Woman dies while dancing for Mphoko

NYANGA - An exhausted female Zanu PF supporter collapsed and died while dancing to a Tocky Vibes song ahead of Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s rally at Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme in Nyanga on Wednesday.

Venenzia Chitanda died at about 1300 hours, two hours before Mphoko’s arrival for his familiarisation tour of the irrigation scheme.

She had been dancing from morning, while waiting for Mphoko.

She was rushed to Regina Coeli Mission Hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.

Mphoko later donated $500 to the deceased woman’s family to assist with funeral expenses.

Over 5 000 Zanu PF supporters and local community members had been singing and dancing in anticipation of the vice president’s arrival from 0900 hours.

Witnesses said the woman was part of a group that was singing and dancing as they awaited arrival of the vice president.

Rumbidzayi Nyambuya, a Regina Coeli High School student, also collapsed and was rushed to the same hospital.

Mphoko was said to be having lunch at Troutbeck Inn while the villagers waited for him. He later held a meeting at Nyanga Rural District Council’s boardroom that ran up to noon while villagers waited.

He only arrived at the venue at 1500 hours, six hours late.

Farmers utilising the vibrant Nyakombe Irrigation Scheme are being subcontracted by Better Agriculture to produce Mexican Tarbasco chilli, which is being exported to the US.

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A rally on wednesday? Do these people not work? Country needs to be productive.

Galore 123 - 29 May 2015

really shocking...dying after dancing.i think the session was not voluntary

taku - 29 May 2015

Sad but a good lesson for people to give good priority to what's valuable, these politicians will just use you when they want something and after they get they dump you. Imagine someone dancing to death for a politician....Lord have mercy!!

redemption - 29 May 2015

....... and then receive 500 USD as compensation

Referee - 29 May 2015

Sure if someone can jump jukuja empty stomach and forced to do so by heavily intoxicated by skuds red eyed very dirty zanu thugs for six hours non stop jukuja then death is the result . People are going for days without food but still they are frog marched to some barbaric meetings to do kongonya demety!!!!. I am very sorry if the woman was forced to the gathering which is likely but if she willingly did so ahh mushee!!!! .

Diibulaanyika - 29 May 2015

Hehehehe, bwahahaha, the wages of sin!

Pipinyana - 29 May 2015

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wonder - 30 May 2015

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wonder - 30 May 2015

Politicians look for voters, when they find them, they use them fully to the extend that they forget their business, families, properties and life, after using them, they abuse finally they then dump you and wish you dead. Politics is celebrating for the achievement in Nyanga death of a woman dancing for at a Political Rally. What any achievement for politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrena Kisto - 30 May 2015

Of course the villagers are intimidated to attend and dance at such meetings. I was in a war zone and I still interact with close relatives people at home (village) on a regular basis. People are told that if you do not participate we will make sure you suffer reprisal such as no relief food, no participation in food for work programmes, eviction from the only place they call home or even worse torture and or murder. In this case the party simply said if you do not participate you are MDC and will be removed from the irrigation scheme. There is no freedom of association in Zimbabwe, Mugarbage knows it and is not bothered one second despite that freedom of association and freedom to vote freely were some of the many promises which were rallying points during the so called war of liberation. The only thing we were liberated from was liberation from hope, from jobs, from respect and prosperity! I really do not understand it! Why do ministers go to line up at the airport when Murgabe is leaving or returning. What a waste of fuel and time. These moronic bootlickers would eat Murgabe's sh*t is they get their hands on it just to provide that they support and respect the dear leader! If the truth be told most villagers do not like the old goblin but the party has instilled so much fear into the population, fear that makes me afraid to use my own name! Our self imposed government is not very different from North Korea but of course this comes as no surprise, the fifth brigade was trained to kill there own people by these short murderers. I will vote for anyone who promises stop and the motorcade ideology, so long and so loud, what a waste of resources, why is Mugarbage so afraid of his people.

Bingo wokwa Gutu - 30 May 2015

How wrong can Zanu PF politics could be. Dying and then your family got $500. She died from whatever cause but exhaustion and hunger can not be rule out. Dancing so that all people can see, and talk to the president or whoever in ZANU PF . Mahofa dance and she is minister now

ananian - 30 May 2015

This is could be the altitude effect. These villagers are very stupid anyway. They destroyed the beautiful trees by cutting everything that they came across. Go to Nyanga today it's not what it used to be. They kill each other without any respect for humanity. I grew au there and believe me these villagers are so backward, Haungarambi vabereki but at the same time we must admit that the whole Nyanga region despite producing brilliant doctors, engineers , accountants, lawyers, there is still very little development

Dzasukwa - 30 May 2015

What a sad loss of life in such cruel manner. If you don't dance then you must be an MDC member and marked for the worse by local militia. Last December another woman fainted dancing waiting for Grace to arrive at the congress. Under the current zanu pf regime all the energy is misdirected.

X-MAN IV - 30 May 2015

6 hours late

Harare - 30 May 2015

Iwe Rumbidzai, watinyadzisa isu vana Nyambuya. Ku collapsa here pa rally ya mphoko? Iye Mboko wacho was busy swallowing food at troutbeck inn. Ndaku hesvura mwana. J have disowned you. Unonyadzisa kwazvo? Ptttu

Soko - 30 May 2015

May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Thomas Howera - 31 May 2015

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kushaya zvekuita kutadza kushanda makamirira izvozv

kays - 1 June 2015

Vaitamba kongonya here mai ava? Because mazijembere e Zanu anemisikahwa.

Chipoto vhaivhai - 2 June 2015

Zvakaoma shuwa

Oskar - 5 June 2015

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