Zanu PF cheated in 2008: Mutasa

HARARE - One of President Robert Mugabe’s former close allies has revealed for the first time that he and other Zanu PF officials were shocked after Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) won the 2008 elections — so shocked that he had rushed to protect Mugabe at his official residence.

Didymus Mutasa, now out in the cold after being axed from the ruling party for siding with ousted vice-president Joice Mujuru, said he and others in Zanu PF were “absolutely shocked” when the parliamentary election results were released in 2008. The MDC won narrowly.

“I immediately drove, at speed and alone, from my home in Rusape, to State House in Harare. I was terrified, I had to go and protect the president from harm as we were frightened Tsvangirai would do what he said he would do and march to State House. If he had, no policeman would have stopped him.

“Instead,” Mutasa laughed, “Tsvangirai went to Botswana.”

In those elections Mutasa was the only Zanu PF senior to retain his parliamentary seat in the eastern Manicaland province. Tsvangirai, who easily beat Mugabe in the first round of the presidential poll, pulled out before the second round because hundreds of his supporters had been killed.

“I don’t know how much cheating there was in elections, but I do know that in 2013 (Finance minister) Patrick Chinamasa cheated to win. He bussed people in (to vote for him.) I protested to him and to the Zimbabwe Election Commission.

“We will never know how many people voted for Zanu PF out of fear. I didn’t know there was fear in those days. I now see it myself. And there is a lot of fear. And I must say, again, I am very, very sorry. That I must stand up to be counted.”

Mutasa was among Zimbabwe’s most feared men, particularly when he was minister in charge of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

He said he regularly chaired the informal but powerful Joint Operations Command, a structure of top security personnel that meets once a week. We discussed many things, such as violence. How to stop it. If food was short we talked about how to find it, usually from South Africa. The joint command did produce top- secret documents every week.

“Secrecy still binds me, from when I was minister. But of course you know that some waiters in hotels work for the CIO. Your phones are listened to a lot. The CIO is huge.

“It produces many reports. From the UN there will regularly be a report. A report about the British. Or India. Not very good reports really. I had to read them. They made me tired.”

But it seems Mutasa has forgotten much of the ruling Zanu PF’s bloody rule. In conversation with him at his home, it seems as if his ears were blocked for 35 years. Or, perhaps, to put it more kindly, he really did live in another, much kinder Zimbabwean world.

He cannot recognise the names of some of the well-known political activists killed by Zanu PF operatives, the party with which he was closely involved for most of his life.

“I didn’t know about that. I never heard about it then. No, I don’t know his name, I never even heard that before. Was it in the papers?” were some of the answers Mutasa gave to the stream of questions put to him on Thursday at his home, east of Harare.

His home is now being guarded by private security, for which he is paying. The police had provided protection for him since 1980.

“I do now know that Zanu PF did violence. And cheated in elections. But both sides did violence, I accept it was mostly Zanu PF violence. I am very sorry about that.”

The Legal Resources Foundation and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace documented massacres and the widespread repression of opposition supporters by North Korean-trained soldiers in Matabeleland in 1983 to 1987. An estimated 20 000 people died in what became known as Gukurahundi.

“I did not know about Gukurahundi as I was Speaker of Parliament in Harare for the first 10 years of independence. We didn’t speak about it in Parliament. No one told me about it. I would only know about violence if I read it in the newspapers,” Mutasa said.

“I don’t know that name,” he said, when asked about the May 2008 murder of Tonderai Ndira, one of the opposition MDC’s best-known activists, abducted at night from his bed at home.

Now 80, Mutasa, Mujuru and others were accused by First Lady Grace Mugabe of plotting a coup d’etat. They deny the accusation.

“Zimbabwe has become a miserable place. I say this about the State, my country,” Mutasa said.

“Now everybody is broke. The economy is broke, mining, agriculture, and we should have done something about that 10 years ago.

“Now it is too late.”

Mutasa scoffs at the new vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“He never won an election for that post. Mugabe appointed him, and he is not popular. He can’t win elections.”

Mutasa said he hoped to get a pension some time.

“If I don’t get my pension I will continue farming. I was given one (white-owned) farm, called Lonkop. I have a manager.”

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Hayi kancane kancane pole pole baba we are almost getting there to how the figures of 2008 elections were doctored . People lets give this Madala time he is still gaining conscious after a deep slumber for 35yrs . Gumbo also must not leave Mutasa alone to reveal how elections were stolen by Mugabe he must chip in with vital info . Chavakadla chamuka .

Diibulaanyika - 22 June 2015

Zvobvondorana,maiti zvinoenda nepi,we wl not enter into the street,but we wl let nature take its course,we are almost getting there,C'mon vaMutasa

Guzha - 22 June 2015

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Interesting staff.So Morgan could have marched to state house and no police was going to stop him?Too painful for Morgan to swallow now coz"he went to Botswana instead of statehouse" In other words Zanu Pf izizi risina nyanga.Tinongorikwata .It looks like all big wigs had vanished and were piing in their pants. Please president Tsvangirai no boycotts in 2018 .You are going to make it this time.Cheating will not be as massive as before since they are now spilling the beans.Maybe come 2018 even the old man will be bleating also.

