'Mnangagwa cannot win elections'

HARARE - Opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has described Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is heavily tipped to succeed President Robert Mugabe, as an unpopular strongman who cannot win an election.

Addressing supporters at a rally in Harare’s Kuwadzana high density suburb yesterday, Tsvangirai said he would embarrass Mnangagwa come 2018 should Zanu PF make the “mistake” of presenting him as their presidential candidate.

Tsvangirai said he was not in the same political league with Mnangagwa whom he described as visionless.

“I often hear him saying nonsense but I want to tell Mnangagwa one thing and that is I do not compete with you because first division does not compete with fourth division. I will give you (Blessing) Chebundo,” said Tsvangirai adding that there was no way he would fail to defeat him “when I managed to beat Mugabe in 2008”.

“Let us be fair here, the man does not have a vision. The man is empty upstairs. I have listened to him talk at rallies concentrating on the MDC split when his party is splitting in front of him.”

Mnangagwa has a history of electoral defeats having been defeated by Chebundo in the 2000 parliamentary elections in the battle for Kwekwe constituency, but Mugabe appointed him as one of the unelected MPs in Parliament.

In the March 2005 parliamentary elections, he was again defeated by Chebundo in Kwekwe, and Mugabe again appointed him to an unelected seat.

However, in the March 2008 parliamentary election, he stood as Zanu PF’s candidate in the new Chirumanzu-Zibagwe rural constituency and won, receiving 9 645 votes against two MDC candidates, Mudavanhu Masendeke and Thomas Michael Dzingisai, who respectively received 1 548 and 894 votes.

Tsvangirai, who constantly broke into gospel songs in between his speech, was not finished with his attack on Zanu PF top officials.

In apparent reference to a top Zanu PF official who is being accused of being gay, the former prime minister said he was saddened that there were men who took other men for wives.

“Kunozotiwo ichi chemutsipa ichi chinofemera mugotsi mevamwe varume imo munyika makazara vakadzi kudai vamwe vari kutoshaya vanochengeta.

(Then there is this one, whom we hear is in the habit of following up on men making them wives. It is shocking in a country where women are this plenty with others even looking for men to take care of them. It is embarrassing,” said Tsvangirai.

He said there was no need to talk about Mugabe anymore as he belonged to the past generation.

“We thank them (liberation generation) for their sacrifice but unfortunately, they have overstayed their welcome because the vision they had to liberate is not the same vision that is needed today to develop”.

Turning to the Africa Day commemorations, the MDC leader expressed sadness that the unity of African nations was being celebrated while most countries on the continent were now “closed societies”.

He took a swipe at Africa liberation icon Kwame Nkrumah for calling on Africans to seek political freedom first saying everything else would follow.

“Was Nkrumah right or wrong? Of course, he was wrong because we also need economic freedom. Political freedom without economic freedom is meaningless. We do not eat flags and national anthems. We need jobs,” he charged.

Tsvangirai reiterated his call for electoral reforms accusing the country’s security forces under the Joint Operations Command (Joc) of being the chief architects of rigging elections in Zanu PF’s favour.

“So when we say no reforms no elections there are reasons. It is this animal called Joc that has been denying us victory ever since and that is why we are calling for security sector reforms. We do not seek to create another army or police force but just reforms.”

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Thank you Dr M R Tsvangirai. Mariisira kuti Mnangagwa is one of the cowards in Zanu Pf and the world. He survives on stabbing his own on the back, he cant face the truth. The other thing he is HIV positive, he can die before svikoro rafa.

