'I will only listen to Kasukuwere'

HARARE - Despite the hullabaloo surrounding Harare East by-election candidate Terence Mukupe’s open defiance of the directive by Zanu PF bigwigs that he makes way for another candidate in the June 10 poll, as well as his controversial decision to take the party to the courts over the matter, the Harare businessman is digging in resolutely.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the audacious Mukupe vowed that he would not give up his right to contest the seat that became vacant when 14 MDC legislators were booted out of Parliament by their party last month.

Instead, Mukupe challenged his rival, Mavis Gumbo — who apparently enjoys the support of President Robert Mugabe, his influential wife Grace, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and party secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo, among others — to step aside as he had beaten her cleanly in the party’s primary elections.

But party insiders reiterated yesterday that Mukupe’s continued defiance of the top leadership not only puts him and party commissar Saviour Kasukuwere on a collision course with Mugabe and his top lieutenants, but also meant that the next politburo meeting — where the matter was likely to be resolved — would be an “explosive” one.

“Depending on the president’s travel schedule (Mugabe is in Russia and is scheduled to leave for Mali as soon as he returns), the politburo will meet this week as there are many important things that it must look into.

“Mukupe’s defiance, clearly backed by Tyson (Kasukuwere) and the Gang of Four, is a big problem.

“Everyone knows that when Chombo wrote his letter barring Mukupe from taking part in the by-election he was following an instruction from above, as seen at the weekend by how the likes of (Harare Zanu PF youth chairman Godfrey) Gomwe, who is very close to Amai (Grace) openly savaged both Mukupe and Kasukuwere,” a senior Harare Province official said.

But Mukupe defended Kasukuwere, saying the Water minister was the sole “guardian” of the party, and not the senior national and provincial officials who were trying to stop him from participating in the by-election.

“The guardian of the party is the political commissar. I cannot withdraw and I have not thrown the party into any turmoil.

“The people who are disturbing the party are those who are getting in the ring for their political interests. That is why we have the political commissar stepping in,” Mukupe said.

He also alluded to his long-running relationship with Kasukuwere, claiming that he was the one who had initiated the country’s failed and much-criticised community share ownership trusts that had dominated news headlines when Kasukuwere was in charge of indigenisation.

Mukupe also claimed that he had played a pivotal role in mobilising resources for Zanu PF in the run-up to the disputed 2013 national elections — criticising his detractors for savaging him over trivial issues.

“Is it a crime to be educated in the United States of America? I have worked for the party in different portfolios. Who brought the Ziscosteel/Essar deal?” he asked rhetorically before adding, “people should check facts and stop playing cheap politics”.

A senior party official said he could not see how Mukupe, Kasukuwere and “their backers in the Gang of Four and so-called Generation 40 (Zanu PF’s Young Turks) can win this one”.

“The fact is that the party is supreme to anyone. I can assure you that we will deal with this before the by-elections. The party’s position should be respected and we are not going to be put into confusion by an unknown person,” the official said.

He said even if one looked at the issue from a “numbers point of view”, it was clear that Gumbo enjoyed most of the support of the members of the provincial coordinating committee as well as ordinary party cadres, as she was allegedly closely linked to Grace.

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    This clearly shows that voting does not matter in zim, if they fight amongst themselves when clearly mukupe won the byes what about MDC? Does anyone think there can ever be a fair election in Zim? I doubt it!! Good decision MDC to not participate in any election until it's clear everything is in order.

    redemption - 12 May 2015

    Good decision for MDC not to participate in polls but do what dear Redemption? Clearly, ZANU won't introduce reforms merely because of MDC boycot.

    OkaSlwane - 12 May 2015

    One wonders why this young idiot Mukupe is crying to represent one of the worst political parties in Africa in parliament ,He only wants to have a chance to njonja kuphela demety !!!!! . It seems the guy was conned by zanu during 2013 elections he used all his business money so that zanu could win elections indeed they rigged and won using Mukupe .s money by go to reserves to intimidate villagers .Mukupe thought he was going to be rewarded for that but bcoz he is idiot the money is gone and if he insist the next thing he will die like a gundwane . Young man zanu uses people and dump them like used condom after a bonk and you having been educated in America why didn't you easily spot that? You see being educated and being naturally intelligent are two different things one can be educated and be stupid like Mukupe. . A good example of those who zanu dumped is Jabulani and now you Mukupe kkkkkkkkkkk thokooo.Uku ndiko kusungirira mari mugumbo rengwe kkkkkkk kkkkkkk haaah!! mushee!! even if you win now next elections if mdc contest you know you will be kicked out and you very well know that .

    Diibulaanyika - 12 May 2015

    The point is we are enjoying this circus.That is all I can say. Thank you.

    Voter - 12 May 2015

    If Mavis Gumbo has more support then how did she lost the primary elections? If the party wanted her to contest then why did they hold the primaries? Zanu is very disorganised.

    Zimbabwean - 12 May 2015

    If Mavis Gumbo has more support then how did she lost the primary elections? If the party wanted her to contest then why did they hold the primaries? Zanu is very disorganised.

