Mugabe 'roasted' in Nigeria

HARARE - Following his humiliating jeering in Lusaka in January this year, leading to the inauguration of new Zambian leader Edgar Lungu, President Robert Mugabe has now also been embarrassed in Abuja while attending the swearing-in ceremony of newly-elected Nigerian leader, Muhammadu Buhari.

Analysts told the Daily News yesterday that while Mugabe had for a long time been seen as a hero in Africa, he now risked leaving office as a disgraced pariah as more and more people on the continent were becoming increasingly critical of him and his long, controversial tenure in office.

The day had started perfectly for Mugabe while in Nigeria, with seemingly starry-eyed journalists swarming around him as he arrived for Buhari’s inauguration.

And then things suddenly took a turn for the worse for the nonagenarian, as the circling journalists began to ask him difficult questions — including his long and disputed tenure in office, when he was going to retire and how he felt being in Abuja to witness a democratic passing of the reigns of power there when there was no democracy in Zimbabwe.

A YouTube video of the incident by SaharaTV shows an angry Mugabe squirming under the barrage of questions and refusing to answer his tormentors, with one journalist shouting loudly that, “there is no democracy in Zimbabwe”.

In the video, Mugabe is seen arriving at the inauguration venue in his car and one journalist asking the 91-year-old leader if he was happy to be in Nigeria.

A beaming Mugabe responds, “I am very happy” before the same reporter interjects, asking when Zimbabwe was going to hold its own democratic elections.

As Mugabe disembarks from his car, he says, “we have had our elections”.

The video then fast forwards and goes on to show Mugabe returning to his car after the ceremony. One female reporter asks: “Mr President don’t you think it’s time to step down? Is there a (presidential terms) limit, Mr President?”

And the daring reporters from Sahara TV continue badgering Mugabe.

“Don’t you think it’s time to step down sir?” one of them presses further. “When will there be change in Zimbabwe?”

The persistent TV crew confronted Mugabe both before and after the event.

Zimbabwean intelligence boss, Happyton Boyongwe, who is seen walking in front of Mugabe, pleads with one of the reporters to stop asking difficult questions, saying “Aiwa, no, no, no, no, not here”.

However, the female reporter objects to the shoving taking place, protesting: “Don’t push me sir”.

She continues asking a quiet but miffed Mugabe: “Don’t you think it’s time to step down sir? Can you say something? Do you think it’s time to step down? How is your health?”

Another male reporter asks, “is President Mugabe going to step down so that he can rest? When will there be change in Zimbabwe? Will there ever be change in Zimbabwe one day?”

At that moment, the other security detail pleads with the reporters to stop asking questions.

“Pardon! Pardon! Mirai, mirai (stop, stop),” says the overwhelmed and confused security aide. The female journalist then says: “I don’t have any idea what he is saying”.

“Is President Mugabe going to step down? When will there be change in Zimbabwe. Will there be a change in Zimbabwe just like we are having in Nigeria? Will you step down?” the female journalist continues with her questions.

“Is there democracy in Zimbabwe? It’s very, very sad. It’s about time to step down, it’s enough. Thirty something years and you came here to witness democracy. We want to come to Zimbabwe for inauguration as well. Invite us next time. We want to see democracy in Zimbabwe.”

An apparently peeved Mugabe tries to respond, but his aides tell him to get into the car and the reporters continue grilling Mugabe.

“There is no democracy in Zimbabwe. We can’t be changing in Nigeria alone. He is very old. Can someone be in power for 200 years”.

Sahara is an online news agency that promotes citizen journalism and reports mainly on corruption and human rights abuses on the continent.

Last Friday’s incident came after Zambians mounted a demonstration against Mugabe after the nonagenarian flew to Lusaka in late January for the inauguration of the country’s new president, Lungu, who enjoys a close relationship with Mugabe and who belongs to the late Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front ruling party.

What appeared to have irked the opposition in Zambia was that Mugabe flew to Lusaka even before the results of the tightly-contested polls had been announced, prompting fears that Lungu — who controversially came to see Mugabe in Harare late last year ahead of the election — may have worked with Zanu PF to rig the ballot.

As a result, hundreds of angry demonstrators — mostly supporters of the main opposition candidate, Hakainde Hichilema, of the United Party for National Development — repeatedly and animatedly chanted “Mugabe must go” slogans.

