'Ditch Zanu PF, support Mujuru'

HARARE - Firebrand former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda says his erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF are crassly clinging to the coat-tails of an “old, tired and misled” President Robert Mugabe, describing many of them as “senseless cowards”.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, and firing from the hip as usual, the outspoken former Zanu PF kingpin said Mugabe, at 91 years, was now “too old” and thus subject to “manipulation by malcontents hellbent” on destroying Zanu PF from within.

“President Mugabe is being abused because of his age. I was reading somewhere that his salary had been raised by 300 percent. I would have wanted it to be raised by 1 000 percent at the right time.

“But let us also ask ourselves why the president at this particular time would have such an increment. Why wasn’t he given that a long time ago when he could use that. You can see clearly that it is for the future, it is part of thinking of life after Mugabe. It is pay for the next president.

“They are using Mugabe’s name as you cannot give a man such a huge salary increase at the 11th hour. People are abusing this old man. If it is by his choice I cannot comment, but I think his name is being used in wrong ways,” Sibanda said.

Once a fanatic Mugabe supporter, Sibanda was still among the first group of party leaders to be ousted ruthlessly from Zanu PF, after they were accused of plotting to oust and kill Mugabe together with former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Now watching the ruling party’s wars and seemingly unstoppable purges from “the peace and tranquility of his farm”, Sibanda said it was time for Zimbabweans, including those who were still domiciled in Zanu PF, to “find each other” and move the country forward.

“It is clear that even the ruling party is demobilising. Eighty-nine people were suspended recently and they are going to demobilise more. What this means is you are also demobilising those who had faith in those people.

“The question then, is how is the ruling party going to maintain its legitimacy when it has removed such people? Everyone is starting to question whether this is going to be done by force,” he added.

Sibanda spoke as analysts have predicted that Mujuru has a real chance of upsetting Mugabe and her other erstwhile comrades in the post-congress Zanu PF in the next national elections in 2018, because she is seen as enjoying significant political popularity.

Making his admiration for Mujuru clear — whose decorated liberation war struggle husband Solomon died in a suspicious fire in 2011 — Sibanda said the country was not short of “tried and tested leaders” who could rescue Zimbabwe from total collapse.

“People of Zimbabwe have to regroup. There are some people who were tested in the liberation struggle and who are still there. Do they need to be reminded that the house is burning?

“They want to wait until they get burnt. A person with five senses cannot remain there to be sacked and humiliated. I am saying to the people of Zimbabwe, let us find each other,” he said.

Sibanda also spoke at a time that Zanu PF has officially split into two distinct and bitterly opposed formations, with some of Mujuru’s confident allies now operating as the “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan “People First”.

Sibanda said the country’s comatose economy, its high unemployment rate and apparent cluelessness within Mugabe’s government to resolve its myriad crises, called for “a huge paradigm shift”.

“Mujuru is a victim of all these circumstances. She is a patriot. She is a freedom fighter. She served her constituency from 1980 to the present and there was a time when she wanted to leave that constituency for another person because she believed that leadership is passed on.

“But the party asked her to remain in that constituency. She is a very humble woman. I am saying to every Zimbabwean, Mujuru is a person you should hunger to meet,” Sibanda said.

Stridently denying ever working with Mujuru ahead of Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress late last year, Sibanda said he was only sucked into Zanu PF’s ugly factionalism  after a senior politburo member had told him that the party had two camps — one comprising Weevils and the other called Gamatox.

“I said weevils destroy grain and therefore must be destroyed. This was after the politburo member had told me he was a Weevil. I was never part of any faction but I found I had been called a Gamatox and I said if Gamatox means to defend what you fought for, what you believe in that is being destroyed by someone who was never part of the history then surely I must have the strength of a brand new Gamatox and destroy the Weevils.

“That is my position even up to now,” he added.

“Almost 90 percent of our youths are not employed and those who are employed are not paid on time. Now this is a challenge for every Zimbabwean.

“It is not the time to challenge governments, as governments have been challenged many times. It is time to challenge ourselves. Are we worth this future? Are we worth this nonsense? The answer is no,” the articulate and bright Sibanda said.


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Kana kune ma ex-znau andinobigger, Jabu is one of them. We know u did your fair share of bootlicking in your time. You wore t-shirts with someone's face on them but I totally understand. At least wakazoti enough is enough

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 1 June 2015

but JB morgan said the same thing but you killed his supporters. as much as you want us to meet mai mujuru to real know her although some of us remember for her insults on umdala wethu and econet, why dont you in a humble way go and meet morgan and hear what he is real saying not the propaganda which was fed to you by those who were using you.

see - 1 June 2015

Good point @SEE Mai Mujuru may be less evil but she's not a saint. I don't know what she said about Umdhala Wethu and I won't try to find out. Lest I may hate her. I don't know any Zim politician worth comparing with JQ Nkomo so anyone who says crap about him will invite hate from me. Teurai Ropa is dumb and she knows it. That's why I would vote for her. At least she's likely to put together a government of technocrats

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 1 June 2015

How can people keep spamming us like this? CR14 this, cartridge that,...

Does this site have a moderator? - 1 June 2015

The people of Zimbabwe have been telling you the same thing since 2000 elections. We have been calling for regrouping but you would not have it. You only want to regroup at your own convenience. You have personally stopped people from regrouping. You need to apologize for your lack of intelligence which you have denied people who were intelligent enough to see this problem in 2000 beating "uneducated" but wise villagers who did not want Mugabe anymore forcing them to reorientation rallies and threatening them. Now you want Zimbabweans to regroup. Seeing things before they happen is part of intelligence. To that effect more than 1 million people are definitely more intelligent than you Sibanda.

masvukupete - 1 June 2015

"No, wrong statement Mr Sibanda Ditch ZANU PF, support ZAPU" supporting Mujuru is just the same as supporting Zanu Pf. She was also there conniving wit others to steal election all along, corruption name it , she was there so what is the difference, The difference is the same

sherpard - 1 June 2015

The problem with JB and company is that they think Mugabe is being misled. Mugabe is leading and everything will be buried with him. The more zanu pf changes the more it gets worse.

X-MAN IV - 2 June 2015

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