'Zim on brink of total collapse'

HARARE - Zimbabwe is teetering on the verge of total collapse and could drag the whole Southern African region into unprecedented chaos if President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF are not reined in soon, the main opposition MDC led by former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai has warned.

Warming up to the idea of confronting Mugabe and Zanu PF head-on as suggested by liberation struggle stalwart Rugare Gumbo, the MDC said yesterday that the longer the nonagenarian and his party remained in power, the worse things would turn for long-suffering Zimbabweans -- many of whom live on less than a dollar a day.

The main opposition's comments came as Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa revealed earlier in the week that Mugabe's broke government did not have the money to source maize for millions of Zimbabweans who are staring hunger in the face, amid desperate calls for Western donors and the corporate world to fund the $300 million emergency project.

At the same time, industrial contraction and company closures continue to throw hundreds of people on the ever growing jobless list every month, compounding the country's dire and deepening poverty levels.

MDC spokesman, Obert Gutu, said everything that could go wrong in Zimbabwe had since gone wrong and was destined to get worse with Mugabe and Zanu PF in power.

"It is apparent that the Zanu PF regime is totally clueless regarding how to extricate the country from this debilitating economic mayhem and liquidity crunch. We are at the deep end.

“Zimbabwe is crying out for an urgent economic and financial rescue package. The Zanu PF regime’s main challenge is lack of political legitimacy. This is a renegade and rogue administration that is completely and utterly incapable of rescuing the situation in the country.

“Time is of the essence. The future of Zimbabwe is firmly in our hands. None but ourselves can set us free. There is a total failure of government and the centre can clearly no longer hold.

"The MDC calls upon all patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans to join hands in finding lasting and effective solutions to extricate our beloved motherland from the prevailing political and socio-economic quagmire,” Gutu said.

“Robert Mugabe and his rogue administration are bankrupt and are unable to harness adequate financial resources in order to import the maize that is now urgently required. The situation cannot be more desperate than what it is right now,” he added.

Pointing to the brutal factional and succession wars devouring Zanu PF and that are worsening the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans, the MDC said ruling party bigwigs were callously ignoring bread and butter issues for their personal aggrandisement.

"The country is on virtual auto-pilot as the nonagenarian Head of State continues with his endless, fruitless, purposeless and expensive foreign jamborees. It is high time that the renegade Zanu PF regime is called to order.

"The streets of the country’s major cities, towns and growth points are teeming with thousands of desperate vendors who are struggling to eke out a living day in and day out.

"There is virtually no meaningful domestic and foreign direct investment (FDI) that is flowing into Zimbabwe mainly because the Zanu PF regime has effectively lost control of the state apparatus,” Gutu added.

As a result, the MDC's call was that it was time the country was "put back in the spotlight" by regional and continental bodies.

“It would be folly for these two organisations (Sadc and the African Union AU) to proceed as if there is no crippling crisis in Zimbabwe.

"Robert Mugabe and his rogue Zanu PF regime should be confronted and told, in no uncertain terms, that the deteriorating political and economic situation in Zimbabwe is now a serious threat to both regional and continental security and stability,” Gutu warned.

Liberation struggle stalwart and spokesperson of the “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan “People First”, Rugare Gumbo, said on Tuesday that the only way positive change would take place in the country was if Zimbabweans agitated for this constitutionally but robustly from Mugabe and the ruling party — and not employ “empty boycott protests”.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News in the wake of the post-congress Zanu PF’s hollow victories in last week’s by-elections which were boycotted by the main opposition MDC, Gumbo said Zimbabweans needed to do more to foster democracy in the country.

He also defended his Zanu PF formation’s “moral support” for a number of independent candidates who took part in the by-elections even as they were “always aware that our erstwhile comrades are grand masters in vote manipulation”.

“That was a bogus and sham election full of irregularities and intimidation. The CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation), and post-congress Zanu PF party members were running the show.

“Zec (the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) failed to conduct a free and fair election. It allowed Zanu PF to supervise the whole process and what really happened was unbelievable — a lot of intimidation and a lot of violence.

“This whole process must be overhauled. It is a rotten system which stinks to high heaven,” the straight-talking Gumbo said.

