I'm sorry - Mujuru

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru apologised to Zimbabweans last night for mistakes she and her erstwhile Zanu PF colleagues made in office and said she takes full responsibility for failing in their mandate to the nation.

Mujuru, long considered a likely successor to President Robert Mugabe, poured her heart out in a damning statement that described the ruling Zanu PF as a “paranoid and insular organisation”.

Mujuru  was expelled for allegedly plotting against the nonagenarian, after First Lady Grace accused her of being  incompetent and leaving her husband to do most of the work.

The widow of Solomon Mujuru, Zimbabwe’s first black army general after independence whose charred remains were found after a mysterious house fire at his Beatrice Farm in 2011, was expelled by the ruling party after being accused of “corruption, fanning factionalism and treason”.

Mugabe’s wife also accused Mujuru of plotting to assassinate the president, who turned 91 in February. But her ouster was widely seen as a bid to stymie the former VP’s challenge to President Mugabe.

A former guerrilla fighter from the liberation war in the former Rhodesia, Mujuru said six months after the accusations were first made, no charges have been filed against her either at party or State level.

There were widespread fears that she would risk being arrested when the allegations were first made.

She has staunchly denied the graft and high treason accusations.

Mujuru yesterday said she realised the ruling party’s popularity had plummeted because of some wrong decisions they had made.

She said her eventual expulsion from Zanu PF was inevitable “as my vision for Zimbabwe was divergent from that of the rest of the party leadership.”

“ We collectively failed in our basic mandate to the people,” she said.

“Zanu PF was once a party that was internally corrective and externally united, but has now descended into a paranoid and insular organisation,” Mujuru’s statement said.

“I have resolved that I will not join the finger-wagging class, who apportion blame but refuse to take responsibility.”

Mujuru acknowledged Zimbabwe was in danger and that as a patriotic Zimbabwean and “mwana wevhu (child of the soil)”, it was imperative to save it.

She dismissed all accusations against her as politically motivated.

“I served faithfully in the government of Zimbabwe from then until my controversial , non-procedural and unjustified expulsion from both party and government in December, 2014,” she said. “To be discarded by my own party was initially devastating. I experienced feelings of betrayal and broken trust. However, as many know, it is when we confront our greatest fear that we find personal redemption.”

The ruling Zanu PF has faced political instability, a wave of expulsions of all her key allies, a move that analysts say was meant to neutralise her as a threat.

The government, led by Mugabe, has struggled to cope with the multiple challenges.

Political analysts, however, say Mujuru — whose support for Mugabe was also deeply unpopular — would have a relatively easy struggle to make headway to the presidency, and is shrugging off increasing calls for her to enter the fray and challenge Mugabe.

She said: “Many of you will either criticise me or disagree with my approach ,but I am a product of my culture, a culture I am very proud of , and the platform to challenge those older than me (and who indeed were like a father to me) is not in public,” she said.

Jenai Cox, Freedom House’s programme manager for Africa, has warned that Mugabe’s decision to dismiss Mujuru, seen to be a force for moderation, risked sparking instability in the party and country.

Mujuru said the whole experience of her expulsion “humbled me” and despite the trauma, “I have rediscovered myself.”

“I have played with and cooked for my grandchildren, worked in the fields, and faced the day to day challenges of any ordinary citizen of Zimbabwe without the privilege of high office,” she said.

“My true friends and comrades have stood beside me and I have had unusual insight into the fickle nature of man, who prefer to pursue opportunity only for personal gain. I have been encouraged to defend myself, in response to the baseless, cruel and destructive criticism that I have endured.

“However, I cannot and will not do this. Ndiri mwana wevhu, (I’m a child of the soil)  I remain loyal to my culture and the ideals of the armed struggle.”

Invoking the spirit of her late husband, Mujuru regretted failing to fight poverty and make the country a fairer place for all its people.

“For my own role in this failure, I am truly sorry and I apologise to my fellow Zimbabweans,” Mujuru said. “This humbling experience has afforded me the opportunity to reflect on the higher ideals of the armed struggle and with sadness, I have had to digest the many shortcomings in delivery. It is a time in our history of contrition and reflection, for cleansing and for divinity of faith.”

