Mliswa reiterates Kasukuwere claims

HARARE - Firebrand Hurungwe West independent candidate Temba Mliswa yesterday reiterated his allegations against Water minister Saviour Kasukuwere and several other Cabinet ministers that they are homosexuals.

Mliswa also claimed while addressing the media in Harare that he had evidence about Kasukuwere’s gay activities, adding that because the two men were once close friends and used to travel together, he could furnish the said evidence.

The outspoken politician also claimed that he was once a fitness trainer for the youthful minister and quit doing so for reasons that he would present in court.

Responding to Kasukuwere’s counter claims that he was a womaniser, Mliswa said he could not deny that he loved women.

“Kasukuwere knows how close I was with him and how we operated. When I accused him of being gay I knew what I was talking about and the evidence will be produced in court.

“I never shy away that I have many children and I love my children.  I have children with God-given women ... I don’t sleep with men but women.

“He knows I have travelled with him to South Africa and many other places. We have met Zuma (Jacob) there. The picture is there, the three of us. I have been his fitness coach until I decided I no longer wanted for reasons that will be explained in court later.

“I resigned. I was a fitness coach for high-profile people and I resigned for Kasukuwere and I said no, I cannot.

“I want to say to Kasukuwere, my brother don’t make unnecessary comments because you knew we used to travel together but there is a time we would separate and I would go the other side and you go the other side and we meet the next morning.

“But I would be aware who you were with the whole night. He should be careful because we used to hang around together,” Mliswa said.

He added he that he was ready to present to President Robert Mugabe evidence of Kasukuwere’s alleged homosexual escapades.

“It’s a cartel that needs the president to investigate and I am ready to give him evidence of the cartel. Half of his Cabinet double deals. They bat for both sides. These guys are serious and they want power. They are well financed. Ask yourself where they get money from,” he said.

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman went on to accuse Kasukuwere and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo of being power-hungry.

“Kasukuwere is power-hungry. We met Zuma without going through appropriate channels. Mugabe was not aware. Why did he meet Zuma without being sent by His Excellency? What was the agenda and the drive? The evidence is there,” he claimed.

Mliswa also claimed that Chombo was a Mujuru ally.

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman said he was not willing to work with former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies because they had failed to defend their supporters during the run-up to the ruling party’s elective congress last year.

Turning to negative events taking place in Hurungwe West, he said he would take his case to the High Court so that Zanu PF candidate Keith Guzah could be barred from contesting in the by-election because he had faked names.

“We have the evidence and we will approach the courts. The evidence is overwhelming and Guzah should not be allowed to contest,” he said.

Mliswa also claimed that Guzah’s real name was Neverjoy Kachasu Phiri and that he had changed his name to avoid conviction for car theft.

“Go to Highfields and ask about Neverjoy Kachasu Phiri. They will tell you who he really is. They will tell you that they don’t know any Keith.

“The information that was supplied to the electoral commission by Neverjoy is lies because he is not Keith,’ he said.

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Zimbabweans who want to move forward ,should disassociate with the Zanu pf of today and all those who were booted out . ASina ku resigner from Zanu should never be embraced for they were part of the system from 91, or joined in at the looting trough at later dates. Rightly put Mliswa Mujuru ,you included should not be the fore runners of change for you failed the people already . As for your battles Temba ,pedzeranayi naana Kachasu ikoko,but chenjera ,if i were you i would just spill the beans to the press and hide rather than threaten unogona kutambwa nyowani has happened before with these murderers!

Mazana Mambombo - 22 May 2015

Hokoyo , danger so mudhara hates gays while he is eating with them on the same plate , madam PhD what do you say , pasi nengochani who said that today he is dinning with them , jonso icho charira do you know this slogan . Temba you are not telling us what we want to hear , how were you guys rigging election as claimed by opposition , if you tell us how and by who them we know you have repented and you are to trust otherwise you still have the Zanu Pf spirit . Why do want to show Mugabe the evidence show the public because you are telling the public , Mugabe you will never see him again in your life time , you know the procedure , keep him away from the people that is how they look after him .

Mudhara - 22 May 2015

Neverjoy Kachasu Phiri of Highfield,vakomana imi gore rino, rino iri.Kachasu ngaapindureka tinzwe.

