that when he described the minister as the “devil incarnate”, as factionalism in Zanu PF reached alarming levels.

Mugabe then accused Moyo of causing confusion in Zanu PF, being dishonest and lacking principled vision — further describing him as a counter-revolutionary who had employed Zanu PF enemies as editors at State media company Zimpapers.

The Daily News’ sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday reported at the weekend that as Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars continue to rip the former liberation movement apart, it had emerged that supporters of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa were ratcheting up the pressure on Moyo and party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, including frantically trying to convince President Robert Mugabe to drop them from Cabinet.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the newspaper claimed that there was a renewed effort to see to it that the two Cabinet ministers were “stopped dead in their tracks”, amid allegations by Mnangagwa’s supporters that they were opposed to the party strongman succeeding Mugabe.

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To manhandle is to physically and forcefully handle a human being. The headline suggests that Mugabe physically got hold of Moyo at some stage. I believe the Daily News should have phrased the headline differently.

machakachaka - 26 June 2015

Since 1980 all ministries have changed leaders only the presidency has not and that is where the country 's problem is . We from 1980 we as a countyr we have been living with a president the one that is there is incompetent and very very very cruel . He never listens to citizens all what he likes is being airborne all the . So the best thing is to remove him .

Diibulaanyika - 26 June 2015

SInce 1980 all ministries have changed leaders only the presidency has not and that is where the problem is. As a nation we had been living with out a president . The one pretender is incompetent and hides that by being very very cruel and foul mouthed .Every time he blames other people for his kak he never takes responsibility and accept failure ,This country does not need to be led by someone who went to school in the 20s when education was substandard colonialist only taught language so that they could communicate with the natives when working with them . Whether you like it or not Mugabe is not fit to lead this country and he has failed for 35 years as it is now he is leading this country noway but to hell . He can fire and hire ministers but as long he remains as unwanted president more misery will pile up in this country . We do not need Mugabe at all hamba baba lento oyenzayo siyayizonda .

Diibulaanyika - 26 June 2015

every leader is chosen by God. daily news guys reread your bibles.

doda rekanyi - 26 June 2015

@doda rekanyi you are twisting the word of God and using it or should I say abusing it for your own ends. there are hundreds of texts that show how God hates oppressive and corrupt governance. A text taken our of context becomes a pretext. It amazes me how many foolish Zimbabweans have fallen into this trap. ZPF are hiding behind an abused scripture. No wonder God has a controversy with the nations and is going to judge those in abusive leaderships.

TruthBTold - 26 June 2015

God does not choose anyone, the pelevoted but the looser is alaways finding way back on the throne. If Mr Migabe was chosen by God as you said then I think the God that looks after the souls of Zimbabweans is a real devil.

Dzasukwa - 26 June 2015

this article is full of sources , sources , sources , sources , are you trying to tell us vanhu ve dailynews kuti you have big connections in the zanupf party .

hokoyo - 26 June 2015

There is really no cause for alarm knowing that mugabe always does what he sees fit whether anybody likes it or not. No apology is accepted

pride - 26 June 2015

Daily news is very safe to speak to by zanu officials bcoz they know their identity can be withheld to serve their skin as compared to the Herald . So the daily news is SOS for us all . By the way big up daily news for unearthing election theft in Hurungwe west that was brilliant on your side that is why you are liked by everyone zanu included.

Diibulaanyika - 26 June 2015

These so called ZANU PF Ministers are idiots never seen in any other country before except during Idi Amin's time in Uganda. Haven't they got brains to honestly be embarrassed like that as if they are kids. All who do not agree with Mugabe should come open and resign in numbers. Even those to be appointed should refuse if they believe their contribution under Mugabe will not be worth it. Why would educated men and women stoop this low. This is a case of a nation of educated idiots honestly.