These two incidents offer rare cases of Mugabe being decampaigned on the continent at such large and public gatherings, as until now he has been relatively popular with youths across most of Africa for his strong pan-African rhetoric.

Just as has happened in the Nigeria incident, videos of the protests in Zambia were also posted on YouTube and have similarly been accessed by tens of thousands of people.

Analysts also said yesterday that the robust interrogation of Mugabe by Nigerian journalists was not a major surprise after the nonagenarian caused a diplomatic crisis last year when he ill-advisedly called Nigeria a corrupt nation.

Maxwell Saungweme said: “If your neighbours, even very distant ones, tell you that you are now a bad father, it means your misdeeds are so conspicuous even for the blind to see.

“It’s sad to have the head of AU being humiliated like that. The fact that he continues to grace occasions where other African leaders are handing over power yet he is hanging on shows that he and his advisors are out of touch.

“Remember, he faced similar humiliation in Zambia recently. That he continues to attend such ceremonies is testament that he has very poor advisors around him”.

Gladys Hlatywayo, a civil rights activist and political analyst, said the Nigerian incident showed that fellow Africans no longer expected the 91-year-old leader to be running the affairs of Zimbabwe.

“From what happened in Nigeria, the writing is on the wall,” she said. “Fellow Africans do not expect President Mugabe to continue in the driving seat. They expect him to rest. It seems the journalists in question were shocked to see him at an event that celebrated democracy when he epitomises authoritarian rule.”

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Asika chino fly chino mhara weduwe, he looked so vulnerable, why do this to yourself, its embrassing even to your children seeing this. all respect gone just a title of president without honour, chimbogarai kumba, what next kwauchaenda ngoma ndiyo ndiyo.akomana asi chii mudhara nyara mhanhi!!

PHD grace - 2 June 2015

The headline shoud be "Journalism Reaches a New Low". The behavior of those journalists was pathetic at best, worse off, coming from Nigerian journalists, living in a country that hosts Boko Haram, and has been under military rule since time immemorial. I do not see how the daily news celebrate such uncouth, disrespectful behavior to a sitting head of state and leader of the African Union. The last time I checked, even the Nigerian president voted for president RGM to be the African Union chair, therefore acknowledging their trust in him despite his age. I do not subscribe to any political party, but I do not celebrate foolishness either. Pathetic.

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

enough is enough Mugabe must go.

Welford Ako Adjei - 2 June 2015

This is the way journalist must work . The questions were so simply and straight forward and only a half dead person can fail to answer them . Any leader knows when he or she will stepdown unless he is a life president .As of this idiot who was saying mira mira in Nigeria thinking that the whole continent is Mashonaland is disgrace . That is what we always say that if you are in roma do what they do but this fool thought his mother tongue is international

Diibulaanyika - 2 June 2015

@Gatsi rusere, don't be myopic. Others do so just to put him in a corner. Zino irema rino sekerera nawarisingadi. Truth is there is a retirement age in any given institute. You can't let your 85 yr old dad pull an ox drawn plough while you youngsters are ther. The journalists were doing their job and they did a perfect one for that matter. not the ruben barwe's and mahosos etc. Call a sped a sped. That Mugabe is past retirement age is a fact and that he should be resting is also a fact.

pride - 2 June 2015

HELA HELA Musutakana

Dhidhi Muhondo - 2 June 2015

simple questions to you not to him he does not have a retirement date as of now may be 2023

DIVER - 2 June 2015

@Diver as i put it simply questions only half dead people can fail to answer them so if you fail to answer these questions you are also a moving grave like him , Actually you sound like his bootlicker.

Diibulaanyika - 2 June 2015

President Mugabe has said some demeaning things about Nigeria as a country and Nigerians in general. When he speaks at home he forgets that the world is a global village. The Nigerians like the Kalanga's , the Jamaicans and any other peoples have their own pride. Why would he think he could go to such countries and not be heckled in retaliation. I say retaliation because Zimbabwe as a country is full of corrupt people and Zanu pf as a Government by their own admission are full of corrupt people. He deserves every bit of heckling and if it is too hot he should get out of the kitchen.

