Mangoma forms new political party

HARARE - Elton Mangoma has walked away from the MDC renewal Team to form his own party — Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe.

Mangoma’s announcement comes after an ad hoc committee suspended him from the renewal team on Wednesday on allegations he hired thugs to beat up a party member, Believe Tevera, who had alleged that the ex-government minister had an affair with his wife.

“We find his role in the coordination and sponsoring of violence against party members to be overwhelming. The gang of youth and hired thugs were ferried and transported using the respondent’s (Mangoma’s) vehicle,” the report stated.

“The respondent buttressed this mischief by advising the media at his press conference that the party was headed for a split.

“We find Mr Mangoma to possess unbridled ambition where he has employed unorthodox, illegal and uncouth means to fulfil his childhood ambition to become a president of something or anything before nature takes him.”

Addressing journalists soon after a meeting he held in Harare yesterday, Mangoma said he was constituting a new party with a clear, unambiguous leadership and party identity.

“In that regard, our party will be called Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe,” Mangoma said.

“Ever since (the) Mandel (meeting), there has been institutional stagnation in terms of building the party and its institutions. We have therefore drawn a line in the sand and started to build the people institution in earnest. In doing so, we believe that we must build a strong party in our own accord.”

Mangoma has lambasted allegations he had a sexual affair with a married woman, describing the accusations as a grotesque attempt by secretary-general Tendai Biti to destroy him politically.

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i knew it long back that these political parties and their leaders dont have pple at heart. they only want to enrich themselves. i will never vote again

wind - 4 June 2015

I think we must fully face the fact that politics does not make a man or woman very much better, it makes him/her very much worse. These Renewal things are clowns. They are better of forming circus circles

Garikayi - 4 June 2015

Mangoma dzokera zvako kumusha kwako kwaChiendambuya wondorima mbambaira nekuteya mbeva. Politics dzaramba Samanyika. We are sick and tired of ever mutations of Renewal thing. Fisrt and foremost renew yourself, your dignity and personality that is so ladden with controversies.


Mangoma dzokera zvako kumusha kwako kwaChiendambuya wondorima mbambaira nekuteya mbeva. Politics dzaramba Samanyika. We are sick and tired of ever mutations of Renewal thing. Fisrt and foremost renew yourself, your dignity and personality that is so ladden with controversies.


Fired on Wednesday and formed a party on Wednesday. Let me get this right - you planned it before being fired?? You guys are wasting our time. All of you are self-centred egocentric nincompoops. One would have thought its time to unite but you keep on splitting and you want us to take you serious?? If you guys have the people at heart, you will put all your differences aside and unite (all the MDCs, MKD, Zapu, NCA ect). I challenge you all, you are our number one enemy because you are not helping the situation. You are letting the people down. Tsvangirai, Biti, Ncube, Simba.. if you are man, think about the people and not your silly power struggles.

Open Eye - 4 June 2015

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Firstly he was in MDC then MDC- T and after one year in MDC Renewal team, he goes on to form Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe. He should just be stopped before he forms another one Renewed Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe. I understand he has a propensity for shelf companies or is it shelf parties.

Fidel Castro - 4 June 2015

.....zanu ndonga,zanu pf and zanu pf pipol 1st,zanu pf riggers,zanu pf tyson..mdc ,mdc T ,mdc N ,mdc 99,mdc renewal, and mdc dhodhi kkkkk

kambudzi - 4 June 2015

Its a political virus or is it a cluster bomb.

X-MAN IV - 4 June 2015

hahahahah bunch of clowns no wonder why zanu is ruling this country hahahahahahahahaha

jimy - 4 June 2015

The biggest fool is Biti. How did you manage to consort with that kind...

Lucky - 4 June 2015

As my old high school teacher would say. "Mangoma go and eat leaves and be buried alive". Kutungana kwembudzi uku.