Analysts say her chances of significantly changing the political course of Zimbabwe will depend on the amount of work that she puts in, the extent to which she organises, the timing of her availability to contest and her ability to convince those in the ruling party and those in opposition that she occupies the middle ground where the majority of the country is on issues, according to Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition boss McDonald Lewanika.

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we are 100 % behind u mother.shame on mugabe

COMRADE THUDZA - 2 June 2015

we want new blood in higher offices who will put right this troubling economy

rudo - 2 June 2015

we want new blood in higher offices who will put right this troubling economy

rudo - 2 June 2015

our nation is in distrait for lack of good governance and transparent, ethical leadership. If only we had leaders with the nation at heart who are will to serve rather than to be served, Zimbabwe will not be in the state it is now. We need new you brains to breathe the breadth of life in our industries nation wide.

pride - 2 June 2015

the second line should read, willing to serve rather than to be served

pride - 2 June 2015

For me - Mujuru is another failed ZANU PF. She has blood in her hands. Don't be fooled. I will lessen my dislike of her if she decides to line up behind either Simba Makoni or Morgan Tsvangirai (as president) i.e. she can take the position of vice but not as president. Mujuru failed us. Let her give others a chance. These people who change like Chameleons are dangerous. Imboinda kuPirigatoriya first wozovuya kuDenga kwete kungonanga kudenga, haukwani!!!

dick mboko - 2 June 2015

She is a Zimbabwean and she has volunteered her deep heart-felt apology.So who are we to continue persecuting her?

Aliphelithemba - 2 June 2015

This is exactly what we have been waiting to hear from you mai Mujuru...at least you have been courageous enough to stand up and say a very powerful work SORRY. Not many people can do that. Quote from Franklin Roosevelt, ''So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.'', unquote We are behind you mama Mujuru. Open up and tell us your plans for restore your dignity and save our country from civil strive.

Garikayi - 2 June 2015

@ least ma real war vets are talking. Not kungosweronyaudzwa naana Jona. Asi zanu izanu chete whether blue or green.

Tahir Iqbal - 2 June 2015

Nhayi wana alipheli newe garikayi, iko kubata shaya papikcha yapickwa nedaily news plus 'sorry' iyoyi ndiyo mobva matoti saka ita vice waTsvangiray or 'that's what you have been waiting for!' Musanyengedzwe nedemhe sembira warumhe. Let this lady go into the abyss of political oblivion with the little dignity left after being strewn&stripped naked na Grace. Hatidi anything chine DNA yezanu muleadership yenyika; let zanu destroy itself and let the erstwhile ejected guys like dhidhi-mas et al form their barren & impotent party so that morgan can win totanga patsva. takura achingoripo mambuya aya ngaachiende kunokuya dowi nemamera kana kurowa ma10% wakanyarara isu tombowakira wana wedu nyika nyowani!

Samanyika Chaiye - 2 June 2015

In my humble opinion this woman has no role to play in the future of Zimbabwes politics. We need to wean ourselves from this generation of politicians kunyanya these latter day saints who are only crying foul now because they dont have access to the cookie jar. The last 15 years (and this is only the recent past) have been of pain ,suffering and loss for the people and not once did they even think twice or even resign in protest in condemnation of misrule. No never Zimbabweans Zanu and its bastard children should be rejected in all its forms.

Mazana Mambombo - 2 June 2015

It is unfortunate that things turned out the way they did, I am not a supporter of Zanu PF but a long shot but I was willing to give Mai Mujuru a chance not because she is a good leader butt becomes the perception that you get when you see this lady is that she is a true daughter of soil. She would have made Zanu PF stronger , it is unfortunate that the old man did not see that this woman was hated by those who wanted to be in power . Having said all that , I think she would have been more powerful as a Zanu PF candidate than she would be in any other party. Mai Mujuru's chance is with Zanu PF ....and no other party .

Mumwewo - 2 June 2015

the lady recognizes her ills and is willing to move forward. i think she deserves our support. at the end of the day, all we are yearning for is a functioning economy. some mdc t supporters will always ridicule anyone except their dictator morgan. give her the space to explain herself. if she makes sense, the people of zimbabwe will listen to her.

zvirozviyedzwa - 2 June 2015

Zimbabwe is now in urgent need of a Paul (of Tarsus). Could it be that the scales are now coming off the eyes of two powerful people in the political arena? Amai Mujuru and Sekuru Mutasa could be the Paul(s) the weeping people of Zimbabwe have been provided with by Providence.