Ziziharinanyanga - 26 June 2015

Mugabe spent 35 years repeating his well-known chorus " Blair is a Toilet". During that time the country went down the cliff. After realizing the chorus is outdated he now start to fumble around to find the reigns to steer the country. He cannot find them. Time is not on his side either. Abata ichi. Abata icho. Chokuita chaicho haachaziva. He-e ndaroiwa na Mujuru. He-e Mujuru arikuda kundipedzisa. Sekuru imwi musakangamwa kuti kukura hakuna shasha. Siyanai nazwo. Chiendai kwaZwimba munozorora kusina pollution yemuHarare. Hinga makavaka musha wakanaka wani paruzevha.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 June 2015

Kambo kachangorwa nasekuru Gushas kari paTop Ten ndiko ke Zim-A-Satan. Naikoko vari kuvimba kuti vachanyaradza vana kusvika zuva ravo rasvika.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 June 2015

The reshuffle or not doesnt concern us provided it doesnt bring a would be just changing clothes but the same person,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

carson macate - 26 June 2015

Isu ku president s office we were given a casefile to investigate his decision to call BBC hardtalk and give an interview ,It was a unilateral one that angered Bob and Ngwena , he spoke with so much pomp and swagger as if he was a sitting head of state while subtly denigrating munanganwa as a mere aassisstant and not heir in waiting , that was a miscalculation on the part of Moyo..Thats all i can say more is to follow, and Tyson is also dfefinately out to be replaced by Mutsvangwa

Mafirakureva - 27 June 2015

This is poor journalism at its worst and these such unprofessional articles will ultimately reflect upon the integrity and credibility of your paper. Establish the facts before you even attempt to release these such reports!

Edward Shoko - 27 June 2015

Zanoids such as this Edward Shoko never cease to amaze with the their fanaticism and lack of reasoning power (no offence meant to another unreasoning Zanoid called Reason). Surely it must stand to reason that if one says the Daily News is wrong that you would provide the correct position why Jonathan Moyo is not at work? No? Tell us the "real" truth then Comrade Shoko why Jonathan was ejected from Cabinet.

Kt - 27 June 2015

The leader is not chosen by God , he is elected by the people or the citizen , so this saying of the leader is chosen by God must be said by fools . Mugabe doesn't care and will never care about the citizens but you Zimbabwean you don't even open your eyes to see , everyone who says Mugabe or Grace Mugabe is good is a thief so saying so is singing for their supper . In 1980 the economy was excellent til this regime brought it down , now they are saying we are building the economy how and who brought it were its today , you can;t destroy your shelter and then you start to build it , you have to renovate or upgrade . This regime is no longer needed, even if Mugabe changes ministers as long as he is there nothing will change , he must just resign , since independence there is only one gently man by name Nkosana Moyo , he refused to used by this old man when he refuse to take the Ministry of Industry potifolio , coz he knew nothing will change as long as sekuru is the president

Mudhara - 29 June 2015

Surelythe President is right in removing Jonana. This weevil has caused a lot of unnecessary noise and spattering in the face of everyoneone. He can be given a less influential role but certainly not MEDIA. Please Cde President, protect our party by showing those who think are clever that you always know what they are up to. You see Jona, kungwarangwanduka sandikungwara. Uripi mazuvano. Tauraka tinzwe. Ita stead. Those with political maturity like Cde Ngwena always play their cards cleverly and close to their chest unlike you who think aloud. Its really bad in politics. Hope you are learning the lessons you missed in yo professorship thesis

Muchadura - 30 June 2015

jonso fired kikikikikikikikikiki welcome to zanu pf kikikikikikik bitter margarine kikikikikikikikikiki

Harare - 30 June 2015

I also believe that leaders are chosen by God but I believe a nation can last for years being led by a leader who has since been rejected by he same God who chose him. This happened to Israel when Saul was rejected by God

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 3 July 2015

Do not forget that the Bilderburg group had a hand in installing Mugabe. That's why Kisinger had to fly into the country at some point. Ask yourself why UK could not give independence to Smith but agreed to give it to Bob. Aren't u suspicious?

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 3 July 2015

Misleading headline by the way

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 3 July 2015

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