Sarcastic Nigerians lash Mugabe again

HARARE - The audacious Nigerian media house, which recently humiliated President Robert Mugabe in Abuja, has had another go at him — highlighting the Gukurahundi massacres of the early 1980s, election irregularities and abductions that have taken place in Zimbabwe under his watch as showing that there is “no democracy” in the country.

Announcing the end of her popular programme called Keeping it real last week, one of the online publication’s reporters, the feisty Adeola Fayehun, sarcastically questioned why supporters of Mugabe — the world’s oldest leader — were attacking her over her recent statements that “there is no democracy in Zimbabwe”.

“By now you have heard about what happened between me and Robert Mugabe, an encounter that has led to the end of my career. I have been attacked left and right for asking when he would step down. I don’t regret asking that question, no I don’t.

“I was hoping that Mugabe would say something. He has been president of Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, that is 35 years ago. So me asking when he will step down is not a crime. The only thing I am not happy with is that the video was not edited. It aired my side comments which were not meant for the public to hear,” she said.

Fayehun mocked Mugabe when the nonagenarian attended the recent inauguration of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, shouting “he is too old” and “there is no democracy in Zimbabwe”.

Her comments sparked heated debate across the political divide in Zimbabwe — with the YouTube video of her encounter with Mugabe being viewed by hundreds of thousands of people at home and internationally.

In her programme last week, Fayehun explained that when she described the frail nonagenarian as “too old”, her judgment had been solely based “on having encountered him at a very close range”.

“I wasn’t happy with you guys hearing he is too old. Me saying he is old is something that struck me when I saw him physically. It is not like what you see in pictures and videos.

“So, I was not making fun of him saying he is old, I was saying that he was old because it struck me when I saw him,” Fayehun said.

Adeola says on the day she came face to face with Mugabe, some journalists were trying to massage his ego.

“A lot of journalists in Abuja just kept saying Mr. President give us a smile so that they could take a picture and I am like this is Mugabe he has been in power for 35 years why should you be asking him to smile. There are so many questions to ask.

“But okay, I completely agree with you guys that asking Mugabe when he would step down was awful, it was terrible of me, very disrespectful, a small girl like myself, how dare I ask a whole president when he would step down especially in Africa where we are not to ask questions of elders?” she asked sarcastically.

“We are supposed to respect them especially if they are politicians whether they are dictators or not whether they are corrupt or not, we are not supposed to challenge them which is why this will be my very last episode of Keeping it real,” she added.

Sticking to her guns, the New York-based reporter goes on to ask rather rhetorically, “If there is democracy in Zimbabwe why is one man president for six terms”.

As old and as frail as Mugabe is, some of his supporters are still rooting for him to stand as Zanu PF’s candidate for the country’s next general elections constitutionally scheduled for 2018, when he will be 94.

“Why wouldn’t I say there is no democracy in Zimbabwe when we see names of dead people on the voters’ roll,” Adeola added.

Giving a lecture to her audience about Zimbabwe, Adeola said since the country’s independence from Britain in 1980, many activists had disappeared — illustrating her claim with a picture of Itai Dzamara — the journalist-turned-democracy activist who was abducted more than three months ago for protesting against Mugabe and has not been seen since.

“There is democracy yet people are afraid to talk to their President. Nobody can challenge the man without repercussions,” she said.

Speaking on the sensitive Gukurahundi massacres of the early 1980s, Fayehun tells her audience that these took place at a time that Mugabe was the country’s prime minister.