Asked whether the main opposition was right in boycotting the elections, Gumbo said in his view staying away from electoral processes would not on its own give the “shameless post-congress Zanu PF any sleepless nights” — but would instead allow it to enjoy what it had always dreamt about, “the creation of a one-party state”.

“Let us take them head-on. They want to push their programmes without any opposition. But what we have had are mere by-elections. When we go to national elections, it will be difficult for them to cheat as they did in these by-elections,” he said.

Gumbo a former Cabinet minister with intimate knowledge of the modus operandi of Zanu PF said his “power hungry” erstwhile comrades were not easily shaken by “petty resistance” — hence his call for a more robust approach to demands for change.

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let me be the first to message. MDC shut up like seriously. You are toothless the worst opposition the world has ever seen. You do not care about zimbabweans tsvangirai has failed dismally. How can you talk about SADC and AU seriously at a time that zimbabweans are going to go hungry nhai. How can you only talk talk talk. This is the time for sacrificing this is the time to start rallies in town this is the time to start stay aways. this is the time for action not this rubbish of SADC and AU. please MDC need to seriously go back and think again why people died for them. Tsvangirai move out of that house or resign shamwari and go back so you understand how hard life it. Gutu we want action not this stupid rubbish you are talking about. toothless fools

petros - 18 June 2015

@petros as you are busy scolding mdc you are hiding behind the door why bcoz you are a coward who wants to be led by Morgan to confront ZANU . How many times have you been told to stand up and chase away zanu but instead you want Morgan to do everything for you while you are hiding under your bed? . Go confront zanu leave MDC alone you cry baby who soils himself at a glace of chipangano . Now is the time confront Mugabe and stop hiding under you bed dreaming that someone will do it for you.

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

@petros is right.The opposition expect ordinary people to start to take action, but will do absolutely nothing if what happened to Dzamara takes place.People can follow when a leader is right in front not just making stupid statements everyday whenever you are given a chance.MDC and all those political commentators repeat the same old comments everyday , but that will not bring change to Zimbabwe.We need the Tsvangirai of pre 2000 era not this one who is all but talking of theories.We need Chamisa of the pre 2000 era when they used to call a spade a spade and take action.You can make as much noise as you can but Mugabe and his ''comrades'' will be having the last laugh.They do not know what it feels like togo to bed on an empty stomach.The maize shortage you are talking about will not affect them so all they say is ''there is no hurry in Africa''

chimuti - 18 June 2015

You can talk as much as you want, and say what you want but the truth of the matter is that MDC is the best we've got. They may be useless as some say. They may have lost their way but in opposition they are the best we have. Diibulaanyika is totally correct in his assessment. Untill a better option is available those that are complaining and condemning might just be Zanu clones put on this forum just for that purpose of destroying the only option we have.

THUPHULUMLOMO - 18 June 2015

@Diibulaanyika used to make sense in his comments, but here bru you have lost it.Situation yemuZimbabwe haisi yekuti Samere anobuda mumba make nechamboko kana rekeni kunorwisa Mugabe .There is need for a revolution but I wonder if ever there can be one if there is no leader.A lot has been said about Dzamara asi pane chakabuda here.The power of the army is what Mugabe has on his side but not everyone in the army is on Mugabe's side.Its easy for the CIO to come and get me even during the day, but they can not do that to Tsvangirai.Do you think that Dzamara had said some thing new that Tsvangirai has never said.Akangotaura mashoko anotaurwa nguva dzose asi nekuti he is just an ordinary guy like iwe Diibulaanyika,akabva angoshaika.Why did they not go for Morgan or Gutu. Anyway whats your strategy if we are to free ourselves from this bondage coz the truth is we are suffering whether you are in or out of the country.

Jambanja - 18 June 2015

When gukurahundi was killing people we never so Mugabe moving infront as one cio chimuti thinks leaders must do . when murambaswina took place we never saw Mugabe in front but his thugs , when elections come Mugabe never go out to intimidate people and even kill some for supporting opposition but you have some one here bla bla bla ya ya Morgan must go infront . why? so that you can attack him like what you have been doing . Recently in Burundi people fought Nkurunziza did we see the opposition leader ? NO . During war neither Nkomo or Mugabe were infront line battle so why Morgan must go in front so that cio chimuti can target him . Wanyangira yaona .