Doctor Do little - 2 June 2015

There is nothing to celebrate about this idiot who thinks she stands for democracy and yet right in her back yard young girls are being abducted and raped by her her brothers in the name of democracy. Some of her kith and kin have flocked to this part of Africa to spoil our clean cities. Nigeria is full of human feces in the streets, no wonder why her mental faculties are twisted and sees good as evil and evil as good. Typical of the puppets working for this daily.

reason - 2 June 2015

Kkkkkkkk this mira mira mira guy thouht he was in Matebeleland where he can speak to people in his tongue to people who never understand it and goes boasting saying evryone understand shona in zim even if it is lies but thank god here he was told that the tongue he was using was like zhing zhong kkkkkkk thoko haa.

Diibulaanyika - 2 June 2015

It was difficult to respond to such questions as they were about future political planning and change. In politics the complex nature of change means that predicting events is impossible, and is quite likely to be dangerous, as it implies inflexibility and a need to become locked into one specific prophecy...... Of much great value is the ability to recognise dots on the horizon, the signs of change that inevitably affect every organization and to understand their significance and how the organization should adapt

Dhidhi Muhondo - 2 June 2015

democracy is silly in a state such as a facist. in zimambabwe there is not a square metre where one can claim to be democratic or to have democracy prevailing. bob cannot respond to any question that have the word democracy in it because both the term & subject of democracy skipped him the entire time he has studied his numerous degrees & the time he has ruled. Excuse the man as he has grown a bit old to even understand that he has gone past his prime. the real problem are the saprophytes surrounding him. so we need to get rid of the saprophytes and their host but its not going to be an easy road. zvinotoda chimwe chindunduma izvi warume.

Samanyika Chaiye - 2 June 2015

If you can ask the same question to Khama , Zuma , or Obama you get the answer simply and without nda nda nda bcoz they have a clear program and time frame as to when their terms expire and they know once you get a job what is left is to be out of it . But idiots like NKurunzinza and Mugabe do not know that at all .

Diibulaanyika - 2 June 2015

Mugabe is a Hilter of our generation guys he has single handedly buried our future ,success ,prosperity and every hope of a better life .According to my own knowledge and understanding there is not even one minister who was fired from Mugabe`s government maybe due to maladministration ,corruption or gross management under Mugabe they are all assumed to be doing an excellent job starting from the permanent secretary in the minister`s office up to the minister .So one wonders are these guys super effective and efficeint .In South Africa last the Education minister was dismissed for being reactive after failing to be proactive to the to an occuring problem .So l strongly believe that Joseph Made the lands n Agriculture minister for Mugabe in 2001 was supposed after he failed to be proactive to the drought situation and he even lied to nation that we had enough in our reserves to cater for every soul..mmmm food for thought ..

Chinotimba - 2 June 2015

ana Gatsi na Reason, basa renyu rakaoma vakomana where you just have to hide your heads in the sand? You think Nigerian reporters are like vana Reuben Barwe who are told what to ask?Then with the way the boss loves travelling, then you have lots of defending to do because who knows where next such a thing will happen.

Tahir Iqbal - 2 June 2015

Super Journalism , relevent questions befitting the occassion. This is standard procedure world wide leaders are asked opinions on relevent issues and ina probing matter and they answer because they understand the role of media. In Zim however probing questions can result in death or disappearence or bombing. Our own journalists should learn and collaborate with other news agencies in Africa to tell the sad Zimbabwe story the world needs to know what is happening in Africas" North Korea".

Mazana Mambombo - 2 June 2015

I will niot take any political lectures about democracy from Nigeria, and worse off Nigerian "journalists". Zimbabwe has its own problems, and the president has his share of virtue and vices (just kine any other man), but that does not merit the gross respect of authority and deplorable professionalism that I noticed from the Nigerian "journalists". Such rowdiness is not even befitting for anyone worth the name journalists, and it merely betrays the shallowness of the journalists. This has nothing to do with the president (love him or hate him). It all has to do about decency. To say super journalism is really to reverse the meaning of the word SUPER.

