Zanu PF boots out more bigwigs

HARARE - A Zanu PF politburo member wondered resignedly last night whether any party officials would still be “standing” by the end of the year after the warring ruling party moved to expel and suspend more of its bigwigs from within its ranks on suspicions that they were loyal to ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

As long predicted by the Daily News, among those summarily booted out at the party’s lengthy politburo meeting in Harare yesterday were former Zanu PF Mashonaland East chairperson Ray Kaukonde, former Cabinet minister Olivia Muchena, former Masvingo resident minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and prominent Mujuru ally David Butau.

The luckier targeted members such as former ministers Nicholas Goche, Jason Machaya and Munacho Mutezo, as well as senior officials that include Tendai Savanhu, Flora Buka and Noah Mangondo were suspended from the party for five years.

“What is happening in the party is a tragedy and the worst part is that noone has a clue where and when these factional and succession witch hunts will end.

“What is clear is that there may not be anyone standing by the end of the year at the rate at which things are deteriorating in the party,” the despondent politburo member who spoke to the Daily News last night said ruefully.

The politburo met amid a poisoned climate in the party that saw six provinces coming up for discussion regarding worsening factional tendencies and disciplinary deficiencies in its regional structures.

The ongoing countrywide purges were exclusively reported on by the Daily News mid last month, with Zanu PF officials saying openly then that the party was still being haunted by Mujuru’s ghost.

The purges also come as disgruntled party stalwarts and veterans of the country’s liberation struggle have broken ranks with Mugabe to form a rival “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan People First.

Analysts have described the deadly factional and succession wars devouring Zanu PF as a “bare knuckles dogfight” that will only end when one of the factions competing for power totally annihilates other contestants.

Speaking to our sister paper the Daily News on Sunday recently, the analysts agreed that the ructions inside Zanu PF had become intractable and that Mugabe no longer had the capacity to heal them given his advanced age and failing health — factors that were at the centre of the succession infighting.

The analysts spoke as war veterans made sensational admissions last week that Mujuru had been ousted from power and then subsequently expelled from both the party and government because she had become a threat to Mugabe’s long tenure in office.

Speaking at a media conference in Harare — convened to attack embattled Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere over allegations that the youthful Cabinet minister and other party Young Turks were plotting to oust Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power — war veterans leader Victor Matemadanda claimed Mujuru had been ousted for creating an alternative centre of power from that of Mugabe’s.

Matemadanda also warned that the ambitious party youths, who are known by the sobriquets Gang of Four and Generation 40, would suffer the same fate as that which had befallen Mujuru and her allies, as Zanu PF’s mindless bloodletting deepens and becomes more confused.

But the combative Kasukuwere did not take the attack by the war veterans lying down, describing the revered heroes of the country’s liberation struggle as “drunkards” in a move that could only have served to further raise heightened emotions.

The analysts said the worsening Zanu PF ructions were a result of the party’s unresolved succession issue, adding that the expulsion of Mujuru had “only marked the beginning of the widening of fissures within the ruling party”.

Renowned political scientist Eldred Masunungure said Mujuru’s expulsion had clearly not “exorcised” Zanu PF of its deadly factionalism and that this had seemingly given rise to multiple centres of power as the succession battle raged on unabated.

“It is true that Mujuru had become too powerful and a competing independent source of power.  But her removal was not an end. What we are getting are alternative, multiple centres of power.

“Now we have the Mugabe centre and many others trying to assume power. Thus, they (war veterans) can demonstrate until the persons they have identified are expelled, but other centres will continue to emerge until the succession issue is resolved with finality,” Masunungure said.

Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe chairperson Mfundo Mlilo concurred with Masunungure, saying that the battle for succession was far from over.

He added that Zanu PF was now “evidently in panic mode” over the ever deteriorating political climate within its ranks and was now constantly looking for scapegoats to create much-needed diversions.

“There is no doubt that Mujuru was and remains a powerful force that seems not to sit well with the powers that be. This is why she has to be concerned about her security at personal level,” Mlilo said.