Abri - 2 June 2015

MaZimbo so gullible .you honestly think it's about Zimbabwe or it's about her missing the good times.sometimes I really wonder kuti takambosikwa sei se rudzi.kuda kumanya ra kunzwissisa nepasingakwane .are we short of real honest dedicated new blood,you want to recycle same old same and you expect different results ????really??

Tongai - 2 June 2015

Mai mujuru should give us a break. Its 2015 and it is this "mwana wevhu" "son/daughter of soil" kind of thinking that the country finds itself in a such big mess. Mujuru's apology statement is corrupt as long it does not mention that she is retiring from politics after 34 years of complete disaster. Right now its like forgive me and choose me again. The country needs a President who is not more 50yrs old to kick start a real vibrant modern economy. We have been stuck in Mozambican jungles for too long.

X-MAN IV - 2 June 2015

At least that is a start, next when are you paying back the money? Come out clean on everything & name and shame your accomplices.

Galore 123 - 2 June 2015

Mujuru is fat, ugly, murderous, dull and stupid. She must just hide on her farm, she is worse than Mugabe. At least Mugabe doesn't pretend. WE all know he doesn't care about anything/anyone.

Pipinyana - 2 June 2015


Vision - 2 June 2015

This is a good start from Ms. Mujuru. But she has to realize it is going to be very difficult for people to trust her intentions for the simple reason that she is only coming around because she has fallen out of favour with the power brokers. Nevertheless, it takes great humility to admit mistakes the way she has. And it is encouraging that she did not engage in name-calling which, nowadays, seems to be the norm with most of our politicians.

Tom Berenger - 3 June 2015

Mujuru has admitted her part in the brutalisation, raping, maiming, murders, economic destruction of this country. She has apologised for crying out loud! Now she must do us a favour, find a hole and hide. We will decide when to forgive. She took a bloody 40 years to see her mistakes and people expect us to forgive in 3 seconds. Hell NO

@Vision - 3 June 2015

Something done deliberately is no mistake. She cannot fool us by saying she made mistakes when she deliberately looted and mismanaged our country resources for her greedy ends. For me nothing short of a redress is acceptable because there is no show of remorse. She is now playing mother-terresa because she is cornered. Iwe mukadzi iwe wakatidyira upfumi hwedu takasvinura sematemba uchishandisa masimba atakakupa kuti utungamire nyika. Takakupa tsvimbo yeumambo pedzezwo wavakutizwambura nayo. Ndizvo zvinoita munhu aneculture yakati tasahere izwi ? Ndapota hangu: regotitamba chikukuvatavata.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 3 June 2015

aaaah we are tired of these guerilla who never won a single battle, not even one.

Zvomukonde - 3 June 2015

People must note that Joyce existed within a system with results for everyone to see. As such it takes an extreme courage to directly challenge that system openly within, expelled, character assassinated and sort the mercy of all citizens by apologizing to being part of that failed system. Technically that is what I personally adore. Talk of any leader in Zimbabwe who has admitted mistakes or failure and apologizes. Countrymen might give such leaders a second chance for they now know what people power can do. Morgan failed to do that whilst he was in the system. In-fact he wanted their time to be extended!! Correct!!

Sorryisbetterthannever - 3 June 2015

I feel sorry for you however I am not symphathetic to you Mujuru. You have been in this bandwagon for too long and failed even to see light when Mugabe murdered people in Matebeleland, when Zanu riiged elections you never w so that, When people were killed during campaingns it was right to you. Sorry I dont buy this crap. Yes they were unfair to you but you have been shielding with the enemy for too long. The other issue my sister is that in politics you dont have permanet friends you have allies otherwise trust no one.