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

The writer of this article and Tsvangirai are out of their minds . Its the economy in their heads that is collapsing .

Hayibo ! - 18 June 2015

Pre 2000 political activites were not restricted by the laws such as AIPPA and POSA.

pilsener - 18 June 2015

Who in his/her sane mind would say the economy is not collapsing. Massive vending of bras, toothpicks and ex jap cars etc, traded in the (USD) currency of estwhile foe is a clear sign of collapsing economy. Where is our beloved currency.

pilsener - 18 June 2015

@Jambanja whether I make sense to you or not that does not remove Mugabe .With people like you who think they know a very good leadership when actually you are cowards then forget baba no leader can win with such people of negative thinking . People must be willing to free themselves first before any leader can lead them . If we had such mentality during war whites would be still ruling us any way it was going to be good for us bcoz they knew how to fix economy.

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

l used to take Mdc-t seriously but have discoverd tht its a Mercenary part, Abednico Bhebhe is busy squandering part funds through part national cards and imposing his girl friends in structures his girlfriends are fomer Zanu pf member Nomvula Mguni currently Byo Province Secretary,Tendai Masotsha a suspected government agent who appeared in B-Metro last week(Sex staved businesswomen pays married man for sex), 2013 he imposed Dorcas Sibanda.

Mlandu Mncube - 18 June 2015

From the comments made above it looks like we are in it for ever because I do not see a situation where everyone will wake up and confront Mugabe.We will go vending as usual and politicians will still comment and the brave ones will still call others cowards.Inongova njakenjake chaiyo.Hameno .Ko munguva yehondo yechimurenga asi munhu aingozvitsvagira pfuti yake otoenda kunorwa nekuti pane mukuru ati Mugabe na Nkomo were not in front.Saka yaimbotungamirirwa naaniko hondo yacho.Ko Mugabe wacho zvaakanaga asiri pamberi ko akagoitirwei mutungamiriri.Aaaa zvinonetsa izvi kuzvinzwisisa.

Hameno - 18 June 2015

Unfortunately we have very little opposition, with all the in house fighting you would think that the MDC might gain the upper hand..... We need new blood, like Mugabe the MDC leadership needs new faces.

Isac Hunt - 18 June 2015

@Hameno well i do not how old are you but it sounds you are pikinini bcoz you do not know even what is war front . I personally never so Nkomo or Mugabe carrying an AK sleeping in the bush doing the donkey work of war . They were in Zambia not in Rhodesia they only came back in 1980 when war was over . If you are not a dander head at least you got the sense .

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

MDC its that time to take action because each and every zimbabwean know what is the real problem and now we have to take immediate action

david - 18 June 2015

what is a collapsed economy? How do people confront Mugabe and zanupf, who is going to rescue the economy whe Mugabe is gone? How? The writer of this 'very informative cum alarming' potion should shade more light. theorises can be tried in kwazulu natal where there is barbaric majority. in zimbabwe we want pragmatic solutions. no wonder safety valves are endless for our enreprising population. tipei tinzwe way forward

Ba rue - 18 June 2015

For how long will we keep crying ?

ZIM - 18 June 2015

Publishing the details of how people can free themselves will be the most stupid thing as zanu would prepare and thump anyone trying to remove it . Zulus are barbaric but they never spend nights in buses going to other countries scavenging and they are the bravest tribal groups known in SADC such that their govt respects them . Furthermore they have right to control the influx of kwerekeres into their teritories who run away from taking control of their countries .

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

There is a certain grp of people esp frm diaspora who analyse and analyse after running away vachinyepa kuti they are under attack to seek asylum in the UK. They do not vote. they just analyse and analyse. They know what is wrong with zim. They know that 100% Tsvangirai is to blame. They ululate when Simba auya makoni arrives , wen Mutambara arrrives, when Ncube arrives, when NCA leader arrives, wen Biti arrives, when Mangoma arrives, when Mai Mujuru arrives. They have NO CLUE whatsoever that its either ZANU PF OR MDCT. Negligible middleground. Zim voters who vote for oppositn do not want to be split. They know that MT has the grassroots support..However, Professors and Doctors in opposition circles incl diasporans underestimate the ordinary voter. That said Morgan Tsvangirai provides leadership. He has so many times asked people to accompany him and face the regime headon. People have been scared and are timids. Until we realize that we have to take on this regime then we will die silently. Morgan has been beaten harrassed and arressted.. some small boys think he is not doing enough..my question to all these is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT YOURSELF "?