Amused - 22 June 2015

Chematama we are almost there, this time we will march. And Gamatox in front, he knows where this Malawian hides at State House

nngororombe - 22 June 2015

VaMugabe vakataura wani kuti vaTsvangirai vakaita 73% wani. Saka munoda kunzwa chiizve?

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 22 June 2015


Gondo - 22 June 2015

Vanhu vamakaisa mumafarms chaivo movatorera chibage pachena pasina kana cent ummmmm vakomana

kwenda - 22 June 2015

Where were you when we needed most

Lloyd - 22 June 2015

Now i can feel the fear in zanu bcoz Mutasa is slowly but sure becoming patriotic and revealing all sorts of skeletons Mugabe keeps . Bcoz he Mutasa was once a custodian of the devil's secrets and in charge of spies who do a lot of election killings and rigging. Nyathi wants to say sorry to zimbabweans by telling it all . So lets keep our figures crossed and never inter fear with him and is there to prove everyone wrong by making sure that no stone is left unturned . A bomb shell is on the cards its matter of time chesa mpaaaaaama .

Diibulaanyika - 22 June 2015

How can Mutasa say Tsvangirai should have occupied the State House when the results declared officially pointed to a re-run for Presidential election. Why did he keep quiet since 2008? Who will believe when Biti was arrested for saying what this Gamatox is now repeating. Its time for Mutasa to retire from politics having been a professional minister since 1980 . He wont add any value after being booted from our revolutionary party. If he is confident of support why not declare his own Gamatox party!

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 22 June 2015

Welcome to Repentance baba Mutasa.Don't fear these earthly man,repent of your wrongdoings.You can have your farm which you got from that white farmer who also got from your forefathers,but you will lose your place in heaven.Dont be ashamed of telling the truth ngoba iqiniso liyamkhulula olikhulumayo.Sitshele baba lokuthi abanyamalalayo lalibafihle ngaphi ukuze sithole loDzamara bantu sisize abantwana bakhe

mfundisi - 22 June 2015

Tell us all about it, tell us more and more...keep apologising for the brutality you were part of..go on and on. You are 80 years old and a sekuru...leave a good legacy up and forget about the oath of secrecy you signed with the CIO ..tell us baba Mutasa...35 years of not knowing ZANU PF is a brutal organisation??? Come to MDC and tell them more and more information

Garikayi - 22 June 2015

Guzah you're a disgrace to the revolutionary party. After we had done everything for you, you then failed to do the simple thing of inspecting the voter's roll and ensure that you were duly registered. We fired Mlisa to open up space for you. We smuggled you to Hurungwe from Magunje, after covering you up regarding your fake name. We bashed and intimidated the Mliswa supporters. We persecuted Mliswa and headmen, and gave you all the advantage during campaigns. We hired foreign voters from surrounding constituencies and registered them in Hurungwe West. We used our propaganda machinery, ZBC and Zimpapers, to campaign for you. In fact, the whole electoral process was in your favour. Now there is no way we can defend you, you were not on the Roll, SIMPLE. Uri d.uzviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

patriot - 22 June 2015

o-oh, my Lord. I scent surely that the daily news and a fair proportion amongst us its readers are very acharmed by Gamatox's crocodile tears, do you still remember Cde Hunzvi? surely we cannot, actually should never such men forget, and again never by him be fooled. please sir, divulge all about Moven, about Border, Elliot, Susan,... about Rashiwe and Shadrech; at least these. Is it the revolution eating its children? Sir, or the revolution was hijacked

maombo david - 22 June 2015

The Lord assures us that no sin will remain uncovered. I do not need anyone to tell me those elections were heavily rigged and stolen: all of them. I know by the Spirit of God. It is time that this nation and most certainly ZPF come to a place of total repentance. It is better to repent and tell the truth and ask forgiveness than have God's sword of judgment fall.

TruthBTold - 23 June 2015

yaaa zanu zvese zvakawandika zvaa kududa pachena..muchafumura zvese zvenyu pachena.

nasty o - 23 June 2015

yaaa zanu zvese zvakawandika zvaa kududa pachena..muchafumura zvese zvenyu pachena.

nasty o - 23 June 2015

iri ndiro dhongi chairo

changara - 23 June 2015

the first of morgan's mistakes was to criminalize mugabe and threaten to send him to the hague. mugabe would not sit and wait for this man to treat him that way. he defended himself just like anyone else would do and decided to use the securocrats. tsvangirai had benefited from people's anger at the way zanu pf was running the country. the man was not quite prepared and in my view, he remains unprepared. he will always blunder where it matters most. as a matter of fact, he remains zanu pf's best customer. when zanu need a majority in parliament, morgan will donates seats to them. unless he is retired, we will always see this pattern in how morgan does politics. he is very unpredictable. one day he is ok the next its a catastrophe. thats the morgan i have known.