    Zimbabwean - 12 May 2015

    Fools never learn . It is very well known that if you bring zanu near your money next thing you will be bankrupt and zanu will never like you ask Mukupe bcoz he is the latest victim . But we see fools still lining their pockets sponsoring zanu when at the end they will be dumped ,arrested or even killed . Mean while land is being parceled out to desperate lodgers in harare east as vote buying ,Remember land in this country is as cheap as zhing zhong . Calidonia land is to be given to people so that they can vote for some one now and in future and this is rigging in advance by displacing people and make them crop every way like mashroom this is being mad .

    Diibulaanyika - 13 May 2015

    Welcome to reality COMARADO Mukupe...money finito, now you are getting the boot!! ZANU sinjonjo mwana wamai...this is not America bambo. Soon your enemies will lable you as a CIA spy. Ask Juju in South Africa..kikikikiki

    Garikayi - 13 May 2015

    PEACEFUL PROTEST AGAINST TWINE PHIRI'S MAL-ADMINISTRATION OF CAPS UNITED If you are intrested join drop your contacts and we will add you in a whatsapp group so that we organise the when,where and how the denmonstrations will be held. REASONS BEING; The Howmine Boycot and players attending the buffaloes match in an open truck!!! AS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS LETS DO SOMETHING FOR THE CLUB ZVANYANYA TP MUST GO

    MAKEPEKEPE - 13 May 2015

    Who in his right senses would support Mavis Gumbo? who along Cuthbert Dube milked the psmas. I think the so called generation 40 has ZANU PF at heart than these theives. Amai does not support that thief, and Mvis Gumbo alongside with Dube are the Mujuru breed , corrupt to the bone.

    reason - 13 May 2015

    Dzungu maningi plus papazi- Will see you in the drain young man Mukupe

    Mukanya - 13 May 2015

    ZPF is losing its touch. Look what N. Korea has just done to someone not showing loyalty and respect for its Great Leader - publicly executed him with anti aircraft fire. Former close allies of Kim Jong Un are being popped off at the rate of one a week. Grace we need you to get us back to the old Stalinist method of hanging the first to stop clapping and ululating after Bob has spoken.

    Joyrose Anylove Bezuidenhout - 13 May 2015

    This young man/banker is new in/as ZPF. He needs to know that; ZPF ndeyeropa uyezve chiororo, takarwira vamwe. Ask any true war vet, not Chris naMonica who married during the struggle yet it was taboo. how many did he not marry? ndini cde TAKARWIRA MACHEF

    Elvis Madombwe - 13 May 2015

    Mukupe do you know that zanu used the money you gave them during elections to rape women , kill opposition supporters or burn their homes .So for every death committed by zanu you are also involved and in future not so far you shall be held responsible . Next pikinini Mukupe try to donate your money if it is still available to churches , orphans 's homes and try to care for suffering citizens in your area never ever sponsor zanu again . Wake my boy look now wusalad wapera kkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

    Diibulaanyika - 13 May 2015

    This really good for the country and it depicts how they are running the country. In fact it is on an auto run. It our generation which is in shambles, our future is cursed

    tapuwa - 13 May 2015


    wind - 13 May 2015

    True daily news you are now playing second fiddle to all news papers why? Do something put one gear up again some time we read the sunday paper on mondays and that is total boring at all.

    Diibulaanyika - 13 May 2015

    The situation that CAPS UNITED FC finds itself in, is very sad indeed. The whole football business in the country is very cruel one and if you add the "economic" viability currently its unforgiving. Its expense after expense with little income.How much do these teams get from PSL or ZIFA. I am actually surprised that Twine phiri has held Caps united up to now without a major sponsor with most privately owned companies closing shop. The money used in running Football Clubs local, mostly it is generated from something else which does not have anything to do with soccer. Dongo team will be lucky to finish the season. As a small team no one will notice their problems which are just like Caps united.

    X-MAN IV - 13 May 2015

    Urozvi hwedu hwakanyanya kuita hushoma!!!! no industry, paimbobikwa sipo mafuta etc pakanzi "SADZA PANO" paimbogadzirwa machira pakanzi, TINOGERA CHERO KUSINA MAGETSI" Pamwewo paiva nembiri yokugadzira bhutsu pakanzi JOWANI MASOWE WAMARANGE WENYENYEDZI NOMWE!!!! Hanzi ndiyo indigenisation!!! Nhai musikavanhu, tinokumbira njere , kwete makoko aya amakatipa!!

    herber - 14 May 2015

    Why do you hold primary elections if you are not going to accept the result? Why hold an election when the result is known? The party does not have a direction. How will it direct the country? Democracy starts at party level. I challenge all political parties in Zim to be democractic. Democracy will prevail. All parties are copying from the ruling party. No democracy in Zim

    Dzvuke Muchaina - 14 May 2015

    NDATIBANANEYI ISU VA ZANUPF CHETE tinovakurira chete tikabata na

    PETER D Majawala - 16 May 2015

    NDATIBANANEYI ISU VA ZANUPF CHETE tinovakurira chete tikabata na

    PETER D Majawala - 16 May 2015

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