Chingongingo - 18 June 2015

Zulus are barbaric scavengers in their backyard, they have no clue on how to deal with their poverty. zimbabweans have demonstrated that the sky is their limit. if you can predict what zanu can do and try to avoid it in public that means you are riding in a utopian train. let the oppressed rejoice in their opiate until nature take its course. Ignorance is bliss !!

Ba rue - 18 June 2015

Yes you say so and you discovered that when you went to their country scavenging .Next thing for sure they will hit your heard with a sagila then you will come back home to vote

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

tsvangirai is part of the reason we are in this situation. we trusted him to be our opposition face and instead he was about ladies only to cry foul after elections. instead of demonstrating the core model of democracy he has also become a handiende. if people oppose him, he purges them just like it is in zanu pf. he has no moral value to lecture us. instead he should just give way for another.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 June 2015

I think a lot of the time our suffering has made us not see the truth in front of us.In 1980 when this Government came to power they created a situation where things were so good for black people that we did not see what was actually taking place in the back round. Things were even better for those whites who stayed. They had the money and the property and rich men were created over night. Jobs were a plenty. These guys were slowly but surely tightening their grip and putting their own in strategic areas so as to have total control of the country with the backing of a lot of people. What they done then is becoming unstuck as the cake shrinks. They are now at each others throats.The opportunity is there for change but who in the leadership of the opposition will step forward and seize the opportunity. The have proved themselves to also hunger for power while the scratch each others eyes out like vultures over a carcase. People are weary and this has been going on for too long. Soon circumstances that are beyond anyone's control will take over the situation and all hell will break loose. It is important that we debate amongst ourselves and I have read each and every opinion here and if this were serving as a poll survey to see the mood of the people I would say that there is a lot of Anger. I personally have no doubt that we shall rise again as a people and take our rightful place in the global setup. Thank you all for the enlightenment and don't forget as Zimbabweans we are one.

Beitbridge to Mukumbura - 18 June 2015

chiikowo chinotaurwa na va tsvangirai. one day vanotuka sadc ne au the next day votsvaka rubatsiri kubva ku sadc and au. mukuru uyu haana kudzikama.

sando - 18 June 2015

zanu pf inotoziva kuti mazimba magwara that's why you hear people like munangagwa talking shit ,as longer as we think that zanu will leave office through elections then we have not started surely they will loot everything including our wives. Zanu was defeated many times and they know that ,that's why they do not care about the suffering of people cause they know that they where rejected long back. that's why they are not moved by Gumbo& Mutasa;s statements because they know that the two where also party of the rigging team.so zimbos never fool yourselves saying zanu will leave office in a democratic way

mr honest - 18 June 2015

This govt has never created anything good for its people since day one never , The first thing it did in 1980 was to relocate all companies from BYO to Harare ,Then followed gukurahundi esap the list is endless . Looting the economy which was in good condition , divided people on tribal ground By making sure all people from matebeleland are deputies no matter how clever they were . They was are lot of kak during those days unless if you spoke the right language ,

Diibulaanyika - 18 June 2015

Instead of blaming Tsvangirai why don't you suggest what can be done to try and get things going right, it's easy to blame others handiti, remember we are dealing with a brutal regime and what i'm sensing is that most people who are blaming MT think he should lead some mass protests and I think to some extent that could work but remember many people could be killed or disappear.....are the masses prepared for that?

gift - 18 June 2015

Zimbos want to have their cake and eat it, as has been mentioned. Morgan has been there all the time, violated, beaten up, scandalized by zanu, you name it , he has been there for the suffering zimbo. Now we want him to face zanu on his own whilst we sit on our backsides. Dibulaanyika is right and I agree with assessment completely.