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

Gatsi Rusere, a journalists job is to to get news ,there was nothing wrong with the simple questions which were asked. Warwadziwa basi kuti zvavhunzirwei ,this old chap does not deserve any respect at all ,there is so much suffering going on in Zimbabwe today while he is all over the continent attending meaningless functions . A man who seeks respect cleans up his house and then goes out to help others to clean up theirs .We and you Gatsi should stop worshipping individuals and hold them to account, use your ability to read and write to acquire knowledge and wisdom and wish the best for every citizen of your country and not just be satisfied only because you and a few others are having it good. A country facing hunger in a non drought year, poor to zero health security for over 3/4 of the population, rampant corruption from public officials,failed parastatals and obscene unemployment.

Mazana Mambombo - 2 June 2015

To be fair, let's also remember that just last year when "we" were saying "tavakuita corrupt semaNigerian". So all is fair.

Absalom - 2 June 2015

Reason, you sound like the whole world is against you! Insulting everyone! Get sober, mugabe is too old and too tired for any type of work, let alone the presidency!

jojo - 2 June 2015

Gatsi and Reason they clap hands for everything said by Mugabe the reason being that they always want to travel such that they get those thing that baffles me is why does Mugabe stresses himself to such a point ,I personal think his now insane

mr honest - 2 June 2015

i do respect the president very much but i think it is time he retired. he has done his bit and it may now be a chance for someone else to take the country forward. we may be sounding very cruel by allowing our father to expose himself in this way. i will always love and respect him, but i think time is not on his side any more.

taurai - 2 June 2015

When zbc and Herald Insult world leaders like Bush and Tony there is nothing wrong with that , When zimpapers and zbc work for zanu it is best journalism and Grace and Mugabe s guards asasult journalist in foreign countries that is decent ,When Nigerian journalists ask simply questions which everyone over the world is asking that is an offence . I personally saw the video they was nothing malicious in it at all only good questions put point blank to one of the remaining dictators on the continent . This is what we all want to know when is he stepping down? why is he going to Nigeria to witness a democratic invent when he does not like to see democracy in zim ? suwa that is sort of questions all sane viewers or listeners would like to her from a well taught journalist . That girl is heading for greater things in as far as journalism is concerned she dishes right stuff .

Diibulaanyika - 2 June 2015

Even in court someone has then right to be silent. So now that the president remained silent, do you force him to say something? Especially when the answers to the questions were predetermined? The Journos were rowdily shouting that there is no democracy in Zim etc, so what more did they want to know? I think as Zimbabweans, we have the big challenge of being under this autonomous rule that it is hard for us to separate issues. this is about human conduct, not personalities. I would have criticised the shallow "journalism" whether it was done to Tsvangirai, Pres. RGM, or little known Langton Towungana. It is the conduct that I am criticising here, and I do not care about personalities. But as food for thought, does anyone really know what happened in last year's election? The one which a former Nigerian premier, Olusegun Obasanjo, declared to be free and fair in front of the whole world?

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

Haiwawo vana Gatsi , Mugabe has no honour at all and deserves can give him if you want shauri yako. Mugabe has called Kalangas uneducated thieves presided over the murder of thousands of people in Matebeleland and has never stepped to say sorry. Presided over a regime that murdered its own people in 2008 in the name of political power. Had his wife calling a then sitting Deputy president ,names and accused her of plotting to kill him. He called Nigereans corrupt ,Jamaicans drunkards..the list.. i could go on ..didnt see you Gatsi defending these groups who were never given the right to reply ...You can sing for your supper all you want ..but to quote that youngman in the video..this guy could be dead by tomorrow morning woo!...and incase you missed it ..the cios are laughing right at the end of the video.

Mazana Mambombo - 2 June 2015

Gatsi Rusere, nothing personal bro ,we dont see this the same way,nothing personal. Take no offence from my opinions ,for the Zimbabwe we want is where divergent ideas are tolerated .If my tone has been aggressive then i apologise. Mazana

Mazana Mambombo - 2 June 2015

Since I am not a politician I do not care about personalities but about principles. What happened in Nigeria is not befitting for a head of state, or African Union chair. It is not even befitting for a hwindi. It is just uncouth. Now an argument about Pres. RGM's personality, and the negatives of his political tenure is a different one. All I can say is angels are in heaven. On earth we have men, and they all have positives and negatives. Personally, despite the hardships in Zimbabwe, I prefer RGM to Mandela. I do not condone any of his vices, but in the grand scheme of life, I see him as a better statesman/nationalist. I also wish we had more dynamic politics in Zimbabwe, but I am also glad we do not have Boko Haram, and that we do not kill foreigners, and are generally peaceful (I equally hate Gukurahundi or the 2008 killings). My take is that the Pres. is not as demonic as the west might want to potray him, and that he has his own positives. But that is all my opinion on his person/rule, and has nothing to do with gutter journalism.

