Knives sharpen for Mnangagwa

HARARE - The simmering war between Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF hawks who are referred to as the Gang of Four by their party detractors — and who have apparently enlisted the support of the other VP, Phelekezela Mphoko in their nasty fight with the party strongman — is escalating.

And lickspittle State media appear to be caught in the middle of the mega brawl, amid growing allegations by Mnangagwa’s supporters that members of the Gang of Four are using government-controlled newspapers and State broadcaster, the ZBC, in this deadly ruckus at whose heart is the ugly fight to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

But confusingly, sources close to the Gang of Four and their allies in the wider

Generation 40 group — made up of ambitious party Young Turks — say in turn that it is in fact Mnangagwa and his supporters who are leaking sensitive information about the party and Mugabe to the media in a desperate bid to gain political advantage.

“That is utter nonsense (the allegations against Mnangagwa),” a top Zanu PF official widely believed to be close to the VP told the Daily News last night, adding that Wednesday’s brutal attack in State media on another perceived Mnangagwa supporter and Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations (Fongo) leader Goodson Nguni “completely debunked such useless theories and rumours”.

According to The Herald, Nguni allegedly leaked false information about last week’s politburo discussions to a local daily, which claimed that Mugabe owed former Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman Ray Kaukonde a staggering $30 million.

But Nguni vehemently denied doing so yesterday, in addition to distancing himself from having any association with Mnangagwa’s camp ­— and preferring, instead, to be called “a Zanu PF member”.

Speaking at a Press conference that he called in Harare, Nguni claimed that the damaging allegations that he had leaked politburo information to the Press was a creation of Information minister Jonathan Moyo — who is alleged to be a prominent member of the Gang of Four and G40, together with Water minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao.

But Moyo immediately rubbished the allegations, calling on authorities to investigate the politburo leaks and claims that had been made against Mugabe.

Moyo slammed Nguni last night, asking that the serious claims about Mugabe owing Kaukonde money be investigated.

“It has become fashionable if not sickening these days for anyone and everyone to blame Jonathan Moyo for anything and everything. It’s just too much!  Except on Cabinet days I’ve been campaigning day in and day out in Tsholotsho for the by-election.

“I did not attend last Thursday’s politburo meeting and so I’ve no idea what on earth Cde Goodson Nguni is wailing about save for what has been reported in the media. The allegation that Nguni is the second hand source to the criminal falsehood that President Mugabe owes Kaukonde $30m is very serious.

“There’s need to investigate it and bring to an end these malicious leaks whose damage to the Presidency, the party, government and country is self evident,” Moyo said.

But Nguni insisted that it was Moyo who was out to tarnish him and some politburo members’ image.

“The story that was published in The Herald was written by and on instruction of Honourable Jonathan Moyo, who was hoping to snare another politburo member ... the story was not written by The Herald,” he said, adding that he could not have been a source for the story because he is not a politburo member.

Nguni also accused Moyo of working towards the destruction of Zanu PF.

“I hope Zanu PF will understand that Jonathan Moyo once stated that he wants to destroy Zanu PF from within and he is co-ordinating with the public and private media to write negative stories about Zanu PF about the president, vice presidents, war veterans and all progressive Zanu PF members,” he alleged.

He also queried recent editorial appointments that had been made under Moyo’s watch as line minister Moyo at State-owned newspapers.

“I hope Zanu PF will also look very closely at all his appointments at Zimpapers, I mean editorial appointments,” he said.

Asked why Moyo could be targeting him, Nguni said it was because he (Nguni) had been speaking loudly against the MDC, as well as the fact that he was about to launch a petition in the courts to oppose the application by The Herald’s editor, Caesar Zvayi, to rid the Constitution of criminal defamation.

He further claimed that Moyo was behind Zvayi’s court application challenging the criminal defamation law which has Mnangagwa’s support.

“I had an occasion to challenge Mr Caesar Zvayi because he is known to me as a good journalist and a patriot. I asked him why The Herald has taken the Vice President of Zimbabwe and the minister of Justice to court over criminal defamation.

“The editor of The Herald Mr Caesar Zvayi told me that Jonathan Moyo ordered him to sue the Minister of Justice in order to remove criminal defamation. He also told me that Jonathan Moyo was the author of all anti-Zanu PF, anti Zanu PF ministers, anti Zanu PF vice president stories that were being carried at Zimpapers,” Nguni said.

This latest ruckus comes as Zanu PF is slowly disintegrating due to its worsening factional and succession fights that have seen the party split into two bitterly opposed formations and several other complex factions-within-factions following the ruthless purging of senior officials that include former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies on untested allegations of plotting to oust and kill Mugabe.

Amid all this, Mnangagwa has been touted by his supporters as the embattled nonagenarian’s heir apparent and major beneficiary of the party’s brutal purges following his appointment as vice president in December last year.

But Moyo has dispelled such claims, pointing out that there is no such provision in both the national and Zanu PF constitutions that would allow Mnangagwa to automatically succeed Mugabe in the event of the nonagenarian vacating office for any reason.

Zhuwao has also gone on record to say that Mnangagwa’s rise to the position of VP did not mean that he would automatically succeed Mugabe.

Surprisingly, the alleged Gang of Four and members of the G40, who are now at loggerheads with Mnangagwa and his supporters, fought side by side with the VP’s camp in decimating Mujuru and all her perceived allies that include former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, liberation struggle stalwart Rugare Gumbo and former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda.