Muzungu Moyo - 18 June 2015

@gift tsvangirai wasted a yawning opportuning, an open goal, a chance he had been presented by people who were angry with zanu pf. he would have ruled zimbabwe had it not been his misjudgments. first when asked what he would do with mugabe once in office he charged that he would take him to the icc. who in their right mind would allow someone to treat them that way. mugabe had the sympathy of the army. i would imagine that mugabe decided to stay put. when he got into shared power what did he do. instead of showing us how to run the economy proper the man decided to go on a marrying spree. not that getting married is unbecoming but that he gave zanu pf reasons to scandalize him. anyone could have been disappointed by his actions. more so, the guy tasted power and has become a handiende. in 1999 he promised not to cling to power beyond the three terms stipulated in the mdc constitution. now he fixed the constitution so he can stay beyond. tsvangirai has now become party of the problem. he is now a disturber and should be rested. in my view, we as a people may need to give that chance to the emerging people first. people first for 2018. mai mujuru appears to be better than tsvangson. thats how i see it.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 June 2015

@Zvirazviyedza,I dont see the difference btwn Mugabe regime and the so called 1st people party,who now seek sympathy from ordinary people,but when they were busy looting never thot about an ordinary zimbo.The devil you know is better than the devil you dont know,i see Tsvangison as the only solution and hope for Zimbo,take for an example when he entered power sharing agreement the economy stabilized a bit,

Godo - 18 June 2015

i guess i tested this text with a different tongue therefore let me say this paper is stupid and just like MDC is,how can one write such a scorn to the people who are in hard times.Zanu pf needs a better and more organised opposition that has energy to lead violence or whatever that takes the power from old Zanu pf.Saka tsvangirai imbosuduruka papinde shumba yamugabe nekuti it seemz like you are now playing hide and seek with people plus uritsotsi udakuti vanhu vaise change not the opposistion manje we will also sit back and enjoy old zanu pf's bumpy ride as long as tichienda kunofa tese than kufira chingwa chevana vako Morgan.................

MAFANA - 18 June 2015

you are right my friend tsvangirai ngaambo suduruka pavakudiwa vanhu vane back-bone. regai zanu pachayo irovane anenge akunda otonga. morgan anombo hwanda ozobuda otaura ka statement ohwanda nemadzimai ake. pakudiwa vanhu vane spine.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 June 2015

If you are young, talented, if you realize that your life is only so many years and have a very clear plan of what your life should be. There are many other places that can welcome your talents ... get OUT of Zimbabwe.

Absolom - 18 June 2015

Nonsense Morgan is our man he is staying put we zimbabwean have a plan for him to see us through this rough time and to make him president . Those who say he must go are few confused renewal supporters like Zviro and can go hang .All positive minded zimababwean want Morgan to stay put until he becomes president of this country . We can not be fooled by cio and renewal supporters to say Morgan must go .Where? They want to bring back Biti I think but people are cleverer they can see this cheap politiking .NGENKANI Morgan is our next president .

Diibulaanyika - 19 June 2015

Everyone knows the truth confronting ZPF will result in blood shed.The BIG question is how many are prepared to lose their lives in taking on zpf

sellasie - 19 June 2015

Everyone knows the truth confronting ZPF will result in blood shed.The BIG question is how many are prepared to lose their lives in taking on zpf

sellasie - 19 June 2015

Even if you do not confront zanu Mugabe will still spill blood . Blood of zimbabweans will be spilled in foreign countries through zeno attacks or through the jaws of limpopo river crocodiles . So which is not dying anyway . If we had aggressive youth who love their country not Mzansi then this problem could have been solved long ago . But by nature we are cowards finish and klaa.