Order - 4 June 2015

The biggest same in our politics is that none of these people are driven by conviction, a certain set of principles, or ideology. Like if you ask most political leaders in Zimbabwe today what they stand for they will probably just say their political party but nothing more. We should demand better, demand that politicians speak to the needs of the people. Not just wake up thinking about creating another political party. If you win what are your priorities? Where do you stand on Vendors? On electoral reforms, what economic principles do wish to advance, on trade, on debt and deficits, on employment, education, health, agriculture etc. These are key issues that people are concerned about and should here their potential leaders talk and debate about not just name calling and yelling at each other. Why did they stop debates that Zvobgo and them used to have. Mugabe should have to debate Tsvangirayi welsh and anyone else running for the presidency and debate their policy prescriptions.

tino16 - 4 June 2015

One mistake we zimbos make is that we assume we are in a democracy. The truth is we are not. We fellow citizens are in a quazi-military state. Zanu is in power today because it owns the whole of zim's military and para military infrastructure. It is naive to think a military power can be changed through democratic means. It is a sad realization, but as long as they have the bullets, and we have the ballots, we will remain enslaved by them! It doesnt really matter what the opposition does.

NyamenyameRebel - 4 June 2015

Apa Mangoma wazodhomoka kuita kubhodhomoka zveku ngomoka.

Dzungu - 5 June 2015

Mangoma you are full of shit,you expect yo rule Zimbabwe when you take your comrades wifes?.whoever is following you should know that you are taking them to pitcoat government.

nasty o - 5 June 2015

The human debris of the MDC continues to fragment. This collection of buffoons are responsible for the loss of hope in Zimbabwe for a stable and prosperous future for all. This collection of imbeciles have got the same mental diseases as the unrepentant hard case criminals in Zanu pf

Frank McCafferty - 5 June 2015

These guys are power hungry and they want to feed their pocket not to develop the nation. Yesterday it was Morgan who was wrong and today is Mangoma. Biti is a lawyer by profession so the man is very intelligent enough. When he observed that he can't be at the helm of MDC T he connive with Mangoma to make a coup for Tsvangirai knowing that he will Mangoma was not aware of his mission. Mangoma did the ground work and now he realised that he has been used he thought of forming his. Well, I feel pity for Elton. Go back to the MDC T and repent cause the truth you will not succeed to be a president of the nation of Zimbabwe. Even Biti knows it that he will not succeed. Watch out one day you will confirm this. They want to be funded by donors also.

wemachongwe - 5 June 2015

what pains the most is why these leaders always fighting against themselves instead of fighting for the aspirations of poor Zimbabweans- one wonders whose aspirations are they fulfilling

Beaven Dhliwayo - 5 June 2015

Biti ,mbiti is the sellout , he was paid to disturb the opposition , how can he talk to Mujuru a thief who was fired from Zanu Pf cult of thieves , this shows that he is power hungry , he just want power , no Joyce is going to be used and dumped again , Joyce is already a reject in Zim politics , who with his/her 5 senses can vote or follow her that will be bullshit

Mudhara - 5 June 2015

Very much power hungry.Kubva woita party where you and your wife nevana are the only members. madhirezi kunyanya.

Tahir Iqbal - 5 June 2015

In as much as I am forced to think Mr Mangoma was set-up in the adultery case, his announcement of the formation of a new party so soon, makes him a joke of a politician! Maybe, he was just waiting for an opportunity to break-away from another break-away party!

Lance Kajokoto - 5 June 2015

Nyamenyame you are able to see the stretch of your hand only and also blinkered like a donkey. Where is military coming in when Mangoma is kissing former Tevera's wife? Is military behind the formation of Mudhosvo number 300? please open your eyes rather than just comment to prove your ignorance and idiocy

Chasura - 5 June 2015

Mangoma's political career has come to an end.

zolak - 6 June 2015

We ought to regulate the number of political parties being formed in Zimbabwe today by failed or dubious people with no agendas at all for the people. It was the same in Italy and Germany after WW1. The gvt must put a limit to this madness.If our culture had space in the constitution the ZRP would drag Mangoma to a psychiatrist for help.

jonsina - 6 June 2015

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