Spoil by-election ballot: Tsvangirai

BULAWAYO - MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai says genuine party supporters should not be seen to be legitimising flawed elections by participating in the forthcoming June 10 by-elections before essential electoral reforms are put in place.

Tsvangirai told his supporters last weekend to spoil ballots with the “no reform no election” demand  if  coerced to go and vote, which is likely to happen particularly in rural areas where government has told chiefs to force march villagers to polling booths.

“As a party, we have vowed not to participate in future elections even if it means giving Zanu PF all the parliamentary seats available because we cannot be seen to be giving legitimacy to a flawed system which (president) Mugabe has made sure no other party other than Zanu PF wins,” Tsvangirai told a campaign rally at a youth centre outside White City Stadium.

The MDC could not use the main arena because Zanu PF had “booked” the venue for a similar event but chickened out when it became evident by midday that the intended rally would flop.

Tsvangirai said it was amazing that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) had allowed other State institutions to usurp its mandate and surrendered its role to conduct elections and register voters thereby ignoring practices to continue in the electoral process.

“Zec is not fair in registering voters. You shouldn’t be surprised in this by-election when voters from outside this constituency are allowed to cast ballots for a Zanu PF candidate in order to boost numbers,” Tsvangirai warned his supporters.

He said Mugabe has ignored Sadc electoral laws and norms taken on board by other regional governments even though he is chairing the AU and Sadc because he was more concerned with centralising power in his party.

“The crisis of legitimacy we are facing at the moment is because of Mugabe’s obsession with control. We have demanded bio-metric voters’ registration as is practiced in other countries in the region to avoid vote-rigging but our demands have been ignored until we as a party became so exasperated  with Zanu PF’s attitude towards electoral reforms. We have vowed that the party will never participate in elections of any form without reform,” he said.

Turning to simmering divisions in Bulawayo provincial structures pitting the current acting chairperson and MP Dorcas Sibanda against deputy mayor Gift Banda who was dethroned by the High Court, Tsvangirai urged his supporters to refrain from factionalism and tribal divisions.

Deepening ructions within the party forced the MDC to dispatch an arbitrator to try and quell divisions between supporters of Gift Banda and Matson Hlalo who lost pre-Congress provincial chairmanship elections after Gorden Moyo resigned.

Tsvangirai said there should be unity among party supporters as much as among Zimbabweans as he railed into the recent gaffe by President Robert Mugabe when he labelled the Kalanga tribe as illiterate and prone to criminal activity.

“We cannot have a country that is based on tribal divisions.”


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do the honourable mr tvsangirai and pass the baton to another if you are a true democrat. the handiende attitude will also tarnish your image especially given the fact that you promised us that you would not go the zanu way and would pass the baton to another at the expiry of your third and final term. what did you do then? you manipulated the constitution so that you can legitimise your illegal extended stay in power. do the honourable and pass the baton otherwise you are also irrelevant to the needs of Zimbabwe. we need leaders who do not hold on to power by hook and crook.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 May 2015

Mr. Future President how many times did we advise you back in 2012/2013 NOT to take part in elections, how many times did we highlight to your foot soldiers the massive scale of rigging of the voters roll ??? You went ahead and helped legitimise ZANU PF. You did not even understand SADC diplomatic language to say if you have any problem with the electoral process you needed to be principled and engage Mugabe?? You failed us Mr MT dismally failed us. You are an opportunist who thought you would win not having the intelligence on the ground to understand the scale of rigging prior to elections in 2013. Too late Mr MT. You need to be principled and stick to your principles and not to walk on a fence.

Garikayi - 18 May 2015

All sane citizens support what Morgan is saying if forced to a polling station spoil the paper . We support this strong man of politics in this country the only guy who has refused to be Mugabe puppet . Keep on pilling the pressure on the sick old thing .We thank you to be best leader who managed to keep our party together despite trials by zanu to destroy it .Other political parties were easily over run by zanu but yours is still going strong big up Morgan . We will stand with until zanu bite the dust .

Diibulaanyika - 18 May 2015

Spoiling will not stop ZANU PF, even if people boycot the elections. Good decision made so far is just to pull off from the elections, withdraw the MDC T MPs from parliament and never partcipate in the elections until reforms. By continued stay in Parliament witout meaningfull contribution that results in action or the voice of the opposition, ZANU PF still remains legitimate. But if all opposition MPs pull out and l;et ZANU PF eat their rot, that will send a clear message, off course MDC T MPS who are in parliament for a pay check will make a lot of noise towards such a decision.

ananian - 18 May 2015

It's really proving that some people are politically myopic. They are calling for Tsvangirai's resignation leaving Mugabe who has been there even before some of them were born. Could I be wrong? maybe the wish is father to the thought. They are imagining Tsvangirai as the president who should take the humble step to step down. Anywhere, be man enough and call for Mugabe's resignation. If Tsvangirai proves to be a despot like mugabe, then simply don't vote for him when the election time comes. If at all you believe elections are a means to achieve anything in Zim. Mugabe should step down. I suppose that's the fearsome call. Wise up!!!!!!

