Rwanda's President Kagame denounces UK

KIGALI - Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has launched a scathing verbal attack on the UK government after the arrest of his intelligence chief.

In his first comments since the arrest, Mr Kagame said it was a continuation of "colonialism" and accused the British of "arrogance and contempt".

Karenzi Karake was detained at London's Heathrow Airport on Saturday, in response to a European Arrest Warrant.

He is accused of ordering massacres in the wake of the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

The president said that the British authorities "must have mistaken [Gen Karake] for an illegal immigrant. The way they treat illegal immigrants is the way they treat all of us".

He added that the British had been patronising, "wagging a finger at the African and telling him this is where you belong. We are no longer the African that belongs there".

Gen Karake has appeared in a London court.

In Rwanda, protests have continued outside the British High Commission in the capital, Kigali.

Protesters have threatened to remain until the Gen Karake is released.

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am i missing something here? karake is arrested on accusations of genocide and kagame is furious. whether karake was involved in the genocide or not kagame does not say. so is it just a question of karake having been arrested by the seemingly hated british or something else?

edika - 25 June 2015

If he is not guilty he will be released. Kagame has no reason to fear or fume. Dictators are known to fear justice because their politics is sustained by oppressive rule and murder. Any talk of court raises fear amongst these dictators, hence Kagame's furious response.

Ziziharinanyanga - 25 June 2015

Suppose Gen Karake is detained because of his involvement in genocide.What is the role Britain plays in African affairs?acting on whose mandate?we are sick and tired of these hypocrites,people of double standards.Let Africans deal with their own problems the African way as we are not interested in your own issues

carson macate - 25 June 2015

Some Africans never cease to amaze me. Did the genocide happen in Britain. Western should stop interfering with African affairs. We are our own people and are capable of making own decisions. Burundi is not a province of Britain. It is an independent country in Africa that has autonomy in its legal issues. Down with neo-colonialism.

Africa Unite - 25 June 2015

Suppose Karake is guilty of the 1994 genocide. His boss, Kagame, supports him so he does not go through the trial process in Rwanda. So who is being short-changed here? The victims of the genocide, of course. By the victims I mean those that were killed thanks to Karake's involvement as well as the bereaved; the kids and mothers who are now fatherless and widows, respectively. In the absence of justice in Rwanda what must the victims do to get justice? I therefore support the British. If Karake is innocent he will soon go back to his friend Kagame, otherwise send him to the Hague to join others of the same ilk.

tino - 25 June 2015

Kagame was supported by the West to control (colonise?) part of DRC, but this failed after SADC intervention. I am happy that he now realises that the West can never be good friends with anyone. It is like the friendship between between a lion and a zebra, which flourishes ONLY after the lion has fed.

machakachaka - 26 June 2015

what are the africans looking for in London? You get arrested, you go complain for what I muna ask?

kagame - 26 June 2015

The school of thought that africans should not travel anywhere in the world is stupid. We have europeans coming all over africa. Should we arrest whites who killed blacks in the colonial era.

Elias - 27 June 2015

kagame is the biggest hypocrite, for years he has been a western rent boy and suddenly his masters arrest his right hand man he looses his cool. his partner in crime should be tried for the deaths of millions of rwandan people during the early 90s. he will be acquitted if he is innocent. i wish we had our own Hague so we could bring these murderers to justice right here in africa. what about our own dinosaur ?????

Nyanisinyanisi - 28 June 2015

If someone is guilt whether a president and whoever let the law take its course , do you think dictators can allow the dictators to be arrested , the law is sturbon , you implement it to suit you but when it is used against you , you cry , so if the General in not guilt he will be freed , and why go to London and not African country.

Mudhara - 29 June 2015

Most world leaders do not really care about us 'the people' who are mere pawns in their power & financial games. If there were more people oriented leaders in power the world would be an infinitely better place. I see no light at the end of the tunnel!

saundy - 8 July 2015

he must rot there give him life in prison son of a *****

sidza - 9 July 2015

The talk about African doing this or that is sickening to say the least. The rest of the world has been assisting Africans in almost everything: funding the AU, dealing with famines, wars , funding the SADC etc. until such a time as we are in control of our issues the West will always find a way of controlling and directing us sovereign states, illegal states or not. We need a bias for action on the part of our is cheap Kagame. Let us see good and responsible progressive leadership and we will not hear from USA or UK. The West is not without sin yes but we give them an opportunity to meddle in our affairs when we fail to take control of our issues......look at what happened in Egypt and Libya during the Arab Spring.....the AU was useless to say the least. Ponder and act!!

Clarity of purpose - 10 July 2015

kagame zvovava ka? wakaitwa puppet kare now hauchadiwe

sinyoro - 15 July 2015

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