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Adeola must define democracy for us first. Secondily, my learned sister, what is wrong with one man being leader for six terms? As long as you are elected by the masses, no problem, that is democracy my sister. Period.

zindman - 16 June 2015

zindman everything is very wrong. Much as you like the old man, that he is too old is a statement of fact that even nature can't deny. Why is that when we apply for vacancies there are age restrictions, ever wondered why? There is no normal employer who can employ a 65 year old later on a 91year old in what ever capacity. We all know what happened 2008 and 2013 and for your information, Mugabe never won an election since 2000. where is democracy?

pride - 16 June 2015

All the sister said is true,who doesnt know about gukurhundi,state sponsered violence since 2000.There has never been any democracy in the motherland

chinoz - 16 June 2015

Adeola u were100% correct he is old,undemocratic,thief, dictator, u name it, he has overstayed his welcome as he is forcing himself on to Zimbabweans. Nobody in his right mind votes for him except his goons of cause, his victories are based on massive rigging. He will never win a fair election and he knows it pretty well in his old head. Its a shame that he loves witnessing Democratic changes in other countries yet he is a Hitler. He is now an embarrassment to Zimbabweans that even a small child wishes him dead. When he dies I can assure u of parties all over the world people,especially Zimbabweans,will celebrate. Thank you my sister for exposing the idiot. To us he is an idiot. You see how they rebuke you for that interview,if you were in Zimbabwe I guarantee that you would have disappeared without trace by now. Thank you Areola I wish the whole world would do likewise on his numerous journeys of shame. We are sick & tired of this old man.

maiwe zimbabwe yacho - 16 June 2015

we cant talk about Gukurahundi all the time like its good news.apart from that such atrocities took place in many places in Africa like Rwanda,Burundi just to mention a few.its time we learn from our wrongs and not keep on singing about them as if it would help us regain something out of it.we all know what was the situation by we can not be told that by a simple Nigerian nobody where Boko Haram is causing deep trouble probably worse off than Gukurahundi

carson macate - 16 June 2015

Carson Macate, tell that to Nikuv, while the Jews are hunting Nazis who were involved more than 60 years ago in the holocaust? Why not ask the victims if they do not want to talk about Gukurahundi so as to get justice done? We need brave people like Adeola to remind us that it is possible to call a president that he is an idiot. Are you really convinced that There is only one person that has the capacity to lead Zimbabweans? What then should happen when he goes? I bet you have no answer? That is what right thinking people, Adeola included, are shouting about!!!!

Okech - 16 June 2015

We need Jesus to help us wake up otherwise we will will continue to choose leaders we deserve. When the elections are rigged, we nonetheless accept the fake results.

Melisa - 16 June 2015

Sister Adeola Fayehum you did very well and have no fear or regret for God is with you. Who is he anyway only fear God.

Dee - 16 June 2015

casane you are a monkey! you cannot have 20,000 innocent murdered without anyone acknowledging responsibility, no one arrested then you expect us just to keep quite. some one should pay for that. chinorova imombe kwete munhu!!! I think you are one of those filthy minded shonas who the think that an average shona is more important than a Ndebele thus we kill them with impunity. you are living in cold cuckooland!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 17 June 2015

Adeola keep asking him when he will retire time you see him. He will attend anything called a meeting of this and that so keep asking him WHY an old donkey at 94 would like to stand as a presidential candidate in the time ''he finishes that 5 year term'' he will be 99 years old then maybe he will manipulate the constitution to extend his tenure of office b y another 10 years and so on and so on!!!! '''VIVA Mugabe'''' the leader of all times. That ladies and gentlemen is what we call ZANU PF democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garikayi - 17 June 2015

Adeola - leave Zimbabwe to Zimbabweans. Its up to us to keep President Mugabe in power for as long as we want. Not you to tell us. If elections are held and President Mugabe wins; is that not democracy? Sister please stop taking issues that you are not sure of personally as you know nothing about governance in Zimbabwe.

wchirare - 17 June 2015

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interesting does he ever read these things

nkosana - 17 June 2015

she never bothered to ask about Boko Haram and how Zim can assist she does not care about her other small girls been raped daily in Nigeria not to mention the bombs ,,,,wait till her own family gets bombed or her sister abducted it does not happen here in Zimbabwe surprisingly it does happen in a democratic country like Nigeria ....