Mhlaba-awulingani Mzila-awulandelwa - 3 June 2015

thanks mama mujuru. you will have to however show the true fruits of repentance to the zimbabweans. some of these actions may include talking to people like morgan, ncube and the makonis , dabengwas and make peace with them. i did not say join their parties. as much as you have this ubuntu culture not to challenge your elders in public, you also have to shake the hands of what you once called your enemies although they were right. for me you have to say sorry to them because of them lost their supporters because of the system you were in and you aided by saying nothing about it. if you were against what was happening you clear yourself by letting them know. as already said, such actions will prove to the whole nation that you real mean what you say and may make you real leader and heroine

see - 3 June 2015

My question to Amai is - your Damascus moment came after your expulsion. Before that you were insulated from reality. Now that you have woken up what is the way forward? Are you any different to your colleagues who are still in the bato reZanu?

Ngoma - 3 June 2015

Chakachaya kudhara! Typical crocodile tears apology which though accepted, should not lead to acceptance for any further leadership. Zimbabwe should put such people on the side and let others outside the Zanu circles into leadership. And that includes Tsvangirai

Mukanya waSvosve - 3 June 2015

Chakachaya kudhara! Typical crocodile tears apology which though accepted, should not lead to acceptance for any further leadership. Zimbabwe should put such people on the side and let others outside the Zanu circles into leadership. And that includes Tsvangirai who should never be allowed to lead since he has proved a TOTAL failure

Mukanya waSvosve - 3 June 2015

ts okay dear. Kuyatholakala. We learn from our mistakes

AVP - 3 June 2015

One question, if you had not been summarily expelled from the party would you still be apologizing today? Everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance. The question my dear is whether you are sorry to be out of the system or sorry for what you were part of and that is looting, killing, poor economic policies and more? If you are genuinely sorry then i think after 35 years we deserve more than a blanket apology. Be specific and in that you will show that you are genuinely willing to change.

Panyanga - 3 June 2015

whilst we sympathise wth amai, she also played a part during her hey days. some pple were shot in chiadzwa in the so-ca lament amai sthreatening her by abuent amai sthreatening her by abusing powers vested in her leadership. its the same old song, at least Dabengwa saw that and moved away while u were caught unprepared that is y u are now clean to Zimbabweans. i admit u now know hw it is lyk thz days to live as an ordinary citizen. do the country a favour by documenting what mistakes u and yo accomplices did whilst in power. at least we know its not half-hearted apology. we wld also lyk u to form a coalition wth opposition wth a subsidiary role.

jiggas - 3 June 2015

whilst we sympathise wth amai, she also played a part during her hey days. some pple were shot in chiadzwa in the so-ca lament amai sthreatening her by abuent amai sthreatening her by abusing powers vested in her leadership. its the same old song, at least Dabengwa saw that and moved away while u were caught unprepared that is y u are now clean to Zimbabweans. i admit u now know hw it is lyk thz days to live as an ordinary citizen. do the country a favour by documenting what mistakes u and yo accomplices did whilst in power. at least we know its not half-hearted apology. we wld also lyk u to form a coalition wth opposition wth a subsidiary role.

jiggas - 3 June 2015

mai mujuru is a blind politician. she exacerbates the situation in Zimbabwe if she became a leader . As Zimbabwe we are tired from those old adages who have wars and corruptions in their minds

MMDB - 3 June 2015

Strive Masiiwa , you are the only man standing right now , who can deliver Zimbabwe from this mess.

Amai Mandigona - 3 June 2015

mai mujuru is so beautiful. it all depends on how you perceive beauty. she will make a very good leader. that she was expelled from the gravy train may explain her character as one who did not agree with the status quo. for that as a people, we may have to forgive her and forge ahead with the challenges facing our country. mujuru for president.

tula - 3 June 2015

aaah sorry

wangu aparara - 3 June 2015

Its too late mai mwana. You were part of the system whatever you will say will not help anybody. Why did you wait to be fired. If you were not fired were you going to apologise. Just shutup.

chido - 3 June 2015

How does one grow so fat from 'mistakes'?

machakachaka - 3 June 2015

Its quite encouraging to see that level of humility in the personhood of Mai Mujuru's stature. Dai takanga tiine more like her at that level of leadership level devoid of which party they come from, we would have been singing a different song in terms of mamirire enyika parizvino. Chandingakurudzira amai Mujuru at the moment is to stretch that humility to the level of letting others vasina the Zanu PF DNA kuti vawane mukana wekutora nyika yedu to a different level. As long as its Zanu now or Zanu mazuva apfuura hapana chitsva chekupa to the nation.

