Mphoko an empty head — Sibanda

HARARE - Ousted former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda has savaged Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko as a “clueless and confused opportunist” who is lying about Gukurahundi and who allegedly deserted Zapu during the liberation struggle to enjoy an easier life in Mozambique.

Responding to Mphoko’s attack on him at a rally in Bulawayo on Sunday, that Sibanda was allegedly gay, the voluble ex-war veterans leader yesterday roundly trashed President Robert Mugabe’s co-deputy yesterday, describing him as “a lost soul” who was “lying and singing for his supper” on a number of issues.

“I want to tell him that I am not interested in engaging in such a pathetic discourse. He is so thin-minded and an empty head. He should stop going around and campaigning using my name.

“For his own information, my work is known and so is my track record as leader of the war veterans. Unfortunately, too for him, I’m known more than him. He is unknown and his remarks show that he is a clueless and confused somebody.

“These allegations that he is bringing and the insults he is spreading are pulling him far below the level one expects of a VP. Ever since I had political problems, I resolved not to respond to allegations as I am busy trying to concentrate on my farming.

“So for him to go to a rally and attack me and make serious allegations against me shows that he is a useless leader. He is lost. A leader does not come to the people to insult other people but should come to expound his ideological thrust,” Sibanda fumed in an exclusive interview with the Daily News.

The former war veterans leader was expelled from the post-congress Zanu PF late last year, along with many other top party officials, on untested charges of plotting to oust Mugabe from power illegally and planning to kill the embattled nonagenarian.

Giving a rare insight into Mphoko, who before his surprise appointment to the vice presidency was not well-known in Zimbabwe, Sibanda said the VP was never in Angola as he had allegedly claimed.

Addressing party supporters in Bulawayo, Mphoko claimed that Sibanda, apart from sodomising a colleague in Angola, also trailed Zapu leaders as a boy of 11.

“When I grew up in Tsholotsho he was not there, so he lied. Mphoko was also never in Angola and so he is lying there as well.

“He was in Mozambique wedding when we were in the armed struggle. Mphoko should shut up and enjoy his marriage and his appointment by President Mugabe,” Sibanda said.

“Mphoko should also stop attacking Zapu members whom he deserted in the armed struggle. Mphoko should also learn to respect himself.

“While I can force myself to respect Mphoko and succeed, while the nation can force itself to respect Mphoko and succeed, the same nation cannot force Mphoko to respect himself and succeed. So Mphoko should learn to respect himself,” he added.

Sibanda said Mphoko, who controversially blames the Gukurahundi atrocities of the early 1980s on the West, is “a lost soul” who was singing for his supper.

“In the recent past, I have heard him talk about Gukurahundi but I did not want to comment. However, let me tell you this, his remarks on Gukurahundi indicate how far he is from telling the truth.

“The guy is drifting downwards from the position that he is in. He is a liar and he has never done anything for the people,” he said, adding that Mphoko continued to fail the people of Matabeleland.

“During 1980 when the situation was bad in Matabeleland, we formed the Matabeleland Development Foundation. We formed the Zambezi Water Project. We used to meet at White City Stadium and donate $1 each.

“Where was Mphoko? He was around and working for the CIO. But he has never done anything for the people. His province Matabeleland North is the only province in the country without a teachers’ training centre. Matabeleland North is the only province without a vocational training centre. The same province doesn’t even have a polytechnic.

“These are the things that Mphoko should be addressing, but then again what do you expect from someone who is lost? Six months into office, the nation doesn’t know him. He also doesn’t know what to do,” Sibanda said.

He also revealed that in the run-up to Zanu PF’s disputed congress last year, Mphoko had approached him, seeking his support for the vice presidency position. But he declined to support him, preferring the then chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo.

“The last time I spoke to Mphoko was before the congress when he came back from South Africa. He called me and asked for a meeting in town and he told me that he wanted to stand as VP and he wanted my support. I told him I would get back to him.

“Then on another day he invited me to his company’s warehouse in the industrial site and I met him and his look-alike son. He again asked for my support. At that moment, I told him that his quest was mission impossible because he had never held any senior position in the party.