Phillip Kucherera - 18 May 2015

one day the baboon shall find all branches slippery and it shall fall. Age is against it, this time around it wont survive nomatter how likened to God by the likes of kasukuweres and the Hungwes it is.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 18 May 2015

@big meech Larry Hoover.....yes ndizvo. @ Philip kucherera....wabaya dede mwana wamai. MT has never never led this country despite having won the last 2 elections so it's surprising that someone can suggest that he needs to step down, obviously the person who needs to step down is mugabe because he is illegitimate.

redemption - 18 May 2015

you don't understand guys that we are the ones who make these dictators. once you make someone believe that there is no one like him you would have set a wrong precedent. by now morgan should have already groomed someone if he was sincere that he meant to serve only his initial three terms. the fact that he didn't implies a dictator in the making. as a people we should say no to unlimited terms whether in opposition or government especially where people would have promised like in the case of save in 1999. we revere these guys beyond humans that's why they treat us this way. no one is indispensable no not even one. we can all be replaced sometimes by someone much better than us.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 May 2015

Well we all know that some confused elements from the failed renewal idiots always think Morgan is a dictator to justify their failed coup which was sponsored by zanu . Sure if one can fail to see inkalakatha ye dictator uMugabe and say Morgan is a dictactor then that person has a very poor skop or his or skop is full of daka kupela . World over it is known that in zim we have a dictator and that dictator is Mugabe finish and klaa

Diibulaanyika - 19 May 2015

@dii, we made Mugabe a dictator ourselves. we sang songs of praise and told him that there was no one like him. examples are of those people like tony gara and many others. now you guys are doing the same with morgan. it shouldn't be like that. look at Zambia for instance. what gives them an edge over us is that they didn't tolerate Kaunda overstaying. they told him enough was enough and the man had to pack. going forward we may need to ensure those who come into politics know that terms have to be respected. that applies to the opposition too. if the opposition is not exemplary, we will have this problem with us for long. that is the reason I feel morgan equally let us down. he promised he was going to be different but now that he tasted power he isn't different in any way. dissent he purges, constitution he changes and power he abuses. surely he could have groomed someone already if he was a genuine democrat but alas, he isn't. so a dictator he is.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 May 2015

Tswangirai must give ZanuPF a taste of their medicine. They keep referring to him as a puppet of the west. That is like the pot calling the kettle black. But because of his ignorance of history he doesnt tell them that they were the first sell outs in 1963 when they were funded by the British MI6 through Roy Bennet's father to break away from Zapu to weaken it and form a splinter tribal grouping, and the part played by Nyerere if facilitating their formation. We are sick and tired of Zanu PF claiming to be the champions of liberation yet they were the first to sell out to the colonialists. And if anything, that trend still continues up to this day. TIBVIREI APA!!!!!!

SHIBOBO - 19 May 2015

@Zwirozviyedwa do not be a pretender it is people like you who had been voting for Mugabe in the early 80s our radio station used to sing jongwe rakakunda from morning to the other day . You shunned father zimbabwe bcoz you were so blind that you mistook him for a dictator and opted for your king Mugabe . Now you want to make the same mistake again trying to label Morgan a dictator the same way you did to our father zim . Open your eyes and see the only dictactor in this county which is Mugabe.

Diibulaanyika - 19 May 2015

no @diibula I didn't mistake father Zimbabwe for a dictator. I am only warning the rest of my people that mt will in the end treat us the dictatorial way. he is exhibiting the characteristics of a typical despot. look how he treats those who question his authority. look how he manipulates the constitution for his gain. he surrounds self with weak people so that whatever he wants to implement he will do. by now he would have been a statesman across the globe but like many other dictators, he spoiled it for himself. he sloganeers for change that he himself wont embrace. chinja maitiro maitiro chinja yet he wont pass the baton at the time for it. irrelevant sloganeering.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 May 2015

@zvirozviyedzwa. These MDC T faithfuls are not seeing that you have a very good point. if ever Tsvangirai manage to rule Zimbabwe (though not possible) he will never steps own. they are making him a dictator slowly. he have to leave the button with someone and continue the struggle

wind - 20 May 2015

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is recognized by world leaders, diplomats and the local populace [with an IQ above 70] as being a total imbecile. He is so thi9ck skinned that he does not realize how stupid and unpopular he really is. He need to zip his mouth and his Fly – permanently. He also needs to have his Horn permanently amputated. This may transfer his focus, thinking and mentality to his bigger dormant brain.

Brian Machengwa - 20 May 2015

whatever Morgan is more Zanu pf minds wand Morgan out. they don't see hw Mugabe has overstayed. Morgan is an MDC president not the president of this nation. if morgan had opted for a second term if he successfully lead this country then that way we will call him a dictator. at the meantime he is in the struggle not already win. give that man respect Zim opposition politics is not a smooth game its a tough one where is Edgar Tekere, Mag Dongo its a journey

morgan is more - 20 May 2015

At least we know he Morgan can make a woman a mother ,No one has so far has questioned him as being not the dad of his kids . Unlike those whose balls were roasted by clever Smith. and once any man 's balls are tempered with that man becomes barren NGOMWA . a ngomwa is normally very cruel and foul mouthed .

Diibulaanyika - 20 May 2015

@ zviro I do think you really know what you are talking about . How does one a state man ? does an opposition leader become a states man ? That shows you are totally confused and making yourself a fool here together with those who think like you i think you are a Border Gezi graduate .

Diibulaanyika - 21 May 2015

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