Tsvangirai was right after all

HARARE - Plumes of dust rise as we trudge on the treacherous road deeper into the heartland of Hurungwe West, the place where a dream was deferred for independent candidate Temba Mliswa on June 10.

It is now public knowledge that Keith Guzah, the Zanu PF candidate, edged Mliswa in the fiercely-contested by-election for Hurungwe West, but on the ground, odds were stacked heavily against the fiery independent candidate.

We saw long serpentine queues, we heard tales of voters who had been turned away, and we came face-to-face with unregistered trucks that prior to the elections raised a lot of dust as they crisscrossed these forgotten lands of Hurungwe.

In Zanu PF-style, school children raised their small clenched fists as we passed by, heading to a polling station at Rengwe Primary School after we had received an intriguing lead.

At the school, tucked away from the public glare, we heard the incredible news that village heads were herding their subjects to polling stations, shadowing them as they cast their votes.

At this polling station alone, over 120 people were turned away and dozens were assisted to vote, albeit with strangers.

Again at this polling station, surrounded with umbrella-shaped trees, we also heard that Zanu PF polling agents had been frantic all day jotting names of each and every person who came to vote.

Thus, the picture became clear, people were shepherded to polling stations exactly what Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo had said as Zanu PF launched a brutal terror campaign against Mliswa.

Now it makes a lot of sense why the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai decided not to take part in the sham elections. What is the point in taking part in a contest where the outcome is predetermined.

Voter apathy, voter intimidation, voter fatigue, voter rejection and eventual dejection characterised this election where we witnessed first hand the time-horned rigging skills of those in power.

Many raised their red-coloured fingers and blurted whenever we stopped, “we voted for Zanu PF”. Fear too was etched on their faces.

Long forgotten by Zanu PF, the telephone network here is either poor or nonexistent and thus it came as a surprise when we received a message that a man sympathetic to Mliswa had been beaten, yes, on the election date.

“There were a lot of skirmishes unnecessarily,” Mliswa said. “Some of my supporters were beaten, an Isuzu registration ADA 1963 abducted Bhora Mponda from ward 24. He is still missing.

“A headman was beaten in Mutore while another guy was brandishing a gun intimidating people at Zvimonzva.”

Tales of a beaten man perhaps but civic organisations like Heal Zimbabwe also noted with grave concern that the elections were far from being credible. Prior to the elections, Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, had set the tone, spewing a lot of bluster.

By noon on voting day, 36 people had been assisted to vote at Chiroti polling station and many more had voted with the discredited voter’s registration slips.

At Nyadara polling station, 93 people also failed to vote even though they adamantly claimed and even swore by their few worldly possessions that they had seen with their eyes their names on the voters’ roll.

And Tsvangirai has always harped about these inadequacies — assisted voters, a shambolic voters’ roll, the staffing of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) with state operatives — it was there in Hurungwe.

In the twilight as we sped back to the newsroom, leaving behind these barren lands of Hurungwe, it became clear that these men superintending over our sorry lives are consumed in power retention.

They have a tendency to do even the immoral, they can beat, steal, kill, lie and well, do just everything to remain in power and live in its glistering trappings.

Guzah is now the MP for Hurungwe West and Mliswa might as well cry himself hoarse but knowing that in a free and fair poll, he would have easily won.

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If the system worked for Mliswa to become MP in the first place, it can also work for Guzah and against Mliswa. Why do people keep crying for those who lose elections through systems that they created in the first place? Kunonzi kurumwa nechekuchera, Mliswa. Ndiwe wakazvitanga.

machakachaka - 15 June 2015

Elections is Zimbabwe are a sheer waste of time.

pride - 15 June 2015

Elections in Zimbabwe are a sheer waste of time. They have long lost all credibility given a compromised system and a thieving govt

pride - 15 June 2015

Yes Tsvangirai was right, there is no point really...one guy once commented "you can rig elections but you can't rig the economy". Very true. And Dailly news your habit of banning people who are posting clean comments is not right!! I never abused anyone in my posts but you banned me. That's not cool, i'm sure there are many who have been banned for no reason. Are you also employing CIO's who don't want zanu or mugabe to be criticised. Or is it because when I type mugabe I deliberately use a small "m" because that's the only reason I can think of as you set to an automatic capital m?

gift - 15 June 2015

Voting or not voting in Zimbabwe there is no difference , till the said reforms are implemented the results will be the same , these thieves they are not even shy to celebrate by wining against no opponent , shame on you zanu pf . There is only one thing which you can't rig , the economy , you are seeing fire , now Chinamasa is quite were are the big deals which your old Mugabe signed with China and Russia . Today's business you implement it do the ground breaking and the move forward , go to Zambia and Mozambique see what is development.

