Mutasa supports MDC poll boycott

HARARE - Former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa has backed opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s decision to boycott the country’s forthcoming by-elections in 14 constituencies, saying participating in such a flawed system was “not in the best interests of democracy”.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News at the weekend, Mutasa — who identifies himself as the secretary for administration for the “original” Zanu PF and contemptuously dismisses the post-congress ruling party as dubious — said he was troubled by the presence and active participation of State security apparatus in the running of elections in the country.

The former close confidante to President Robert Mugabe, who has intimate knowledge of the ruling party and government, said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) — the statutory body that is tasked with managing electoral processes in the country — should be impartial and stop behaving as if it was an extension of the ruling party.

Citing the country’s uneven political playing field, and the alleged involvement of security operatives in the day-to-day running of Zec, the MDC has resolved not to participate in any future polls unless there is an overhaul of the whole system.

And at the weekend, Mutasa gave Tsvangirai his unequivocal thumbs up on the issue — going on to question the role of the State and its well-oiled state machinery in polls.

“Why does Zec tolerate what is happening? Soldiers are beating up people in constituencies where elections will be held and yet Zec is not doing anything. Do they have any function on a positive role or are they just a window-dressing shop?

“If that is so, then the position taken by the MDC (not to participate in elections) is correct. Why should they have elections when the outcome is pre-determined? Why go into elections when Zec is playing such a benign role?” Mutasa asked.

Mutasa spoke as several cases of voter intimidation, including cases of brazen violence by ruling party supporters, have been recorded in hotly-contested constituencies ahead of the forthcoming by-elections.

Top Zanu PF officials, including the minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ignatius Chombo, stand accused of coercing people to vote for Zanu PF and reject candidates like Temba Mliswa, an independent candidate in Hurungwe West.

In one video that is circulating on social media, Chombo is seen addressing headmen in the area and warning them that they should not associate with Mliswa.

The minister is also heard in the video saying that he has put in place mechanisms to monitor Mliswa’s movements ahead of the by-elections slated for June 10.

In addition, Chombo is also heard saying that he is assigning assistants, who are suspected to be operatives from the country’s intelligence system, to each of the headmen to ensure that they did not communicate with Mliswa until after the by-election.

Maverick businessman and Zanu PF central committee member, Philip Chiyangwa, has also been dragged to court by two headmen who alleged that he beat them up in Hurungwe West, ahead of the key by-election.

Mutasa said although there was such compelling evidence to prod Zec into action, and possibly postpone the polls, the country’s electoral management body had shown “paralysing inertia”.

He also revealed that he was backing a number of independent candidates in the forthcoming elections, hence his dismay at the skewed political playing field.

Mutasa said if he was a candidate in the forthcoming polls, he would have withdrawn his candidature as a form of protest.

“If I was taking part I would withdraw because there is intimidation. What are civil servants doing in elections? Those civil servants should be ashamed of themselves,” he said.

The former minister in charge of intelligence, who was unceremoniously dismissed from the warring ruling party ahead of its disputed congress last year, along with a host of other party leading lights such as former Vice President Joice Mujuru, said there was need to put Zec to scrutiny because elections were an essential step towards ensuring democracy.

“There are people that I am obviously supporting in the forthcoming elections and these people are getting a very raw deal from Zec.

“Although the MDC is not participating in these by-elections, the elections affect the whole nation and Zec’s conduct should therefore be scrutinised, they have failed and the same ministry of Justice under which it is housed has also failed,” Mutasa said.


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But Mutasa was happy to become an MP through that "flawed" system? When did the system become flawed, Mr Mutasa. Was it before or after you ceased to be MP? Double standards dzenyu dzakaoma mudhara.

machakachaka - 1 June 2015

Mutasa can become a very useful tool to unseat Zanu PF given his intimate knowledge of the rigging mechanism that is being used. Currently the distance between the Democracy and the Dictatorship that we are witnessing is that RIGGING mechanism. Until that system is broken into then we will remain under this yoke

Uhera - 1 June 2015

VaMutasa has a tainted past but what he is saying is correct and true. As long as ZPF is in power and intimidating voters, there is no way we can have a truly democratic election in Zim. All democratic lovers should disengage from a election related activities including resigning from parliament and councils. Secondly, for the sake of dismantling Mugabe's hegemony, the MDCs should join hands with all these Cdes who have been fired from ZPF. Mutasa and company know something we don't know, which we need to win power. Winning elections without power is not enough!

