I'm not second VP — Mphoko

MASVINGO - Vice president Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday dressed down Psychomotor minister Josiah Hungwe, telling him to stop addressing him as a “second vice president”.

Delivering a public lecture on national healing at Great Zimbabwe University yesterday, Mphoko embarrassed Hungwe in front of students by cautioning him never to address him as second vice president.

He claimed in Zanu PF, there was nothing like that.

“Before I proceed, I would like to make a point of correction to Cde Hungwe,” Mphoko said. “We do not have a first and second vice president in our structures. We just have two vice presidents.”

Hungwe had earlier addressed Mphoko as second vice president during introductions to the university students.

Hungwe is a well-known praise-singer of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and has equated the former Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe MP to Jesus Christ and also called him  “son of God”.

Mphoko said: “We only have one first secretary of the party, who is President Robert Mugabe, and two second secretaries of the party who are the vice presidents, so I wanted to make that correction.”

Hungwe fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat as he was reprimanded.

Earlier, Hungwe had likened Mphoko to the Biblical Moses.

Mphoko also exonerated Mugabe on charges of deliberately plotting the massacre of civilians during Gukurahundi, one of the worst atrocities of the 80s that rights groups claim killed over 20 000.

“The whole thing was caused by the West through their divide-and-rule tactics,” he claimed. “President Mugabe was not responsible for Gukurahundi and he is clean on accusations made against him.”

Mphoko claimed western countries fabricated lies that Zipra combatants were planning a civil war.

He said Zimbabwe would soon establish a National Reconciliation Commission to deal with the Gukurahundi issue once and for all, but said the setting up of the commission was being stymied by a funding shortfall.

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Hungwe is right Mpoko. You're a nonentity in zanu structures. You will live to regret this Gukurahindi thing second vice president. Kusasa kuyizolo. Ask u Jabu.

Qiniso - 15 May 2015

Baphike abakini Mphoko, maybe vele kabasibakini

Gudlindlu - 15 May 2015

Firstly you are second vice president, there has to be a second you can't all be equal even though the reason why you were imposed as 2nd vice is to do exactly what you are doing....cover up for mugabe over gukurahundi.....that's the only reason why mugabe put you in that position and that's why you are always trying to cover for him and taking gukurahundi so lightly, mugabe is using you and you are creating enemies for yourself and the worst thing is you come from the same area where the barbaric acts happened. Secondly you talk about setting up a National Reconciliation Commission? For what? Who reconciling with who? You just said gukurahundi was a fabrication of the west handiti? Do you think Zimbabweans are stupid?

redemption - 15 May 2015

Why are we still wasting our time psychos like Josiah Hungwe anyway? Psychomotor meets Mboko...hehehe Zanu yenyu yadadisa.

Farai - 15 May 2015

ha farai wandispaka wena, nice one!

redemption - 15 May 2015

“The whole thing was caused by the West through their divide-and-rule tactics,” Here we go again. Vakazwarwa nezuro havana chavakaona - mobikwa naye vicePresident on a mision. Musanyepegwa. Kugurahundi came as a rsult of power struggle between Zanu and Zapu. The power struggle existed even during the war but then to many it was not so visible because the two parties were concentrating on a common enemy Ian Smith`s white minority (and brutal) regime. The end of that regime posed the question mukuru ndiani, Mkomo kana kuti Maugabe ? Never mind results of the election which saw Mugabe winning decisively - elections have no play in parties which think they have to rule because they fought the war. Who can dispute that ? You young ones you do not need to be told , you can see for yourself. This is the reason why elections in Zimbabwe are merely a window-dressing thing. Wakagwa hondo ndiani ?

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 15 May 2015

@Masamba Akareyo-Tanganda. Vanhu pachavo chokwadi havanei nacho.Vanofaranuka kana vachitaurwirwa nhema. Nhasi uno ndikavataurira kuti Mugabe akatikanya for life nokusada kuti pave ne a credible leader ( a leader with appeal to all Zimbabweans irregardless of their regions) who will succed him unonzwa vanhu vachiti unopenga iwe.

Chorosi - 15 May 2015

Hungwe is a liability to Ngwena. Very soon he will be discarded.

Sekuru Chihori Ngi-i - 15 May 2015

Lecturing to students at the GREAT ZIMBABWE University. Nhai vaReporter, kwakashikwa kana nemumwe zwake mustudent akavhunza nezwe devide and rule iri kupomerwa vedzimwe nyika ? Kana zwakadaro ndabvuma ini: hapana chinobuda mumaUniversities edu angoti chakata munyika yese. Kwafiwa. Zwokwadi. Vana hamungaitwe zwikukuvatavata kudarikwa navana sekuru vepfanyeti vasina kumbogara vaona mukova wechikoro. This is typical Zanu-PF modus operandi. North Korea style. They want to keep you in a besieged mentality so that you are always scared that Mr Jones will come back kuti vachimora kusvika madhongi amera nyanga.

Hukurutombo - 16 May 2015

Mphoko Haram

Tozvireva - 16 May 2015

I am trying to find a suitable, respectable term for a senior member of government who thinks Gukurahundi was a 'western imperialist' plot. Would the term 'idiot' not be too harsh and disrespectful?

Rejoice Ngwenya - 16 May 2015

I agree with Hukurutombo I think those poor students should have boycott the lecture other than listening to that hogwash. We need proper things here and committed pple not like form 4 children learning distorted Zimbabwean history

wezhira - 16 May 2015

KKKKKKKKKikest.Mr Mboko, even identical twins, one of them is older than the other or one of them is younger than the other. Anyway, thats not what I am interested in. You were addressing university students not grade 0 kids. I am puzzled by your remarks because, I thought you are/were a victim since you were/are Zipra cadre. The one who is responsible admitted that it was a "moment pf madness", just like that. You are now saying he is super clean. Someone to clarify please.

piaget - 16 May 2015

mboko second, first or whatever hazvina basa what we want is bread on the table.

peter wamambo - 16 May 2015

mboko second, first or whatever hazvina basa what we want is bread on the table.

peter wamambo - 16 May 2015

I am not sure what else Hungwe does in government besides praising bosses and making mistakes. Can someone please tell me what Hungwe is employed to do?

machakachaka - 16 May 2015

hukurutombo and wezhira if you were not poor like those students i think this nation would have been somewhere better, don't be good at blaming whilst you also can not say a word against them in their presence

chitova - 19 May 2015

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