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

Thanks for the after message Mazana. I had not been offended, but it still felt good that there are people who behave as people on the internet. That is appreciated. I also love introducing and learning new perspectives, so do not take whatever I say as personal as well.

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

I saw the video. Mugabe looked like a wet chicken about to be defeathered. What a sight! The security guys, for all their intelligence, were speaking to Nigerian journalists in Shona! LOL. Mugabe cannot fool all the people all the time. His time is up he must either commit suicide or retire. As young people we refuse to be led by an ignorant, arrogant, murderous half dead leader. Africa has spoken

Phaphamani - 2 June 2015

Africa spoke when they elected a 91 year old president to be their leader for a year. That was mind boggling to me since I do not think A.U elections can be rigged, but I still can't rationalize why Africa voted for Pres. RGM as A.U church if they do not like him. By the way, the vote was unanimous.

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

(By the way, killing people is bad)

Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

@ Gatsi, if you love Mugabe, you also love Boko Haram and xenophobia. Mugabe has similar principles, and uses same methods. Mugabe was not voted AU chair or SADC chair, those are rotational positions, and the post belongs to Zimbabwe, not him. One day he will be dead and we will continue leading in Africa, and we will do better without killing Zimbabweans or displacing them with mindless corruption and disastrous economic policies!

Phaphamani - 2 June 2015


Gatsi Rusere - 2 June 2015

no man shall be able to solve crisis in this world, Zimbabwe included. thiz r jus bt signs of the end of tyms. do yoself gud and book a place in paradise, only by seekin God Almighty whilst ts stil possible. coz wen the end comes u wil stand for yo deeds, jus lyk evry1 else u myt blame. no man wil be left unjudged fairly by God,

muzivi - 2 June 2015

It is now getting hotter and hotter for the 91yr idiot that africans are fed up of him he is now nonsense where ever he goes and that makes the majority of the zimbabweans have some hope that at least africans are isolating the dictactor . But anywhere we have a few people here making noise in support of the evil one bcoz they are benefiting from the chaos he has created in the country otherwise no sane person can want to defend satan . I would not care if Nkurunzinza was jeered in another country today bcoz he is devil so is Mugabe .

Diibulaanyika - 3 June 2015

point of correction mugabe was not voted to be au and sadc chairman it s a routational posts.again our bloody old man must stop moving around the world because soon achatemwa nezai rakaora is high time mr president to call it a day

bin - 3 June 2015

This mira mira guy is an asshole. Even the idiotic Bonyongwe is like 'aiwa' kkkk. The other one is like, 'iwe iwe iwe', 'eee vaChiwondo vharai apo pavarikupinda napo', kwaa ndaseka hangu. This proves that Mugabage is surrounded by fools who know nothing but killing. Prof. Moyo defend your colleagues now, kkkk

Grace-PhD (Permanent Head Damage): UZ - 3 June 2015

@gatsi rusere makes much sense in his posts. i admire his thinking. more so, he stands for his position unlike many who warble about over various opinions. it is important to respect our sitting head of state. however, there comes a time when we have to admit that change is necessary. there is nothing wrong with looking beyond today.

taurai - 3 June 2015

bob should have just answered the simple grade zero question. Sahara journo akagona, she gave bob the treatment he deserves because bob is the most disrespectful person i have seen for a public figure outside of his wife dis-grace. Is he not embarrassed when he attends the passing of the torch to different presidents in all these african countries? As head of the AU he hasn't commented on the events in Burundi, why? How can he tell Nkurunziza not to run for an unconstitutional third term? Thank you nigeria for putting this i-diot of a so called president in his little corner.

obama4ever - 3 June 2015

Obama4ever, well said , the silence of Mugabe on Nkurunzinza is defeaning..and its not only Nkurunzinza, Kabila as well. To those who think we have nothing to learn from West Africa ,for the record they are trying to push an ECOWAS agenda on term limits for all ECOWAS nations there are continued pockets of resistance in some pariah states but the thrust towards term limits is commendable.