Prof Mlambo - 1 June 2015

Very soon we will stop buying and reading the Daily News. They keep giving audiance to these useless faggots like Mutasa and jabulani Sibanda. At least Rugare Gumbo is quiet these days. Go and farm vaMutasa and forget are finished sekuru Mutasa

Garikayi - 1 June 2015

From what MR Mutasa said it means we are led by an illegitimate govt. When its elections times their teath are sharp ready to devour the opposition . Now its time for the police to relax and its time for AU and UN to legitimise a flawed erection. This only happensin Zimboland

Zvakaomachose - 1 June 2015

vamutasa rambai muchitaura MDC rambai muchitaura vaMuliswa rambai muchitaura iwewe taurawo kwete kumirira kucriticisa zvataurwa nemumwe. Just imagine if we all talk, if we all could do a little action in our own way!

madagara kasulumane - 1 June 2015

Mutasa the Democrat

candid - 1 June 2015

I wonder who listens to Mutasa. The MDC must distance itself from this guy. We have our own morons we don't need to import from Zanu

Phaphamani - 2 June 2015

Cde Mutasa ingotaurai zvaiitika chaizvoizvo ndokuti vanhu vakuteererei. You know the inside story then tell us dont bit about the bush. Tell the whole world what you guys use to do fuul stop. Dont behave as though you are drawing your conclusions from whats happening. You were part of this whole story so let the cat out of the bag.

felix - 2 June 2015

@Felix point blank this old baly must tell us how he used to rig , then we know he has changes or else he must go and do farming . Mudhara Mutasa just let the cat out of the bag wopedza nyaya

Mudhara - 2 June 2015

@madagara kasulumane. Mutasa hapana chaarikutaura chinemusoro. All what he is doing is singing his songs of bitterness for being shoved out of the gravy train. Till he starts revealing all the top secrets of how he and his collegues in Zanu-PF plundered the country its when we can take him serious.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 2 June 2015

tibvirwe zvedu naMutasa handi iye aiida ku contester muma election iwaya akarambidzwa dai mapaper ake akabvumiwa aizotaura zvese izvi here, ava kudai nekuti akakandirwa kure.... paaiva mugovernment macho aidii kutaura zvese izvi kutaura kwemunhu arwadziwa chete uku

Zviri Papi Ngaanyarare - 2 June 2015

the truth is that what mutasa is saying does not hold water because he is saying when other people have said it already. why preach other peoples messages. all you have to do is repent of your sins

see - 2 June 2015

Anopenga uyu,so iye aidya mari thru a flawed system,rega vamwe vadyewo,go hang

pakaipa - 2 June 2015

VaMutasa, you now singing what you never used to say when you were in there. True its cold out here, munhu anotanga kuchirotomoka ega. Were you going to say all this if you were left in the party?

alloys - 2 June 2015

bizy reading Mutasa news. hehehehedaa. marohwa nechando ka vaMutasa. mange majaira kudya zvakapera

wind - 2 June 2015

where was mutasa all these years?when he was with these thieves the ground was smooth but after being booted out the ground is now a potato field bhora haricharoweki because hamusisina nanzvi.tikwanire mutasa.vanga uchida kukwikwidza vani vavakuti mdc did the right thing.uribenzi.

chidhura - 2 June 2015

Does anyone ever think that the fact that no one among those chased from ZPF has not said anything of substance could mean that surely there was surely never any rigging. I am of the opinion that this is the case because some statistics given by the independent media are outrageous like 6mln vendors and these renegades failed to nail the party. The other observation is that comments against ZPF in all the online newspapers are made by a few individuals but these individuals do not leave the internet. They end up overwhelming the list of comments to make it appear as if the majority a against ZPF. Bu analytical.

Chenje - 3 June 2015

chenje you should shut up ndofunga uri mucshereni.Vasingsde kutenga daily news regedzai vanorida vanotenga,Mapofu ane maziso anoona.

Chitsiga - 7 June 2015

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