Cde kumz - 17 June 2015

When our sisters and brothers went to war in the 70s they were fighting for justice , equal rights and One man one vote , freedom to chose . Now what is this nonsense we hear about political reorientation . God gave us the freedom to chose without fear . ZIMBABWEAN should register as voters now , voter registration is an ongoing process not a event .

SOBER SENSE - 17 June 2015

tru dat wchirara.....i wonder wy ple r so concerned wth zim lik dat ,,,,,js let us b. is it tht all th political issues in their countries hv bn addressed olredy

nkay - 17 June 2015

Adeola - leave Zimbabwe to Zimbabweans. Why not ask OUR old man how is he managing to keep terrorists (like her Adeola) out of Zimbabwe? If she had insisted on that, she would have got a tip to pluck out Boko Horam and they would leave peacefully like we are doing. While she is busy pestering OUR President, her sisters are busy being raped, bombed; building destroyed, etc by Boko Horam. I call that a serious Prioritization Problem. Unfortunately she will be dead/raped/homeless soon if she cannot use her education to the benefit of her country and kinsmen.

Mukuruvambwa - 17 June 2015

thank u my good sister, the old man betrayed the struggle. our parents, brothers and sisters died invain

El-Dodo - 17 June 2015

Amanga amunandi iqiniso liyababa that is very true to some people the truth is biter and lies sweet . The girl asked simply plain and straight forward quesitions which never offended any sane person . The man is so old such that he can be mistaken for a scare crow . even on new suits he still looks like a scare crow at a maize plantation scaring bhobhajanis, The girl is a star journalist that africa is proud of . If you ready these comments girl I would like to tell you that africa loves you job well done and never worry about a few Mugabe spies trying to discourage you from doing what know best doing a great job . .

Diibulaanyika - 17 June 2015

I wish Africans can learn to be honest.....maybe we can spare so many lives being lost in the oceans trying to reach Europe for a better life. A sane person can't honestly say Zimbabwe is so desperate for leadership to the extent that we can't do without Robert Mugabe. That's absurdity of the highest order. Robert Mugabe like all human beings made his mistakes and on certain issues did well.....Clinging to power till the second coming of Jesus Christ will never make him perfect in any way..…..some Africans that support him should realise that.

king chirisamhuru - 17 June 2015

Thanks Adeola. The devil hates to be confronted with the truth. Mugabe has no shame or what it means to be human. God knows

Bull Ant - 18 June 2015

its funny

dax - 18 June 2015

Boko Haram ,plse take that girl away

changara - 19 June 2015

Adeola my sister charity begins at home,before pondering when Mugabe should retire you were suppose to ask your Goodluck Jonathan were he put the little innocent girls abducted by the terrorist Nigerians.Zimbabwe is for The Zimbabweans we elect leaders we want.Nobody absolutely nobody can lecture us on who to vote for.Adeola its a shame that you seem to be confused and doesnot understand democracy yourself cause the tenets of democracy hinges on people being given the opportunity to elect an individual the want.Its also shocking that someone from nigeria can try to lecture us on democracy when its known even by the unborn child that Nigeria is not a democracy but led by military juntas masquarading as democracy.Adeola my sister may you direct your effort towards finding the abducted girls rather than trying to talk about gukurahundi.Gukurahundi happened in Zimbabwe and we dealt with it Zimbabweans and found solution please try to find solution to your abducted girls.Why are crying more than the bereaved. Adeola my sister you canot full us to believe that you are journalist when we know that you are apuppert of the west masquareriding as a journalist.Leave Zimbabwe for the Zimbabweans .worry for your fellow Nigerians.

lovemore - 19 June 2015

Zimbabwe is full of capable leaders infact Zimbabweans are capable people but we exercise our rights to choose who we want for now what we want is Robert Gabriel Mugabe to lead us period.

lovemore - 19 June 2015

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