Gushaaz - 26 May 2015

Tsvangirai took the bait, and now is in the same gutter as ZANU-PF thugs. I do not see how the politics of personal destruction can appeal to a voter who is desperate to feed his/her family. This business of name calling and gay bashing is silly. I hav eno idea why politicians in Africa are fixated on Gay pple. How is being Gay a problem to the economy? If you disagree as many people do, with a certain position or social issue, argue on the merits of it not just bash others. A good leader will take the high road, propose good ideas, and let Munangagwa's utterance roll off. Now he has given it credence and they can attack him personally as well.

tino16 - 26 May 2015

It is true Ngwena can not win an election , even if he rigs he will not win. That Kasukuwere clown stands a better chance than Mnangagwa . People grew up knowing that Mnangagwa is a cruel man , we did not know what he did but still that description suits him. I am sure his own wife will not vote for him .The man is just not Leader material .

Pro MDC - 26 May 2015

Do you not know that mnangagwa is a trained killer. he is the one who organises all the killings and dissappearances on behalf of mugabe and creation of all lies zanu uses to run and ruin zimbabwe. Endless lies like so and so wants to kill the president, UK wants to recolonise Zimbabwe etc etc. That is the reason he is mostly appointed by mugabe when he looses elections.

jackson - 26 May 2015

Tsvangirai are you a sooth sayer now , how do you know , you just utter nonsense promise the electorate something , Zanu Pf is ruling because of Mnangagwa so he has already defeated you behind Mugabe and you are still dreaming , work up smell the coffee and give youngster the button to lead . Mnangagwa ari kutotonga though he is going to be the shortest serving VP and the VP for the nation without its currents , he is going to go into the history books .

Mudhara - 27 May 2015

"Mnangagwa can not win elections." As things are right now in Zimbabwe what we need is nothing other than a messiah to retrieve the country from the quagmire it has fallen in. We need a ruthless, no nonsense man to deal with rampant corruption, mismanagement of our resources and looting. I personally do not give a damn how this kind of messiah comes because winning an election is no answer to Zimbabwe`s man-made problems. At the moment there is none in sight. Ngwena - Masamba Asiyana could fit for the purpose but he has to demonstrate kusiyana kwemasamba kwaakataura.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 May 2015

@Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda. What you are saying goes on to confirm what I have seen about the Zimbabwe scene. Mugabe could have been a good leader if only he was good to his own folks. That is: if,instead of chasing and drowning his critics,he spent his time in office dealing with the evils ( corruption and looting) in his government and government- controlled institutions without fear or favour. As it is right away I am persuaded to agree with the saying: HOVE INOTANGA KUORA MUSORO. Nyika yaora. There can only be an election winner in a country where everyone toes the line according to the constitution - not in Zimbabwe at the moment where an individual owns everything in it including the people.

Sekuru Chihori Ngi-i - 27 May 2015

To those who are wailing over Joice Mujuru here is my question. How would we know if her plan was to protect her (and her husband s) acquired empire (wealth) by being in the steering seat) ? She had a clear chance to (especially as a woman in Mugabes s government for a long ,long time to to dothe righjt thing. Do not forget her husband wielded so much power in in Zimbabwean politics. So what did they do apart from partaking and condoning the evils in in Zanu-PF ? NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead she came out outright condoning corruption and accusing Jona of an attempt to tear to pieces Zanu-PF from within. We do not live on the name Zanu-PF but we can on whjat it can offer - but not corruption, thank you Joice.

Chorosi - 27 May 2015

@tino 16. "... argue on the merits..." This world is devided. For good or for bad depending on one`s view. In Zimbabwe there is no argument (or , as you put it, merits) for gayship/dom. You (unfortunately have to accept it if you live in Zimbabwe). By the way I am not parroting what Robert Mugabe said about gay people. The same people in the so-called civilised world will trample on you for your black skin colour and at the same time have all their their energies channelled towards human rights for gay people. I, personally , have no argument for their advancement od gay freedoms in their countries but I have do when it comes to them being so loud about the same in other countries when they are virtually silent about racism based on colour in their countries. This makes Mugabe a winner on an irrelevant topic.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 May 2015

Read the history of Putin and you will see how it matches that of Mnangagwa. Who is calling the shots in Moscow? Like it or not EM is now in a very soild position to take over the reigns.

Amai Mandigona - 29 May 2015

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