Jikinya - 3 June 2015

mother tinodukai hamuna problem musaterera makudo ari kutaura aya

zet - 3 June 2015

As Zimbabweans we may not forget but we should learn to forgive. At least she is a true leader who knows the word SORRY exists and spells it out. Great mama

dollarman - 3 June 2015


Wilbert Mukori - 3 June 2015

Apology accepted but I think she has had her chance but failed to make an impact. when in government she supported and participated in causing the suffering of Zimbabweans. I don't think she has the capacity to bring better life to Zimbabweans. Her fate is just a harvest of thorns. Good riddens mai mujuru. She openly supported corrupt ministers like Webster Shamu who caused the suffering of ZBC workers. Chances are very high that should she becomes President she will bring back these dead wood like Shamu, Mutasa, Mavhaire and the like and Zimbabweans will suffer in pepertuity

Widzo - 4 June 2015

First and foremost, this lady was in gvt for 35 blood years. she enjoyed and now that she is sacked/ winned from milk ,she starts to be sorry. I don't agree with her. even her collegues are evils. Vana Mutasa,Muliswa,kaukonde etc all those are great thieves who have brought untold suffering to the people of zimbabwe. let these people rest and go to hell. they had thier time and its time for them to do business and enjoy what they stole from zimbos. Why do we need to keep on recycling the same old stuff as if there are no educated people in zimabwe. If we say we need new blood we mean those people who are completely new in leadership and not someone who is tired of corruption.idzi ishungu chete dzekuti sei ndakadzingwa saka ndinoda kuwachisa mudhara. pasi nadzo mbavha idzi. ivovakaba kwachiyadzwa nemumacompany akawanda saka vakaguta. no no no no no no nada,bodo ,tana,tsvo, taramba kutungamirirwa naamai ivava vane 35 years of experience dzekuba

A CHIBAWAWA - 4 June 2015

All those who sympathize with Mai Mujuru, Tsvanngson or any other leader for that matter need to tell them that you become a leader of the country by having a clearly known and identifiable party then take time to sell your policies to the electorate. This takes time and is essential until the electorate trusts you. having the electorate support you simply because they dont like Mugabe or the next guy is not sustainable and wont take anyone to the promised land. While at it encourage your sympathizers to register to vote and actually vote when elections are due. You will see that rigging is nothing but a fallacy

Mubaiwa - 4 June 2015

Mai Mujulu, vamugabe vakati dzokai mumusangano muchaita sei?

zimbabweinintensivecare - 4 June 2015

Joyce say her vision differed from Bob's and ZPF's vision. mhmmm what vision has she ever articulated? There is no single policy which I knw that she has brought forward. all along she was singing from the same book with RG now she claims to be having a different vision. what vision is that. they cried bitterly with her boyfriend (mutasa) when they were sidelined from the congress. Mutasa ( and joyce behind the curtain) even tried the courts to have the congress decisons set aside. to me those are not actions of someone with a different vision from ZPF instead those are signs of someones who decries that they hv been removed from ZPF vision. you had nothing to apologise for Joyce, you hyprocrite. If only you had said this before thou were dethroned I was going to listen to you

vovi - 4 June 2015

Is this not the same lady who did not want corrupt parastatal officers exposed? Can we trust her handlers, the likes of Mutasa, Shamu? is this lady not Mutasa's stooge?

Kwayedza - 4 June 2015

jesu akati asina kumbotadza ngaatore dombo atake mukadzi uyu pakashaika akakanda ibwe mai mujuruavanofanira kuregererwa ichokwadi vakatadza chose uye kuti nhamo inavanhu venyika yedu nhasi vakacontributawo chaizvo saka nyaya hombe ndeyekuti amai chisiyanai nepolitics moita zvimwe zveupenyu chisiyaiwo vamwe vambopindawo ndokuti vanhu vakuregererei pachikamu cheupenyu chasara chizorororai zvepolitics uye zvamunazvo zvokuraramisai mowanawo nguva yekukumbira ruregerero kunamwari sezvo muri mutendi hakuna chivi chisingaregererwi namwari kana tikazvidemba kwaari

BVUMA HONDO - 4 June 2015

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