Mugabe told to fire Tomana

HARARE - Children's rights activists and women’s organisations yesterday called for the immediate firing or resignation of Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana over his controversial views on child marriages.

Tomana has said, rather ill-advisedly, that girls as young as 12 must be listened to by the courts if they wished to start families with older men because they were capable of consenting to sex.

He was also quoted yesterday implying that he did not have any problems with child molesters who escaped prison and got away with community service sentences serving their punishment at schools where they had potential to abuse other children.

Tomana made his shocking remarks despite the recent position by the African Union (AU) to end child marriages.

Speaking at a press conference coordinated by Girls Not Brides — an organisation that advocates against child marriages — women and child rights activists said yesterday that they were appalled by his Tomana’s utterances that had come just days after AU chairperson President Robert Mugabe had clearly outlined the continent’s official position on the matter.

“We believe this is lack of respect not just for the laws he is supposed to uphold but for the office of the Head of State and Government, President Robert Mugabe,” the activists said.

“We stand in unity to condemn in the most serious sense the demonic statements attributed to a person whose word is seen as law.

“Every girl deserves a chance to become a fully productive adult woman and as the child and women’s rights sector we call upon him to do the honourable thing and resign and if he does not, we call upon the president to fire him for bringing the law profession and the country into disrepute,” the activists added.

The women and child rights activists, drawn from different local and international organisations, said Tomana should immediately retract his statements, further threatening to take to the streets if their demands were not met.

Tomana was quoted in State media yesterday saying girl school drop-outs should be allowed to marry at a young age because they have no “alternative”.

The Prosecutor General said further that sending abusers to jail would ruin their lives.

“Children should not be sacrificed for the non-functional economy, rather we call to those in decision-making positions to address the socio economic conditions he has raised,” said the activists.

They said like every child, girls had a vision for their future and Tomana was destroying it by redirecting their future towards marriage.

“Patriarchy has systematically designed marriage as an achievement and the ultimate goal for every girl, which is ridiculous,” they added.

Zimbabwe and other countries on the continent have been making strides to curtail child marriages and Tomana’s statements are deemed reckless against the background of the recent celebration of the Day of the African Child that had the theme, 25 Years after the Adoption of the African Children’s Charter: Accelerating our Collective Efforts to End Child Marriage in Africa.

“A 12-year-old is a minor who cannot decide a lot of things including, which school to go to, how to wash their privates and what clothes to wear. Now you want to entrust them with consent to have sex.

“We as the child rights sector cannot entrust Zimbabwe’s law to a Prosecutor General who is intertwined in the patriarchal discourse,” the activists said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the press conference, Patience Chiyangwa, the public relations officer at Childline, said Tomana’s utterances were a major drawback to the advocacy activities around child marriages.

“It affects our activities. This is patriarchy at play because Tomana is insinuating that every girl should be brought up for marriage,” she said.

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chiremb - 21 June 2015

I agree, fire the moron. Tomana is a criminal. He is clueless about the psychological effects of what he is advocating.Is he aware that a 12 year old girl's cervix is immature and cannot tolerate the acidity of grown man's semen. He is predisposing every young woman to cancer of the cervix. He has a sick solution to the economic problems his party has reduced the Zimbabwean people to. Tomana, zanupf must stop stealing the wealth of the country that rightly belongs to every child, boys and girls. You call yourself a lawyer, educated? and yet you want to rob every girl child of her right to be educated and earn a degree you moron. Shame on you!!! As for the child molesters, I have a perfect solution to their problem: castration and lobotomy. It is time Zimbabwe set up a sex offenders register and communities, schools and suburbs as well as cities should be notified when a sex offender/child molester/rapist is released into their midst, as it is done in the educated, civilised, normal countries in the rest of the world. But then tomana is only highlighting that Zimbabwe has descendedinto barbarism. Not surprising seeing as we have an old doddering, maniac, called robert gabriel mugabe for a president an grace–ooops!!! disgrace for a first lady. after all mugabe was having sex with dis-grace when Sally was alive. SHHHHH what lack of morals.

Jan - 21 June 2015

What else would you expect to hear from a pedophile like Tomana. He is a pedophile and a child molester, hence he is trying to protect his interests. (sic)

Ziziharinanyanga - 21 June 2015

How will our children be protected, when then main supposed chief protector becomes the perpetrator? May God help us.

machakachaka - 22 June 2015

in any other country tomana would resign becoz of the scandalous statements he said , or be fired by the president but in zimbabwe hahahahahaha

Harare - 22 June 2015

I could not believe what I read about what this Tomaona said. The man had utterly no clue as to the implication of what he was talking about. It makes me get worried that if such people like Tomona can occupy positions of Prosecutor General then it means we are finished. Still more worrying is up to this time he is still in his position - untouched. What does it take in Zimbabwe to fire such nickampoop who,by virtue of their connections in government or allegiance to the rulling party, find themselves in shoes too big for them ? Taparara varume muZimbabwe. Handisati ndamboona zwakadai.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 22 June 2015

The man is as daft as a brick. How did he ever get to where he is? Dr disGrace should fire him if she is really serious about performance issues in government.

James Gray - 22 June 2015

Remember he is shielding Kereke for having molested a minor

murapa - 22 June 2015

Mr President, why haven't you fired Tomana. Since that statement of his I wake up everyday hoping for decisive action by the Executive to protect our children. Makamirireiko vaMugabe? Tomana ngaaende kumusha.

machakachaka - 23 June 2015

Mr Tomana is right. Analyse his statements before you utter all your rubbish people

intellectual - 20 October 2015

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