Mazana Mambombo - 3 June 2015

For those interested in a broader perspective on how ordinary Nigeriansn feel about Pres. RGM, compared to the loud mouth journalists, I found the SAHARA REPORTERS Facebook page. Check it out for yourself, but they posted this question: " The Minister of Information of Zimbabwe, Prof. Jonathan Moyo, said that SaharaReporters "was like the brothers and sisters of Boko Haram." What are your thoughts?"... It is funny how Nigerians themselves are responding to the post by joining in criticising the Sahara Reporters Journos for their unprofessionalism yet we Zimbabweans are condoning the behavior due to our lack of love for the president (justified or unjustified). Check the facebook Post for yourself, but I will leave you this food for thought: "When we do not defend the rights of our enemies, the world will rarely stoop to listen when we have to defend the rights of our friends".

Gatsi Rusere - 3 June 2015

Why some people think kuti that lady cannot ask the same qstns to Boko Haram given the chance?

Truthfullness - 3 June 2015

Whether one was so offended by that woman the truth is she was spot on she asked the questions every sane person would like to hear a journalist asking Mugabe . With such type journalism our tv stations can be so exciting to view . She professionally put her questions clear ,straight and loud much to the amusement of us her viewers and if they is any one offended by that then that person must be a Mugabe bootlicker finish klaa.

Diibulaanyika - 3 June 2015

I challenge those Nigerians who are blaming sahara to read the daily news in zim and they will be surprised at how it has gain a huge following .Yet some confused few Nigerians condemn sahara here the majority give it a pet on the back for a job well done . Anyone doubting that can open any independent publication and will see for them selves .

Diibulaanyika - 3 June 2015

So it seems like that journalist has good prospects as a stand up comedian than at journalism itself. There is nothing wrong with the pertinent questions, which she asked, not many people are arguing about that. It is the way that she asked. Moreso judging her for her ability to elicit useful information, which should be her focus as a journalist, I give her a grim zero out of ten since ultimately she closed off any chance of having a response from her interviewee. I am not sure what people are celebrating in her. You rightly say that she produced some good excitement for her viewers, which is why I am convinced that she can be Nigeria's Trevor Noah, a good stand up comedian. In terms of journalism, she needs more grooming in both questioning tactics and just general etiquette and decorum.

Gatsi Rusere - 3 June 2015

Well if it is you and Moyo who think that way there must be something in common with you guys and that means you are the birds which fly together most likely tonight but you must not leave Kasukuwere out..

Diibulaanyika - 3 June 2015

Also, from the last time a checked a greater propotion of the people who are responding to the Sahara Reporters' FB post are strongly criticising their own kith and kin for their unprofessionalism. earlier someone said I am being myopic, but I think we Zimbabweans lose our objectiviyt sometimes. This is justified because we face a lot of economic hardships, and many are yearning for change, but we should not close our eyes to broader principles. I yearn for a Zimbabwe with free speech, and freedom of expression, but I also yearn for a Zimbabwe with mutual respect for even those with divergent views from ours, and a general respect for authority, even from journalists... It is fun today because it is RGM, but you will see the effect of the precedent once it is ex-prime minister DR. MRT. Two wrongs do not make a right, and another food for thought: "In their time of desperation, the Germans DEMNOCRATICALLY elected Adolf Hitler for president" and the Italians elected Bennito Mussolini..

Gatsi Rusere - 3 June 2015

It is natural that those who respect will be respected but if one goes to a point of defending the evil then eyes brows are raised and questions will be asked about you . Right now millions of vendors are going to be chased away from streets on monday by Mugabe then sure how do you respect such a hart less person .World over sahara are the talk of the moment for having done a sterling job . Zimbabweans love it of course a few confused individuals do not like but that is just like a drop in the sea . .

Diibulaanyika - 3 June 2015

It is also natural that desperate situations sometimes elicit unnecessarily desperate measures, and that in the face of extreme adversity people replace rationality with emotionality plus a dose of wishful thinking. Could you give me your evidence of how world over sahara is being celebrated? And I can give you more of how people are criticising it.

Gatsi Rusere - 3 June 2015

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