Mugabe slams police corruption

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday warned police to desist from corrupt activities, calling for harsh punishment for those caught on the wrong side of the law.

Officiating at a police graduation parade at Morris Depot in Harare yesterday, the 91-year-old leader said his government will not tolerate corruption, especially in the police force.

“Government strongly condemns the abuse of authority, be it by individuals or the police in general,” he said.

“Accordingly, all cases of corruption, dishonesty and abuse of authority should always be expeditiously investigated, regardless of whether they occur among the police or the general public.

“All graduants, their seniors and colleagues, and indeed all government employees, should maintain, at all times, a zero tolerance to corruption.”

The president implored the police to add into their training courses means of dealing with the modern-day sophisticated criminals.

“Although criminals often develop parallel and potentially frustrating skills and techniques that seek to manipulate technology, police training should include advanced computer forensic and other advanced investigative and analytical techniques, which are geared to combat crimes such as terrorism, drug, human and arms trafficking,” Mugabe said. “When equipped with appropriate equipment and superior skills, our police should be found equal to the task.”

Meanwhile, Augustine Chihuri, the police commissioner-general, described Mugabe as a fountain of wisdom.

“I wish to say on behalf of ZRP and indeed on behalf of my family, we are deeply indebted to your visionary leadership,” Chihuri said. “This has infused in us zeal, zest and passion to strive to do more for our country and for our people.

“It is our conviction that as an organisation and indeed as  nation we have an obligation to be faithful towards your vision, as we draw unwavering inspiration from the well of abundant wisdom bestowed upon you. The Bible in the book of Proverbs 19 verse 8 is instructive in this regard.

“Your Excellency, your clear, courageous, insightful and visionary leadership has matured in us with spiritual faith to overcome all challenges.”

The 690 graduants also heaped praises on Mugabe.

“Your Excellency, your elevation to the apex of Sadc and AU as chair of both organisation bears testimony and vote of confidence that Zimbabwe, Africa and the world at large have in your people-oriented leadership,” the graduates said in unison.

“Your Excellency, you fought for our independence from imperialists who were bent on undermining our sovereignty. On attaining political independence, indeed you went to say political independence without economic independence is nothing.”

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This "do as I say but not as I do" policy and leadership style will never work. Police officers are corrupt because their leaders (Chihuri and his commissioners) are very corrupt. These senior officers are corrupt because they are appointed by and copy corrupt tendencies from Mugabe himself. Most people do not deserve/merit the promotions, therefore they are just stooges for RGM, and feel obligated to sing and praise him and his closests cronies who have plundered the nation of its resources. Mugabe is the third richest man in Africa, he has never operated a business enterprise outside of government and we all know that salaries no matter how hefty they, can not account for over 3 billion USD his estimated net-worthy.

tino16 - 15 May 2015

“All graduants, their seniors and colleagues, and indeed all government employees, should maintain, at all times, a zero tolerance to corruption.” Tibvireipano sekuru imwi. Makabvirarini muchingotivhara nezwe zero tolarenzi to corruption pasina chamunomboita. Yakadzika midzi muZimbabwe kusvika maybe Garwe - Masamba Asiyana ave nesimba rekuita deal ruthlessly with the culprits. Ndokunge iro garwe richirevesa kuti masamba asiyana.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 15 May 2015

Iyavozve Gushungo marasika papi apa? Inga takabvumirana wani kuti sezvo hurumemnde yenyu yaka broker, torarama hedu neiyo corruption iyi asi tichikuchengetedzai uye kuchengetedza mhondi dzenyu. Saka mave kuti chii apa?

Ziziharinanyanga - 15 May 2015

Bahahahahahaha....ndaseka hangu. Old Matibili running a country like a day care...wana wane madzihwa pamhino mudhara!!

Farai - 15 May 2015

pamuromo chete. Unoda kuti mapurisa ashande ne technology? Kkkkkkk, your gvt is so broke, everything is down.....ha kamudhara aka ka mahwani. Shuwa kana munhu aane 91 yrs pfungwa dzaa shoma, hapana achakuteerera mudhara. Isuwo ma Zimba futi, hee visionary hee wisdom chiiko. Hapana chinhu apa. This guy has been in power for 35 yrs if he was a visionary and a wise person Zim would be somewhere ka nhai vakomana. Anongogona kutaura good English fluently chete, ivo ana chihuri nanhasi havasati vaakugona kutaura chirungu chiri fluent saka vonamata mugabe. Guys, an example of a wise, visionary leader is not Mugabe.

redemption - 15 May 2015

It is laughable how often the self anointed Pharaoh waffles on about corruption but does nothing about it. The reason is more than obvious - Corruption is ingrained into the Zanu pf party DNAfor its political survival and well-being of the encumbant crooks. Corruption enables Patronage which is a key ingredient of the Zanu pf “inviolate sacred scriptures” Corruption and patronage gives the hierarchy the leverage to manipulate and control the hordes of incompetent Zanu pf cadres. IF the 'Fuehrer' seriously wanted to sort out corruption the police force he should embark on a public neck stretching strategy. There are literally hundreds of depraved and corrupt police officers who need to be publibally exposed and held accountable.. He could start by noosing the biggest and most evil thieving and corrupt criminals in the police force. Likely candidates for public execution could be:- Starting with Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri: Canaan Mugumira: Innocent Matibiri: Levy Sibanda: Godfrey Mubaiwa: Chrsipen Makedenge: Godwin Matanga: Henry Dowa: Chrispen Makedenge: Oliver Mandipaka: Mekia Tanyanyiwa: Bothwell Mugariri: and Edmore Veterai: Of course Zimbabweans are more likely to see their “patriotic leader” becoming the Pope than him taking this overdue and necessary therapeutic action. . . .

Shephard Chiwoko - 16 May 2015

The police is the most corrupt area of the whole government insitutions in the country, we need a new police commissioner, debuty in the force and police have to be taught that they are serviing the people not vise vesa....Charity Charamba akavunzwa chiinu anongoti i havnt heard of that ...then You hear its true anonyepa and incopetent.

Iyatsha - 16 May 2015

This thing of "praying " the wrong person has led us to the situation where we are right now. Everyone in the country is now operating a taxi. Thanks to Japan, they found the most suitable ground to dump their scrap unwanted cars. Everyone is a vendor. No more potholes but now potwells. Is that the wisdom that is being described by the this most corrupt big cop? The Police should be corrupt because it is being led by a convicted corrupt leader.

piaget - 16 May 2015

Anybody who needs a good laugh at the stupidity of THE HERO read

FatAss Chombo - 16 May 2015

Mudhara mukuru anoreva nhema haanyari

mhukahuru - 18 May 2015

Mugabe is a hero ............. to those on the gravy train.... the very few on the train

Harare - 18 May 2015

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