However, tables have since turned within Zanu PF, with the disgruntled G40 apparently of the opinion that they were not rewarded adequately for masterminding Mujuru’s demise.

Higher Education minister Oppah Muchinguri — who was once seen as part of the Gang of Four — recently launched a stinging attack on the group claiming that they were over-ambitious and that they were preparing to dump Mugabe and Mnangagwa on account of their advanced age and “tired politics”.

Nguni also said yesterday that Moyo had allegedly solicited for his recent interview with the BBC’s HARDTalk presenter, Steven Sackur, in his alleged quest and mission to destroy Zanu PF.

During the interview, Moyo said Mnangagwa was not appointed by Mugabe to succeed the president, but had been put in that position to assist the nonagenarian in implementing his government agenda in line with his pledges to the electorate.

Asked by Sackur why Zimbabwe was considering Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe given his alleged ruthlessness against rivals, Moyo retorted: “This reference to him as the next president is really yours and a burden that you should unravel yourself and not state as a fact..... The president did not appoint him so that he could succeed him, but he appointed him so that he could assist him to implement the policy programme of government.”

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moyo has long expressed a desire to destroy zanu pf from within. as of now it appears the guy is on track. if we don't wake up, this could be the end of our party. i don't think he is eyeing the high chair but the annihilation of zanu. how does know what the president is thinking? zanu pf, wake up.

taurai - 28 May 2015

ko nhai nyaya iripo ndeipi too much of recep spoils the menu Nguni nyaya yake ngaiinvestigate anenyaya ngaasavanze batai munhu inonz Zimbabwe Nguni usatambe nengwena ichakupandukira futi uye politics dzemasucessors siyanayi nadzo build economy please.VaMugab vakanyarara vani hamuna hunhu you cant be our presidents you talk too much pasi nekutaura taura pasina development.Nyika izere nemapot holes vharai nyika yango zara nemaflag enyika macooperaive pese pese ngeemusangano ngeemusangano

cde joboringo - 28 May 2015

Mugabe owes us retirement, over & above moneys owed to Kaukonde. Mugabe has been an embarrassment to this country for a very long time! Remember the RBZ raided private accounts to raise money for elections? Remember they appointed a certain guy from Canada, Chris Kuruneri, as a cabinet minister because they wanted to borrow his money that they used for elections. Remember how he treated Mujuru just because he fears being unseated? Remember how he accused Tsvangirai of trying to kill him? That Ari Ben Menashe saga? Mugabe is useless, and people must stop protecting him!

Phaphamani - 28 May 2015

Jonso must be fired from Zanu Pf , president were are you , are you not seeing this , jonso is MDC's commissar , you will ask me one day kana kapedza basa . You wants told him kakawoma musoro kunge damba , now he is destroying the part from within , wake people , fire him now

Mudhara - 28 May 2015

NO NO NO Jonso is not MDC. he is bitter for what ZANUOIDS did to use him when it suited them. He is a man on a mission and he said it some time back...if you fail to bit them jon them and destroy from within. Well done Prof, you are a star and these other idots in ZANU PF do not want to see or even believe his objective. Like him or hate him the Prof is SMART - systematic, measuring, achieving, resolute and tactful & time-bound. Prof for presidency!!!!

Garikayi - 28 May 2015

@Garikayi what are u smoking now? Prof Moyo for foot!

Prof Mlambo - 28 May 2015

Convicted criminals,fraudsters, unrepentant army generals, spies, failed politicians,harlots,gold diggers; crocodiles and vipers do not share the same blanket without biting each other death Mr editor.

Guranyanga - 28 May 2015

We have watched an awesome theatrical performance by ZANU PF to win legitimacy for the people 1st movement. This pathetic attempt to bury post Congress Zanu with the death of Mugabe and all the atrocities perpetrated on the Zimbabwean people. fellow Zimbabweans don't be gullible, don't get excited at the thought of Zanu crumbling and miss the bigger picture!don't fall prey to another Zanu psychological trick to stay in power.

takamavhura maziso - 28 May 2015

Prof moyo is right. azihlabane/ngazibayane

emmanuel - 29 May 2015

JM won't destroy ZPF but God will! If there is no true repentance and a complete u turn from this destruction!

TruthBTold - 29 May 2015

Prof Mlambo..your guess is ''correct'' I am smoking goat shit to wish Jonso for presidency. This was a joke meant for Jonso for him to dream of the presidency...not in a hundred years.

Garikayi - 29 May 2015

I feel pity for the ruling party. Jonathan Moyo is trying to prove here that he can dare anyone except the president. He is standing so high as Kingmaker and l believe the net must close in on him soon. This mean has destroyed the originals ideals of the struggle and what other cadres who have remained steadfast like Mutsvangwa have repeatedly said. Please our beloved Party Zanu PF, Moyo is a weevil and be very careful. He is attacking from inside!

MDALAWETHU - 29 May 2015

All this rubbish does not make sense , remember the VP, is educated and would not stoop so low to believe this hog wash from the so called independent press which is trying to create factions by a lot of hallucinations. The newsday and daily news are trying old and useless tricks to confuse people. Only idiots like Nguni with an organisation stupidly abbriviated as FONGO, ndivo varikufongorera miseve. The idiot must answer to his lies which he fed to the Newsday, ndipo panenyaya, zvimwe zvese hazvina basa. The Prof is 100% right. Investigate the idiot.

reason - 29 May 2015

Jonathan Moyo is a mercenary,expect anything good or bad from him.

Chitsiga - 29 May 2015

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