Manje So - 22 May 2015

apa Temba tiri tese. munhu anokosha pamberi pa Mwari. This is why the Bible denounces sodomy. there are numerous texts that teach against gayism: Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:27 and 28. if as Temba claims this is the orientation of this man, it would be important for him to seek help and get out of such practices. he will obviously be harming himself as much as his male partner(s). like any sin, when repented of, forgiveness is a sure promised.

taurai - 22 May 2015

There is nothing new Themba. Just tell us Kasukuwere almost raped you or that he wanted you to poke him!! Hahahahaha this year!! And tell us who else besides Jonathan is gay?? And also don't use God's name in vain, if you love many women, and sleep with them, it's called fornication in the bible!! You, Kasukuwere and the rest are the same

Pipinyana - 22 May 2015

"It's a cartel that needs the president to investigate and I am ready to give him evidence of the cartel." How can you expect Mugabe the mafia boss to investigate himself?

Galore 123 - 22 May 2015

G80 (gukurahundi 80) vs G40 (generation40) vs G4 (group of 4) pakaipa mhen

joseph mutasa - 22 May 2015

Tell us Temba tell us all about your former many times did the so called gay buddy make advances?? I want to be in that court when evidence will be presented to prove someone's gay tendencies!! We are enjoying the circus from a distance in the diaspora. Now for other gay members of ZANU PF tell us how when all the orgies used to happen or happen. Grace will love they way these guys are accusing each other of this and that. VIVA ZANU PF Politburo!!!

Garikayi - 22 May 2015

They will never give you the chance to provide evidence. Temba you are a real fool. You will be silenced soon. I can tell you lack abuntu. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas. Gay , Gay for what,, it's his choice and Mugabe is not God . Pfusteki!!!

Dzasukwa - 22 May 2015

You have said it all Themba but we still need to know how zanu rigged last election that is what we really want to know . As of Kasukuwere every one knows that Jonathan Ndlamadoda Moyo rubs his belly with Kasukuwere 's matako . They prefer to do it in SA as they are free and allowed to so there .,But pliz Themba never try to be Mugabe 's good boy as it sounds from all what you have said here . Mugabe is a moving grave never think he can make any reasonable decisions he is just waiting to die he is so tired and haunted by 20 000 plus humans he has killed so far during his life span .

Diibulaanyika - 22 May 2015

Temba...Remember you told us that you didn't fly in that helicopter for nothing!! you wanted your 10%...So jus shut up...nxxxxxx

ndlangas endazula - 22 May 2015

Zanu pf is dying. Its sad it don't have reverse gear and it chose a path of One life span. Its inevitable its existence is drawing to a close.

X-MAN IV - 22 May 2015

But guys you mean I can rub my mbor# on ministerial buttocks?? To be honest someone's sexuality shouldn't matter in this day and age. But imagine Kasukuwere crying under my me! LOL!! I could get all Zanu secrets just like he was used to get secrets from the likes of Jonathan and Banana!!!

Bravery - 22 May 2015

Tiudze zvese nezvauri kuvanza kana wakabuda muzanu zvechokwadi.Usatibate kumeso.

Chitsigac - 23 May 2015

Tiudze zvese nezvauri kuvanza kana wakabuda muzanu zvechokwadi.Usatibate kumeso.

Chitsigac - 23 May 2015

Tiudze zvese nezvauri kuvanza kana wakabuda muzanu zvechokwadi.Usatibate kumeso.

Chitsigac - 23 May 2015

Tiudze zvese nezvauri kuvanza kana wakabuda muzanu zvechokwadi.Usatibate kumeso.

Chitsigac - 23 May 2015

Is it news that Kasukuwere is Gay? No. It is common knowledge. I got to know this as early as 1999. Kasukuwere was once a CIO based in Mutare and I used to work in Mutare as well. Airohwa nevamwe varungu. Kana mazita avo tinawo

dick mboko - 23 May 2015

for the uninitiated,zanu (pf) is a revolutionary party and in a revolution there is a time for self cleansing and refocusing on the ideals of the revolution so whats happening is nothing amiss. If the allegations of gays ,thuggery,and such other vices are true,then the cleansing is only starting and should not be stopped midway. there are more than 13million zimbabweans and can never be short of leaders. zanu (pf) will never be removed from power mdrara mzee ungamuka, thank you

kudakwashe t. mudiwa - 24 May 2015

zvekupenga izvo u are now coming with evidence because u are flashed out of party

cde gandanga - 24 May 2015

who cares if Kasukuwere is gay, I mean the world over being gay these days hardly raises an eyebrow. Msiliwa wants to cry fowl now because its cold outside of Zanu PF. Ordinary citizens are only concerned with bread and butter issues like jobs and the economy stupid. Msiliwa look yourself in the mirror and hang your head in shame for the part you played in decimating the Zimbabwean economy and remember those whose lively hood you took away. No crying "crocodile tears" pardon the pun you only getting what you deserve live by the sword die by the sword.

arthur - 25 May 2015

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