“I told him that there were some ambassadors like Khaya Moyo who held central committee and politburo positions while still serving as ambassadors. I also told him that I had gathered that he was not a card-carrying member of the party and he failed to get a card in Matabeleland North.

“He responded that he got a card in Bulawayo. I then told him that the party had a tradition which must be followed, and that tradition was that the chairman should be elevated at congress to VP if a position arose in the presidium. To that end, I told him that SK Moyo would become the VP.

“Mphoko then told me that President Robert Mugabe brought him to Zanu PF for that position. I then said if you have the backing of Mugabe, why then are you seeking support from me?

“ That was the last time I saw Mphoko,” Sibanda said.

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Really Mhoko is Lost. He sound just like ceremonial second VP who was appointed just keep the so called Zapu members because of the Unity accord.

piaget - 26 May 2015

Sibanda i like how you talk - its good, it really gets to the heart of the person being addressed. zvinogwadza

My Land - 26 May 2015

There goes Jabulani Sibanda. No one will sympathize with you Jabulani Sibanda. Remeber all the broken bones, remember the rigging for ZANU PF, remember the sleepless nights you gave some pople, remember how you tomented MDC supporters...we will never forget about that. About your gay orientation finish that with were together somewhere so we will never know the truth. One thing is for sure, you are a finished thing.

Garikayi - 26 May 2015

Mpoko and you Jabulani are fools who have worked so hard to keep zanu in power so that it can destroy our country more . You Sibanda organised a million mach so that Mugabe can stay . Kanti unjani ekhanda lakho Now you were fired from zanu like a wule , who is empty in his skop ? Suwa its you Sibanda bcoz you supported gukurahundi , murambaswina and election fraudister Mugabe you even threatened to kill those who wanted to remove zanu elections bcoz you were doing it for your supper silima sendona . Wawu busy uspota isigebenga uMugabe sipukupuku.

Diibulaanyika - 26 May 2015

Sibanda Telling It As It Is !!!!! How about your violent DNA JB?

Mukanya - 26 May 2015

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the problem with you guys is that you also contributed to the problems that are affecting zimbabwe.none of you is better than the other

jojo - 26 May 2015

Reading between the lines , it looks like Zanu PF is full of gays and hence I believe it is indeed a Satanist organization. Who else is gay in Zanu, please give us the whole list. Zimbabwe ;s problems can never be solved unless Satanism is eliminated from those that are leaders.

Referee - 26 May 2015

The adage goes that 'IF YOU COMMIT A CRIME TOGETHER, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO EVER FALL OUT". Zanu is now so exporsed by the likes of Jabulani, Mutasa and Themba Mliswa that they are now an empty calabash in the eyes of many Zimbabweans. Yes, they will force themselves into power, but they have no respect what so ever from even the dogs in their own homes. One wonders whether these men like Mnanangwa who have sunk to the lowest rung in the ladder of political degeneracy actual go home and sleep well at night. Let alone look at themselves in the mirror. Eish, what a shame for the country!!!!

SHIBOBO - 26 May 2015

l think all the Zanu(Pf) rebels or rejects are being used day in day out by the self proclaimed independent press for SALES> Shame

changi - 27 May 2015

Who cares if the Puff Adder bites the Cobra and vice versa. A snake is a snake.

Changamira - 27 May 2015

senge iwe Sibanda unofanirwa kutovharirwa life in Jail , nhasi sugar yawekuwawa here, get away Mpoko arinani asingazivikanwe uye hapana chaakaitira vanhu , ko iwe unozivikanwa vakauraisa vanhu weMDC vakavanda , saka iwe ndiwe mhondi , ndiwe vakauraya , u deserve what u are geting today

tbiti - 27 May 2015

Sibanda , you are feeling the cold out of Zanu Pf , by the way if Mpko is lying that you were following politicians at 11 can you show us your birthcertficate or else you were given the War vet post to keep Zapu's name after Dr Dabengwa left . I can count real war vets who stood to Mugabe's face by name Margaret Dongo , Dumiso Dabengwa , Tekere , Zvobyo and Simba Makoni they left not fired , you are part and parcel of the cowards , what was you war name . Don't lie to the public , if the rule of law is applied you and Chinos your dockets are there , keep praying for Mugabe to stay long otherwise welcome to Chikurubi or Khami prison , the people of Masvingo and Gutu will never forgive you cowards

mudhara - 27 May 2015

who is Jabulani? who is ngoko...? God take away these rascals from us . they symbolise death hunger poverty ....