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this is worrying to some of us. our party is disintegrating right in our eyes. I am not sure whether these purges will solve or worsen the problem. very sad indeed.

taurai - 22 May 2015

What is happening in this party is very good. I am disappointed by the small number of suspended or fired people. Why is the party moving slowly. Kembo Mohadi, Jonathan Moyo, Simon Khaya, Kasukuwere and the whole gay gang must go immediately. I also think all members of Zanu in Matebeleland should be rounded up by the party and given a thorough beating? They are doing bhora musango why is Zanu not winning? Lets move with speed!!!

Pipinyana - 22 May 2015

thank you ZANU PF vapedzereyi vanhu ava. Mapedza kuparty muuye kuGVT mupedzere maPermanent Secretary netumwe tumaSnr civil servant twaidya mari yevanhu twakatsudzunya. Pasi navo, imhanduuuuu! i congradulate the HE RG Mugabe on the occassion of this grant dismissal as it will give ZIMASSET a chance!

RASTA - 22 May 2015

ICHO CHARIRA Mugabe want to die with his Zanu 1980 , then the real Zanu without him starts like what Nkomo did he died with his Zapu and Dr Dabengwa started from zero so thats the Zimbabwean system now Tsvangirai does not want to give others the post so on so on Ncube the same thing so the old man taught these guys the type of a political leader in Zimbabwe

Mudhara - 22 May 2015

G80 (gukurahundi 80) vs G40 (generation40) vs G4 (group of 4) pakaipa mhen

joseph mutasa - 22 May 2015

Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Glory to God, ZANU PF is finished in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Dee - 22 May 2015

By December only grace and robert mugabe will be left in the party after realising everyone else is in the mujuru faction

redemption - 22 May 2015

Even Mugabe himself supports Mujuru, he must also go. His pfambi, Grace supports mujuru, she must go as well. Saka kwasara ani? If their eyes would open one day, theyw would realise one thing that if all pple around you are wrong and you are right, the opposite is true, that all pple are right and yu are wrong!

mangai - 22 May 2015

Even Mugabe himself supports Mujuru, he must also go. His pfambi, Grace supports mujuru, she must go as well. Saka kwasara ani? If their eyes would open one day, theyw would realise one thing that if all pple around you are wrong and you are right, the opposite is true, that all pple are right and yu are wrong!

mangai - 22 May 2015

Mugabe is trying to reinvent ZANU pf. By the end of the year the part will have a few real comrades, which is ver good for the country. We need to move away from the war mentality and have a cabinet that is full of technocrats. Change is coming and it will sweep through SADC, in 15 years time Southern Africa will have new young leaders and political parties that will compete on policy issues and not this nonsense we have been getting. Politics will just be like in Europe or USA . Young educated youth will change the face of Africa,

Dzasukwa - 22 May 2015

Hameno ikoko

pakaipa - 22 May 2015

Remember one Margret Dongo telling these Zanu PF people who claim to be People First that they have no balls and are Mugabe's wives?...Let the man do as he pleases with those wives he wants to divorce... if the marriage can no longer hold there's nothing to be done

ndlangas endazula - 22 May 2015

And please editor stop giving these people some imagined legitimacy ...claiming to be People First....They are people last!! Only seeking our sympathy because they have been divorced by their Hubby Robert. We didn't hear them raise any voice when the Daily News was bombed...Ask Geoff Nyarota

ndlangas endazula - 22 May 2015

kkkkkkkkk Kaukonde fired? kkkkkkkk hey thoko !!!!! kkkkkkkk . Now is its ngiyahamba egoli madoda for him hey!!!!!. musheee manhi pitigori anga achinyanya kuvhaira kkkkkk HAAA

Diibulaanyika - 22 May 2015

The death knell is tolling loud for Zanu PF . Pallbearers should start to line up.

Undertaker - 22 May 2015

Does anyone know the origins of this clown and dimwit called Perekedza Mboko who is masquerading as a VP and punch drunk with imaginary powers ?

Chinja Ndizvo - 22 May 2015


evancy - 27 May 2015

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