Mudhara - 15 June 2015

Heya moti Tsvangirai akati haapindi ibenzi we understand Mliswa une vanhu the best is to come and join Tsvangirai mofamba mese, remember ana mai Mujuru, Mutasa, Makoni and Dabengwa will join Tsvangirai soon also the big tent is waiting for you my brother dont think they will refused you becouse unesvinga revanhu mwachewe forget about ZANU [PF my brother huya kuna mudhara.

fireman - 15 June 2015

MT has been vindicated and Zimbabwe can only deemed democratic when the electoral field is levelled.

Chief Charumbira - 15 June 2015

Africans are like that. I just do not know how we were created such that our brains still requires some time to be refined in the evolution laboratory. You find a bunch of black leaders, call them lunatics for now, they assemble in RSA and try to justify that they rule for many years "because people like us". They are even surprised as to see how Goodluck Jonathan was "unliked" in Nigerian recently. The question is, do people like you when you force them to? That is what we are as blacks. That is the nature of Africans - we are closer to homo-sapiens than we are to human beings. The rule of the jungle is selfishness - mine only, me only - the rest you can go hang. And it is this principle that is still prevailing in larger Africa today. No wonder why the rhetoric vitriol is frequently unleashed towards the western world (the RSA gathering was not exception) who seem to be so determined to spoil by interfering with African nature. Now blacks kill their own for power, exactly what animals do. Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi timely provided fresh evidence for my dissertation thesis. I am working on a PHD thesis, entitled "what went wrong with evolution - the case of a black leader in Black African countries". Just a sobering comparison for those who are bitter about African leader mentality - have you ever observed how a young boy moulds a bull out of mud, and how a young girl cooks a 'succulent' meal using mud, during their play time?

Danai Pazvagozha - 15 June 2015

It is only when you get mature that you now see the futility of the young folks' effort. But to these kids its real life - till them come out of it as time evolves. Now, why do we waste time criticising the Africans leaders as they navigate their imbued natural era. I hope when my thesis is published, we all get better understanding, and not bitter about these African leaders mentality. Because for sure – all that they shout – no matter how vague and sarcastic – to their minds its real. They see it as real, and nothing can expedite their journey to reality as some of you might want. That is just the nature of this world and its evolution.

Danai Pazvagozha - 15 June 2015

tsvangirai will never be right as long as he is also a handiende. he is trying to fight the system that he is. very despotic he is especially when dealing with dissenting voices which he just like zanu purges. he fixed the constitution and surrounds his-self that is himself with praise singers like the makonis. there is no right in tsvangirai except maybe for michato. maybe people first will deliver - that we wait to see.

zvirozviyedzwa - 15 June 2015

"Guzah is now the MP for Hurungwe West and Mliswa might as well cry himself hoarse but knowing that in a free and fair poll, he would have easily won" The 64k question is....did Mliswa win in a free and fair poll last time out?

qiniso - 15 June 2015

Pamberi nasave! why on earth should one vote for a gvt that promises the electorate everything only to start begging in order to buy maize only a week after the conclusion of the vote? vezanu ichi chatove chigumegume kudya chewafa. next time hamulume! winds of change are now blowing across Africa. south Africa is now against zanu, Botswana, democratic Nigeria and soon Kenya. pako papera rwavhi Mugabe newe emma mnonngorwa

josphat mugadzaweta - 16 June 2015

You know when something is NOT the truth it becomes a lie and according to the Lord Jesus Christ the father of all lies is the devil. ZPF needs to understand that they are digging their hole and they will fall into it. And as for Temba Miliswa? Well he just fell into the hole he dug. Rigging elections was okay when he was winning but it is not ok now! I call on all the so called Mujuru faction to come clean before God and before the nation!