yogi - 27 May 2015


GANDANGA - 27 May 2015

Mphoko anenge mboko

Harare - 27 May 2015

JB, Masvingo remembers your violence which was to the same extend as Gukurahundi you now talk about. The nation will know how many people you killed in your "Meet the People tours" or was it Gukurahundi revenge tours?

VaMuzenda - 27 May 2015

You killed and maimed people Jabulani dont waste our time. You burnt houses and all. No pity for you

Jabulani Sibanda - 27 May 2015

Slowly but surely as Zanu pf falls apart we are headed for "unmarked graves" which are scattered across this teapot shaped country of ours. Its a matter of time before boiling point is reached in zanu pf

X-MAN IV - 27 May 2015

Mr Jabulani Sibanda, time has already gone by for such cheap politicking.. Maybe if you can organise a gathering like the one at the Great Zimbabwe Uni and lecture to cowered students ( like what Mphoko did) you stand a chance for your goal. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see ? Your past can not be rubbed off that easily. Your efforts are to serve yourself , and yourself only. Makajaidzwa too much naRobert that you can say what you wish and the people will believe you. Nonsense. The only advantage you have is that those who are worth the salt in Zimbabwe have been driven to surrender ( they care only for what goes on around their families). Hence you can vomit whatever you you wish for your own effort to be re-admitted to the gravy train of Zanu-PF. There are still many sheep (gullibles) in Zimbabwe who can believe you. Use the resources you have misappriated from Zimbabweans for your end. You may win - and good luck.

Chorosi - 27 May 2015

The problem with this journalist is that he is so arrogant with no knowledge that he thinks freedom of speech only refers to him and truth is not allowed in this newspaper if it disagrees with any reporters lies and imagination. eventually with this policy journalistic freedom of speech has to disappear pending responsible journalism- that's a fact.

john - 28 May 2015

Its dog eat dog in Zanu pf,mpoko just line up you pockets and worry not about the spent force Jabulani. The matebeles are not represented anywhere,but are used all the time and they never learn WAKE UP MANI

murambwi m shumba - 28 May 2015

Calling each other names will not put any food on our tables . Let's put our energy to good use . Begin to love your enemy now and pull together for God's sake . I love you all. God bless you all .

ngwarati muchechetere - 29 May 2015

Mumwe mupositori akakwira mugomo achinonamata ndokupfugamira chiva achibva arumwa ndokufirapo. There is no good devil veduweee. To you Jabulani, it will be a shear waste of time to attack your friends. You are the worst devil my man. No one will sympathize with you. You are actually a laughing stock. Uri bhenzi chairo. I think you are now being haunted by the blood you handled. Munhu haarovi.

dzidzo - 29 May 2015

Perekedza Mboko and Jabulani tibvirei mashark ezanu kunyepera kusawirirana.

Chitsiga - 29 May 2015

zimbabwe needs fresh blood in politics and mpoko seems determined enough were he comes from does not matter as for j b nganorima mbambaira kumusha

knowledge machenjedze - 31 May 2015

Jabulani ! Jabulani! Jabulani ! You parted with Zanu pf in order to meet again . Why do you suddenly dance with Mdc and the daily news ? Don't you see that they are just using you ? If you were really Zanu pf , you must remain Zanu pf and respect your elders . Ubuntu bethu . Imagine one day when you will be back in Zanu pf with Mphoko as you leader . Don't give these daily news people interviews . They want to destroy you . Mark my words .

Hayibo ! - 2 June 2015

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