Diibulaanyika - 19 June 2015

tsvangirai has won the elections the problem with petrose is that he is a slave of zanu pf

sanchez - 19 June 2015

Nhai iwe Diibulanyika you are saying Morgan is going to be our president and at the same time you are saying we are cowards, then how is it going to be possible if he does not lead us.We have played our part in voting for MDC since 2000 but the outcome had always been shocking.If only we had leaders that can ensure that at all costs the elections are held in a free and fair environment, then maybe we can talk of a change ,but as it stands now it looks like 2018 elections will be same fanana.There will never be any change in the electoral syatems.Zanu Pf will "win'' again and AU and SADC will declare them free and fair.The opposition will say they were rigged and you Diibulanyika will still be commenting but not using your true identity coz you are scared of the dreaded CIO even though you are not a ''coward". By the way these ''agressive youths'' you are talking about need a leader to tell them what to do next because they can not all wake up one day with the same mind and start demonstrating.Someone has to give command and that someone has to be a politician whom people trust, because if yourself Diibulanyika try it they will simply drag you in broad day light from your backroom kicking and wailing and never to be found again.

Wazvionawoka - 19 June 2015

@Wazvionawoka so you want Morgan to walk in front of you and you holding onto his jacket and then you can be brave to confront zanu . Have you checked my ID and found that it is not my name that i am using . Try to talk of something that you are hundred percent sure . With the situation the country is in suwa one would expect people to be keen to free themselves not to be persuaded and persuaded as wazvionawaka wants . i am still hoping that with more suffering coming some thing mighty happen . The problem with people like you is you forget easily like nkuku after eating some chikafu bcoz how many times Morgan has told people to stand up including the final pushes ?As you say still want some one or a leader that will come into your house and say baba go and confront zanu .

Diibulaanyika - 19 June 2015

Zvichaputika zvega . Not by our intelligence , Zvichaputika zvega pasina kana ropa radona. Ndazva Ishe. He will soon deliver us . Believe

My Prophecy - 19 June 2015

Zvanzi munhu wese buda mumba mako and go and confront Zanu Pf, but Diibulanyika did not specify in which way.Then after confronting Zanu PF as individuals Morgan becomes the "President" of Zimbabwe.Mwari pindirai.

Ngano - 19 June 2015

it appears to me as if diibulawanyika ndi morgan arikupindura on behalf on himself purporting to be a supporter. we were all behind morgan pre and post 2000 and some of us realized that the man is undemocratic especially after he doctored the constitution so he could overstay his mandate. how is it possible that someone call for change that he himself is not prepared to embrace? by clinging to power beyond the three term limit, morgan is simply demonstrating that he is a dictator in the making. there is no grounds from which people like @dii argue in favour of this man. he is a handiende type. period. he also failed to groom someone who would takeover from him. had no succession plan and signs are he will continue till he drops dead. we don't want people like that.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 June 2015

vazhinji varume varimuno muzimbabwe vakakura vachirerewa nanababa vavo saka havazivi zvamuchose chinonzi ma rights ,vanongoti zvagara zviripo ndizvozvo kunyange ndikafa nenzara zvichanaka.Ndidzo mbwende dzavanhu idzodzo dzinofanirwa kusvinudzwa, vamwe vanotosvika kutorerwa mudzimai nababa vakamubereka vagonyarara vachitya kutaridza rights ake.Regai tikuudzei isu kuti zvimirirei pachenyu mukwanise kuzviitira zvinhu zvenyu pachenyu mukwanise kubvisa hutapwa hurimunyika.

jemba - 19 June 2015

i dont see reason of attacking tsvangson. he have never ruled this country and he have been standing sso much for us the ordinary and in many cases leaving him beaten, jailed and all sorts of harasment. those saying heeee vakadzi what not what not please go check your history well. tsvangson was married to one wife who perished in an accident zvinozivikanwa nemunhu wes and any man after some time will try to find love even you who are trying to look smart can endup getting into worse relationships. and for those saying people first PLEASE thats complete nonsence, vaiwepi all these years tsvangson achirohwa nekupondwa msoro wese uyu trying to fight for the people.

truZimbo - 19 June 2015

@zviro, ndafa nekuseka the last comment when u said it appears Dibula is Morgan commenting as a supporter kkk. But on a serious note , the majority of Zimbos still support Morgiza . This somewhere somehow implies that the issue of changing leadership in the MDC is not from the people but is from the leaders in the MDC. All the people who have rebelled from chinja have not been successful with their projects starting from Ncube,Mutambara,Biti,Mangoma.... all lack support. if these guys are not power hungry why are the renewals failing to forge an alliance with Ncube. Why have they splitted. MORGAN IS MORE.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 24 June 2015

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