zvirozviyedzwa - 23 June 2015

They were never free and fair elections since the formation of MDC

zim - 23 June 2015

rubbish Mutasa chi dara!!!

sihwabhela - 23 June 2015

If Mutasa says he never heard about Gukurahundi then the Country must have been under a stupid and dull Speaker in the first 10 years of independance, Zapu parliamentarians spoke so much about the issue. so mutasa was so comfortable on the speaker's chair such that he never heard any thing about Gukurahundi. Ah Ah Shame on you mdara mutasaaaaaaaaaaa

Sihwabhela - 23 June 2015

The truth always has a way of coming out. Everyone in Zimbabwe knows that 2008 elections and any other election after and before, zanu and Mugabe never won. It is pride that is keeping them illegally in the office and no wonder the factional fights and the cluelessness of resolving the bleeding economy which has seen even the most educated turned to vendors

pride - 23 June 2015

@Zviro Nonsense all what you are talking was said by Mangoma already and it is rubbish as mental sound people know it . Just spend you time trying to build your party with your Mangoma . Every time you repeat Mangoma statement hoping may it can persuade us we are not fools we know that you support Mangoma but you do not want to say it . nonsense .

Diibulaanyika - 23 June 2015

If anyone believes in this idiot, then that person is equally idiotic. A normal person knows there was a re run because of the mdct 's insistence on the 50 plus one percent. Use well informed reporters and not opposition activists to verify stories.

loser - 23 June 2015

@diibula, why don't you counter my argument that morgan doctored the constitution so that he can overstay. where then is he different from zanu? morgan promised at the inception of his tenure that he would be democratic in the truest sense of the word and would not serve beyond three terms. why doesn't he keep to his word? he tasted power and found that its too sweet. there is no reason for him to overstay save for his personal gain while riding on the back of people like you @diibula. give the guy a sack and allow someone else from the party to lead. if there is no one capable then we can conclude that your mdc t is a small party that belongs to one individual (tsvangison). man-up machinja muchinje leader. maitiro - chinja.

zvirozviyedzwa - 23 June 2015

@loser, it is you who is idiot. How long did it take to release the 2008 March results? Fool

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 23 June 2015

@Zviro, it is not Morgan who has to be changed , it is Bob. Morgan is a party leader not government leader. if its Morgan who has to be changed, then MDC Mutambara,Ncube,Biti,Mangoma should be more popular by now.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 23 June 2015

Gamatox is now mad upstairs, why was he all quiet all this time. Ita mushe mudhara.

kuda zvinhu - 23 June 2015

Is Mutasa capable of protecting the president? In what way? What security training does he have? Kana tasvika panyaya yesecurity Mutasa is too ordinary. He is just trying to sound important, and also trying to win the hearts of those he battered when he still had power, especially those in Headlands. Why does he not talk about the incident where he assaulted a police officer who was trying to investigate an violence against MDC-T? That officer ran for dear life and abandoned his police vehicle. Now Mutasa wants to sound so holy. Why don't you just shut up mudhara iwe?

machakachaka - 23 June 2015

Its a matter of time before we head for the unmarked graves as curtain comes down for zanu pf.

X-MAN IV - 23 June 2015

Gamatox why now, where have you have been all along, this country has gone to the dogs and you were blaming it on sanctions. Gamatox never cease to amaze us.

mutape wedu - 23 June 2015

@Zviro which is your argument? all what you say every day we heard it when Mangoma tried to unlawfully remove Morgan . So i do not have time to argue with a chap who is too childish like you . You naturally hate Morgan bcoz he is a threat to role model Mugabe on top of that you a cio .

Diibulaanyika - 23 June 2015

Last line must read you role model

Diibulaanyika - 23 June 2015

Mutasa what a fool, who are you trying to please.Dzakatamba nepwere ndokuresva kudzorerwa.Kuyedza kuzvinatsa iwe une ma rape cases akakumirira.Talk about your corruption usiyane nevana vevhu.Grapes are sour.

jmarsmen - 23 June 2015

TruthBTold ,tell your friend Mutasa that when you repent you tell of your sins openly,that is repentance.Let him say out his own wrong doings.Kadhara ke corruption kavakuda kuvanda nemunwe.35yrs uchitevera zvausingazivi, saka wavakupengaka.Never think that any reasonable party can welcome you coz now you are a NOBODY.

jmarsmen - 23 June 2015

let me laugh Mutasa claims that he never knew fear Iwe Dydmas you are crap chero ukatiudza kuti Bob akarara namai vako hatina basa nazvo you were the chief, masterminding all this terror you will die a dog man and you deserve it. Don,t ever think that you can fool us go an tell that to your grandmother kwete isu you should have changed those irregularities whilist in the office now hazvitibatsire

shayne - 24 June 2015

Its so interesting and i think Mhere and wife are finally trying their best to accommodate one another like what i read here

Robina - 24 June 2015

Some more will come out be quite and listen

Chitototo Chipashumaranga - 25 June 2015

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