TruthBTold - 16 June 2015

The only man who is capable of resustating ailing zim is Morgan. Dzimwe mbwa idzi kungohukurawo zvadzo. After all Morgan had never lost an election in Zim. Mirira nguva chete, Zhakata wakareva.

piaget - 16 June 2015

if morgan is the only man then something is very wrong with all of us including you @piaget. in a country of 14 million we cannot accept that only one person is capable. as a matter of fact he is also a handiende. thats why ncube, biti and others left him. there are numerous people in zim who can lead the country very well for that matter. you could be one of them.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 June 2015

Yaaa Tsvangirai was right

shyniesta - 16 June 2015

Misleading headline! Everyone sensible enough to oppose Zanu(PF) was and is right - not only the buffoon Tsvancry! He is right but what has he done? Wasted people's energy and snuffed out the flame of the new struggle...and still he wont see the light to go now! Vanhu vatema chii chaizvo?

Tozvirevakupiko - 16 June 2015

there is one and only truthMliswa won the elections.but we know accepting the defeat would leave Zanu pf exposed so they did all to steal as usual.on the other hand we can not call these elections at all when the biggest opposition party is not participating the result is always obvious.However,this is exactly what Zanu pf wanted to continue being lunatics pretending they are wanted by the people

carson macate - 16 June 2015

wht i dnt understand is zimbabwe with its high literacy levels has also the highest number of voters being assisted smthin is wrong smwher

uhuru - 16 June 2015

Opposition leaders should learn from Tsvangirai's mistakes, he is the oldest in the game and has learned by now that ZANU PF cannot be defeated through elections, or peaceful demonstrations, or bad publicity, ....not even through legal and constitutional means as the party embodies constitutionality at its best. I'm not suggesting violence because those guys have guns on their side and won't hesitate to kill, the most of them still have a war mentality. Mliswa should be smart and creative. My fingers are crossed though, I can't wait to see what Tsvangirai is going to do next, his boycott shows he is learning , but what progress is he going to make with all his experience?

Takudzwa - 16 June 2015

An online voting system could be ideal in the 2018 elections, it would save the citizens of fatigue on long ques, While the ballot system can assist those in rural areas, I guess that way, every Zimbabwean can vote and online business can be traced in investigations, we're sick of biased elections

Takudzwa - 16 June 2015

Morgan is not only right he is also brave that is why zanu is always marking him and talk a lot of bad things about him aided by some cio who insult him here . Other politician in this country are like nkuku and nkwilimba Mugabe is their eagle once they see his shadow they scurry for cover screaming Mugabe uyo akomana .Mujuru is a good example she is so scared of zanu such that she is always soiling herself under cover ., The only unfortunate thing for Morgan is Zimbabweans are docile exactly like donkeys and nkwilimba and so stupid that during elections Mugabe uses Vagrants to intimidate voters to vote for zanu even a cell phone can be used to scare them and with such people it is difficulty change things .

Diibulaanyika - 16 June 2015

the wages of sin is death. you cannot wine and dine with sin and think that it will spare you when the time comes. mliswa, ndiko kuninzi kugota moto wembavha

Munyazozo - 16 June 2015

mt is the only noble solution to our crisis he and his advisors we salute for guiding the nation cleverly. this election ndomahumbwe chaiwo.

achimwene - 17 June 2015

mt is the only noble solution to our crisis he and his advisors we salute for guiding the nation cleverly. this election ndomahumbwe chaiwo.

achimwene - 17 June 2015

What do you mean Tsvangirayi was right after all. Akaramba muna 2013 ataurirwa kuti musaende kuma elections. Vayitenderera Zimbabwe yese vachiti "Dziii pa State house" Nhasi he's being accredited for being right after all. benzi remunhu, vana Priscilla vayitaura kubvira 2013, why are they not being accredited for hqaving being right, nana Welshman?

Sifelani Gada - 18 June 2015

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